tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 04

Her First Taste... Ch. 04


The next day was a carbon copy of the day before for the girls. Sex, sex and more sex, except it was only the girls turn and I was told that I should sit and watch them like they knew I wanted too anyway. They told me they might allow me to participate after a little while. I reminded them both that they didn't wait for me to say OK yesterday. But it was a useless fight. Two against one and they kept talking one after the other.

Besides I was fucked out from last night that was for sure and they both knew it. I wouldn't be able to keep up with them all day long anyway. So after breakfast I sat and watched Vastie and Mandy begin to make love to each other. I had given up for now and sat in a chair and watched them as they began.

Like most men I have imagined two women in my room making love and I was sure I was going to love what I saw. I sat there only a few feet away from the ladies and I watched. As I did my cock was hard and jumping in minutes from the sight of these two beautiful women standing nude at the side of he bed.

Vastie had rushed to the bed and I watched as Mandy sat down and smiled up at her. I heard Mandy say, "You know what I like V and you know how I like it. Remember what I told in all my e-mails to you? Well just do that and you'll make me very happy."

Vastie smiled and said, "Yes! I remember and I have been waiting to make love to you for a very long time Mandy"

Then my wife knelt on the bed and as Mandy laid back on her elbows, my wife started to suck and bit Mandy's large hard nipples. I loved it! To see my wife's head over Mandy's breasts suck and playing with them was making my cock jump with excitement. Vastie licked one of Mandy's hardening nipples and said, "Oh God! I have waited so long to get my hands on your large breasts baby, and my lips on those big nipples Mandy! Those pictures you that you sent to me made me so wet and so much in need for you."

I was a little taken back at her words but I felt it was all part of the erotic playacting between them.

Mandy held her head and pushed it gently into her breasts as she pushed her breasts out and into my wife's mouth. I could see my wife's teeth bit and pull and stretch the nipples while her hands cupped, squeezed and lifted those big tits to her watering lips and mouth!

Mandy moaned as she looked over my wife's shoulder and smiled at me asking if I was enjoying the show? I smiled and shook my cock at her. Vastie pushed Mandy back further now and Mandy lay back on the bed as Vastie licked around and over her twin mounds sucking and kissing as she went. Vastie covered every inch of Mandy's big tits with her tongue and mouth as she explored Mandy's body!

As Mandy lay on her back on our bed now, Vastie licked her neck and ear and over her lips. Vastie sucked her nipples again and again as she up and holding a nipple between her teeth she looked into my eyes. I saw something I didn't think I liked. It was a look of pure lust and hunger mixed together, She really loved what she was doing with this woman. It wasn't a gentle loving touch now it was a hunger to please and please again before my wife was pleased. My wife moved over Mandy's body like a hungry animal licking, kissing, sucking, biting, touching and squeezing her body giving Mandy pleasure and exactly what she wanted.

Mandy looked at me and licked her lips as she smiled again as she held my wife's head against her breasts and told her to suck her nipples harder. Again my wife looked at me with a hunger over her entire face now for what she was doing.

Mandy moaned when my wife bit and pulled the nipple hard stretching it as she pulled it up. She pulled it maybe two inches and then let it snap back into place again. Then she moved her head to the other one and did the same thing. Mandy's nipples were now so hard and long they looked like they hurt her. But she never stopped Vastie's advances. Each time Vastie bit or pulled on them they seem to fill with blood more and become harder and redder.

Vastie took her time and sucked each one hard and then moved on to the other one. Back and forth she moved her lips and mouth! Mandy wiggled under her lover, as she was stimulated by the way Vastie was working on her. Mandy whispered something to my wife's ear. I couldn't hear the words, but I saw my wife's right hand move slowly down Mandy's body and disappear between Mandy's legs.

Amanda opened them wide for her and I saw Vastie cup her lover's pussy. She continued to rub and make hard love to Mandy's tits as her one hand now cupped and squeezed Mandy's pussy. I saw Mandy arch and push her hips up giving Vastie all of her vagina as my wife pushed her finger deep into Mandy's opening.

I heard my wife moan as she did it. I could tell just touching Mandy's body was making my wife's own lust build. Then I heard Mandy say, "Yes baby! Work me, just like we talked about! Do it V, make me yours, work on my body like I told you how I like it! Please me bitch! Give me your mouth! I want your mouth on my pussy now baby! Lick me! Lick my pussy and make me cum! Let your husband see how you make love to me. Let him see how much you like to make love to a woman. Show him! Show him Vastie!"

My wife looked over at me and had a tremendous sexy smiled on her face as she moved down and knelt between Mandy's open legs! I watched as Vastie's fingers slowly entered Mandy's openness and when she removed them they were all completely wet. Mandy said, "Lick them! Taste them baby! Taste your woman."

I sat there and watched my wife put both fingers into her mouth and suck them as the two women looked at me. Mandy said, "Your cock looks so hard Bud. Don't you wish you could put it in me and fuck me? Why don't you jerk off for us?"

I stood and Vastie said, "Oh no! Sit down Bud she's belongs to me now. You'll have to wait or yes, why not jerk off for us."

Mandy said, "Go on! Yes, jerk off Bud we want to be alone on the bed right now. But relieve yourself Bud. Show us how much you can cum!"

Mandy's mouth formed a smiled as Vastie lowered her mouth again and her fingers slowly moved back into Mandy's cunt and began fucking her as I looked on.

My wife looked up into Mandy's face and saw I her stroking my wife's hair moving it out off her face. My wife asked, "Like this? Am I doing it properly Amanda? Are my fingers doing it right?"

Mandy moaned and said, "Oh yes Vastie. You're doing just great! I'm going to cum and when I do I want your mouth on my vagina sucking and licking it. OK? Remember sucking it is better."

Vastie shook her head and smiled at Mandy. As I watched I could see Mandy's eyes show her lust as she looked down at my wife and saw Vastie take a deep breath as she inhaled the musk coming out from between Mandy's thighs. Her pussy was soaked as my wife's mouth now worked on her too. Mandy's hands pulled at the lips of her cunt opening them so Vastie could push her fingers and tongue deeper into Mandy's tunnel. She said, "Oh yes! Suck me baby! Suck it suck it hard! You know what I like. Yes V eat me, oh God your tongue is magical!" Mandy now had her eyes closed and she was smiling as she began to rotate her cunt around on my wife's mouth and tongue that was buried all the way inside her now. Mandy was moaning saying something about the walls and sides of her vagina being touched by my wife's tongue She was now slowly fucking my wife's face as Vastie's was covered either by Mandy's thighs or pussy. I could only see the back of her head now. Mandy held the back of my wife's head and was fucking it as she moved up and down thrusting her pelvis now pumping her pussy into Vastie's face.

I could head my wife moan too and it told me she was enjoying the tunnel of love she had her face buried in. Between Mandy's thighs my wife worked hard to please her female lover. It was like nothing I had ever witnessed before. Two beautiful woman making love, well one was making love to the other but I knew that soon Mandy would be returning the pleasure.

My wife had Mandy's pussy now fully in her mouth and was sucking it. I could hear her humming on it and I saw and heard Mandy cry out as she lifted her firm round ass up off the bed and pump and pump and pump her body as she climaxed against my wife's face. I had never seen two women enjoy each other before and it was so erotic and sexy. I had to fuck someone or I would have to jerk off. I said, "Mandy can I come over now? I want to fuck one of you. I'm so hard it hurts!"

She growled, "NO!! Get out! Leave us alone Bud!"

I was stunned but I sat down again, there was no way I was going to leave. My wife never moved her face out from between Mandy's open thighs when Mandy yelled at me. She just continued to lick and lick Mandy's pussy like a cat licks cream. He tongue licked faster and faster and harder too as she pressed her face against Mandy's wet pussy.

Then Mandy lifted up higher and I saw my wife insert three fingers into Mandy's pussy hole and place her thumb into Mandy's ass hole. It seemed to pop into to opening. Mandy screamed, "YES! OH FUCK YES! GIVE IT TO ME VASTIE!! OH FUCK! YES! YES! YES! YES!"

In and out my wife 's fingers move fucking Mandy now. I could see both holes squeezing my wife's fingers as they tried to hold the invaders inside the holes. Squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing both of Mandy's holes continued to be fucked by Vastie's fingers. Mandy's body was going wild on Vastie's fingers. My wife's grip on the fat swollen wet pussy of her female lover was driving Mandy higher and higher with her passion. As one finger went into one hole they came out of the other hole. It was an in and out motion that my wife was using on Mandy's two holes.

As Mandy's wonderful full body arched and thrust up and down now she began to climax. I saw my wife shove her three fingers as deep into Mandy's pussy as she could and move them around in a circle. As she did so, she moved her head back down and Vastie began to lick her lover's ass. I was stunned to see my wife's tongue go into Mandy's ass.

Mandy screamed as she felt my wife's tongue enter her anal entrance and begin to lick her. Vastie's fingers flew in and out of Mandy's cunt and Mandy climaxed hard lifting her body up off the bed and thrusting and thrusting her pussy against my wife's fingers.

As I watched all this sexual action from less than three feet away, my cock shaft was throbbing and my balls were super tight. I watched my wife make love to Mandy's pussy as her own pussy was only a foot or so away from my face. I stood up at the edge of the bed and placed my cock head at the back of Vastie's pussy.

When she felt it she moved quickly and screamed at me, "NO BUD! I don't want your cock in there yet! I want Mandy to have a clean sweet pussy to eat when it's her turn to do me. We have waited a long time so butt out! Or wait, or jerk off or leave! Leave us alone we'll call you if we want you! But leave my pussy alone! You understand?"

She didn't wait for my answer she covered Mandy's pussy again with her mouth! I didn't like it but I did what she asked or ordered me to do. I never knew she had any idea how to do all that she was doing to Mandy. Then I realized she was woman working on another woman's body so of course she knew what to do. She knew better than any man what felt good to a woman, especially after they had talked about it for what now seemed to me to be a very long time. They had communicated with each other before I got involved and now they were together. It was scary but it was so sexy and very erotic and I sat back down and watched as my wife had told me to do.

As I sat there I was unconsciously stroking my cock as I watched. I was fucking my cock with my hand as I watched Mandy being fucked by my wife's hand and mouth! As my shaft grew as long and hard as it could get, it began to throb and I knew I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I was going to have to jerk off and cum, my nuts and cock shaft hurt to bad not too. I couldn't wait any longer. I began to jerk off seriously now. Grunting and moaning myself, I watched as Vastie slowed her love making as Mandy began to recover from her really good orgasms.

She held Vastie and pulled my wife up moving out from between Mandy's legs now and up to lay on top of Mandy. They began kissing each other and cuddling. . Mandy held my wife and whispered something to her. They both looked over at me and watched me jerk off as my hand was flying up and down my shaft and I was close. It only took a few minutes.

They smiled at me as I slid down in the chair and beat my meat I had to beat off. I saw them watching me but I was too far-gone. I looked at them and said, "Please! Please I need to cum! Let me fuck one of you! Please!"

They both laughed and said almost together, "NO! Jerk off for us Bud! We want to see you do it! Jerk off and cum for us! Please!" Then they both laughed.

But as mad as I was right now I was too far-gone. As I heard Mandy tell my wife to lift her breasts up off of her. She did and I watched as Mandy help lift my wife's upper body off her body and put Vastie's hard nipple in her mouth and suck it. As she did, I went over the edge. I arched my back and my ass cheeks squeezed together as long ropes of cum began to pump out of my cock and arched up high over my knees and on to the bed. Both women moaned as they saw me cumming. One rope of cum actually hit the feet of my wife and she giggled as Mandy stroked her ass with both hands and continued to suck on her breasts. I moaned again and pumped my hand as hard as I could as more and more cum came out of my cock but it wasn't anywhere near as strong now as the first couple shots were.

Soon I was milking the last of my cum out of my cock as it just ran out my cock now and covered my hand. I opened my eyes to see my wife and her lover kissing as they looked at me. I was done. My cock was already semi-hard and shrinking fast. Mandy smiled at me and sucked on my wife's neck leaving a mark. Then Vastie kissed her back. Mandy licked my wife's lips and cleaned her own cum off of Vastie's wet face.

Then Mandy rolled them both over and put Vastie on her back. She looked over at me and said to my wife, "Well he's done for awhile now Vastie. Come on baby it's your turn now! He's shot his load and milked his balls completely! Now he's done and wont bother us. Now let me show you how good a woman can make you feel. Just lay back and enjoy it"

I saw my wife smile at her and kiss her. Then she looked at me and took Mandy's tongue so I was sure to see it! Vastie then turned her head towards her lover and kiss Mandy hard as she ran her small hands down Mandy's back and over her full round ass. As she did Mandy covered Vastie's body with her own and began to make love to my wife. It was now Vastie's turn to cum!

I was humbled and somewhat embarrassed from jerking off with two nude beautiful women in my bed watching me do it. I then realized that it was exactly what Mandy had wanted me to do. She wanted me to drain my nuts and she also wanted me to fell unwelcome in my own house, hell in my own bed. Perhaps she felt I would simply leave now and let her have her way my wife. I didn't know for sure what she really wanted.

I did realized now that Mandy was some sort of a Lesbian. Maybe not a full-blown dike but my guess was she didn't really like men as lovers either. Maybe she didn't really like men. Oh yes, I had fucked her and she had used me like I had used her both of us getting a piece of ass. But Mandy would certainly much rather have a woman than a man as a lover. And she especially liked to take an innocent woman, like my wife, one who had never done anything like this before and corrupt her. It seems she really enjoyed teaching Vastie how to do it. She liked to try and convert or change a woman lover into another woman like herself and that worried me.

I was stunned at what I realized now. But when I tried to break up the two of them by joining them again, I was told again by my wife, "to get the fuck out and leave them alone". I told her that I wouldn't leave. She looked at me and I knew she was mad. Then she said if I wouldn't leave and wouldn't stop bother them, then she and Mandy would leave and get a hotel room. She looked up at me as Mandy sucked her right nipple and told me, "I have waited a very long time for this Bud and now I am damn well going to have it and enjoy it. And you won't and can't stop me! You wanted this too as bad as I did! So, now deal with it! You have a choice. Stop bothering us and sit down and watch or leave the room. If you interrupted us again we will leave and go some place else without you and continue. I mean it Bud. Stop bugging us or leave!"

Mandy smiled at me as she removed her mouth from my wife's hard red nipple and said, "You'll have your turn again Bud. Just be patient and stop bothering us! We have wanted to do this for a very long time and we don't want you with us now. Not now Bud! So sit boy! Or, leave we really don't care which!"

My wife almost laughed when Mandy told me to sit. She said, "We don't need you now Bud. Maybe not never again if you don't stop bothering us! Now shut up, sit down or get the fuck out and let us do what we want to do!"

She turned to Mandy and kissed her hard. Then she looked at me and said, "Eat me Mandy! Eat my pussy like you told me you would do when you had me under you in bed. Make love to me now baby!"

I saw my wife lift her head up off the bed and kiss Mandy hard as they coupled and rolled around on the bed. Mandy's hands were allover my wife's body and my wife was moaning and telling her to do this or that by saying, "Yes!! OH God yes! Oh yes! Oh that feels so good Mandy Yes! Oh yes my love rub my pussy! Eat me! Lick me! Make love to my pussy and make me cum just like to promised you would do!"

Mandy moved now and she slipped between my wife's open thighs quickly. I saw her lick her lips as she pushed Vastie's legs open more. My wife's pussy was soaking wet and I saw the need in her eyes. Mandy lowered her head slowly smiling at Vastie and licked the insides of Vastie's thighs. I saw my wife close her eyes and sign as a smile formed on her lips. It grew as Mandy's lips moved over her wet pussy and she darted her tongue in and out of my wife's slit as she moved her tongue down and then pushed it in and out of Vastie vagina tunnel.

I watched as my wife arched each time Mandy's lips touched her throbbing clit or probed her hole with her tongue! Vastie said, "Oh yes! That's so nice baby! Lick me! Lick all of me! Oh God your tongue is heaven! Oh yes Mandy! Lick me faster! I'm almost there! Almost......there...baby! Oh Jesus you're driving me wild!"

My wife almost cried out the words. Mandy moved now so that she was actually kneeling between my wife's open legs with her shoulders pushing Vastie's legs open and keeping them open. As her head moved and her tongue licked and her lips sucked on my wife's vagina driving her higher and high with a desire on her face I had never seen Vastie look like that before.

Mandy wrapped her arms around my wife's thighs and pushed her hands under Vastie's smaller but perfect ass and lifted it up off the bed. Helping, my wife lifted her ass up off the bed offering her entire sex to this woman now something she had only done for me in the past.

Mandy stopped stimulating my wife's pussy as she looked down at it. I could almost see it throbbing with Vastie's desire. Then Mandy kissed it and said, "You have such a nice shape pussy Vastie. All shaved and wet waiting for me to love it. It's so small and so swollen baby. Your want is so high isn't it baby! I bet you want to cum don't you baby!? It looks so good may make you cum Vastie? Let me fuck it for you with my fingers and mouth? I promised you I would make you cum like you never had before. Now I'm going to show you just how a woman can please you my love. Ready?"

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