tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 05

Her First Taste... Ch. 05


Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 05

To fully understand this story please read the first chapters.

As I sat there looking from my wife's face to her pussy and back I saw Mandy look back at me from between Vastie's open thighs, her face was covered with cunt juices. She smiled as Vastie still held one of her hands to her lips in fear. The other one was still on the back of Mandy's head wanting more of her lover's mouth on he vagina. Vastie had just realized she had yelled out that she loved Mandy. My wife had told her new female lover that she loved her.

She saw the question on my face and tried to reassure me. Vastie tried to explain that she was sure at this point that she love us both. She loved Mandy and she said it in the heat of sexual bliss and orgasm she had received. She could see the hurt on my face and she said, "Oh Bud! I'm sorry baby! I know I told Mandy I love her but I do. But...but that doesn't mean I don't love you too. I do love you Bud! I love both of you! Please! Please...don't be mad!"

I had already begun my walk towards the bed. She said, "I'm...I'm sorry Bud but that's how I feel right now. It doesn't mean I love you any less! Oh please Bud don't be mad, I love you too my husband. But Mandy has awakened something in me that I needed to be awakened. I loved what she did to me. It was astonishing!"

I said, "So are you telling me now that you don't want me? That you are now a fucking lesbian like her and that you only want her?"

Mandy said, "WHAT? Now wait a second buddy! I'm not a lesbian!"

Vastie interrupted Mandy and smiled as she said, "Oh no baby! NO! I want both of you! Neither of us are lesbians Bud, we're...we're what Mandy calls BI. We like both, women and men. It's nothing to be upset about baby! I will never leave you or not want you and your wonderful cock. I love you and I still love your hard cock. But Bud, I also love Mandy and what she does to me. Can't you see how much pleasure she has given me?"

I said, "No Vastie I don't see. I don't see what's in it for me, I mean what will I do when she is loving you?"

She said, "Oh but don't you see, I mean we can have the best of both worlds baby. I can have a woman lover and you can have her too! Threesomes think about it. Think of all the thighs we can do, the things we can experience. And think about the other women you can fuck! That's right Bud! Think about that! You know I would never have a woman in our bed with me that you couldn't have too! We can both have her."

I said, "Really, well what does Mandy have to said about that?"

She turned her head towards me and smiled as she said, "I say this! NOW! BUD! NOW! I want you to fuck me!" she laughed loudly after she said it!

Vastie said, "WHAT?? Wait a second Mandy, this is still day two. That means we both have to agree to let Bud join us. I don't think I'm ready for him just yet."

Mandy came up and kissed my wife and said, " I was teasing him Vastie. That's all! I know how you feel and I want only you too today baby. But right now I need a cock. Something bigger and longer and much thicker than just a tongue Vastie, I need something like Bud's cock. maybe even larger. Show us your cock again Bud.

My wife said, "Now? You want him to fuck you now? I was hoping we could spend the entire day together without him. I mean you're only here for a couple of days and once you're gone you're gone. I'll be with Bud completely. So couldn't we just stay together and let Bud watched us? Oh come on Mandy. Let me practice my love making on your body. Then maybe..."

I cut her off by saying, "Maybe I won't be here later dear. If you girls want to be alone, and Vastie if you want to suck Mandy's pussy now rather than fuck me, well I won't beg you for it!"

She said, "NO! No Bud it's not like that. It's only..."

I had by that point turned and walked out of the bedroom. Her words began to fade until I heard Mandy say, "Oh good I didn't think he would ever leave. Come here Vastie I have a surprise for you."

I stood near the doorway listening to Mandy talk. She said, "You see dear, you jumped to conclusions my love. I have something better than Bud's cock or any man's cock for that matter. I just told you I need something bigger than your tongue and fingers or even Bud's OK size cock. Here let me show you what I have in my bag."

I remembered she had carried a small carry on type of bag into the bedroom earlier. I wondered what she had inside it now. When I heard her say what she did, I had stopped in my tracks. It was a game to Mandy, to both of them actually! I felt they were both playing me and I was falling for it over and over again. They really didn't want me there today, maybe any day, so just like a man I got something to eat and drink and walked back into the bedroom to piss them off.

It took me a few minutes to make the lunch and then I walked back towards the bedroom. When I did I saw my wife laying back on her back resting on her elbows on the bed in about the same place she had been when I walked out. But now she had her legs opened and her knees bent and spread wide. Mandy sat between them with a long four foot shaped dildo with a cock head on each end. She was rubbing one end of the head up and down my wife's pussy. I could see the wetness covering the fat red cock head. My wife's pussy had been wet all damn day!

I stood there and watched and neither woman acknowledged my presence at all. I wasn't even sure they saw me come back into the room. They were both looking at the long cylinder between their thighs.

Actually other end of the dildo was lying on the bed between Mandy's open legs. I realized that this double-headed dildo was going to be used by Mandy to show my wife they could fuck each other and didn't need a man. Both women were talking and Mandy was instructing my wife on how to use this new toy. She moved just the head in and out of Vastie's pussy now fucking her just a little top stimulate her. But she was actually putting a little more of the dildo into my wife's pussy with each stroke. Each time she moved it in I saw more of the long flexible shaft go inside my wife. When she pulled it out, it was all wed and shinning with Vastie's vagina's wetness.

Vastie smiled and said it was thicker than my cock and Mandy told her soon it would be in her pussy deeper too. Mandy laughed and said she could insert it so deep she could tickle my wife's tongue from the inside with it. She said, "I can take about 10-12 inches now but we won't use that much on you the first time. But I want you to think about that. How do you think it would feel with a ten inch cock fucking you while I lick you at the same time?"

Vastie smiled and said, "Mumm! We'll have to try it so I can tell you. Bud's only about 61/2 or 7inches."

Mandy said, "And what's even better you'll not need Bud's weight or his hardness. I'm telling you Vastie, it's fantastic when two women use this to fuck each other. Just hold on a second until I get the damn thing deeper inside you and the other end into me. Then just follow my directions."

The dildo was now inside my wife about a half a foot. Then Mandy inserted the big cock head inside her vagina and said, "OK now you put your hand here and begin to push this end inside me Vastie. See?"

My wife said, "Oh yes. I see! You fuck me and I fuck you! This is incredible Mandy! And it so thicker! It's stretching my entire vagina! Oh shit that feels fantastic, push more into me! Yes! Oh God! It's so big!"

Mandy inserted the other cock head and took my wife's hand and placed it on the dildo shaft. Vastie sat up a little with the damn thing still deep inside her and moved closer to Mandy. Mandy opened her legs wider now for my wife to get closer. My wife laughed and giggled as she did the same thing to Mandy as Mandy had done to her. They were pushing and pulling the long dildo in and out of each other's pussy hole.

First my wife rubbed the big cock head up and down Mandy's pussy. It didn't get as wet as it did when Mandy rubbed Vastie's pussy. But Mandy said, "Just take your time and push the head further inside me I'll tell you when to stop. Remember I have been doing this for awhile and I can take more than you can. After that, you move more of it inside me and I move more into you. See? But Vastie, isn't this the sexiest thing you have ever seen or done?"

I heard my wife tell her, "Oh God it went in easy! Holy shit you are wide open Mandy! Yes, I love it when I can see the big thing moving in and out of your body! It's so erotic!"

Mandy smiled and said, "OK! Now slowly push more of it in. Fuck me a little with it as your insert it. You know push it in and out like I did to you! Fuck me with it like it was a real cock, my love!"

My wife was like she was in a daze as she took the cock dildo in both of her hands and began to fuck Mandy with it as she inserted 5 inches inside Mandy's open hole. She had to stop once to adjust the cock shaft that was in her own body. Then as Vastie worked it in, she had 8 inches and finally she had about10 inches inside Mandy's body.

Mandy sat up more now and stopped my wife when she knew there was enough fake cock inside her body. Then she told Vastie to hold on to the cylinder she did too. She showed her how to hold it and then she began to use it! The ends were now in both women's pussy and Mandy begun pushing and pulling on Vastie's end. And my wife pushed and pulled on Mandy's end of the dildo. Mandy said, "That's right. Now just push and pull and rock on it like this!"

I watched as she started pumping her hips and thrusting hr pelvis into the large dildo that my wife was fucking her with. As she did, Mandy showed my wife more now on how to do it to get the most out of the fucking. Vastie was a quick learner and was now doing it. Each woman began to push and pull on the long snake like tool as they began to fuck each other more and more. I could see the effect it was having on my wife almost immediately! She moaned making loud erotic sounds as Mandy moved the tool in and out of her pussy a little faster now.

Vastie did the same to Mandy but she was also watching the dildo as it went in and out of her own pussy. Then she looked at Mandy's pussy and could see the cylinder go deep inside her lover's body. When it came out this time it was covered with both women's wetness. Mandy was now beginning to really enjoy the fucking my wife was providing and her wetness had begun to reduce the heat around the shaft inside her pussy.

Vastie was stunned! I believe she may have been having over load at this point! She smiled at Mandy's face and Mandy bent forward and kissed my wife long but very softly! I could see their tongues fighting between their mouths as their hands moved the dildo faster in and out of their bodies. I could hear the slouching sounds of it as it moved in and out of two very wet and juicy cunts. Both sets of breasts were bouncing and giggling now as the fucking was getting harder and faster. I heard both women moaning as they pushed the cylinder into their bodies. Then my wife moan out saying, "Oh Jesus! Oh God!! It's so good Mandy. Oh God I love how deep you are! Oh yes! You're fucking me deeper than bud ever did! OH MY GOD! IT"S SO DEEP!"

I saw Mandy push more of the dildo into Vastie's open pussy. She cried out saying, "YOURE TOUCHING ME DEEP!! DEEP!! OH YES! OH YES! OH MY GOD YES!"

Mandy took one hand and cupped Vastie's breast. I heard my wife moan as Mandy sucked the hard long red nipple. I stood there eating the last of my chicken salad sandwich and took a big slug of the ice tea I had in my other hand. This was only day two and the girls did tell me they would want a day with each other and I might not get to participate. It now looked like my cock wasn't needed. In fact Mandy was pushing more and more of the dildo into my wife's pussy and they both smiled at each other as she did. I knew she had that damn tool deeper than my cock had ever gone inside my wife's cunt. Vastie threw her head back now and as she began to moaned I realized she was closing in on a huge climax now. Mandy smiled and said, "How does it feel now baby!? Good? Oh yea baby! Cum for me. Cum on my fake cock Vastie. Show me how much you like his. Cum for me baby! Cum!"

Vastie moaned an answer to her lover and her answer left me feeling cold. She said, "It's so much deeper than Bud's cock can go! It's like I'm being fucked for the first time in some new places. The nerve endings inside my pussy are screaming at me to cum. God I never knew I could take anything this deep. It feels so good! So deep so thick Oh God Mandy I love this! Oh faster!! Fuck me faster I'm...almost...there!"

Mandy worked the big dildo in and out of my wife like she was pumping a well! In and out in and out it went, and Mandy was sing about 7 or 8 inches with each movement. Eight inches went into my wife's pussy and 8 inches went out each time Mandy fucked her. My wife was thrusting her ass and hips up into the cylinder now and screaming for Mandy to fuck her faster. Then my wife cried out, "It fucking wild Mandy! It's wonderful! It...it's fantastic baby! So good...so good! I love it. Love it! OH YES! I FUCKING LOVE...IT! AAAAHHHH! GODDDDDDDDD!! I'm CUMMING!!!"

Mandy laughed and as she worked my wife's body giving her a fantastic orgasm, she said, "Yes baby! Cum for me! Yes that's it! Oh you look so beautiful fucking my cock! Oh yea! Vastie rock your hips baby! Show me how much you like my toy!"

I watched as Vastie went wild pushing her hips and ass up off the bed now. She had fallen back on the bed and was now lifting her hips up fucking the big fake cock wildly! She screaming as Mandy continued to fuck her as fast as she could. My wife screamed over and over again as Mandy just continued to ram the big dildo into my wife's pussy! As Vastie climaxed with at least a foot of fake cock in her pussy Mandy moved over her and began to suck my wife's clit!

My wife must have passed out for a few seconds because I didn't see her move. Mandy lifted her head up and released her lips off of Vastie's clit. Then she slowly pulled the big dildo out until only four inches or so was still inside my wife's pussy. I was about to walk further into the room when I saw my wife shake her had and tell Mandy that she must have passed out for the sheer feeling of being fucked so deep.

Mandy said. "Well I told you it was as good or better than any man's cock Vastie! And you don't have to smell or feel a man's body or be afraid it will cum to soon or go soft. This cock will stay hard forever and make you cum like you never have before. It's the best of both worlds Vastie, here, let me show you again how good it can be."

With that, Mandy inserted the big dildo into my wife's pussy until she felt it bottom out inside her. Mandy and I both heard my wife grunt and tell her it hurt. Then Mandy pulled about an inch or maybe two of the big dildo back out of Vastie's pussy tunnel so she won't hurt her. Mandy said, are you ready to fuck me now so you cans see how good you can make me feel?"

My wife shook her head and almost moaned the word, "Yes."

Mandy smiled and said, "Relax baby! Just go slow until I tell you I want more of it. Just follow my directions. OK?"

Mandy smiled and then began a long slow pull as she removed almost the entire dildo from Mandy's pussy. I saw Mandy quickly reach for it as if she was afraid Vastie was taking it all the way out of her body. Mandy said, "Never remove it completely baby! Now fuck me with it!"

My wife smiled at her and said, "Don't worry my love, I know what to do. I'm going to fuck you like you fucked me and make you cum! I can't wait to se you climax right here in front of me. I love your musk and see your wetness. Now relax and enjoy!"

Vastie then began a long slow push and pull as she used the dildo to fuck her female lover. She did it again and again and again and again. As I watched my wife, did it over and over and over again as she fucked Mandy slowly and easy giving her the full sensations of the long cock going in and out of her body! I watched as Vastie lowered her lips to Mandy's large full breasts and bit and sucked her nipples. Mandy threw her head back now and cried out that it fell so good! As Vastie used both hands now she said, "Lay all the way back let me make you cum."

I saw Mandy lay back on the bed lovingly touching my wife's face and stroking it as she told her, "Oh yes! That feels so good baby! I love how your touch makes me so excited. Now fuck me a little faster."

Vastie knelt between her lover's wide-open legs and Mandy bent her knees opening her vagina more for Vastie to make love to. As Mandy bent her knees and opened them Vastie began to fuck her with longer deep thrusts! She used the long double-headed dildo pushing more of it into Mandy's pussy now. I could see the other end of it still up inside Vastie's own pussy.

Vastie knelt over Mandy so my wife could fuck her harder and much faster. Mandy moaned and said, "harder fuck me harder now baby! OH FUCK YES!"

Then Vastie bent down and began to lick Mandy's clit as she fucked her with at least ten inches of fake cock. I never realized it until later but Vastie was sucking and licking Mandy's clit and she was loving it.

Mandy could take ten inches up inside her body and she loved it, You could see it on her face and how her body was now moving as she began to fuck the dildo back. I saw my wife reach up and cup one of Mandy's breasts that were bouncing up and down as she fucked herself on the long hard fake cock inside her. Vastie began to squeeze it trying to please her female lover. Mandy said, "NO! No baby! The dildo, use the dildo to fuck me! Fuck me with the dildo baby! Use two hands and really fuck me. I'm almost...there! Almost!!! Almost!! Almost...there!! OH!! OH YES! OHHHHH JESUS! YES!! YES! YES!! VASTIE!!I'M CUMMING! I'M...CUMMING! OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!

I watched and so did Vastie as Mandy's body went crazy. She was lifting her hips and ass up off the bed thrusting them into the long shaft Vastie was shoving deep inside her lover's body. "Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! Oh yes! Oh yes! YES!! Fuck me Vastie! Fuck me my love!," Mandy screamed out!

I was sure the neighbors could hear her screaming as she had one huge orgasm after the other! Vastie watched as Mandy's body rocked and pumped on the huge fake cock crying out for more and more. It was unbelievable, she must have had three maybe four huge orgasms as my wife continued to fuck her hard and fast!

Mandy was right! The dildo didn't go down like a man's cock. I was sure I would have cum in Mandy long before she had gotten off so many times. Vastie watched and just kept fucked her. She didn't stop, she was like a robot as she rammed the dildo into Mandy's body. She said, "Just lay back and enjoy it Mandy! After I'm done with you, you can do me. OK? Now lay back and relax and enjoy your orgasms. Here let me suck your pussy!"

My wife then lowered her head as Mandy lifted her legs up over her head giving Vastie all of her lower body! I watched as Vastie fucked Mandy with the fake cock as she licked Mandy's clit! I saw Mandy fuck the dildo back as Vastie licked and sucked on the biggest clit I have ever seen in my life. It was huge red and hungry for more cock! Mandy's hips were now lifting up and meting the dildo going in. Finally my wife pushed it deep and left it there as she sucked Mandy's clit as Mandy held her head and moaned like an animal cumming and squirting her cum into my wife's face! My cock was hard as hell as I watched!

Mandy was rocking with the toy inside her. Mandy began to moan and tell Vastie how good it felt. Mandy moaned as she felt my wife licking her pussy and I was sure, tasting Mandy's cum which was running out and the began squirting all over her face. She pulled more of Mandy's cum out of her pussy by moving the big dildo. Vastie continued to fuck her lover fast with the huge dildo! Mandy just moaned now.

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