tagBDSMHer First Spanking

Her First Spanking


The house was a nice two-story, all manicured lawns and pride of ownership. She parked in the driveway, just as she had been ordered to do. Taking a deep breath, she left the sanctity of her car and stepped up the walk, heels clicking softly. She stood at the door, her heart racing. She was excited beyond belief.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this!

But there was no doubt in her mind that she was going to go through with it. She had been flirting with him for months, having met him in an online chat room. Their chats had quickly gone private and turned to much more as she frequently found her hands in her panties as he typed to her about the very adult things that he wanted to do to her. She had become more excited with every conversation as their discussions finally lead to her submissive nature. He had assumed a dominant role immediately, and she was hooked. Had she finally found someone to give her the spanking that she had been fantasizing about for years?

Soon, their chats turned to phone calls and, inevitably, phone sex. She would lie in bed naked, pulling her nipples or sliding her dildo in and out of her drenched pussy, following his instructions to the letter as he whispered soothingly in her ear. Many nights she fell asleep after several resounding orgasms, her thoughts on him. As their relationship progressed, they chatted about "play dates." Her fate was sealed one evening when, while masturbating on the phone as he whispered in her ear, she had promised him that she would follow his every command when they met.

And he had taken her up on her promise.

His E-mail was simple and to the point: Friday, 7PM. Follow these directions to my home. You will dress in black heels, a short skirt and an open top, displaying your cleavage. Bra and panties will not be necessary. Park in the driveway. Don't be late.

Included was a Mapquest link with the directions to his house. She had been shocked, at first, then quickly typed her reply, affirming her promise that she would do anything he said. She was so excited that she had to masturbate several times during the week in the bathroom at work, nearly getting caught on one occasion. There was some anxiety, to be sure, but she someone knew that she was going to go meet him in hopes of fulfilling one of her fantasies.

And now she was here.

Her hands shook as she reached to ring the bell. It chimed softly inside and after a moment, the door opened.

He looked just like the picture he had sent her. In his early forties, tall and blonde, with a flat stomach and strong build. He was dressed casually, slacks and a polo shirt, a smile on his face. She looked into his slate grey eyes and nearly melted.

"Hi," she said softly.

"I see you found me ok," he said, leaning forward to kiss her cheek. She was touched by the gesture, another sign that everything would be fine.

"Yes, the directions were perfect, thank you."

"Please, come in." He waved her toward a comfortable living room and a fire that raged in the fireplace.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."

She took a seat on the couch as he disappeared into the adjoining kitchen. Before she could look around, he was back, holding two glasses of wine. Her hands trembled as she took it, smiling gratefully up at him. She sipped it, feeling the warmth spread through her. He sat next to her, gazing at her confidently, and she blushed.

"You're beautiful."

"I followed your directions," she said boldly, getting right to it, but looking down at the floor.

He took the glass from her hand and placed in on the coffee table next to the couch.

"Stand up and show me, then." That smile again.

She stood on wobbly legs, knowing what he expected from their many phone calls. She looked him in the eye as he sat before her and she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Maintaining eye contact, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her eyes never leaving his. Finished, she pulled the top out of her skirt, exposing her large, firm breasts. She knew her nipples were rock hard without even looking at them, and she knew that this would please him.

"They're perfect," he said, looking at them at last. "Absolutely perfect."

"I'm glad that you like them, sir."

Her hands went to her breasts and she began to knead and pull her nipples. She moaned loudly, unable to stop herself, and closed her eyes. She knew that he was watching avidly as she twisted her nipples, encouraging them to get even harder. She opened her eyes, grasping her left breast firmly, staring down at him. She leaned forward, bringing her breast to her mouth, and began licking at her nipple.

She could see the lust in his eyes and it made her happy.

Lowering her hands, she lifted the hem of her skirt, showing herself to him. She was freshly shaved, knowing that this, too, would please him. Her clit throbbed as he stared at her and she couldn't help herself. Her other hand found her soaked pussy, and, pulling her lips apart with her fingers, she rubbed her clit with her thumb, holding her skirt high. She moaned again.

"Take off your skirt, please."

She did so, pushing it down and stepping out of it quickly, now completely naked before him. She watched him as he looked her up and down, smiling all the while.

"Turn around, please."

She did so, leaning forward, her ass in his face. She looked back at him, smiling, then reached between her legs and again found her clit. She bit her lower lip as she teased herself, then slowly slid a finger into her dripping pussy, her eyes never leaving his.

"I didn't tell you that you could touch yourself," he said, chastising her.

"No sir," she smiled. "But you're glad I did." He laughed and her heart tumbled.

"Over my knee, please."

She moaned again, her knees nearly buckling as the anticipation ripped through her. Oh my God, he's really going to spank me!

She turned around and smiled at him. He patted his lap and she eased herself over him, her crotch pressed firmly into his knee. She was soaking his trousers already, she knew, and was glad. She felt his stiffness pressing against her belly and knew that he was enjoying himself, too.

"Knees apart," he commanded and she quickly complied.

His hands finally found her, tracing over the rounded flesh of her bottom. He pulled his hand away abruptly and she sucked in a breath, but he was only teasing her. Then his hand was between her legs, finding the source of her wetness, opening her lips.

"Hmm, very nice," he said approvingly, causing her to smile.

She felt a finger ease into her and she pushed back against it, willing it to go deeper. He slid it in and out of her, teasing her, making her squirm. Her legs shaking, she tried to remain still, losing the battle.

He pulled out of her and smacked her ass, once, hard. She jumped and squealed, and received two more, one to each cheek. Her bottom warmed and her clit throbbed. The blood pounded in her ears.

Again he smacked her, firmly, and again. She had read stories where the submissive counted each swat aloud but she was too lost in the sensation to muster a coherent thought. It took a minute for her to realize that he had stopped, then she felt him at her opening again. One finger, then two, found their way inside her as he began to masturbate her.

She moaned, or maybe screamed, she wasn't sure. He was giving it to her good and she was loving it. And then he stopped again. Once, twice, three times he smacked her ass, and she nearly jumped off his lap. She was dangerously close to cumming and ruining his slacks, she knew, but did not care.

And then it happened.

She felt something wet pressing against her anus and she tightened up.

He swatted her bottom again, several times, alternation cheeks. Her bottom was on fire, now.

"Relax," he whispered, and she did.

The wet finger found her anus again and this time she did stifled a moan. Slowly, patiently, he eased his lubricated finger into her as she fought to remain still over his knee. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before. The pain was there, certainly, but it paled in comparison to the excitement that had her on the edge of orgasm.

He began to ease it in and out slowly, taking care not to hurt her, and she was in heaven. Then she felt another new sensation as another finger found her wet pussy again. He paid attention to both places at once, sliding in and out of her, as she rubbed herself against his knee. Her hands found her nipples again, pinching and pulling them as the impending orgasm threatened to take her sanity.

And then it was too late.

She grunted deeply, feeling it all the way down to her toes, and she came all over his hand. The juices ran down her thighs, soaking his slacks. She grabbed his knee and held on for dear life and she rocked against him. His fingers never left her but slowly and gently coaxed her through the orgasm.

She lie there, over his knee, panting heavily. Oh my God! Did that just happen?

He helped her off of his lap and onto the sofa beside him. His wide smile and the bulge in his trousers let her know that he had enjoyed it to.

"That was amazing," she said, barely trusting herself to speak. She was covered in sweat and her heart was still racing.

"Yes it was. But you're not finished, yet."

Looking down at the bulge in his pants, she knew exactly what he wanted. She slid to her knees, moving between his legs. She stared him in the eye as she undid hid belt, his pants and then, slowly, his zipper. She licked her lips, winking at him, and he smiled back at her.

She bent to her task, grasping his pants firmly and yanking them down. His rock-card cock sprang free, begging for attention. It was larger than she had dare hope for, fully erect at nearly seven inches with plenty of girth.

She smiled up at him, reaching out to take him in her hand. She stroked him slowly, wanting to tease him a bit as payback for the times he had teased her on the phone and online. She noted the precum dripping from the head of his cock and bent forward to suck him clean.

"Stop," he whispered to her, making her freeze. She looked up at him questioningly, a smile on her lips.

"Put your hands behind your back," he said, taking his penis into his fist.

She did as she was told, clasping her hands behind her, wondering what he had planned. He moved forward until his cock was mere inches from her. She opened her mouth to take him willingly, and he rubbed the head along her lips. She kissed his cock hungrily, licking at the head as he rubbed it on her cheeks and lips. But when she tried to take him into her mouth, he eased away.

"I'm waiting." Damn him, she thought.

"Please, sir." Said softly, her gaze again on the floor.

"Yes?" he said, clearly expecting her to elaborate.

"Please, sir, let me suck your cock." And she meant it. She wanted, needed, to taste all of him.

"Why?" The smile was evident in his voice.

She looked up at him again and smiled as she met his eyes.

"Because it's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen and I want to suck it and taste your cum, sir."

"I've waited a long time to let you, my dear."

And with that, he pushed forward, his rigid cock poking her cheek until she turned and took him into her mouth. He smelled freshly washed and tasted even better, she thought, getting on with it. She licked and sucked him, lubricating him with her saliva, before taking him deeper, slowly deeper, into her mouth. Hands still behind her, she knew that she would earn this one the hard way.

But as soon as the thought occurred to her, she dismissed it. By the way he moved against her, nearly fucking her mouth, she knew that she wasn't the only one who had looked forward to their first meeting with anticipation. She smiled, her lips now around the base of his cock as he moved forward, looking up at him. His head was back, his eyes closed, his mouth open.

Good, she thought, enjoy it as much as I am, baby.

"I want to cum all over your perfect tits," he groaned, his breathing shallow. And she knew that she had him.

She reached up and took him from her mouth, pumping his cock with deep, long strokes. Her hand glided easily over his cock as she worked from the head, all the way to the base, then back again.

And then she stopped.

"Hmmm," she said, feigning innocence. "Shall I let you?"

"Damnit," he panted, "don't you dare stop, brat!" He pushed his hips forward, urging her to continue, but she was having none of it.

"Say it."

"Wha-what?" he stammered, unbelieving.

"Yes?" she said prettily, enjoying her brief moment of control, knowing that it would cost her later and excited for it.

"Please. Baby, please!"

Having won, she grabbed his cock again, hand around the base, taking him deeply into her mouth. She gripped him tightly, pumping him as she sucked him hard. He groaned and she knew her reward was at hand.

She took him out of her mouth, still stroking him, arching her back to present her tits to him. His eyes were still closed, clearly enjoying her attention.

"Look at me, baby. Look at me and give me your cum."

His eyes had a glassy look as they met hers and, a moment later, she felt the first spurt of his cum across her left breast. She continued pumping him, milking him, seeking every drop. Soon her chest was covered and she could feel his cum sliding down her tummy. When the last spurt had died away, she took him into her mouth again, sucking him hard. He gasped loudly, going up on his toes.

"Easyeasyeasy...." he said, panting.

She giggled at him, glad that she had made him cum. She leaned back on her elbows, covered in his seed, watching him intently.

He looked at her finally, then a look of realization hit him. Mumbling an apology, he rushed from the room, returning a few minutes later with a wet, warm towel. He cleaned her chest slowly, almost lovingly, a smile on his face.

Finally, his task complete, he pulled pillows from the couch and, handing her one, he lie down beside her on the floor. She curled against him, chin on his chest, his arm around her waist, feeling happy and satisfied. She stroked his hair and traced the lines of his face, his eyes closed. They lie there awhile, content in each other's company, until she thought he had fallen asleep.

"You're going to pay," he laughed suddenly, reaching down and playfully swatting her on the ass.

"I was hoping you'd say that!"

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