tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 08

Her First Taste... Ch. 08


Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 08

This was actually day four of Mandy’s visit. I was in one hell of a predicament. My wife had a female lover and they were coming home from the beach where I had left them yesterday evening because I couldn’t take the bullshit any longer. While I sat the time I didn’t care how they got home. But now as I sat in the house I wondered what they had done with and to each other last night without me being there.

I was sort of expecting them home last night, but they didn’t arrive. I now knew they had spent the night and now part of the day together doing what I was sure gave them the greatest of pleasure. I found out later that they had rented a car and were coming home to talk with me about something my wife said was very important. I was sure she was going to tell me she wanted to continue her affair with Mandy and I could like it or lump it. The problem I had was I didn’t know what I was going to do when she told me. Sex with Mandy, my wife’s lover was great. And watching these women having relations was also as hot as I could ever fantasize about. But I was scared I was actually loosing my wife. I paced the floor and worried and wondered how my life and marriage had gotten so fucked up! I made breakfast for myself and waited. Then I made some lunch and still they weren’t home yet.

It was well after 3 PM when I finally heard the car pull into the driveway. I looked out the front door and saw Mandy and my wife walking hand in hand up the path to the house. I was glad this was the last full day of Mandy’s four-day of her visit with my wife. From what my wife told me on the phone Mandy would be staying until around lunchtime tomorrow. That gave then an entire day to continue with their affair if I didn’t stop it or try and join in again. They came to the door and looked right at me on the other side of the storm door. Then they smiled and kissed before coming into the house.

They came in and my wife said, “Hey Bud! How are you? Why did you leave like that and let us alone to try and get home? Don’t you know women never have a problem getting a ride? It wasn’t very nice of you to do that but it did give us time together and for that I’m very happy/”

She didn’t even try to kiss me but walked passed me into the kitchen. Mandy came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She put her fingers to my nose and I could smell my wife’s vagina odor on them. She said, “Your wife is so fucking hot! Not that your not hot too Bud because you are babe. It seems I can’t get enough of either of you two. Would you like to take me to bed Bud and fuck me again?”

I said, “I’m still waiting for my wife to tell me she wants me to fuck her. When she told me she didn’t want to yesterday I got really pissed off. That’s why I left!”

She said, “Yes, I know. We both know Bud. In fact she won’t tell you this because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but she seemed happy you were gone last night. It did give us time alone and we took full advantage of it!”

She walked away and went into the kitchen too. I followed her. I looked at Vastie and she turned and stood at the sink getting a drink. Mandy said, "Oh she is still pissed off at you right now. You know leaving us with no way to get home. I had to call the car rental company and they deliver one to us at the motel. So you might as well forget shagging her for awhile Bud. But, I could use a good screwing since I fingered your wife almost all the way home and I’m absolutely dripping wet. What do you say? Want to go at it with me again?”

I said, “Not now!” And I walked towards my wife. Vastie hadn’t said a word she sat down at the table and looked at me. I sat and Mandy followed behind me. As we all sat down Vastie looked up into my eyes. She had a kind of blank look on her face but didn’t say anything. So I said, “So, my loving cheating wife, what’s so important? What do you want to talk with me about? Is this the end of our marriage, of us being together?”

Vastie just sat there and still didn’t say anything. She just looked at me, and she looked sadder I felt the worst was coming. Then Mandy told me, “Vastie is having a really hard time right now Bud dealing with her inner problems, sexual problems, but you know that. She is feeling a bunch of different emotions some of which are, guilt, lust, sadness, and love for both of us.”

I went to interrupt and Mandy said, “Please listen to me Bud and try not say anything until I’m finished. Please. Vastie will also talk to you today but later when she gets herself together. Right now, she is so afraid that she or you will say something you both will regret. She has asked me to start this conversation with you in hopes she can continue later with you.”

And with that she began to tell me, “Bud! Please look at me.”

I turned and looked at Mandy as she spoke saying, “I think your wife has had this sexual feeling in her since she was very young, maybe even as a teen maybe earlier. She told me when she was in college she would often looked at the women in the dorms and in the showers half nude or fully nude and it made her wet between her legs. She also told me that she had come very close once before by accepting a woman’s invitation to join her in her bed. Do you know someone named Victoria?”

I told Mandy yes, that she was a neighbor who used to live next door to us.

Mandy said, “Well Victoria and your wife came closer and closer before she moved away. Actually, they were just about to have a full-blown affair. It took three months for them, no for Vastie, to gather enough courage to meet with Victoria each time you went out of town on business. While she and Victoria did a lot of talking and touching they never actually have orals sex or any type of intercourse. However, one night Victoria was visiting Vastie here at your home and they went as far as getting nude and touching each other. They had just finished masturbating each other when the phone rang. While Vastie went to answer the phone, Victoria took out her bag of toys. She prepared them for your wife when she came back into the bedroom and got on the bed. That night was going to be the night your wife actually had sex with Victoria. I mean actually had oral and fucked each other with vibrators and dildos.”

I sat there and said, “So what happened?”

Mandy smiled and said, “If the phone hadn’t rung and you weren’t on the line telling her how much you missed her and loved her, that would have been our first night that your wife would have gone all the way with another woman. But when you told her you loved her, and missed her and wanted her so badly, well she decided to stop. While Victoria tried and tried to change Vastie’s mind your wife never invited Victoria back to her bed or the house Bud.”

I said, “And then Victoria moved away and things became normal again. I guess.”

But then for the first time my wife said, “No! No Bud, they didn’t get back to normal. In fact things got harder for me. The idea of having love with another woman was now very deep in my brain and everyday it took everything I had not to invite Victoria or other women back to the house and into our bed. It didn’t get any better Bud! I was driving me crazy more and more each day.”

Mandy said, “Well actually Bud that’s what got your wife to think she really was BI. Vastie was so upset and her body wanted the touch of another woman so bad that she felt like she was going mad. She didn’t want to loose you but she also had this burning desire deep inside her that you couldn’t touch. Intercourse with you helped some but didn’t put the fire out completely. Do you understand all of this so far?”

I shook my head and said, “Yes. I think so.”

Then Mandy continued saying, “While she loved you very much over the years you and she have been together, and she still does, she couldn’t help her wanting the touch of another women. She loves you Bud. But she also loved me now too. She loves both of us in her own way. I don’t think you can understand it, not many men can, but she will always want you as her husband. She wants every part of that including the sexual part. But right now she wants me as a lover just a little more. Look I’ll be gone tomorrow and you’ll have her back with you again just like before we met.”

I looked from one woman to the other and then kept my eyes on my wife as I said, “But for how long? How long before she’ll want you back in her bed again? Or, maybe she’ll want some other woman.”

Mandy said, “To be honest Bud, she’ll always want me back in her bed. As much as she does you. Only there will be times when she’ll want you first and other when she’ll want me first. Since I’m not going to be here all the time after today, you will be number one. That is until the need for a woman’s touch becomes so great inside her she will go looking for her. Her need for a woman lover will eventually place the woman first. But should I stay here all the time and the three of us were able to be together all the time, she would want you more than me. It’s like she needs me now more than you, but she will need you more eventually and she really does want both of us.”

I said, “I’m not sure I really understand all of this. You’re telling me my wife needs more than me. Does that mean she will wants a woman lover again after you leave?”

Mandy looked at me and said, “Well I’m not completely sure you understand but from what I can see, your wife loves the sex she and I have been having together. I think she won’t be totally happy with just you her husband. She may want to have more girl on girl sex now that she has experienced it with me. I mean she loves you very much. She told me that last night after we had been with each other for hours. She told me she loves you so much and feels bad she is doing what she is doing but she also told me she can’t stop touching and tasting me. She also told me she loves having sex with me, a woman, and she wonders how she can live with both, you her husband and another lover, a female lover? She hopes and preys you will be able to accept all this. She told me that whenever she needs and has a woman become a lover with her, she would invite you to the bed too There you will join her in a threesome. It would provide you with more and different sex too. Do you think you would like that Bud? That’s the benefit of having another woman more sex with different partners. Do you think you would enjoy having sex with another woman and watching Vastie have sex with her too? I mean most men would love that situation.”

I didn’t answer her but turned now and looked at Vastie. I said, “What if I say no to you Vastie? What if I said if you cheat on me with anyone, regardless of whether it’s a woman or man, it’s over, our marriage is over? What would you do or say?”

She looked at me so sadly and then she said, “I honestly don’t know. I also don’t know what I would do if Mandy invited me to go with her to London for a while stay either Bud. I seriously don’t know.”

She began to cry and put her hands to her face. Then she ran out of the room and into the bedroom. She shut the door and we both sat there listening to her cry.

Mandy said, “I have a proposition for you Bud. I want you and I to have sex along without Vastie. I want to see what she will do if anything. I want to see how she will actually react if she is left alone while me the other woman, has sex with her husband. Oh she’ll be able to hear us she just won’t be able to participate.”

I said, “Well that’s nice of you and you are a great and beautiful woman Mandy but what good will us shagging each other do for Vastie? “

She said, “Maybe nothing. But it may well snap her out of this and make her see that she doesn’t want you to have the same pleasures as she wants if it means she has to share you too. That would change things drastically for you Bud. I mean then she have to decide if she wants a lover or a husband, and that she can’t have both without consequences to her and you too. What do you think? Would you try this with me? Vastie and I have already talked about it and she has agreed to let us try it. She really does want to stay together with you Bud.”

I said, “These last few days have been the hardest of my life. I’m not sure I can deal with all of this. I love my wife but I really don’t want to share her even if it means I get to have sex with beautiful sexy well-built women like you Mandy. I just can’t get over the change in her when you two are together. It’s like she turns into someone I don’t know.”

Mandy stood up and took my hand. She pulled me to a standing position and placed my hand over her breasts. They were large and full and very shapely. She said, “It’s different when two women are together Bud. It effects us both mentally and physically. Your wife is a different woman when she is having sex with another woman. As I think you saw when you witness us having sex the first time.”

I didn’t move my hand when Mandy let her hand drop. I felt Mandy’s right breasts and knew she wasn’t wearing any bra. She came closer to me as she felt me squeeze her breast. Her nipple was hardening quickly in the palm of my hand.

As we kissed, Mandy kissed me and reached for and cupped my cock and balls. She said, “I want you Bud. Your wife wants you too but she is so confused right now. Take me into your bedroom, the one you share with Vastie and fuck me hard. I want your wife to see us and hear us. When she comes into the room, I’m going to tell her she isn’t invited to join us right now. I’ll tell her she is now the one who should sit down and watch us and interrupt us until we tell her she can join us. I think you should see how doing that would effect her. If she can’t handle it and the initial rejection you and she have a real big problem. It will tell me she doesn’t want to share you and that only she can have a lover. That will be a huge problem for you in the future.”

While I still didn’t lie any of this, I felt Mandy have a good point. After all talk was cheap. Vastie told that were to her the benefit I would receive and I when she takes a female lover I would be with her and join in a threesome. Now, if she was excluded at first and not asked to participate maybe she wouldn’t want to have three-ways. In that case this would become a big problem, which I didn’t believe we could ever get over. Hell we may not get over any of this as time goes on and we both finally understand what this will do to our marriage going forward. So we walked into the bedroom and began to undress.

My wife was in the bathroom when we stood by the bed and undressed each other. When Mandy and I were both down to our underwear, Mandy said, “Wait! Wait Bud, let your wife see us like this and then kneel and remove my panties. Then I’ll do the same to you.”

She chuckled and said, “Can’t wait to see that big cock of yours again!”

I reached up and cupped both of her breasts lifting them. God she had great tits, so big and full and shaped like a playboy model. I lifted them both and kissed the nipples on each one. She held my head and softly aid. Wait, not so fast lover, I want her to see all of this. God I love your mouth! You get me so hot and it’s been so long since I had a man who could work me up so fast! I’m going to enjoy fucking you baby! But, wait for your wife to come out and see us.”

I was now much more cautious now than before regarding both what these two women said and what they did or wanted me to do. I was thinking how I wanted to handle this discussion. Should I say no way, or should I say yes to Mandy’s invitation to fuck her while my wife has to watch but not join us. My brain was screaming not to do it but my body was screaming take her, take her, for God sake fuck her like you want to! Take her and fuck her in front of Vastie and se how she feels being left out!

Just then Vastie came out of the bathroom and saw us standing there with only our underwear on. She said, “Oh I didn’t know you were here. What’s going on?”
Mandy said, “Bud is going to fuck me now Vastie. And we don’t want you to join us right this minute. So please sit and watch us.”

My wife started to say, “But……but you don’t want me with you? W….why?”

I said, “Because I just want to fuck Mandy. After we’re done you will be invited to join us. But right now, just sit and watch us. Remember today is day four and Mandy gets to decide what we will do. She wants me to fuck her now. So please don’t interfere”

My wife sat down like a zombie and I actually felt somewhat sorry for her as I knelt on the floor in front of Mandy and slowly removed her silky, light-blue, see through panties. God she was so sexy. As I slid them down her hips I could already catch the odor of her vagina and it made me hard. As I lowered them beyond her pussy I again saw the thin slit of Mandy’s vagina and the swollen lips with the clit hood already bulging with blood. I bent in and kissed her pussy like they were a pair of lips on her face. I French kissed her pussy and she held my head letting me. Down over her long shapely legs I let the panties move below her knees and Mandy lifted her legs one at a time to take her foot out of the leg opening. I looked up under her and saw both holes as she removed her feet very slowly for me. She smiled down at me and said, "You like my pussy don't you Bud?"

I moaned loudly enough for Vastie to hear me. Then as the panties fall to the floor Mandy stepped over them and put her pussy right in front of me. I turned her around a little and she sat on the bed. I moved up and looked at my wife. I saw her sitting there watching us as I moved Mandy’s feet up bending her knee and placing her feet on the edge of the bed.

This position opened up Mandy’s pussy for me and I moved my head between her open thighs. Mandy moaned when she felt my tongue begin to lick her. She smiled down at me and then looked at Vastie. My wife looked sad but was sitting there and watched as I placed my hands on the insides of Mandy’s thighs and pushed them open more. I took one more look at Vastie and saw her crying as she watched us. It was then that I began to touch and play with Mandy’s pussy opening it with my fingers and licking the pink insides. I was thinking “Time to be very careful here.”

But before I could do anything, Mandy dropped to he knees and began to pull my shorts down over my hips. My cock sprung free. It was very hard and jumping and bobbing up and down with my excitement.

She took my hard cock in her hand as she knelt before me. God I loved this woman’s body. She was so nice. Mandy knelt in front of me and began to lick and suck my cock as my wife watched her. She continued until I had to pull her up or I would have shot my load into her mouth and over her face. She asked me what was wrong? I told her I wanted to cum but I wanted to cum in her pussy.

She smiled and we got up on the bed. Mandy had a wonderful sweet pussy. It was very tight and wet and warm and felt like silk each time I had fucked her so far over these four days. I was thinking it was like that from not having many men over the past few years. But then I remembered she did use different dildos and vibrators to get her body off when she wasn’t with another woman. But anyway Mandy’s pussy was wonderful and I certainly enjoyed using it as I deposited my cum a few times in it so far over these past few days. I also was thinking both women might be trying to set me up again.

Mandy’s legs were open all the way as she sat on the bed holding my head and moaning and telling me how good I was making her feel licking her pussy. She pressed her pussy into my mouth and I could feel her shake and shutter as she began to climax. She held my head against her open womb and I fucked her with my tongue shoving it in and out as fast as I could get it to go.

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