tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHer First Exhibitionist Experience

Her First Exhibitionist Experience


The day started out with few words between us as we had an argument the night before. We were going about our usual morning routine when the phone rang. It was from a friend of mine who plays in a band and invited us to hear them play by the fountain at 11:30AM. It was now almost 10:00 and we needed to hurry and get ready. My wife was out tending to the animals so I had to call to her, and ask her to hurry up, as we needed to go soon.

In a short time we were both ready and headed off to the concert. A little small talk was exchanged on way there, but not much more. We arrived just before the band was ready to play and took a seat. We were enjoying the music when the sky started to darken.

All of a sudden the band stopped and said the concert was over because a storm was on the way. As the winds picked up I told the wife to head to the car and that I was going to help the band get their equipment put away before the rain started. In short time we had the equipment stored and I headed for the car.

The wife wanted to go to lunch so we went to a Irish Pub and had a wonderful meal. She had a glass of honey mead and stated that she wanted to try to find a bottle after lunch.

By this time the tension had eased between us and we went on a journey to find the elusive bottle of wine. After stopping at several stores we ended up buying a bottle of Captain Morgan's Long Island Ice Tea for her and a bottle of Rum for me. We then stopped at a gas station for some ice and cups and started on a ride in the country.

She said that if she got drunk enough that she would get naked if I wanted her too. I thought "who's she kidding" as she had never even come close to showing anything in public before. So she poured us a drink and the journey began.

In just a short time she took off her bra and then followed with her panties. But at this point she was still fully covered with her dress. She quickly drank the first glass and I asked her if she wanted another. She was more than eager to fill her glass again and began to loosen up a bit. By the time she started on her third drink she pulled up her dress to show me that she had freshly shaven her pussy the night before. There was just a landing strip showing and I remarked how God made something so beautiful and now she had made it even more beautiful. I asked her to leave her dress up which she did.

By this time I was sporting some serious wood and she began to take notice. She let me run my fingers over her now moist lips and she seemed to relax even more. I was in" heaven".


Another drink later she was letting me pull a strap down on her dress and briefly expose one of her fabulous tits. Her nipples were very large by this time and I could tell that she was very turned on at the possibility that someone might see her. She would briefly pull her dress back up only to let me pull it back down a couple minutes later.

With a little coaxing she let me pull both straps down exposing both of her beautiful tits." What a sight to behold". Both nipples stood proud and erect (I don't think it was the air conditioning). As a car passed she would pull her dress back up only to have me pull it back down again. After awhile she just left it down and enjoyed the feeling of being one with nature. Here she was with both tits exposed and her dress up to her waist. A more beautiful sight couldn't be had!!!! I was so turned on I wanted to stop and take her right there, but wanted to wait to make her even hornier.

We rode around until I saw a public boat dock on a beautiful lake that I figured no one would be around. Sure enough we were the only ones there. We went to sit on the dock and talk but a short while later a car pulled up with a man wanting to take his dog for a swim. Her dress was on but he couldn't stop looking at her tits with her big nipples showing. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and with each step would sway, begging to be let free.

I don't think he could take it any longer so he loaded up the dog and left. We sat back down on the dock and she pulled her dress up to let me once again look at her moist lips and asked if I liked the landing strip or shaved clean. The strip of hair was small so wasn't much different that if it was shave clean. She then pulled down the straps of her dress to let me see her in all her glory. She was absolutely beautiful and looked so innocent. She stayed that way and laid down and opened up her moist pussy for me to admire. I played with her pussy and said that I think that I knew where her G-Spot was and she said that she thought that I had found it. She was at this point begging me to fuck her but I want her passion to continue to grow.

We talked about some of our fantasies of threesomes and how we could go about it. But, was it fantasies or real.

I asked her if I could take her out that evening and see how many times she could expose herself to me without getting caught. When we got home she got on the bed nakedand let me play with her beautiful pussy some more. I asked her if I could get out her rabbit vibrator, which she never let me play with her before, and she said yes that I could do anything that I wanted. After applying liberal lubricant on it we began to play. It had many settings to vibrate and rotate with a clitoral attachment and before long she was cumming and couldn't stop laughing at the same time. I have never seen her do that before and want to be part of it many more times.

She again asked me to fuck her but said that the night wasn't over yet. We got dressed and she put on a sexy short dress with liberal cleavage showing that a bra was nowhere to be found. Then she lifted up her dress to show me that beautiful pussy again without panties, and stated that she was ready to go out again.

We went to a little bar where we thought a band would be playing and could dance and have some fun. When we got there, there was only about 7 or 8 cars in the parking lot but decided to go in anyway. We sat in a booth ordered drinks and decided to play pool. When it was her turn to shoot and she bent over her tits would almost spill out of her dress and you could almost see her pussy from behind. Whenever it was my turn to shoot I would look at her sitting down and she would smile and open her legs and even lift her dress a little to show me her pussy..Well needless to say I missed many shots. I believe that a few men and a woman got a good look at her shaved pussy from the looks on their faces.

We only played a couple of games and then on the way out got some wide smiles on some of the men's faces which showed me they had as good a time as I did.

I wonder what our next adventure will be!!

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