tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 07

Her First Taste... Ch. 07


The third day started with us having breakfast and then the two girls showered and played for an hour or so while I waited for them to finish getting ready. Then we all piled into the car and drove around sightseeing. Mandy had never been to this part of the states and we showed her all the wonderful things the mid-Atlantic has to offer. I drove and the two of them stayed in the back seat kissing, talking, touching and playing with each other's bodies. They were really getting to know each other as friends during the trip.

Once we finished Vastie suggested we head towards the beach. While Vastie know how long it took, I told them both it would require about an hour's drive. I didn't care about the drive time but was wondering if they wanted to spend that much tine driving, They did so, I agreed to drive them.

They settled in at the back of the van that had the long seat. I watched the two of them get undressed and begin making love. The windows were tinted and the ones in the back were steaming up from their hot breath and bodies. While I drove I could hear the lovemaking going on in the back and the sounds and smells of sex filled the car. I looked into the mirror and first saw Vastie on top of Mandy making love to her body. Then I saw Mandy move and Vastie lay back on the seat and Mandy make love to my wife. It was hot knowing that two beautiful women were nude and making love in the back of the van. I wondered if I could convince my wife to drive home? Anyway, a couple of times I almost ran off the road seeing legs up in the air and over the seat and tits, and pussy showing as the women moved around and had sex with each other.

When I pulled up at the local parking lot I told the girls we had arrived and they hurried and got dressed. Dressed in shorts and halter-tops, we got eyes from almost every man as the three of us walked down the boardwalk hand in hand with me in the middle.

Finally the girls went into the story that sold bikinis and after a while they came out and I saw that they had exchanged their street clothes for beach attire. Mandy had on a blue micro bikini thong that showed her ample breasts and when she moved the cover that hid her thong, I saw her pussy cupped in an inch of cloth. Her ass was almost completely nude, except for the thin small strip of cloth that went up between her ass cheeks and disappeared. I smiled when I saw how little Mandy was wearing. Then my wife showed me hers and she had on the same type of throng bikini. Only Vastie's was yellow. I loved both of them.

We walked towards the water and the girls held hands and ran to the edge of the eaves. The water was cooler than the air and there were two sets of long hard nipples showing as they returned and sat on the blanket I had taken from the car. They lay back and had me rub lotion over both of them.

My cock was screaming as I moved my hands up between Mandy's thighs and over her ass first. She told me to make sure I put enough between her legs, she didn't want her ass or pussy sunburned. As I worked on her first, Vastie watched and smiled at her as Mandy opened her legs showing me the small piece of blue throng, which just hardly covered her sex. If you looked long and close enough her swollen pussy lips could be seen pushing around the cloth.

I used my fingers to press against it as the lotion looked like cum, all white and creaming looking before I rubbed it in. Then I took the cloth material that held her pussy and I moved it to the side so I could see all of her sex and so I could coat her snatch with lotion making sure I covered it so she wouldn't get burned. Once I was done, she smiled at me again and then rolled over. Her large breasts were almost pushing out the bra of her bikini that held them. Her nipples were very apparent and pushed against the bra like small darts sticking up and out.

I slowly rolled the lotion between her large full breasts making sure my hand went under each cup and over the hard nipples. She smiled up at me as she lay on the blanket and said, "You like my breasts don't you Bud?"

I told her, "Yes, what man, or woman," I looked at my wife, "wouldn't like your breasts Mandy. They're very so full sit high and are very large. They're quiet special."

She smiled and said, "Well be very sure you cover my upper thighs real good too Bud, I don't want to burn, in the front especially. I slowly worked the lotion down over her belly and all around her elevated sexual mound. Vastie watched and every once in a while I saw her use her fingers to touch and rub Mandy's breasts while I worked on her legs. From her feet to her knees I poured more lotion on my hand and went up each leg covering them with the sun block.

Mandy moaned as she opened her legs more for me. I looked at her pussy and saw the small piece of material between her upper most thighs hardly covered her pussy. As I came nearer to it now, I saw a small wet spot appear at the center of the cloth. I realized my wife and I were exciting Mandy a great deal.

I slowly ran my hands up slowly between her thighs as I applied the lotion higher and closer to her sex. When I got next to her pussy I could feel the heat coming off of it as I rubbed. I smiled and said, "You're really enjoying this aren't you baby?"

She smiled as she closed her eyes and said, "More bud. Put more around my thong, you might want to put some under the cloth too. Yes, I love hands on my body and you and Vastie are doing a very nice job of making me feel very welcome here."

I looked around and since it was after the normal season now and the middle of the workweek, there were not that many people around. So, I ran the tips of my fingers under the thong and over Mandy's swollen pussy. She was burning up.

Vastie had removed one of Mandy's big breasts out from under the bikini bra and was now sucking on the big long nipple sticking up towards the blue sunny sky. Mandy held her head gently as she sucked and licked the growing nipple.

I continued to rub Mandy's pussy using my fingers to go under her thong patch that covered her cunt and kept my fingers there stroking her. I could feel the hard clit with my fingers as I moved them over it. Mandy was panting with desire as I rolled the clit between two fingers. Her pussy was very wet and open and took my finger easily as I moved it inside. She arched her hips up off the blanket and moaned as I began to finger fuck her slowly. After a few minutes I could hear her breathing become louder and faster and then I added another finger and inserted two of them deep into Mandy's pussy. She arched again and as I began to pump them in and out of her pussy frantically Mandy began to fuck them back. She moaned loudly and lifted her ass and hips up off the sand and blanket and fucked my hand and fingers until she climaxed! It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen or done in public.

My cock was so hard the fat purple head was poking out the leg of my jean shorts. Mandy smiled and touched it running her fingernails over the sensitive head. I moaned from her touch as I lay back a little and watched Mandy slowly tickled my cock as she played with it! I was going to cum very soon. Again I looked around.

I saw my wife kiss Mandy and place her hand between her lover's legs. Vastie ran her hand under Mandy's thong and began to play with Mandy's pussy as Mandy rolled towards me and took my cock and the upper four inches and began to stroke me. Vastie reached around and kissed and licked Mandy's neck and back. She had her hand between Mandy's legs and I saw her hand working under Mandy's suit just like I had done. Mandy spread her thighs bending one leg allowing Vastie room to work on her as she worked on me. My cock was red and swollen and throbbing as she pulled a little more of it out the leg of my shorts. She reached under the cock and slowly pulled on my hard on as she beat me off. Her breast was out of the bikini bra now and I lowered my head and began to suck on it as my hand came up and cupped it.

Vastie had her entire hand between and under Mandy's ass and sticking out the front of her body as she cupped and squeezed Mandy's pussy. I could hear my wife kissing and licking Mandy's back and neck and shoulders as we continued to stimulate each other. Only Vastie wasn't being touch. Mandy watched my cock as she played with it. She pushed the leg to my jeans up high and I lifted to assist her. She now could reach into the leg and did so cupping my balls and the sack, which was very tight. I moaned when she ran a finger over my ass hole and the she pushed it in! I thrust forward as she smiled and said, "Cum for me. I want you to shoot your cum all over my belly and tits Bud. Cum for me baby! Your cock looks so hard and hot! Cum for me Bud"

I moaned as she moved her hand out from under my ass and back over the hard shaft of my cock. She used her fingernails to torture me as she slowly ran them over the swollen and very sensitive cock head. Then she squeezed the shaft just under my cock head and stroked me fast and hard. I moaned and the two women watched as I emptied my nuts all over Mandy's chest and stomach. I moaned and thrust my hips forward as I fucked Mandy's hand hard and fast and did it again and again and again cumming huge globs of wet sticky cum on Mandy's nude breast and belly. Then I rolled on to my back and moaned telling her how good that as. I had a very intense orgasm and shot a huge amount of cum on to my wife's lover.

As I lay there Mandy put my soften cock back under my shorts and rolled on her back. As she did, Vastie attacked her licking and sucking my cum off of Mandy's body as she squeezed and fingered Mandy's pussy not caring who was watching. Mandy arched up as Vastie fucked her fast with three of her fingers. Mandy pumped and fucked her pussy on my wife's hand and fingers as Vastie licked all of my cum up! It was fucking hot.

Then we took a brake and I went and got us all some big drinks. When I came back I laid behind Vastie putting her in the middle. Mandy rolled over the other way and kissed my wife on the lips shoving her tongue deep into her mouth! I reached around and cupped Vastie's smaller but shapelier breast.

Mandy took her hand and pulled the bra to Vastie's top releasing a breasts which Mandy took into her mouth and started to suck on it! I heard my wife moan as she licked around the nipple and then sucked it into her mouth again. Vastie said, "Oh God Mandy! This is just like we talked about doing on the beach. It's like we are living in a dream! Oh yes suck my breasts Mandy! Suck them Suck my nipples."

I had my hand holding the tit that Mandy was sucking and as I began to squeeze it Mandy sucked on my wife's tit biting and pulling on the long nipple sticking out the center of it!

When Mandy put her hand up and held Vastie's breast, I removed my hand and slid it down and over my wife's lovely round firm ass. I could feel the heat coming off of Vastie's pussy too. She was already worked up. I moved my hand to the crack in her ass and used my fingers to go between her legs. My hand met Mandy's. As I rubbed my wife's ass hole and bottom of her pussy, Mandy was rubbing Vastie's clit and the rest of my wife's pussy. In seconds, Vastie began to slowly hump on the two sets of fingers pleasing her holes. Mandy continued to lick and suck on my wife's tits. She then slowly moved down the blanket and as Vastie bent her knee and opened her legs for her lover, Mandy placed her head on my wife's thigh. I watched from behind as Mandy pulled my wife's thong to the side and began to lick Vastie's pussy right there on the beach. I couldn't believe either women would do that. As Mandy quickly worked on my wife's pussy I inserted a finger deep into my wife' hole. Mandy sucked her clit as I finger fucked my wife from behind. We both heard Vastie cry out as she bean to cum. My wife thrust her hips into Mandy's face again and again as she held her head moaning, "Oh yes! Oh God it's so good! Eat me Mandy! Oh Jesus Mandy! Eat me pussy! Ahhh yes! It's wonderful!!"

I had a wet hand and I was sure Mandy's face was covered with my wife's juices. Mandy slowly worked on my wife as she came down from her orgasm. Then Mandy came up and kissed and kissed her lover as the two women held each other for a long time. As the sun began to go down Vastie rolled over and said, "Do you think we could stay here? I mean could we get a room so we don't have to drive back tonight Bud?"

Mandy said, "That's a great idea Vastie, could we Bud? I mean we could make love all night to each other."

I said, "Yes we can stay as long as I get to participate with the two of you."

Mandy moved over Vastie's body and as she kissed me she cupped my cock and balls. Then she said, "As long as you stay hard you can participate. But I think we'll drain you very quickly don't you Vastie? I mean we both want to fuck right now don't we Vastie. Perhaps when he gets tired we could find a young man to help us."

I said, "Oh no! Just the three of us baby! Or no deal!"

She smiled and said, "I'm kidding Bud. No other men, except you baby! We don't need men do we Vastie?"

My wife smiled at her lover and kissed her. I heard her whisper, "No Mandy! We only need each other."

Then we sat up and saw we were one of only a few people left on the beach. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 7PM and the sun was half way down.

As we walked off the beach and got back into the van we dove a short distance until we saw a sigh that had vacancies. We pulled in and Mandy hopped out still dressed in her thong. She walked into the office of the motel and 5 minutes later she came back with a key. "Room 17", she told us. We drove to the back of the building and found the room. As we gathered our few things, we walked into the cool air conditioning of the room. There were two double beds and a bathroom. She said, "What else do we need?"

My wife said, "Nothing but a shower and then the bed. Come on Mandy! Bud, we shower first!"

They hurried into the bathroom before I could move. I heard the door close and lock. Then I heard laughter and went and got us some more towels and a few other things I felt we would need to clean the sand and sun off our bodies. Then the cum after our time together.

When I came back I wrapped on he door and Mandy opened it. She stood there soaking wet and smiling as I looked up and down her lovely body. I handed her the towels and shampoo and said, "May I come in?"

Mandy handed the things to Vastie and took my hand pulling me into the small bathroom. As I stepped out of my shorts becoming nude like the women, Mandy said, Want to watch us wash each other Bud?"

I said, "How about I help?"

Vastie said, " Well I really want to wash Mandy Bud. But you can watch."

I sat on the toilet and watched as the two women began to wash and clean each other. Once that was done with the cleaning they just held each other kissing and touching. Then as I sat there I watched my wife drop to her knees and press her face into Mandy's open thighs. Mandy held her head and looked towards me as Vastie licked and tongued fucked her lover.

I sat there watching her do it and realized she loved what she was doing! I guess I realized right then that my wife had now become a very good eater of pussy. I saw my wife use her hands and fingers, her lips and tongue to please her lover. I knew she was doing a great job of it too, because Mandy was slowly fucking her face as she rocked back and forth on Vastie's tongue. Then I saw Mandy throw her head back and moan like she was having a fantastic orgasm as she held on to my wife's head tighter against her pussy!

My wife never moved her face out from between Mandy's legs. Mandy held her and Vastie licked and sucked and made love to her lover's pussy. I saw my wife's hand come slowly up Mandy's body and cup her large round breasts. My wife's hands were to small to fully take Mandy's breasts so she began to rolled Mandy's nipples around in her fingers and she kept her face pressed tightly against Mandy's open thighs. I heard my wife moan and then Mandy moan and I knew Mandy was cumming again! Vastie licked and Mandy bent over my wife's back and I saw her hand move under Vastie's ass and begin to fuck my wife's pussy.

She also turned off the water as she stroked my wife's ass and pussy with her hands. Vastie moaned from Mandy's touch as she continued to suck Mandy's pussy harder. I heard it as I sat there watching the two women. Vastie sucked and you could heard her sucking and then Mandy moan. Finally Mandy said, "Oh yes! Oh God that feel so good Vastie! Oh yes! I'm going to cum again my love! Yes, suck me Suck my clit! That's it! YES!! Just like that! Ummm! Yes! I'm so close!! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh Vastie! Yes, it's so good!"

Even if I was pissed off, my cock was getting hard seeing and hearing this beautiful woman telling my wife how good she was eating her pussy. I stood up and Mandy smiled at me. Then she said, "Get behind Vastie and fuck her Bud. Fuck her good for me baby!!"

Mandy pulled my wife up off the bath tub floor and bent her over as I positioned my cock behind my wife's ass. Vastie moaned and said, "No! Oh Bud! No!!! "

I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "WA…….WHAT? WHAT!!!!! What do you mean NO! I want to fuck you Vastie!"

She turned towards me moving her ass and cunt out of my way. Then she touched my cheek and said, "No Bud. I don't want your cock in me until Mandy has eaten me. So how about Mandy fucking you first? Then afterwards you can make love to me."

I said, "No! I want my wife! Come here Vastie!"

She fought me for a few seconds and wouldn't let me put my cock into her pussy. Finally I said, "The hell with it! You know, if you don't want me then fuck you! Then fuck you both!"

Mandy reached for me and told me she would fuck me as soon as she dried off and gave Vastie what she wanted, what she knew my wife needed from her now. I said, "Fuck it! Find you way home. Both of you, I'm leaving. Vastie I'm leaving now so do what you have to do."

As walked out of the bathroom my wife said, "Wait! Don't go. As soon as we are finished Bud, you can fuck whichever one of us you want! Just give a few minutes. Wait! Don't leave! How will we get home?"

I continued to walk as I got to the front door I turned and looked at these two beautiful dripping wet women standing on the rug by the bed. They looked at me and Vastie said, "Wait! Look Bud, you can join us but first we want to be together. That's all. Why are you so upset? It will be just like yesterday Bud. Once we are done you can join us and fuck either or both of us! Stay Bud!"

I opened the door and saw two old people walking past the door, the old man looked in and saw the two nude women. I heard him say, "Lucky bastard!"

I said, "Oh yea? I wouldn't say that mister."

And I walked out and closed the door hearing both women say not to leave again and again. I got in my car turned it on and drove away. When I got home I crashed and sat there. I have no idea what I was going to do or what the two women were doing. I had a pretty good idea what they were doing and I got up and went to get three fingers of vodka.

As I sat there I wondered if my marriage was over? I wondered if I had lost my wife to a woman, to a fucking cunt! What the hell had happened to me? To us? To Vastie? How the hell did this happen? I walked to the PC sitting on the desk we both used. I turned it on and began to explore Vastie's hard drive. We each had our own hard drive.

As I found her e-mail I opened it and saw the file marked Mandy. Vastie hadn't even tried to hide anything between the two of them. Her file was full of e-mails dating back almost a year. As I read them I began to understand what my wife was involved in. Vastie and Mandy had been corresponding for a very long time.

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