Her First Taste... Ch. 05


It was like a fucking porno movie. This was unbelievable; I would have never guessed my wife would ever do anything like this in my lifetime. Mandy was talking to her now, encouraging her to fuck the other end of the dildo in her pussy and cum again. Vastie did as her lover told her to do! While Vastie was licking her lover's pussy like an animal, she used her other hand to insert more of the dildo into her own pussy.

Her tongue flicked and rubbed Mandy's clit and Mandy moaned out again and again. Then I saw it! My wife's hips lift and begin to pump up and down on the other end of the dildo and I knew she was cumming and cumming hard!

As Mandy held her head against her pussy Vastie fucked herself on the dildo. Vastie screamed as she pushed as much of the fake cock into her as she could. I knew she was touching her cervix. As she did it she sucked Mandy's clit between her lips and bit it with her teeth! As Vastie flicked here tongue over Mandy's hard red clit, I saw Mandy arched her back and lift her body high off the bed. She cried out with her climax and said, "OH MY GOD! VASTIE! OH YES! IT"S FEELS SO DEEP! SO GOOD! OH GOD! YES! IT"S MAGIC! IT"S PURE MAGIC! FUCK ME NEVERE STOP FUCKING ME! OH GOD I LOVE THIS! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

My wife was cumming too with the big long dildo inside her pussy! She held her lover and whispered, " I love you too Mandy! I love you too!"

As they began to come down from their sex, Mandy lowered her legs and my wife fell between them. They held each other kissing and stroking each other's bodies. I saw Mandy smiled as my wife told her something, I couldn't hear what she said, My wife didn't notice Mandy smiling she was to busy slowly fucking herself on the big dildo still up inside her pussy.

Mandy's mouth opened and I saw tongues fighting for control. Finally Vastie rolled off of Mandy and they pulled the damn thing slowly out of each other's holes and as my wife's popped out, Mandy quickly moved in and buried her mouth over my wife's pussy as the cum almost ran out of it.

Mandy sucked and licked and Vastie screamed over and over again as she climaxed again on Mandy's mouth! Then as Vastie climaxed one last time and started to come down, Mandy cupped my wife's pussy putting three fingers into her hole. She moved up quickly so she could cover my wife's body with her own and slowly fingered Vastie's pussy. My wife rocked and pumped her hips on Mandy's fingers as Mandy lay on top of her. She was the man now and her fingers were the cock. MY wife moaned as they kissed and sucked on tongues and finally Mandy rotated her body on my wife as her fingers fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until my wife had one last orgasm.

She held Vastie in her arms now and kissed and stroked her as my wife shook and shivered from the fucking she had just received. Mandy put her fingers into my wife's mouth and I watched as Vastie sucked and cleaned them.

Vastie held Mandy and Mandy held her. I heard Vastie said, "OH God! I love you so much! Oh God Mandy you fucked me better than my husband has ever fucked me. Oh my God it was so good! So good! Kiss me baby! Love me baby!"

She lifted her head up and kissed Mandy like she kissed me after I make her cum. After I had fucked her and made her climax Vastie would get so very passionate. Mandy held my wife like the lover she was now. She kissed and caressed Vastie as she cupped her breasts and sucked a nipple gently. Then my wife would suck one of Mandy's nipples. It went on for a long time just a slow loving touching gentle loving between the two women. They held each other and touched each other as I watched. Mandy still had the fake cock between them as they lay there holding each other.

It seemed like hours before Vastie moved again. She moaned as she slowly had Mandy roll off of her and then sat up. She looked over and saw me, She realized I was standing there for the first time. They hadn't noticed me at all when Mandy was fucking her earlier. She said, "Bud! How long have you been there?"

I said, "Long enough to know I want this bitch out of my house."

Mandy sat up and looked at me and then at Vastie. She said, "We still have more than two days left. Vastie do you want me to leave?"

Vastie told her, "No!" She held Mandy and Mandy held her. They looked it me and finally Vastie said, "If she leaves I do too Bud. Do you want us to leave?"

I didn't say anything I just looked at them. My wife turned towards me and sat on the end of the bed. I could see her pussy gaping open from the thick dildo she had inside her for so long. She looked at Mandy and kissed her gently. Then she said, "I'll be right back Mandy. I need to talk with my husband again."

Mandy said, OK! I'll be here waiting."

We walked out of the room and Vastie pulled me into the spare bedroom. She sat down on the bed. She was still completely nude and I could see her pussy was severely red and very swollen. She turned towards me and said, "I don't want her to leave. We need to work something out Bud. If she leaves now, I'm going with her. I have to have her here with us Bud. I do love her...but I also love you. Please Bud! Don't leave and don't ask Mandy to leave. She'll be gone in two days. Just two days and then I'll make you so happy for allowing me, us to enjoy her."

I didn't know what to say at first, I was thinking then go. Get the fuck out and take your lesbian whore with you. But I didn't instead I said, "And I don't have anything to say about this? I have to sit there and watch this lesbian turn my wife into one too?"

She sighed and said, "She's not a lesbian Bud. She's BI."

I said, "And I'm fucking gay! Come on!!! What BI woman comes all the way from England and makes love to a married woman for hours like she did with you if she isn't a dike looking for a new lover. I saw her! She made love to you like you were already her woman. Are you? Are you her women now? Wake you Vastie! Wake up before it's to late for you and for us."

Vastie looked really sad and mad now. In fact she looked more than mad. She took a deep breath and said, "Well Bud, she came to see me because I asked her too. That's right, I asked her to come visit me the next time she was in the states. I asked her to come visit me Bud. I told her why too Bud and she was much more understanding than you are I have to say. Yes, I asked her to come to me Bud. I needed to know...no that's not the right word. I needed to find out if I was BI too. I needed to know what a woman felt like making love to me. It was driving me crazy almost my life to know this. When I met Mandy over the Internet and found out about her and what she was like, she told me she had the same problem. I knew I needed to know too, just like she did. I had to know if I was BI or what exactly I was.. And now I know."

I said, "And so, what the fuck are you and where do I fit into all of this Vastie? Am I to stand in line for you now? Do I even want a turn with me any more. Or have you gone over to the other side? Am I to wait until you are finished your lesbian affair with this woman and hope and prey she doesn't change you like I see her already doing?"

My wife didn't say anything for a few seconds that seemed like years. Then she said; "She's not changing me Bud. Yes, I am enjoying her and the sex we are having is tremendously. I can't tell you I'm not enjoying everything she is doing to me. But she isn't changing me into a Lesbian. She may be changing me into a person I am already but didn't realize it! I may be and always have been a woman who loves both sexes, male and female."

I said, "OH that's music to a husband's ears Vastie! Again where does that leave me or us. That is if there still is a us there?"

She said, "Why are you so angry? This should be music to your ears Bud. It shouldn't worry you baby! In fact it should please you. I mean most men would love to be in your place. If, and I say if, I ever want another woman in bed with me you'll know that I would always invite you to the bed too. You will get to have sex with these women as well as with me. Think about the possibilities Bud. You and I both having a strange woman in our bed fucking and suck and doing all the things a threesome can do together. Just think about that Bud."

I didn't answer her apparently she had really given this so work and used her brain to know what would make me like what she was doing. So finally she said, "You won't have to ever stand in line Bud. But for these next two and a half days baby, please allow me these pleasures. The answer is yes, you'll have to wait now. But never again, I promise. I need time with Amanda to see who I am and what I am. I need to see if I want this as much as I think I do. But after she leaves on Monday I swear I will make it up to you. We can both take the day off from work and I promise you I will make fantastic love to you and fuck you crazy. Please allow me the pleasure of sex with this woman without interfering today. For the rest of the day let Mandy decide what she wants to do with me. Let me decide what I want her to do. Then tomorrow the three of us will enjoy each other and her. I promise you that will happen. You did enjoy fucking her yesterday didn't you? Well tomorrow you will get to fuck her again. I swear to you that Mandy will fuck you anyway and however you want to do it. We'll make love to her together baby! I'll even suck your cock back hard again so we can fuck each other after you fuck her."

I said, "Yes, I did enjoy it much more than she did Vastie. I'm telling you, she didn't like it at all! It was strange and it did give me great pleasure but you and she were involved that day too. Remember it was only going to be her and me. You were going to watch us. Remember the deal we agreed to?"

She said, "Yes, I guess I just got carried away. I'm sorry. It was so exciting to be in bed with another woman watching you fuck her like you did! It was too much for me and I just couldn't help myself. I had to participate, and well neither you nor she didn't seem to care. In fact all three of us enjoyed it! Right?"

I said, "Yes I know! That's because she would rather have you than me any day. I'm telling you she is a lesbian Vastie"

She said, 'She isn't Bud. Please believe me, she has a kid maybe two back in England and she was married and her husband cheated on her and he left her."

I said, "OK! OK Vastie, I can't seem to make you understand. But answer me this. If I say no to you today, what will you do leave? Would you actually leave with her and leave me standing here wondering if you were ever coming back? Or did you ever think I may not wanted you back if you did come home after she left."

She shook her head and finally said, "I don't know Bud. I need to do this. Please cooperate. That's all I'm asking you to do. I'm not telling you to leave or not watch. Just let me enjoy her today. I promise I'll make it up to you! I promise you'll get another turn with her too and you can fuck her until you can't fuck her any more. And I won't interfere this time I promise you. Just today Bud, a little longer, that's all I'm asking. Please baby, allow me today please."

I didn't answer her as she stood up and started to walk back to the Master bedroom. When I came in, my wife said, "Give us a minute will you Bud. I need to talk with Mandy alone. Give me a minute. Go get a drink or something."

I turned and like a robot I walked out of the room again. I went and got drinks for all of us. Then I came back to the bedroom and the girls were sitting up with their backs against the bed board. Vastie thanked me for the drinks and Mandy did too. Then Mandy said, "We have chatted about yesterday Bud and we both agree that when Vastie came and joined us she broke the agreement we had decide on. So we both think you should have a chance today to join us. What do you think? Would you like to shag me again today?"

I stood there looking from one woman to the other. Then I said, "Well hell yes Mandy, I mean what man wouldn't want to have sex with a woman as lovely as you. But are you sure you really want me to put my real cock inside you? Don't you want that fake one more?"

She looked down and saw it and said, "Well it's nice Bud. But Vastie has requested that we give you some time. Sort of even up with each other from yesterday. So what will it be? Yes or No Bud, do you want to fuck me again or should Vastie and I move on with our own love making?"

I mean, seriously, what could I say? Mandy had a body on her that any man would want to sink his cock into. I mean just looking at her body, those big tits and firm ass and long legs and her face with her long dark hair and green eyes, what man could turn her down. She knew it and I knew it and Vastie knew I would say yes. She was a dream, a wet dream I said to myself. And I smiled as I looked at that wet well-lubricated pussy that had had that big dildo inside it! I said, "Yes! I wanted to replace the fake cock with my own cock. Yes, Mandy I want to fuck you again!"

She smiled at Vastie as I told her, "Yes Mandy! Vastie, I want to fuck Mandy again! Thanks for thinking of me and offering to allow me into your session."

My wife was offering her to me to fuck as a piece offering and I was damn sure going to take it. I knew she felt bad about yesterday and so we would be even from yesterday she was offering Mandy again to me. I couldn't say no! Even if I wanted to say no I couldn't, not to that body of hers. I don't believe any man could or has ever turned Mandy down. Not that many men have been offered I was sure. I knew that and so did she, but my wife didn't realize it and I had to come up with someway to make Vastie see just what type of woman Mandy really was.

So as Mandy moved over now so she could offer herself to me she smiled and said "Vastie move over and let's put Bud in the middle."

Vastie smiled and slid over and patted the bed. I stripped and got in between these beautiful two women. Mandy reached for my already hard cock lifting it in her hand. My wife watched as Mandy began to stroke me and play with my cock. I reached for her large breasts. We stayed like that for a short time. Then as my wife watched her lover slowly jerking me off she saw me reach down between Mandy's open legs and touch Mandy's pussy. I handed the dildo to my wife and I saw her lick the sticky mess off of both ends. I saw her then drop it on the side of the bed.

I watched Mandy work my cock like a pro. Then I saw Vastie move around and bend down and take my cock head into her mouth! I moaned as the two women began to work on my cock. It was pure heaven touching Mandy's body while she jerked me off and my wife sucked on my cock head. I moaned and told the girls how nice it was to have them both making love to me and my hard cock. Mandy kissed me and I felt her tongue go deep into my mouth! I sucked on it as she pumped my cock shaft and my wife sucked the head of my cock. I let them go for awhile. Then I opened my eyes and saw Mandy looking back at me. She licked my lips and moved her head to the side so she could whisper in my ear. As she squeezed my cock tightly as she jerked me off faster now, she whispered in my ear so low only I could hear what she said. She told me, "Just cum for me Bud. Let me jerk you off and make you cum! Let me see you shoot your sticky wet load all over Vastie and me. Cum for me Bud! Wouldn't you like to cum for me baby? Umm I love to see you cum from my hand jerking you off. Cum for me baby! Cum in our wife's mouth and all over my hands baby! "

I looked down and saw my wife bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I wondered if she wanted me to cum too before I could fill Mandy's pussy up with it! As Mandy squeezed my cock tight in an attempt to make me cum before I could fuck her, Vastie came up for air. Then it hit me like a ton of brick. Maybe there was a way to make my wife see just what type of woman Mandy really was.

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