tagLetters & TranscriptsHer Diary Pt. 04

Her Diary Pt. 04


Because i know that Sir will probably want this posted here is the list of twenty ways to please my Sir that i finally put together by about 2am last night after tears and tantrums galore, and Sir refusing to talk to me until i finished.

Posting them here also means we can reference them again quickly as opposed to searching through our email accounts for them.

1. The very first thing i think that would please You would be to have Your sub with You, to come home to her on her knees just inside the door waiting for Your command. We know it's not possible right now, not for me anyway, but i think that would be one way to please You.

2. Following a command instantly, without feeling the need to further question or debate it. For example, You tell me to play with my pussy and i immediately want to ask questions - how long for? Do i get to cum? Etc. Etc. i think it would please You if i could stop questioning sometimes, and just do as i'm told. :)

3. Pushing my own limits, two examples of where we have already done this would be peeing outside and playing with my ass. Both of these are not things i would naturally be happy with, but letting You push the soft limits and doing as You asked certainly seemed pleasing to You.

4. Defer all decisions to You, be it permission to cum or just to go to the bathroom. If we could be together i think that giving You that control would please You.

5. Speak up when You ask me to do videos/recordings! *laughs* Perhaps this also includes not worrying about what other people might think.

6. Trust You with me feelings, it's difficult to open up and let people see inside me, but i know we can only work if i can be completely honest and open. This means being able to come to You with problems before they start to impact on our relationship. Perhaps if i had been able to do this before then we wouldn't have had that 'blip' that we had.

7. Wear a constant reminder of Your control, be that the shoelace i wear at the moment or some other jewellery we later decide on, or a collar. Know that You are always controlling me.

8. Masturbating in a public place at Your command.

9. Dressing up for You.

10. Don't just "virtual shop" - go out and buy some toys for Sir to play with!

11. Let Sir dictate what i am to wear. (Such as the night i had to wear a too small bra out with my friends)

12. (This one assumes we're together) Remote control toys in a public place, for example while out for dinner.

13. Erotic Mind Control - if You could do it, i'd be a willing subject.

14. Writing sexy letters and leaving them in public places for strangers to read, and leaving a contact email address at the bottom.

15. Dressing up / revealing clothing etc. in public at Sir's command. Anything that would immediately make me stand out, could also put something like making me wear a leash in public in here. Now i have a visual about You walking Katharine and me at the same time...

16. Cook, clean, wash, iron.... General household tasks to make Sir's life easier and more enjoyable. Take pride in knowing that doing these tasks will give Sir more free time and much less to worry about.

17. Trust. Unconditionally trust Sir, this means not worrying about whether you are always saying the right thing, but being completely honest and knowing that Sir wont ever ask you to do anything that is unsafe or will endanger you in any way, physically or mentally. Only when you trust Him this much, all the time, can you work together properly.

18. Play chess with Sir more! :) Those quiet moments where you get to relax and just chat and indulge in some very normal and simple pleasures. Just take the stress off for a wee bit.

19. Obedience, 100% of the time, no more questions, no more doubts.

20. Finish tasks on time!

Following the completion of that task i decided that now i am not at home and there are no parents to scrutinize my mail i could safely invest in at least one toy for Sir and i to play with and i was soon off looking on website to get myself my very first vibrator. Now, i don't have a lot of spare cash in the budget, so it may not be the best toy in the world, i've read all about people spending crazy amounts but i had about £15 and the whole of the internet at my command, sort of... But with Sir to help me out we together settled on a new toy, after my petty decision that i did not want a pink toy! Why are they all pink? Sir just said because it is a girlie colour (and possibly trying to look vaguely realistic) but pink just isn't my colour.

Anyways, my new toy should hopefully be here tomorrow and that's going to be fun, especially in the holidays when i go home and Sir can watch. i'm just keen to see if it can live up to its reputation. :)

My task today was easy, which was really nice after yesterday. Sir wanted me to think of outfits i could dress up in for Him, things i could get hold of cheaply, or outfits i could make up with the clothes i already own. So i had a bit of a think, and it was good fun, trying to work out what Sir might like and whether i could make it work. It meant not trying to compare myself to the perfect image of the perfect girl in these costumes and just thinking about whether the idea would appeal to Sir. It's a noticeable shift in the way i think about myself. And i never noticed it until now.

Of course i've noticed the way i didn't even open my bottle of cider this evening before asking Sir for permission first. i've noticed the way when something goes wrong i think "don't over react, remember that you Sir cares about you very much and He wouldn't want you to react like that"

Sometimes, just on the odd occasion i look back just over the last month and a half and i'm amazed at my personal development and while that was never the point of this relationship, it sure is a nice side effect.

Sir likes to cuddle, i'm sure, when we were talking about a fantasy day we could spend together if i were to ever relocate to be with Him, He made the move to add a certain amount of time just cuddling in bed at the start of the day, and so far He hasn't said no when i've asked for a hug before bed. It's nice to be able to go to bed with the thought of His arms around me. Snuggly and safe. Just like that night i laid in bed with just the camera on and just the light from the monitor for Sir to see me with and i was snuggled up in bed with Sir right there beside me and that was bliss.

So falling asleep while thinking about His arms around me is ideal.


Me x x

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