tagIncest/TabooHer Enormous Son Ch. 05

Her Enormous Son Ch. 05


"Holy shit! I can't believe what I'm seeing Theresa. Your son has an enormous dick," Beth said in a surprise tone. My mom just stood there and we just stared in each other's eyes.

"Theresa. Congratulations. You're now a member of our club and we welcome you and your well endowed son to our neighborhood," said Cathy with her upper torso still between Cassie's legs and pussy juice leaking between her lips.

My mother kept a serious face that looked like she was about to get very upset by what she saw but then, her serious frown turns into a smile.

"I'm glad you guys enjoy my son. I had no idea he would be so endowed. I guess it runs on my side of the family," my mother said.

Cynthia got up off her knees and away from my huge dick. She walks up to my mother an says " Your right. Looking at the bulges in your chest I can say you're pretty gifted yourself." With that, she starts to unbutton my mom's shirt. I couldn't believe that I was finally going to get to see my mom's tits in all their glory. My dick started to throb after throb, watching each button come undone. Soon, Cynthia slides my mother's shirt down her shoulders and off her body. Her enormous chocolate breasts were spilling over the massive bra cups. The cups were visible so her huge tootsie rolls like nipples were easily seen. "Mmmmm. They look so delicious," moaned Cynthia. She slips her small hands inside my mother's cups and one by one, pulls out her giant chocolate breasts, topple with huge dark areolas and huge thick black nipples. They sat high on her chest and wobble a little bit due to their releasing. "Oh my god. So gorgeous. Can't wait to taste these huge tootsie roll nipples," moaned Cynthia, grabbing my mom's breasts from the bottoms and squeezing them. She immediately attach her mouth to her left nipple. Sucking the nipple hard and chewing on it with her teeth. She also cram as much of the dark areola into her mouth as possible.

My mother was moaning heavy and running her hands up and down Cynthia's sweaty back. Cynthia used both hands to hold one of my mother's mammoth tits and sucked as much of it into her mouth as possible. My mother felt like she was on ecstasy. It's been a long time since she had a mouth latch onto her breasts. Ever since my dad and her got divorce, she has been missing the attention her breasts needed by a pair of hands and a mouth. She now had a whole room of people who would love to show her breasts some loving. Cynthia was the first to greet them and reawaken my mother's sexual yearning. She then felt another mouth, latching onto her right tit. It was Cindy. Following Cynthia's example and sucking my mother's huge right tit for all it's worth.

They quickly rid my mother's bra off and tosses it to the floor. Cindy picks it up and looked at the tag.

"MMMMMM! A Whooping 44HH," Cindy moans as she and Cynthia resume their feast on my mother's huge tits.

Cathy and Cassie were now in a 69 position. Eating and sucking each other's wet pussies. So that left me with no one to fuck. Suddenly, Beth was in front of me, gripping my huge wet cock in her hands.

"Can I did it a try?" she asks me.

"Be my guest," I agreed. Beth strokes my big dick in her hands. Thumbing my massive cockhead and kneading my thick shaft. I couldn't help but to look at her chest which was rising and falling with her breathing. The buttons on her blouse looked like they pop off. "Here. Let me help you with that," I volunteer, undoing her blouse and sliding it off her body along with her jacket. Her large heavy breasts were spilling over her bra. Being inside a room with six busty girls is probably every man's fantasy and I was living it.

As she jerk my cock, I unfasten her bra and she release my dick, only to engulf it inside her mouth. Her arms were to her sides and I slip the bra off her body. Her giant creamy breasts bounce and sway against my knees. I brought her bra up to read the tag.

"32GGG!" I said to myself amazed. Much larger then Cassie's but still, none of them were bigger then Cindy, who was now rubbing her colossal jugs against my mother's own huge tits. Almost completely smothering my mother's tits. Cynthia came in from the side, rubbing her own enormous breasts against Cindy's and my mother's. They were having a tit brawl over there and I cock grew harder inside Beth's wet and warm mouth watching them rub titties. My hands had her huge tits. Kneading them and pinching the nipples.

I look over to see both Cathy and Cassie doing some heavy breathing and moaning. Cathy was licking from Cassie's pussy to her asshole. She then position herself to sit on Cassie's face so she could bend Cassie's legs under her armpits and have her ass thrust up into the air. Cathy give a few large blobs of spit down Cassie's asshole. She then inserts her middle finger inside her anus. Pushing it deep and hard inside. Cassie was moaning up a storm inside Cathy's pussy while licking and sucking on it.

Beth place her giant breasts on my thighs and wraps them around my huge dick. I wrap my legs around her waist and push my ass off the desk, thrusting up and down between her tits. My dick had completely vanish between her mammoth jiggling breasts. It felt like fucking sponges. Her breasts were so soft and squish. Throughout the room, you could hear my thighs bouncing off her breasts as my dick slides up and down between them. She spit down globs of her saliva to get her cleavage glistering as I thrust between her breasts.

After a good ten minute tit fucking, her tits were covered in sweat and pre-cum. She took my sweat glistering cock back between her lips. Bobbing her head up and down and taking in large chunks of my cock deep down her throat. Her fingers were doing a good number on her soak pussy. Her skirt was hick up to her waist and her panties were down her ankles. She had two fingers insert in her pussy. Probing through the wetness and giving her pleasure like she could never imagine.

I look over to see my mother getting her pussy eaten by Cindy. Her legs were up on Cindy's shoulders with Cindy's head buried deep within her crotch. Cynthia was behind my mom with her two giant breasts resting on her shoulders and squeezing them occasionally around my mother's head. My mom would turn her face to suck at Cynthia's hard nipples. Cynthia's hands were kneading my mom's big tits. Squeezing and jiggling them all over my mom's chest. Watching them dominate my mother was making me wanting to cum sooner then later.

Beth had taken my cock out from between her moist lips and turns around with her back facing me. She straddles herself down on my cock. Cramming my huge dick deep inside her wet wounds. I grabs hold of her huge titties and starts bouncing her on my dick. Her ass bouncing off my thighs and stomach. She begins to push herself up and down my dick as well.

"OOHHHHHHHHHHH!" Beth cried. She stops pushing up and down my dick and starts grinding our crotches together. Adjusting to my huge dick completely filling her pussy. "Oh god. I can feel you full big dick inside me Andrew," Beth moaned. She resumes bouncing herself up and down my dick. Her hair flying in my hair. Her massive jugs bouncing in my hands as I squeeze and hold onto them for dear life. She bounces harder and harder, squeezing my giant balls between her pussy and my thighs.

I rest my chest and head against Beth's sweaty back as she pounces faster and harder on my dick. I tug her nipples between my fingers as her tit flesh jiggle and wobble wildly down her chest.

She arches her back and wraps her arms around my neck. I kiss and suck at her neck gentle. Gripping her huge breasts from the bottoms and squeezing them. She grinds our crotches harder together. I lean back on the desk and starts bouncing her on my dick. Drilling her tight pussy hole. Her pussy starts spasm around my thick dick.

"OOHHHHH FUCKING GOD! SO FUCKING HUGE! FUCK ME ANDREW! HARDER!!" Beth cried as I grip her hips and roughly slams her up and down my dick. Her massive tits flopping all over her chest and beating against one another making thunderous slaps. So was my balls pounding against her pussy lips. "OHHHHH I'M CUMMMMING!!" screamed Beth releasing an overwhelming orgasm and finally her fluids. Her soak pussy, flooded with cum, came pouring out all over my big dick and down my balls. I gave her a few more long and powerful thrusts before she stop cumming.

"Over here Andrew. Your mother needs some serious fucking," shouted Cindy. "My tits are to big to fit inside her wet wound," she cried, watching her rub her right nipple against my mother's clit. Sending shivers all over her body. The front of Cindy's giant breasts were dripping with my mother's juices. My cock throb even more thinking about fucking my own mother. Beth stroke my cock furiously for a few seconds, making sure I was still very hard.

"Go show your mom what you can do with that," Beth said kissing me deeply on the lips while stroking my huge dick gently. I got up off the desk and slowly starts walking over to my mother. My mammoth cunt-juice covered dick bobbing and flopping between my legs. I could see the look in my mother's eyes as she was staring hungrily at her own son. Cynthia held my mom's legs spread apart while Cindy rubs her fingertips over my mom's clit, keeping her nice and wet. I knelt down in between my mother's legs. Cindy wets her hand and grips my huge dick. Stroking it up and down before inserting it inside my mother's drippy cunt.

"Mmmmm Andrew. So grown up. Such a huge dick," she moans, feeling my swollen cockhead press against her clit and my thick shaft slowly sliding deep inside her wetness. "AAAHHHHH!" cried my mother, feeling her cunt walls stretch to fit my dick in. I watched as my dick was disappearing deep inside my mother. Her hands were crawling at the carpet while Cynthia held her legs still far apart. The dark bush of my mother's crotch was soon brushing against mines. Silence moans slips through her mouth as I quickly started to pick up a rhythm and drill my dick into her cunt. My thick cock was lodged all the way inside my mother's soak pussy.

I stood up on my toes and grip my mother's thighs, rapidly pounding her wet pussy away. Her head was tossing and turning all over Cynthia's chest. Bouncing between Cynthia's huge tits like a ping-pong ball. Cynthia's huge tits were flopping against my mother's head and shoulders with the movements of my mother. My mother's own massive titties were bobbing up and down her chest wildly. Cynthia let go of my mother's ankles and tried to control her slapping titties. Slapping against each other violently. I watch Cynthia's hands slap my mother's huge breasts together as my balls were doing the same against her cunt walls.

My mom's legs were now resting on my sides. Cindy was spitting down on my mother's cunt while my dick rams in and out of it. Cindy uses two of her fingers to rub at my mother's clit swiftly. She then plow the two fingers in and out of my mother's mound, moving to the rhythm of my mammoth cock.

My mother was breathing hard and moaning loud. Sweat pour off our bodies as I lean over my mother and brought my head between Cynthia's huge tits. She held up tits up and I suck on them hard. Stuffing my mouth full of her delicious sweaty breasts as she bounce them against my face. My mother's own breasts were beating against my chest and stomach. The feel of her hard big nipples digging into my skin. Cynthia position her mound over my mother's mouth. My mom was working Cynthia's cunt walls with her tongue. Rapidly pushing in and out between her pussy lips like my dick was doing to hers.

"UUUHHHHHHHH!" cried my mother between Cynthia's thighs, taking my big dick all the way inside her pussy. Her pussy was tightening around my dick. If feeling my mother's pussy around my cock and Cynthia's huge tits cram inside my mouth wasn't enough for me to cum on, Cindy was underneath me, sucking at my bouncing balls. She would occasionally lick at my shaft drilling deep within my mother. I felt my mother cumming and it pour all over my dick and balls. Cindy was there to clean up my balls.

"OOOOOH! I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned, releasing my big dick from my mother's creamy wound and jerking it a few times to finally spray her huge chocolate titties down. Cynthia moved her huge breasts above my mother's and I hose down both of their tits. After shooting five huge loads on their breasts, my mother capture one of Cynthia's big tits between her lips and lick all the cum off. I watch my mom suck Cynthia's big tits with my big dick still dripping with her cum.

Suddenly, the phone started to ring. Cathy drop one of Beth's gigantic tits from her mouth while Cassie sucked on the other one. Cathy answers the phone and talks very belief on it. Just saying "yes" and "uh huh" to whoever the other person on the line is. "Good bye," she said hanging up the phone.

"What was that all about?" asks Cynthia, slightly moaning to my mother licking her cum-covered titties.

"Our husbands are downstairs and awaiting for us to show up at the party," Cathy said.

"I guess the fun is over for now," I said in my head.

As we were getting clean off and dress, the door opens and standing there was a red-haired young girl. Looks to be about 18 or 19. Freckles all over her face. Glasses covering her baby blue eyes and was showing off a magnificent beneath her tennis outfit. Long tan legs and of course I couldn't help but to see two huge lump, jutting from her chest. They bob nicely as she enters the room. Luckily, we were all dress and clean off from the cum and other body fluids.

"Oh Hello Shelly. Theresa and Andrew. This is my daughter Shelly. She's a sophomore at one of the finest colleges in the world. She's only here on the weekends to visit her family," said Cathy.

The moment I saw her come through that door, I knew my partying was not over yet.

To be continued...

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