Her First Taste... Ch. 09


I folded the letter and got up. I walked to the balled up piece of paper on the floor and straighten it out. I would need these letters as proof when I see the lawyer in the morning. It was now well after midnight and I sat and wondered what she was doing. Then I realized she was with the one she loved. I knew what she was doing. I then began to wonder where my life was going. I sighed and said to myself, "Now what do I do with the rest of my life?"

I cried for a long time. Everything reminded me of her. And when it did I cried some more. I'm not a wimp or a known cuckold but I truly missed my wife. Time passed.

The next thing I really remember was the phone ringing. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9AM. The sky was clear and the sun was up! I stood and every bone in my body seemed to hurt but especially the broken ones in my hand. I went to get some ice to put it in a towel. I wet the towel and sat down wrapping it around my hand. I knew I had to go to the hospital and see about the left hand.

The right one was just painful but nothing was broken. I walked up the steps and looked into the bedroom and saw the wall with the five holes in it. I guess I was happy I had hurt my hand or there would have been 20 or 30 holes I had to fix. "Oh well what else do I have to do now? There's sure no honey-do list any more that's for sure", I said to no one but the wall.

I took my keys and wallet and walked down the steps and towards the front door just as the phone rang. I answered it and the voice said, "Bud. It's me Vastie. I just wanted to call you and see if you are alright."

I said, "No I'm not alright. I have lost my wife."

She said, "Oh Bud I want to tell you again how sorry I am about hurting you and how deeply I regret what has happened."

I softly said, "Vastie......."

She said, "Yes Bud?"


I slammed the phone down and went to the hospital. Yep, I had broken two fingers and sprained my wrist. They caste the hand and half of my fingers making it almost impossible to use my left hand for much of anything.

The nurse who was helping the doctor was very nice and made me smile a little when she asked about the other guy. She was around 30 I guessed just a few years younger than Vastie. I sighed again. We chatted as the doctor wrapped the hand. When it was done she walked me to the Emergency ward door and told me if I had any problems to call.

The doctor gave me pain pills which when I got home I took two and fell asleep like a baby for a long time. But as I rolled over I remembered that Vastie wasn't there. I opened my eyes and it all came flooding back to me. I cried some more.

I really don't know how long it took me to get over my ex-wife enough to begin to try and live some sort of life just enough to get by without sitting in my car in the garage letting the engine run and the windows down. But somehow I did. I worked long hours and spent little time with my friends. I could see they felt bad for me, but I also knew I was the one who had to get over Vastie. Seeing them made it even more painful.

It had been about three weeks maybe more and I was shopping for food one day. I came around the corner with my cart trying to guide it and push it with one hand and not looking. I hit the table in the vegetable isle and knocked over a bunch of bananas. They fell on the floor and I bent down and started to pick them up. As I was working, I was rear-ended by another shopping cart. When I looked up it was Mary the nurse from the hospital. We started to laugh and I think it was the first time in weeks that I had truly smiled.

She apologized over and over again about not looking and bumping my butt! I was laughing since I had bananas all over the place. Mary and a clerk helped me pick all of them up. Then we stood and Mary and I chatted for a while about dumb things. Finally she said, "I'm going to get some decaf coffee, want a cup?"

I was going to say no but for some reason I didn't. I looked at her in her jeans and sweater and said, "Yes! You know I think I do want a cup. My treat!"

She said, "No! Bud I asked you remember?"

I said, "OK! OK! You win."

We spent about an hour talking and drinking the absolute worst coffee I have ever had. It must have been 10 hours old and left over from breakfast! I think she felt the same way but we didn't say anything. She was truly a nice lady. And I enjoyed myself with the time I spent with her. It was the first time since my wife left me that I can actually say I had a nice time with someone.

Finally, she said she had to go and that she was on duty at 7PM. She had to get home shower and dress. We said our good-byes and as she turned to walk away I said, "Mary....... Would you like to have dinner with me sometimes?"

She said, "Sometime? Yes Bud I would! Here let me give you my number. She wrote it with a magic marker on the bag of bananas I had and walked away. I watched her ass shake a little from side to side as she did. About half way down the isle she turned and smiled at me when she saw me looking her way. I waved and then finished my shopping.

When I got home I realized I didn't have the bag with Mary's number. "SHIT", I said very loudly! But sure enough it was gone. I guess the stock boy must have replaced it as he was bagging the food.

I had an appointment to have my hand looked at again on Friday and so I figured if Mary was there, I could ask her again in person and this time we would set a date and time. There was nothing else I could do. So on Friday I went back to the hospital. When I got there they x-rayed my hand again and I had to have a new cast put on part of it was falling apart. The doctor told me I did a great job of breaking the hand and would have to have the cast on for another 3 weeks! I moaned at him.

When he was just about done I asked him if Mary was working and he told me she was off on Fridays. I said shit again only much softer. The doctor asked me what was wrong. I told him I had met Mary in the grocery store and she gave me her number. I had, like a dumb ass, misplaced it. He said, "Well give me yours and I'll have her call you if she wants. She works tomorrow so you could also stop in to see her."

I thanked him and gave him my phone number and left for home. When I got there I had a message on the machine. I pressed the replay button and it was Mary. "Hi! It's me Mary. Since you didn't call me, I figured I'd call you. I'm wondering if you would like to get some more of that bad coffee with me, sometime? You can buy this time! If you want give me a call and I'll meet you at the store."

There was a nervous laughter and then she read her phone number. I dialed it immediately! When she answered the phone I told her about the doctor and loosing her number and all the BS going on with me. I said, "Look I hated that lousy coffee. How about we share a pizza and some beer?"

She said, "When and where?"

I said, "Well I know you work tomorrow, so how about the same shopping center that the grocery store is located." I looked at my watch and said, "How about in an hour? Say 7 PM?"

She said, "No, how about 7:30 PM. A lady takes longer!"

I laughed and said, "Deal!! Do you want me to pick you up or meet you?"

She told me to meet her. And so, at 7:30 PM, now weeks after my wife walked out of my life for another lover, I had a date. I was scared to death! But I showered shaved and dressed casually in slacks and a polo shirt! At 7:15 PM I was already waiting outside for Mary.

At 7:45 PM she showed up just as I was thinking she stood me up! I smiled when I saw her jogging across the parking lot in jeans and a blouse. Her breasts bounced back and forth across her chest. I smiled as she came to a stop in front of me. She was out of breath as she stood there and said, "Oh Damn! What a way to make a first impression Mary! Sorry Bud! Sorry I was late."

I said, "Second impression. And it's no problem I was married once and know women are usually late."

Then I said, "Not that I'm stereotyping you with all other women!"

She laughed to make me feel better for the bad wise crack and we walked into the restaurant. That was the night I started to feel a little bit better about my life and myself. Mary was pretty, had a nice figure and I found her funny. She even helped me cut up the pizza since I only had one hand. I learned she was married for about two years and then one day her husband left her because he couldn't stand the hours she put in at work at the hospital. She told me, he always said she was sleeping with the doctors and really didn't have to work 12-hour shifts. I knew that nurses worked long hours and in many cases they actually did work 12-hour shifts.

As the night went on she found out about my wife leaving me. I didn't tell her she went with another woman just another lover. I was still feeling really bad about that part of it. It felt like I wasn't man enough for her and a fucking lesbian had taken my wife out from under me and I watched her do it

But we had our pizza and beers and spent about 2 maybe 3 hours talking, eating and getting to know each other. Then we took a walk and window-shopped the stores in the strip mall. Finally she told me she had to leave and that she worked on Saturday. I told her I knew and that I wanted to see if the doctor gave her my phone number when she went in to work.

We shook hands and then she came up and kissed me lightly on the lips. I held her hips and our bodies were 2 feet apart. I said, "I would like to see you again."

She smiled and said, "Me too Bud this was fun. Call me Sunday night after 10 PM I'll be home from work by then and we'll talk about it. Night, talk with you soon."

She got into her car and laughed as she hung her head out the window and told me she would let me know about the doctor and the phone number. Then she drove away. I went home with a smile on my face.

And so we started dating. The cast came off my hand three weeks later. Another two weeks past and we were seeing each other four nights a week on those nights she didn't work. Then one night after dinner at her place I felt I needed to talk to her about my wife and my wife's lover. I wanted to be up front with Mary, I really liked her. So after dinner she looked at me and asked, "So what's wrong Bud? I know you have something bothering you. So spill it! You'll see that I'm a good listener."

And so for the first time I told another person, about the other woman and what had happened to my marriage. I was filling up as I finished and she came over to me and held my hand. Then we kissed gently. We continued to kiss and got a little more passionate and hungrier. She kissed my neck and bit my ear softly and said, " Oh Bud, thank you for sharing that with me. I know how hard it was for you to do that. And I know you are a really good man. I knew you were upset about your breakup and it seemed that nothing I could do would bring you out of it."

I kissed her again and she looked at me and said, "I want you to take me to my bedroom Bud and make love to me."

Now we have been together for awhile and have had some heavy petting but we have never gone all the way. Mary always stopped us, even when I knew she wanted me. She told me she was so scared she wouldn't be able to do it. The flashes of her ex would come flooding back into her brain and she wouldn't be able to do it. She even cried a few times apologizing to me for working me up so much. There were many times when I went home with a hell of a boner. She would call me the next day and tell me she was so sorry for leading me on. We always met again, my choice, I really enjoy being with her.

I told her when the time was right we would be together and it would be just great. I told her I knew we would be good together since we both had been without sexual intercourse for a long time. She used to laugh telling me she would go nuts the first time. But she had to pick the time and place.

Now we were going to do it and I guess she felt if I could tell her my deepest and darkest feelings, then she could open herself up to me and give me all her love.

We had been getting closer and closer to having sex and going all the way now. Each time we spent the weekend together, well at least one night of the weekend, she would have me so worked up by the time she stopped us. The last few times we had been together, she had me to lay back and Mary used her hands to please me by jerking me off until I shot off.

Them last weekend we moved one step closer to actually having sex. We had been making out for a long time when she stopped us again and actually took my cock and started sucking it. I told her she didn't have to do it but she told me she wanted to. She licked and sucked and stroked my cock until I was about to explode. I told her I was going to cum and she smiled at me and told me, "Do it".

She covered the head of my cock tightly with her mouth and pumped the shaft as she sucking harder and harder until I moaned and gently held her head. As my cock erupted and I began to cum she smiled up into my eyes.

She took all of my sperm in her mouth and swallowed. She cleaned me and slowly came up and we held each other. With her skirt up around her hips now, I stroked her pussy on the outside of her bikini panties. She was soaked, completely wet! She lay back this time and when I want to eat her she stopped me saying that I should us my fingers.

So I used my hand and fingers and made slow love to her swollen vagina lips feeling the super softness of her inner thighs. When I touched her pink fat pussy again, I moved a finger into her as deep as I could get it! She arched her back and moaned as I used my thumb to gently rub her clit!

For the first time she had let me remove her panties and use my hand to touch her hair, and wetness as I touched all around her pussy directly. That night I got her off with a huge orgasm, and she was cumming all over my hand.

But again, as soon as I tried to take my cock and put it at the doorway of her pussy in an attempt to go all the way back, she stopped me again telling me she wasn't ready for intercourse. I wondered how she had the will power. I know I sure didn't.

But, now! Now tonight she was asking me to make love to her. And I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. The night went on and on and on as we made love three times.

But the first time was pure magic. Her body responded to my every touch. Her lips almost burned with her passion and desire as she kissed me and held me tight. When I moved my head down her naked body, she didn't stop me this time. In fact she used her hands and pushed a little telling me she wanted me. When I touched her between her legs she moaned loudly and arched her back seconds after my tongue came into contact with her vagina. She held me and cried out again and again saying only one word, "Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!"

And she climaxed a number of times from my lips tongue and fingers as I make love to her and her lovely, wet, and sweet vagina. She was right she almost drown me with her juices. It had been so long for me and much longer for her. As I moved up I felt she might stop me again, but as I pressed my cock at the entrance of her opening I felt she was super tight.

I pushed a little harder and she cried out a little. I asked her if I was hurting her and she told me know. But I saw her face and knew she wasn't telling me the truth. She moaned again, as I pushed my swollen cock head into her vagina opening again. Then I pulled back a little before reinserting it a little further this time. We worked together and each time I moved I went into her further.

Again she moaned but it was easier each time. I moved as gently as I could. And as she lifted her ass and hips up accepting me she said, "Push Bud! Push it in baby! I want to feel you inside me. Oh Bud! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me Bud like we both want! Do it baby do it for both of us!"

I smiled and kissed her as I pushed my hips a little harder and a little more and the head of my cock began to move up the tunnel of her body. I moaned she felt so warm and so very, very tight. I said, "My God you're so tight! Oh Jesus Mary! I don't know if I can hold back I feel like I'm in a vise and it's been so long!"

She held me and thrust her hips into me taking almost my entire shaft this time deep into her womb. She cried out, "Oh Yes Bud! It feels so good baby! Oh yes I want you Bud, I want all of you. Fill me!"

I moaned, "I'm going to cum Mary! I can't hold back you're so tight!"

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pushed her feet into my ass and used her hands to grip my ass cheeks driving me as deep as I could go! She was helping me go in even deeper. She almost yelled out, "MY GOD! IT'S SO GOOD!"

Then she lowered her voice and told me, "Cum in me Bud! Fill me with your love! Oh Bud fuck me! Fuck me!"

Thrust after wonderful thrust moved me higher and higher with my need and as we held each other I slid my arms around and under her smoothed opened thighs. As I buried my cock one last time I lifted her legs and drove my cock as deep as I could and began to cum inside her body! She held me kissing and biting and crying out telling me how wonderful it felt and how much she had wanted this and for so long. She began to climax along with me and as we did Mary never stopped talking until she and I had finished cumming.

As her orgasm resided she stopped talking and started laughing. I said, "Hey! Never, I mean never laugh during sex! It makes a man think you're laughing at him."

I was kidding but she didn't realize it. She held me and touched my face and kissed me and said, "Oh God no Bud! You were fantastic. I was laughing about me talking like an old hen all during the final climax of it all! I'm sorry. I was so excited and you were so good and everything was wonderful and......"

She looked at me and said, "My God Mary shut up!"

I laughed and we kissed and touched each other and before very long we were ready for round two. This time I was already inside her pussy and had grown harder again I began slowly stroking in and out of her pussy. I lasted much, much longer this time and Mary went off again and again and again before I arched my back and she said, "I feel it! You're hotter and thicker. Oh God you're going to cum again! Cum in me again Bud I want to feel your warmth! Oh God Bud it's so good. So good! Cum for me baby! Cum! Fill me!"

I pushed as deep into my new lover as I could and we both felt it and I swear to you I heard my balls pumping my cum into her. The sound of thump, thump, thump, thump, thump rang in my ears as shot after shot of my sperm moved into Mary's body. She was watching my face as I strained to keep the feeling. I held it for as long as I could hold my breath and then as I exhaled I fell on top of her and she held me again whispering, "Oh yes! It was so good Bud. Oh God why did I hold you off for so long! You made me feel so good, so loved. I love you Bud. Oh God I love you!"

I pulled up and looked at Mary lying under me. She was so lovely looking as she lay there under me kissing and touching my face! She looked so warm so sweet, so human! She almost glowed. I smiled and said, You know that's the first time you have ever said that to me Mary. I love you too!"

She held me tight squeezing me with her arms and legs. She held me like she would never let me go. Finally we fell asleep with me on top of her. During the night I must have rolled over or she rolled me off of her. I was half in and half out of sleep when I felt a warm wash cloth cleaning my cock and balls. Then I felt her mouth on my cock. I was fully awake as my cock grew and grew again. The clock read 4AM.

Then with the lust of a woman, who hadn't had any cock in over two years, Mary straddled my hips and with her fingers she opened her vagina lips. I watched as she looked down and guided my cock head into her tight hole once again. I saw the lips of her pussy separated wider and wider until I felt the cock head move inside her again.

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