tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 09

Her First Taste... Ch. 09


To fully understand the ending to this story you should read the first 8 chapters.

Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 09

After ordering our diners over the phone, I was told I had to pick up them up since the truck, which usually delivers to your door, had an accident just about a half an hour ago. The girls told me they would wait for me at home to setting the table.

The trip was much quicker than usual and after returning I pulled up in the driveway. I walked in the living room and heard female sounds coming from the back porch. I was just about to yell, "Ladies, dinner is here", when I heard them talking about me.

As I walked to the side of the kitchen the porch was located on, I could see the two of them together holding and kissing and touching each other. They looked like they felt there were no other people in the world. It hurt me knowing I use to be the only one that Vastie kissed and touched and looked at like she was dong with Mandy.

I stood there looking at these two beautiful women showing affection to one another. I listened and didn't interrupt them they were talking about what to do with me. Finally when they parted lips I heard Mandy said, "So what are you going to do? Have you decided yet how you'll tell Bud? I know this had been tearing you apart for weeks maybe months. But I leave tomorrow and you'll have to tell him by then."

My wife stopped what she was doing and looked at her lover for a long time then she said, "Try years. This has been driving me nuts for years Mandy you know that! And yes I have decided."

There was a long pause and finally Mandy took her in her arms again and Vastie said, "Hold me Amanda, hold me please. I am so afraid. I decided that I have to go back to England with you. I mean you do want me don't you?"

I was startled and when they merged together I could see Mandy's large breasts rise and fall as she said, "Oh yes, yes my love you know I want you. I want you all the time Vastie I love you and want you to live with me."

They kissed again even more passionately this time holding each other and I could see the look of love on my wife's face. She moaned into Mandy's mouth as she took her lover's tongue and cupped her large breast.

When they finally separated Mandy said, "What......what will you tell Bud. And when are you going to tell him? You know this will kill him! He loves you very much. You'll have to try and explain and be as gentle as you can, but it most likely won't do any good. You know he'll hate you for this."

Vastie held her lover and said, "God! I don't know what to say to him. I mean what do you say to a man that you have loved since you were 14 years old? I don't want to hurt him but I can't stay with him now, when I want to be with you so badly. I know it will hurt him but I don't see where I have much choice. I want to be with you. When you leave I know I am going with you. I love you so much Mandy! I can't stay here and wait for you to come back in maybe 3 or 4 months and then only to have you stay for a long weekend here or a week. I need, we need more. And I think these four days proved to you that you need me as well."

Mandy said, "Yes, I do my love. So I think the best way for you to be fair with him is to do it quickly. The faster you do it the better. There's no way you won't hurt him when you tell him Vastie. He's your husband and you are going to break his heart you know that. You're just going to have to tell him straight out and hope for the best. You know you won't have a leg to stand on with the divorce don't you? You are abandoning him and have been cheating on him with me for what, 2 months now."

She looked at Mandy shook her head yes 2 months since we started talking and describing Internet sex with each other. The first time we mutually masturbated into the camera was October 14th."

Mandy kissed her again and then my dear wife said; "I don't care about anything now but being with you. I don't need anything he has now but I do want to be with you and only you. Oh God Mandy! I'm so upset! But, you're right, the sooner the better. If I get a chance I'll do it tonight maybe even when we are done eating. If not, during the time we are having sex with him. And my last resort will be first thing in the morning. But I don't really want to wait that long."

Mandy said, 'You should tell him tonight sometime and then we can just get up and leave in the morning. I think it would be better that way Vastie."

She gave a little smile to Mandy and said, "But, I have an idea. We can take turns with him tonight while the other packs. He'll be busy with you while I pack my things. I won't need much time. I'll buy new things when I get to London. I plan to be nude most of the time I'm with you anyway sharing my body with you! Oh God Mandy, hold me!! I'm so scared! I only hope he doesn't go crazy."

Mandy said, "I'll be right here with you baby! We'll both try and reason with him and explain that it just happened. We didn't plan to fall in love. It was something that happened over time and these four days just served to strengthen it and show us we truly wanted and needed each other."

She kissed my wife and I saw tongues exchanging again between them as they held each other passionately.

"After tonight, we'll be together always. Just the two of us my love and I will make love to you until we are both so tired we can't raise our heads", Vastie said.

Mandy said, "Yes! But let's give him something to remember. Let me fuck him and really get him off first if there's time. Then you can clean me and suck him hard again. Then you can give him a goodbye fucking too. Each of us can take a while with him while the other one packs."

Vastie said, "Yes. We'll say goodbye to him properly with a last screwing. Great idea. Then when we're done we'll ask him to sit down and we'll tell him."

They kissed once more and Mandy placed her hand down in my wife's panties between her legs cupping her pussy. Vastie moaned with pleasure as Mandy smiled at her and inserted a finger. She said, "You're shaking! Oh Vastie, you are sure of this aren't you? I mean if you're not sure..."

My wife stopped her with a finger to her lips. Then Vastie held her and kissed her again as Mandy squeezed and fingered my wife's pussy. I heard Vastie moan and saw the look on her face. It was the same look she gave me, or used to give me, when we made love. I knew my wife was leaving and there was nothing I could do, short of killing them both.

This was unbelievable. I had lost my fucking wife and I knew it was happening all the fucking time right in front of me. The sex and lust and passion we all had experienced these past few days had just fooled me, clouded my brain, delayed the final act of treason by my wife. And now my Vastie had made up her mine, she was leaving me. She was moving to London with her female lover. I was stunned, hurt, pissed off and wondered what the fuck I was going to do. I yelled, "I'm back here's diner."

The two women jumped and separated as they came into the kitchen from the porch hand in head. Mandy looked a little sad but my wife looked pretty much neutral like nothing was wrong. I couldn't get over the fact she wasn't showing any signs of what they planned to do. Then I said, "So what's going on? What are you two planning now to do to me? Should I be worried?"

They almost both said the same thing at the same time, "Nothing! Why?"

I opened the meals and said, "Well you both look like someone died. Seriously, is something wrong?"

Mandy looked at my wife and sighed. She said, "Now Vastie. Don't wait tell him now get it over with. You have to tell him! So do it, just do it."

I said, "Tell me what?"

Vastie said, "Bud please sit down this is going to be very hard on you and me."

I took a seat knowing my marriage was about to end. Vastie took my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, "Oh Bud! I was going to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning to tell you. But Mandy is right. I might as well say it now. I'm very sorry but I have decided that I'm going back to London with Mandy."

Mandy moved closer to my soon to be ex-wife and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. I said, "What! Back to London, for how long baby? Why? I mean when did you decide on that while I was gone? For God sakes can't we talk about this? How long are you staying?"

Mandy said, "Bud....Vastie and I have talk about this for a while now and Vastie now realizes what it is she wants for sure."

Vastie cut her off and said, "Look Bud I'm really sorry and I don't want to hurt you but........"

She took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to London and......and, I'm not coming back. I'm very sorry but I'm going there to live with Mandy. I love her. I'm going there to live, I'm not coming back, ever Bud."

I just sat there and didn't know what to do or what to say. I picked up the food and threw it against the wall. The two women moved back away from me. I wanted to scream or hit them or kill them both! But I didn't do anything. I sat there and after a few minutes I said, "Just like that? You're leaving me and going to live with her and you're not coming back. But you don't want to hurt me. What the hell do you think you are doing Vastie? I love you and you're telling me you're leaving me for a woman! What's going on? Why? I fucking knew this woman was a fucking lesbian! I want to know what the fuck is happening. I feel like I'm going crazy! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I held my head and screamed again this time so loud that I saw the two of them jump and Vastie stood and they both move further away from me. Mandy said, "Bud...... Bud please I don't want any trouble. I'll call the police.. Please. Let us try and explain. It didn't start out like this. We were just Internet friends and then over time we became Internet lovers writing love stories about each other, you know two women who fell in love. But neither Vastie nor I had any idea at that time about leaving you."

Then Vastie said, "Then she.......when she told me she was coming to America, I begged her to see me, to visit her. She jumped at the chance to see me and meet me face to face. But after these few days we have had together, we both realize we love each other very deeply."

Mandy said, "Look Bud, Vastie didn't want to hurt you, nor did I. She honestly didn't think this would happen. But she now knows she can't live with you any longer and that she and I have become lovers. We now know for sure that we love each Bud. We both hope you will be able to understand this one-day and will accept this for what it is, true love. I love Vastie and she loves me as much or maybe more now than she loved you. We are very sorry!"

Vastie sat back down next to me and tried to take my hand. I pulled away with rage in my eyes and hate in my brain. I said, "How? How could you do this to me? You're leaving me not for another man, but for woman, a fucking lesbian!"

Vastie said, "Oh Bud! Oh God baby! I would never leave you for another man. I also would give anything not to hurt you like I know I have. It's something inside me, something that I am, that I have become and it's something that I have been all my like Bud. I know that now. I believe I always have been gay Bud, even when we first got married. Oh God this is so hard Bud. But, this feeling is telling me we would never be the same after these four days. We could never be close or loving again. I would stop you from having sex with me. I couldn't allow you to have sex with me ever again like man and woman Bud because I don't want your type of sex. You wouldn't be happy with me living with you and going to England as often as I could afford it. Every cent I made I would spend to go to London to see her. Or Mandy would be coming here and we would be getting together. I don't mean for a night of sex with you include. I mean a night of sex with her and only her in her hotel without you included. It would be just her and I. You would be removed from our lovemaking. You see I.....I just don't want a man any longer. I have fallen in love with her Bud. Fallen hard and I love her. I'm leaving so you can get on with your life and I can move on with Mandy. I love her deeply Bud and she makes my happy and my heart sing. I still love you too but not the type of love that would make me want to live with you as your wife and I would never have sex with you again. I'm very sorry. Very sorry for hurting you like I know I have."

She stopped talking began to cry hard and again. Mandy walked up behind her and held her shoulders. I just looked at her and then I looked up into Mandy's face, she was crying too, for whom I didn't know. She said, "Look Bud, we were going to leave first thing tomorrow morning. We were planning to seduce you tonight and both of us were going to fuck you one last time. Then we were going something like drug your drink and leave before you came around in the morning. She was going to leave you a letter. But Vastie told me she just couldn't do it that way. She still has very strong feelings for you as do I. Please believe her when she tells you that she still loves you! So, we decide that we would spend one more night with you. I was to fuck you for a long time while she packed what she needed. Then I would go pack and she would come in and make love to you one last time. Then after that or in the morning, we were going to tell you what we were doing. But Vastie must have felt she couldn't keep it inside her any longer and so here we are. I'm sorry too Bud. I really do like you. You're very nice man but our feelings just ran away us once we experienced sex between the two of us."

I felt so hurt inside I felt like taking a butcher knife and stabbing both of them. I had ideas of going upstairs, getting my 38 gun and killing both of them by shooting then in the stomach first and then sit there and watch them die slowly. Then I would turn the gun on myself. And for the life of me I didn't know why I didn't do it! The hate was that strong.

But instead I stood up and walked out of the kitchen. When I got to the doorway I said, "I'll get in touch with the lawyers in the morning. I'll sleep in the spare bedroom. Just leave when you want, don't tell me and don't try to say goodbye. Just get the fuck out both of you!"

I turned and walked out of the room broken hearted with tears in my eyes. I got to the room and screamed again and again and hit the wall putting holes in it with both fists. Then I hit a stud and heard the bones break in my left hand. I screamed again and fell on the bed. I don't know how long I laid there before I heard the door to my room open and Vastie stuck her head in. She said, "Are you OK?"

I said, "What the fuck do you care? Get out!"

She came in and knelt by the bed. She said, "Oh God Bud! I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt you. Hurt you so badly that you hurt your hands and put holes in the walls. Oh God baby! I'm so very sorry! I'm so sorry. Please try and understand. I was like you are now. Going crazy wondering about what I was and who I was. Then when I met Mandy, and we did..... well you know we were together I realized it now and have no doubts I'm a lesbian...yes I think you're right, we are both are lesbians."

I didn't even say anything I just looked at her. She saw the hate in my eyes and said, "I'm so sorry if I had known this was going to happen I would have never married you. I would give anything not to have hurt you so badly. But I didn't know how else to tell you. I have never wanted to hurt you like I know I did. I would not have lived with you and we would never have been together. Please Bud. Please! I'm so very, very sorry. I have to go and live with Mandy to see how it will be. I have to do this Bud. I do love her and I want to be with her. I know it hurts Bud but I can't lie any longer. I don't want to be with a man Bud, any man. I want to be with her. I love her Bud. I love you too, but not enough to stay with you. I had to make a decision Bud the hardest one of my life. I have been fighting with this for years. Every day I wonder what I'm going to do. Oh please Bud! I'm so sorry!"

I lay there for a few minutes letting her go on and on and finally I said, "SHUT UP! Just get the fuck out of here as soon as possible. Just leave!"

She tried to hold me and kiss me and I pushed her hard and she fell backwards on the floor, I yelled, "Get the fuck out of here now, I don't know if I can control my anger much longer. Go or suffer the results of my hate for you and her!"

She stood up and looked at me. She could tell I wasn't fooling! She backed out of the room and closed the door. I heard muffled voices in the hallway. Then there was nothing! I looked at the clock on the dresser and it read 9 PM.

I don't know how long I lay there before I finally fell asleep, but I was out a few hours. When I woke the house was emptied. I walked around the bedrooms and saw about half of Vastie's cloths were gone. All of her beautiful sexy underwear was gone as well as her makeup and personal things. The rest was still in and on her dresser. As I walked down the stairs I could hear my steps echoing in the empty home. Walking into the kitchen I saw the two letters addressed to me.

One was from Mandy that simply read, "Dear Bud: Sorry for hurting you. I really didn't believe Vastie would ever leave you for me. Oh, I was sure she would have women in her life eventually and from time to time but I felt she would always stay married to you. She still loves you Bud. And I have feelings for you too. I wish you were a bastard so I didn't like you so much but you're a very nice man. I wish you well in the future and hope you will be truly happy again soon. I'm sure the hurt we have caused you will past with time. I think then you will realize that staying with Vastie would have been a mistake and even more painful to you than now. It may sound cruel but a quick separation is the easiest. Regards and good luck, Mandy"

I made a ball of the letter and threw it as far as I could. Then I opened the one from my loving wife.

"Dearest Bud", it started out, more lies I said to myself.

I read on. "I have loved you since we were high school kids in school. I know I have hurt you deeply and for that I am so very sorry. I hope one day you will be able to forgive me for what I have done to you this day. I will always remember our time together and think dearly of you all my life. I hope you can recover quickly from what I have done and wish you great joy and love and all the happiness in the world. You are a wonderful man and I truly do still love you."

I stopped reading and wiped my eyes. Then I picked up the letter and read, "If we were to stay together our lives would never be the same now. You would come to hate me more if we stayed together and you knew I was in love with Mandy every time she came to the stares. You would see me leave you and know I was making love to her like I did these past few days. Then there would be other times when I left you and went to London to see her. Again, you would know what we would be doing and again I would hurt you. Sooner or later you would leave me or hate me for dragging our marriage out to the point that we stopped loving each other completely. I told you before I had these feelings inside me that have been driving me crazy for years. I had to see what would happen when Mandy and I met. I just had to see my love! Oh God I'm so sorry! Once I held her in my arms and we made love to each other, I realized just how much I did truly love her. I realized how much I wanted to be with her. And, sadly I realized I wanted her more than I wanted you my dear husband. I am so sorry that there wasn't an easier way for this to end for both of us. I truly regret hurting you like I know I have. It will live with me forever. I hope and prey that one-day you will be able to forgive me for what I have done to you, and to us. Mandy and I felt it would wise for all of us if we moved to the Marriott for the next day or two before we flew to Boston and then to London. I will always love you Bud. Again I'm so very sorry for the pain I have caused you! All my love and hope for you. Vastie

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