tagLesbian SexHer Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 01

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 01


Luci Lovejoy: 42 yrs old, Attorney/Connie Blakely: 30 yrs old Luci's Executive Asst/

Sandy Lovejoy: 22, Luci's eldest daughter/Dana Lovejoy: 20, Luci's youngest/Lidia Jones: 22, court stenographer

(VERY BREIF, non-essential mention of gay male encounter...this is ONLY FOR CONTEXT & NOT something I nornmally include as part of my stories...)

Luci Lovejoy is a sexy widowed divorce lawyer not looking to yet another Monday full of seemingly nonstop family court litigation. She's in private practice, and as any attorney on their own will tell you, the key to a successful practice is a strong assistant, which she is blessed with: the tremendously-buxom and blonde Connie Blakely. Without having to ask, Connie is ready with a steaming cup of coffee and the files Luci would need for the morning's court appearance.

"Thanks Connie" Luci says. "How in the world would I keep going without you and Lidia?"

"Oh, I'm sure you'd find some wanton slut to suck your sweet pussy and satisfy that big ass" Connie snickers, handing her the coffee mug and files.

"Nobody drains the juice from a cunt like you do baby" Luci smiles, leaning forward and attaching her soft lips to Connie's.

"And speaking of big asses..." she reaches around to fondle Connie's lush, abundant ass-flesh.

"Hey, hey; you've gotta get to court. There's time for that later."

Neither woman is a "top"; when THEY couple, it's strictly oral (vaginal but mostly ANAL), and sex-toys (butt plugs and "anal vibes)...they both share an appreciation, though, for well-built, beautiful women, like themselves...Luci married strictly for child-production purposes; though she'd been fond of her dead husband, they only consummated their marriage TWICE, and that is in return for providing Luci access to his sizeable financial assets (as well as not interfering in her trysts with nubile young females she meets and brings home to bed her).

Sighing, Luci agrees, and after another kiss, gets busy preparing for court. Luckily, it is fairly open and shut, and if luck is with her, she will be back at the office before lunch. Mr. Loganmier, the defendant, is a wealthy, 60 year old industrialist who was caught entertaining big-cocked Latino and African American studs during his frequent business trips; Luci's crack investigator, Marlene Lopez, has dozens of shots of Mr. L taking those cocks in his ass and mouth. Though there is a "pre-nup", Loganmier wants no part of any press coverage of his exploits and agrees to a multi-million dollar settlement to keep it quiet. The cuckolded spouse, Candi, a gold-digging, 28 yr old blonde ex-Vegas showgirl (with her own perverse tastes) is very happy with the developments, so happy that she leaves a note that she will be by in the afternoon to thank everyone "personally". Luci sighs again, more deeply this time; divorce seems to have become the national pastime, and even though she benefits quite nicely from the situation, she longs for the day when it wasn't so "rampant".

Luci's husband died 2 years ago, leaving her a widow and their 2 daughters fatherless. Sandy( 22), and her sister Dana (20), have been her "rocks"; supporting her mentally, and in the bedroom. Luci has been an easy conquest for the randy siblings: a year after her husband's sudden death, she's been seduced by first Lidia and Connie, then her daughters.

Luci is 42, a very successful lawyer, and very beautiful. She is 5'5", with long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fabulous body: 36DD-28-40. That delightful voluptuousness has become her employees' and offs-prings' sexual play-ground.

Connie, the fun-loving, ever-horny red-head, has bigger breasts, and is just as voluptuous otherwise. She's been five years without having screwed a man (not counting the huge Black bouncer at CLUB LOBO she sucked-off to get in two weeks ago), and she doesn't miss them a bit. Luci pays her a very generous salary, the health plan is great, and the additional "perks" (Lidia's giant strap on and the boss' sweet juicy cunt) are the many reasons she loves her job!

Luci calls a goodbye to Connie as she leaves the office. On the short walk to the courthouse she picks-up Lidia, her on-call steno. Lidia, a sexy black 22 year old with an athletic build, hopes that the proceedings go quickly; if not she will simply stick the huge ebony strap-on concealed under her dress slacks up Luci's ass in the ladies' room, during a break. Luci has no doubt that she and the beautiful ebony goddess will be engaged in some hot, raunchy anal sex sometime within the next few hours. Her well-used anus itches in anticipation.


Judge Karen P. Monahan gavels the proceedings into adjournment at 11:30 am. She whispers some instructions to her clerk before disappearing through the side door to leading to her chambers. The clerk passes a note to Lidia; it's a request to deliver the transcript of record to the judge's chambers for review ASAP. Luci and Lidia exchange knowing looks: transcript review indeed: the Honorable Judge wants a "colon cleansing".

Lidia enters the judge's chambers without knocking, and as she expects, the buxom jurist is waiting for her, kneeling on edge the of a leather couch, her robes hiked-up over her sumptuous hips. Her nicely-rounded behind is oh-so-deliciously framed by the straps of the tiny red lace garter-belt she wears. Lidia locks the door, then walks toward the couch, unzipping her slacks as she does. Judge Monahan reaches back and pulls the cheeks of her ass wide, exposing her veteran asshole, gleaming with lube. "I'll hear your 'anal arguments', now!" she quips, with a wicked grin.

Crouching behind her, Lidia shafts her big black cock deeply into her partner's greedy pooper in one hard, solid thrust. Her toned, muscular thighs connect with the milky-white globes with each long, hip-swiveling plunge of the man-made dick, making those full mounds wobble gelatinously; the court reporter reaches under and around, quickly and expertly unbuttoning first the judge's robe, then her expensive silk blouse, before her soft palms cup and knead her large, big-nippled boobs, still safe in their lace cups. Doubling her efforts, Lidia drives the huge-jugged blonde toward a massive orgasm; Karen's nerve-endings spark and sizzle and her whole existence is focused on the huge rubber dong clogging her bowels. The little rubber nub at the base of her "cock" has rubbed the ebony beauty's clit raw and a hot ball of lust swells impossibly within her, then explodes as she rides the judge through multiple, continuous orgasms.

"Very persuasive argument" Karen Monahan gasps, smiling up at Lidia. "I think your boss' client is going to be a very happy woman!"

Lidia leans down and seals the deal with a kiss, then retrieves a slim envelope from her handbag and hands it to the judge (it contains 5 $1000 bills, the judge's fee for making sure Luci's clients get favorable rulings in her court).

Part 2 to follow

Note: I appreciate all the time some of you have taken to read and vote on and for my work. I'm working on several series right now, so it might take some time to get new chapters submitted and approved. I can't figure-out how to Put pictures in the stories, so if anyone can tell me, I'll try it out. I hope you like this one; there are more parts to the other series on the way.


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