tagLetters & TranscriptsHer Diary Pt. 01

Her Diary Pt. 01


Dear Journal,

Last night was brilliant, and i don't just mean the play, in fact, playing wasn't the best bit. The best thing about last night was the time Sir and i had together after we'd played, at about 3am when i had to turn the light off and get in to bed because it was about time for Dad to be getting up for work. Leaving the camera on, because the light from the monitor is just about enough to see me by, i took my laptop into bed with me, putting it just to one side, so i could curl up with my head on my pillows and my duvet wrapped around me, and still see the screen and Sir could still see me. It was brilliant to be lying there in bed with Sir next to me, me all sleepy and snug in the afterglow of another brilliant orgasm.

We were both saying how nice it was, and how we could so easily just pretend the other person was there with us and it was such a nice moment, so sweet and normal, and generally wonderful. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Sir had his camera turned on, but He was working and had too much stuff already plugged into his USB ports.

Back on the floor tonight though, i guess i had it coming, i've been allowed in my bed for a fair few nights now. Thinking about it i was quite lucky to get my bed last night, it was only because Sir liked my 'household object' even if it wasn't the best toy at the end of the day.

Marble is not a good material for a toy because you can't hold onto it properly and also because it gets uncomfortably hot if you subject it to a lot of friction, as i did.

Sir let me use my old friend and the very first item i ever used as a toy in the end though. My candle. It's not the widest of toys, something that i wasn't aware of when i first used it, but after the cucumber and the J2O bottle i felt the difference, but it has the extra length and it feels good!

i've not got anything much to say today, i'm tired and ill feeling again so i am going to curl up in a corner of the floor and hope i feel better in the morning.


me x x


Today has possibly been one of the longest days of my life, and possibly one of the most painful days since meeting Sir. Not being allowed to use such a simple and commonly used word as 'i' sounded relatively simple at the time but is actually really, really difficult, if only because of how much we use the word in our everyday lives. As i already said today, i'd slipped up before i even got out of bed which earny me a few hard smacks.

1. Sometime after twenty i lost count of how many times i'd slipped up and how many time i'd had to spank my own ass. Needless to say my ass is rather sore already, and i'm gratefulf or the fact that we are all just watching a movie now so there is nothing for me to say and no more chances to slip up, not for now anyway.

Sir and i both have this shared principle that it's not the next day until you've been to sleep, as such i have to keep watching my tongue until i fall asleep which is only going to get harder. i have permission to drink tonight, in moderation, i'm not to get as wasted as i did the other night. Tipsy is permitted, but outright drunk isn't. That works for me as i have to drive home tomorrow and if i get too drunk tonight then we wont be able to get on the road until really late because i need to allow enough time to break the alcohol down.

My second task was to wear a skirt without any panties, which is quite possibly my most favorite task! Not wearing panties, as i've said before is so deliciously naughty, that it gets me wet and aroused. However, today was the first time i've ever gone without panties under a skirt and i was so much more aware of it than i was wearing no panties under my trousers. Under a skirt i had to constantly be aware of whether my skirt was getting caught on anything, whether it was riding up too far when i crossed my legs, and i was so very aware of just how wet i was, there being no trouser material between my legs to soak anything up!

Knowing that i can talk freely here is such a relief, it means i don't have to worry about avoiding the word i, talking to Sir, however briefly, earlier was a struggle, when i am sure He was asking leading questions, like 'tell me about your day?' To which i would usually reply with something like 'i did this and then i did that and then i did something else.' Instead i had to think of other answers and other ways to say i, such as 'Your toy' which all required so much more thought.

Right now i'm a few glasses of vodka and pink lemonade away from where i should stop drinking, but that's the annoying thing, i can feel completely fine one second then drink one more mouthful and that'll be it. So maybe i should stop now? Just finish this glass and hope for the best?

Either way i'm going to stop writing, i've just slipped up again while talking to my sister and need to go to the bathroom and deal with the consequences.


Me x x

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