tagLoving WivesHer First Ass Probing

Her First Ass Probing


Hooray for alcohol! It has a way of relaxing a person's inhibitions, if taken in the right amount. And that can be a good thing, sometimes. People have a way of getting set in their ways, becoming averse to trying new things. Sometimes, if inhibitions come down just a little, a willingness to try something a little wild emerges. And sometimes, the payoff is an enjoyable experience.

My wife and I had both been under a lot of stress, and once the weekend came around we both needed to blow off a little steam. We spent the evening listening to music from our glory days, when we were both a little wilder. That would be music from the mid 1980's through the early 1990's We had very similar tastes in music during that time, a fact which greatly surprised us both. Granted, there was a lot of crap coming out of the music industry at that time, but there was also some really good stuff. Getting out the old CD's and playing them took us back, and it was good to have something both fun and not too intense to talk about.

And if you're going to dig out music from your youth, why not play it loud? That's really the only way, after all. And drinking lots of beer also helped set the mood. I've always been impressed with my wife's sophisticated taste for beer, and her ability to drink it, and truly enjoy it. So we had loud music, good beer, and an interesting conversation about the merits of Motley Crue vs. Metallica. Black Flag. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Dead Kennedys. The only way we could have been more in the moment, or more in the moment of the past, was if we had a big bag of weed and the means to smoke it up. Alas, we had to settle for the loud music and beer. But it was a good time, and a great, stimulating conversation. We were making enough noise that we were surely disturbing our neighbor, but that's the last thing we were concerned about. In fact, I think we both took a little pleasure in shooting a little noise pollution his way, he certainly deserved it. But that's another story entirely...

Anyway, at some point, Becky brought up the fact that she hadn't seen the sex video we have in a long time. I responded by pointing out that it was she that suggested that we keep it hidden from view, lest a visiting family member discover that we owned a fuck-flick. Gasp! So I explained that I had hidden it. She suggested I get it back out.

No need to ask me twice about that! Maybe Becky would actually want to watch it again. Although I would much rather be having sex with my wife than with any other woman in the world, it's still fun and exciting to watch the crew of a sex movie go at it in every which way. I'm a big fan of having regular, sane sex with one beautiful woman often. But watching the situations that come up in a porn movie does turn me on. And you see some cool stuff in a porn movie, stuff like two women making love, and guys fucking women in every hole imaginable, always ending with a shot of the guy shooting his load all over a gaggle of naked, horny, slutty, big-breasted women. Would I want to be that guy in the porn movie? Probably not. But still fun to watch.

So anyway, I dug out the sex film we had. I got it because Becky at one time was curious about sex movies. Alas, I didn't have one. So I went out and bought one. Hey, if it made us horny, that's awesome, right? Well, it turns out there's a LOT of porn movies out there. Movies that cater to every bizarre fetish imaginable. Want to watch a redheaded midget stick his foot up a blonde amazon's ass, while she blows a donkey? Hey, there's probably a whole section devoted to that at your local adult bookstore.

But what I wanted was just a movie with a lot of fucking. Hot women, guys my wife would think were hot. Everyone fucking and sucking, maybe a little lesbian action, which I've always liked to watch. So I'm looking for a nice porn movie, one that my wife will enjoy too. I finally found one called, "Sex Island," with a nice picture on the cover of the ocean, a beautiful beach, and two hot, foxy, butt-naked sluts embracing. Sounds good. It's got Sex, it's got an Island, it's Sex Island, an island where a lot of sex happens. I went with that one, and it actually turned out to be pretty good. Guys fucking chicks in a variety of positions. A few lesbian scenes. A few scenes with two women on one guy. A few anal scenes.

So I dug our official pornographic movie out. We decided to put it in, keeping with our theme of traveling back in time to when we were both wild and wanting to do stuff a little shocking. I was happy with that decision. The best case scenario would be we'd both get horny, and have a really good, raw fuck. The worst case scenario was that I'd be the only one who got horny, and end up masturbating right there, which would be okay. Because, hey, who could blame me for needing to get off after watching a porn movie? So those were the two possibilities. I was sure to get horny, the question was would Becky?

We watched a few scenes. We watched a little hottie fuck and suck a guy by a waterfall, ending with him ejaculating onto her face, and into her mouth. Pretty hot. The next scene started out with two women, one giving the other a massage. Very hot, and of course they moved on to a hot lesbian scene. Then a guy joined in, fucking one chick from behind while she gave the other chick oral pleasure. Again, a hot scene, which of course ended with the guy blowing his load all over both women's faces. At this point, I pointed out to Becky that I was hornier than a ten-peckered Billy goat. As she was feeling a little mischievous, we quickly agreed to head for the bedroom and have sex. Awesome!

Our clothes came off quickly, and I had the immense pleasure of following my wife to the bedroom. Let me just point out here that my wife has a fantastic ass. Well, the whole package is fantastic, but I'm focusing on her ass here. It's the perfect shape. Firm, but with enough jiggle to drive me wild when she moves it. Not large, but full enough to have wonderful curves. Pale, smooth skin, so that the crack of her ass stands out in even dim light, looking warmly inviting, sexy. So my wife led the way to the bedroom. Closely followed by her unbelievably hot ass. Followed by my growing erection. Followed, of course, by me.

I was mesmerized by the way her ass was rolling with each step she took. I couldn't take my eyes off it, it was truly beautiful and erotic. It was decided then. I would take her from behind, a position that gives me a truly spectacular view of her ass. I absolutely love looking down on her ass, with her sticking it up in the air, for me to enter her. The curve of her hips, the small of her back. The way her cheeks come apart a little, giving me a view of her cute little sphincter. And the sight of my cock, disappearing between her lips, into her vagina. Oh, I can't even begin to describe how wonderful a sight it is, watching my cock slide into her vagina, slowly penetrating, knowing my full length is filling her up.

She crawled up onto the bed, on all fours. She started to lean over, as if to roll over onto her back. I quickly reached out with both hands, grabbing an ass cheek in each one, steadying her where she was. Letting her know that I wanted her on her hands and knees, just as she was. That I would be taking her from behind.

She understood immediately what I wanted, and complied. She inched forward a little, to give me room on the bed behind her, lowering her head a little, which made her ass stick up in the air slightly. What a glorious view!

I climbed up behind her, a condom in one hand, and a bottle of Astro-Glide in the other. As I unwrapped the condom, I crept forward a bit, so that my erection slipped between her legs, brushing against her thighs and ass. As my cock continued to climb skyward, I moved forward and allowed her beautiful ass cheeks to cradle it. I was now very erect, and as I continued to work on unwrapping the condom, I began sliding my cock between her ass cheeks, hopefully letting my wife know that her ass turned my on beyond words.

Finally! I had the condom unwrapped, and forced it onto my erection. I covered it in some of the lubricant, also putting some on Becky's pussy, gently caressing her lips with my fingers as I spread the Astro-Glide on her. She has a wonderful pussy, which by the way looks hot as hell from the front, too. It's covered by a beautiful, soft bush, which is the perfect shape and thickness naturally. She has nice lips, which when spread reveal a beautiful vagina. Very tight, there's always a lot of pressure on my cock from her pussy when I fuck her. Sometimes, perhaps a little too tight, if there is such a thing. It can make entry difficult sometimes, and my slightly larger than average cock can cause her a little discomfort, too.

Once the condom was on, and lubricated to my satisfaction, I moved forward, eager to enter my wife, fill her wonderful pussy up with my erection, and become as close as two people can be. I guided it with my hand, until my head was pressing against her entry. I paused a moment there, just putting pressure on her pussy, letting her know I was there, and about to slide into her.

Before entering her, I took in the sight of her beauty, the whole view. There she was, on her hands and knees before me, ready to submit. Her back was arched slightly, her long hair falling off her back and shoulders. Her legs were spread, to allow me to come close up behind her ass, ready to enter her. Her ass was sticking up slightly, and the beauty of the curves of her hips, the round fullness of her ass, was breathtaking!

I moved forward, sliding into her with purpose, and a little faster than I usually do. She gasped as my erection opened her up, tensed her muscles a little, and arched her back slightly more. Once I was in her, I paused briefly, then began steadily moving in and out. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks, caressing them, then squeezing them harder. I slid my hands up, massaging the small of her back as I took her from behind. It was wonderful!

I wanted to give her tits a good squeeze too, and leaned forward so that I could reach around her chest, grabbing a gorgeous breast in each hand. Leaning forward caused me to penetrate extra deep into her, and she gasped again, saying, "Careful." I backed off a little, and resumed my deep, easy strokes in and out of her warm, tight pussy.

The fucking went on for a while, with me occasionally varying my strokes, sometimes deeper, sometimes shallow. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes pounding away furiously at her, always trying to find that magic combination that would get a definite positive response out of Becky. Although time had stood still for me, we must have been fucking for a while, because the lube was starting to wear off, and even through the condom I could feel some friction starting to build up. Lube has been helpful for us, especially when I'm wearing a condom. Between the two of us, we probably produce enough natural juices to adequately lubricate our lovemaking, but with the condom on all of my juices are trapped, unusable.

No problem, the bottle of lube was still within reach. I grabbed it, flipping the lid open. Not wanting to completely withdraw from her warm, wonderful pussy, I slowly backed out of her, until only the head of my cock was still inside her. I intended to pour some lube onto the rest of my shaft, but aiming it was a little difficult with only dim candlelight to aid me. I managed to get a fair amount onto my cock, and began sliding back into Becky right away. I had also spilled some lube between her ass cheeks. Interesting.

I could just slide my thumb between her cheeks, and wipe up the lube I had spilled. I was not sure how Becky would react to this however, there had never been any playing with or touching each other's asses during any of our lovemaking. Well, I thought, there's a fair amount of lube there. I'll just wipe it up, and it will be interesting to see what her reaction is.

My hands were grabbing each ass cheek as I continued to fuck her from behind. I slid my right hand inward, caressing her ass, and allowing my thumb to invade down between her cheeks. Slowly, so as not to startle her. But definitely sliding my thumb closer and closer to her anus. As my thumb got deeper between her cheeks, it began to slide smoothly, the lube creating an erotically slick medium. My thumb slid over her smooth, tender skin, eventually resting between her beautiful, tiny rosebud anus and the entry to her pussy, where my cock was still sliding in and out steadily. Well, actually, my strokes were not as steady now. Moving into the unexplored territory of her ass had affected me much more than I thought it would. I was immensely excited. I was about to slide my thumb over her cute little anus. Just briefly, true, but still very exciting!

I applied very slight pressure to her skin with my thumb, and began sliding it up, able to both see and feel when it was positioned directly over her anus. I had no idea what her reaction would be, but was very pleasantly surprised when my thumb slid over her anus, and she let out a definite moan of pleasure. Could this be? Was my wife really willing to take our lovemaking to new ground? Hoping very much that that was the case, I paused very briefly on her rosebud, applying slightly more pressure, before easing up again, and continuing to slide my thumb up and away from her anus.

Wanting to explore things further, I returned my thumb to the soft patch of skin between her pussy and her anus. My thumb was now lubed quite well, and slid easily over her skin. I began gently but firmly massaging the area just above her pussy, getting the positive response of intermittent moans out of my wife. Slowly I continued to slide my cock in and out of her, the shaft occasionally brushing my thumb which was right next to her opening. I applied more pressure, and widened out the area I was massaging. Closer, closer to her anus. Becky was making it clear she was enjoying the attention her ass was getting. My thumb began circling her rosebud, slowly now, but with steady pressure.

"What are you doing?" My wife had definitely noticed the attention her ass was getting! What was I doing?

"I'm playing with your ass."

"Oh. Okay," she said. Okay. She was into this. Wow!

"Do you want me to stop?" Please say no. Please say no.

"No." Then a pause from my wife. "Keep going." My pleasure!

Then I slid my thumb directly onto her anus. This was the moment of truth. I continued applying rhythmic pressure, but now I was not moving my thumb around. I was focused entirely on her anus. Encouraged by the continued sounds of pleasure from my wife, I continued massaging her anus, applying more pressure. Shortly, her sphincter began to yield to the pressure, and my thumb began to slide into her warm, soft ass. I entered her ass just a little, and left my thumb there for a moment, as I took in the view, my cock still steadily penetrating her pussy, my thumb partially buried in her ass. It was about the most erotic thing I've ever seen. And no complaints out of Becky. On the contrary, she was obviously enjoying this intensely.

I withdrew my thumb, and applied a little more lube to her ass. I was having way to much fun with this new development to turn back now. I began massaging her ass with my thumb again, and this time it quickly slipped into her. I slowly and very gently worked it into her, and before long it was buried all the way in her. I was still gently fucking her pussy, watching my cock slide in and out of her when I could tear my eyes away from her ass, which was filled up with my thumb.

After leaving my thumb buried in her ass for a few moments, I started slowly and ever so gently sliding it in and out of her, fucking her ass with my thumb as my cock explored her pussy. It slid into her with ease, and her ass felt wonderful to me!

Next, I withdrew my thumb, and slipped a lube covered finger into her ass. Again, this entered her with ease, and very shortly my finger was fucking her ass, going all the way in, as far as I could get it. Oh, what a view!

For the finale, I wondered if two fingers would slide into her. I pulled my finger out, put two fingers together, and began applying pressure. There was more resistance now, but soon the two fingers also disappeared into her ass. Amazing! Not wanting to overdo things with our first anal experience, I withdrew the fingers, and resumed fucking her ass with my thumb, also massaging her anus while I was inside her. I now wanted very badly to slide my cock past her sphincter, but thought that could wait for another time.

For now, I would continue to fuck her pussy, watching my thumb slide easily in and out of her ass. I was excited then as I had never been before, and was very close to coming. I picked up the pace with my cock, not quite violently pounding into her, but using very rapid, hard strokes now. My thumb was also increasing the pace, now steadily and vigorously sliding into her ass.

This actually went on for a while, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, my thumb steadily fucking her ass. And the harder and deeper my thumb probed, the more moans of pleasure I heard from Becky. I knew she would be amazed if she could see what I was seeing. The full length of my cock disappearing into her pussy, and my thumb buried all the way into her other opening. And I mean all the way in. What a sight! My cock was so hard it almost hurt, and I can't remember ever being as turned on in my life.

As I felt the waves of an incredible orgasm starting, I buried my thumb as far in her ass as it would go, and began ejaculating into her pussy. I slid my cock all the way in, and ground into her from behind, coming very hard, a powerful orgasm indeed.

When I had finished coming, I left my cock in her for a few moments, then slowly sliding my cock out of her. Then I slowly withdrew my thumb from her ass. Wow! Did that really just happen? That was awesome, incredible!

I collapsed on the bed beside her, and she turned to face me. "Are you okay," I asked?

She replied, "Oh yes. That was, interesting. Want to hear something? I've never let anyone in back there. But if you had wanted to do me that way tonight, I would have let you." These words warmed my heart greatly. Exploring a new sexual arena had been immensely enjoyable to me. Although I had never had a great deal of interest in anal sex, I did now. For sure. I guess I had never seen an ass as appealing as my wife's.

Plus, I wanted to be intimate with her in every way possible, share every experience we could together. Having never made love to a woman's ass, I now wanted very badly to. I hope very much to explore this further in the future. It's an area that would be new to both of us, but potentially a very pleasurable and rewarding one. Getting away from repetitious missionary sex, and moving into kinkier areas will be good for both of us. Very soon I hope very much to gently penetrate her ass for the first time with my penis, if for no other reason than that we both will be able say we have done it.

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