Her First Taste... Ch. 09


I watched as Mary threw her had back as she moaned and sank down all the way on my hard shaft. And then she smiled at me and began to ride up and down. She looked down at me and smiled and said, "I'm such a wicked woman! Three times in one night! My God what do you think of me? I'm in such a need Bud, I just can't seem to get enough of you."

I held her hips assisting her to move up and down. I said, "I think I love your way of showing me and I want you three more times if I can get it up again!"

She laughed and came all the way down on my cock and sat there. As she sat on my hips and felt my balls against her ass, she said, "So far so good. I need this one bad Bud. Fuck me! I want to feel your cum pump into me again tonight! Then I'll let you rest. I need to feel you again my love."

We fucked like teenagers only better since we both had much more experience. Up and down she rode me until she got tired. Then she bent forward and I cupped her breasts and sucked and played with them bring her nipples out hard and very red. She rocked back and forth as she made love to cock and me. It took even longer this time for me to cum. But longer in paradise is OK with me.

When she arched her back and pushed me deep into her tunnel I know she was cumming. I could feel her wetness flowing over my shaft. I used my fingers to begin to stroke her hard and very swollen clit that was now standing out from under its hood. She took in a very deep breath of air into her lungs. I heard the sound.

With a loud hiss she let it out and I felt her bath my cock with her cum! Going wild now, she said, "Oh God yes! Oh yes Bud, I love this! I love you! Oh God! Oh God!! Ohhhhh! Goddddd!! Buddddddd!!!"

Mary climaxed and it seemed that her climax went on and on as she rode my cock to fulfillment. We held each other as she lay on top of me and slowly rocked back and forth as my cock stayed hard and buried completely inside her. She kissed me and held me and told me she loved me over and over again. I was happy, happier than I had been since I first heard my wife talk about Mandy.

Mary was helped to erase the huge hurt a little more with each touch, with each kiss, and with each squeeze of her vagina around my cock. God how did she do that? It felt wonderful!

I rolled her over and she squealed softly with shock. I kept my cock inside her and lifted her legs up again placing her feet over my shoulders. She smiled at me and said, "Fuck me and cum in me. I want you to feel as good as I do right now Bud. Fuck my love. Fuck me Bud. Love me Bud!"

And I did. I was gentle and easy and slow. I made her cum once again before I couldn't hold back any longer and pushed my cock deep into her. I let her legs go and she held me again as she wrapped them around me.

I had my release. I kissed her and told her I loved her as my cum filled her for the third time that night! It was magical, even better than the first night I took Vastie in our bed. Mary was warmer and much more loving. But then I had a bad memory of Vastie. Or did I?"

I didn't seem to care any longer that she was gone. Mary had released the demon inside me. It was gone, well almost. We spent the night together and in the morning we made love again and she cooked breakfast for us dressed in a robe that left nothing to the imagination. We touched and kissed and held each other for a long time before I left.

The next day Mary took off from work and came to my house. I cooked for her. I had to admit I was the better cook. We were in my bed, a new bed minutes after we finished eating. Dishes left on the table, pots dirty and stuck with food, we didn't care as we almost ran up the stairs taking two at a time.

I had burned the old bed Vastie and I shared. Nude, we slowly explored each other's bodes now as we made gentle love to each other. The love in her eyes told me how much she wanted me. I enjoyed her again as I let my head moved down her body licking and kissing it as I went. She spread her body open for me, giving herself totally to me now. I smiled up from between her thighs as I used my mouth and tongue to tease her and please her.

I used every trick I learned from the lesbians and that I knew to stimulate her body. She moaned and her head rolled from side to side with her rapture as she lifted her hips and this time she slowly pumped them into my face as she climax on my mouth! She held my head between her legs and moaned my name over and over again telling me she loved me so much.

Her soft voice and the sight of her warm, sweet body cumming from my touch made my cock rock hard. She finally pulled me up and took my cock in her hands. I felt the warmth of it as she circled the shaft and guided the head towards her opening. As she arched her hips I pushed and this time it went in a little easier. I had opened her up the night before.

She was totally lost in the love making surrounding us now as she slowly lifted and pushed back into me. As I moved in and out of her, neither of us was in any hurry tonight. Our, animal lust had been somewhat satisfied as we fucked three times last night. Tonight we made love. Oh we fucked but as we moved together now the love we shared with each other moved us to even better orgasms.

The time seemed to fly by and as we settle into a long slow fucking with Mary under me again. She liked that position and climaxed on my cock, as I continued to push it in and out of her. She reached down between our bodies and cupped my balls. She masturbated them as I pushed and pumped my cock into her body. She whispered, "Cum in me Bud. Fill me baby! I want your seed! I want your love! Oh yes! Oh God Bud!"

I moaned as I felt my nuts tighten even more now as she played with them. My cock got harder and hotter and thicker. I arched my back and my ass cheeks squeezed tight together. I cried out, "MARY! OH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!!!"

The first shot of cum into Mary felt like the head of my cock came off with it! Then shot after warm wonderful shot pumped into my lover until I had drained my nuts completely! It was without a doubt the best sex I had ever felt. We lay there for a long time kissing and holding each other.

Then Mary rolled over and took the drink we had made. As she smiled at me the phone rang.

I let it ring. Finally it stopped. Then it started again. Finally Mary sighed and picked up the phone. She said, "Hello! Yes he 's here.....hold please. It's for you Bud!"

I asked her, "Who is it?"

She whispered, "I don't know it's another woman!"

She smiled at me as she said it. I took the phone and said, "Hello!"

A voice from the past came back into my brain and said, "Hello Bud, It's me Vastie."

I didn't say anything. Then she went on, "Oh Bud how have you been? I have missed you very much! I'm sorry if I interrupted anything. We need to talk Bud. It's important! Please! Please I know you don't owe me anything but please can we talk? Will you let me in the house. I know you have someone there tonight but tomorrow will you let me talk with you?'

Again I didn't say anything then I said, "Why?"

Vastie's voice cracked as she said, "I want to see you! We really do need to talk. I really do need to see you Bud. I'm back in the states and in town and I have missed you so very much. Oh Bud I made a terrible mistake. Oh please Bud talk with me! Say something."

I looked at Mary and she looked at me with a worried look on her face. Then I said, "I think you have the wrong number. I don't know any Vastie."

I hung up the phone and then got up and unplugged it from the wall. I took Mary in my arms and she kissed me and we held each other. She asked me, "Was that her?"

I said, "Yes."

She said, "What....what did she want?"

I said, "I don't know really know and I really do care Mary."

And we began to made love again. When we were finished she asked me, "Are you going to see her?"

I said, "Not if I can help it. She signed the divorce papers a long time ago. But I guess that if you're here with me she'll know that she isn't welcome. I will only talk with her if she corners me and you're not with me. so I guess you better think about moving in so that doesn't happen."

She looked at me and said, "You're serious? You want me to move in with you?"

I said, "I have never been more sure of anything in my life Mary except maybe divorcing her."

We kissed and before we both decide to turn out the light and go to sleep she said, "Well tomorrow I guess you better rent a truck so I can start moving my things. I'll protect you from that lesbian Bud!"

We laughed at her remark and kissed. Mary moved in with me and now she shares my home, my bed and my life.

Oh you're wondering and want to know about Vastie I guess.

Well it seems that Mandy and Vastie did live together and were a couple for months. Mandy introduced her to many of her other female friends and Vastie became the talk of the group, She was known as a quality piece of new meat for the ladies. Many wanted to share her with Mandy but Mandy wouldn't allow it at fist!

Then one day Vastie saw Mandy walking arm in arm with a woman she didn't know. This woman looked very young like she was a college girl. When Vastie confronted Mandy she told my ex wife that she had in fact been seeing this college girl for about three weeks.

Then Mandy fired the second round at Vastie's heart and told her they were falling in love.

Vastie began to cry as Mandy asked my ex-wife to find her own place and move out. Mandy wanted her new love to live with her. Yep, Vastie was dumped by Mandy for a younger college girl. So Vastie decided to come home and wanted to move back with me. But of course she wasn't welcome it seems that I had a new women in my life now too!

After the phone call she tried a few more times to see me, but I had Mary with me. The last time she called Mary to her to stop bothering us and to find someone else. She should move on with her life like I had done.

I never saw or heard from Vastie again after that. Oh, Mary, well she is now my wife and is going to have our child in about 3 months. I heard that when Vastie found out Mary was going to have our child she left town and went back to London. She felt she had friends there, lesbian friends who began to pass her between them like a piece of fresh meat! That was about 2000 miles away and still I didn't think it was far enough!

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