tagLesbian SexHer First Time

Her First Time


It was quarter after twelve when I came home on Tuesday night, and as I suspected, the lights were off and you were already in bed. Perfect. I slipped quietly into the bedroom and activated the touch-lamp on the nightstand. Dim light flooded outward in a couple-foot radius, and I took a moment to gaze down adoringly at your peaceful form. So innocent you looked, clad only in a thin, white tank top that draped to mid-thigh. Your long, blonde hair was splayed out on your pillow, and I could see a hint of your nipples poking up against the thin fabric.

As I stood admiring you, you shifted onto your side, then sensing my presence, opened your eyes and looked at me sleepily. “Hi, babe,” you mumbled, your voice heavy with sleep.

“Hey cutie,” I replied, leaning down to kiss you.

“How was work?”

“It was okay,” I said while rolling you over onto your back again and gently pulling your arms up above your head.

“Mmmmmmm,” you murmured, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I finished tying your left wrist to the bedpost with the scarf hanging there, and set to work on the right. You didn’t struggle at all, and I’m not sure you even realized what I was doing until after I had both your arms fastened to the bedposts. Then as understanding slowly dawned upon your beautiful face, I pulled out a folded handkerchief and fashioned it into a blindfold. Next, I slipped it over your eyes and knotted it securely behind your head.

“What are you doing?” you asked, and I could tell from your voice that you were partly scared and partly excited. We had tied each other up before, but never like this. Never without warning, never so securely, and never with a blindfold.

“Just lay back and relax,” I said ignoring your question, “I got something very special for you tonight.”

“Oooh, what is it?” A tinge of eagerness in your voice.

“You’ll see. Now you wait here and I’ll be right back, okay?” Like you had any choice in the matter.

I left the room and was gone for about ten or fifteen minutes, just enough time for you to think up all kinds of sexual thoughts and start getting excited. When I finally returned with your present and closed the door firmly behind me, your nipples were hard and your face was flushed with anticipation. The flush deepened and your smile grew, as the rustling of clothing dropping to the floor drifted to your ears. I wondered what kind of kinky ideas were now filling your mind, but was pretty sure that none of them would come even close to what you were about to experience.

Fingers touched lightly at your right ankle, spurring a small gasp from you, and began a slow, gentle ascent up the inside of your leg and thigh. At mid-thigh, they encountered the bottom of your shirt and paused briefly, caressing the smooth flesh there. Eagerly, wanting those fingers to continue their trek upwards, you pushed up with your feet and arched your back, freeing the shirt from beneath you so that it could be moved farther up your body. And it was – pushed all the way up past your hips and stomach to the bottom of your tits, revealing your white, cotton panties and bare belly.

You eased back down onto the bed, and a moment later, the fingers began their climb again. Your breathing began to speed up as they neared your Holy land, and you were straining slightly against your bonds, eager to be stroked; but they veered off before reaching there and started a slow slide up your belly towards your beautiful breasts. Once there, the fingers pushed your shirt back again, freeing your glorious orbs from their confinement. Your nipples were hard and poking up toward the ceiling, and the fingers quickly located and began caressing them. You writhed upon the bed, small whimpers coming from you, as the first hand was joined by a second, and both went to work massaging your aching tits.

Your whimpers soon turned to full-throated moans as your breasts continued to be kneaded, and I could see the crotch of your panties begin to darken as your pussy started to get excited. I had planned to tease you for much longer than this, had wanted to hear you beg and plead for your gift, but found that I could contain myself no longer either. Already, I was more excited than I could ever remember being and I couldn’t wait to see what your reaction would be.

“Are you ready for your gift?” I asked softly.

“Yes! Oh god, yes,” you nearly screamed, as one hand pinched a delicate nipple between its fingers and the other slid back down your stomach to the damp fabric of your panties. “I’m ready, give it to me. I want it sooo bad.”

“Alright. Here it comes,” I warned. Moments later, your body was straddled and a knee came to rest on either side of your body, just below your outstretched armpits. I was glad to see that you were cleanly shaven; and had you been paying close attention, you might have realized that the legs around you were just as smooth. But in your excitement, you failed to notice.

Instead, you lifted your head slightly, mouth open, preparing to take in my hard cock. “Oh, I want it, I want your cock so bad,” you crooned, still not realizing that it wasn’t me straddling you. I smiled and motioned for her to lean forward, to bring her beautiful, pink pussy down next to your face, and she complied.

“Hey baby, what do you smell?” I asked, and could see the momentary confusion upon your face as my voice sounded from beside the bed and not above you. Then it was gone, lost in the delighted expression that replaced it, as she lowered herself a little and let her light brown pubic hair brush softly against the tip of your nose, fully alerting you to the real situation.

“Oh my god,” you squealed happily, and I found myself immediately relieved at your reaction. I had hoped and suspected that you would take it well (after all, we’d talked about it many times), but I hadn’t been a hundred percent certain of what your reaction would really be. Now, seeing it firsthand, I could relax and enjoy the situation fully as I sat back to watch your first lesbian encounter.

You were sniffing at her pussy, inhaling deeply of her musky scent, as she slid her silky, smooth slit lightly across your nose. You leaned your head forward and stuck your tongue out, trying to taste her; but she pulled back, just out of range, and sat there teasing – as she’d been instructed. Finally, you laid back, resting your head on your pillow, and after a few moments, she edged forward again to rub her pussy against your nose and cheeks. Then, when you couldn’t stand anymore, and tried to lick her, she sat back out of reach again until you gave up. This went on a couple more times, until you were whimpering with desire and straining against your bonds, trying to get a taste of that delicious juice that now covered most of your face.

I watched enthralled, my cock nearly bursting out of my pants, as she slowly worked you into a frenzied state. I had told her to tease you a little, but other than that, had left it entirely up to her on how to go about it. I was amazed at how she was getting into it.

Now she sat back on her heels, her ass resting lightly upon your chest, just above your tits. Slowly, she reached down and slid a finger up the length of her slit, coating it with her juice. Then she brought it to your mouth. She drew it across your lips, leaving behind a shiny trail of fluid, and then gently pushed it into your mouth. It was your first taste of pussy other than your own, and you took to it immediately. You sucked on her finger like it was a small cock, gleaning every bit of sweetness you could from it, savoring this newfound flavor.

She pulled her finger from your mouth, dipped it deep into her wet cunt, and brought it back to your mouth. You lapped at it eagerly, licking up every drop of her milky cream in seconds, whimpering for more. Which she gave you, scooping up another fingerful of her juice and feeding it to you. It was obvious that the taste of her pussy was driving you crazy with lust, but now I could see that she was getting off on this too. Her nipples were pointing straight out, her pussy was literally dripping, and her breathing was starting to become ragged as well.

Indeed, this time when she pulled her finger from your mouth, she hurriedly scooted forward and replaced it with her aching cunt. Her eyes closed and she started moaning softly as your tongue began to flit about her damp crevice. Soon she was groaning and grunting as you worked up and down her slippery slit, brushing over her hard little clit in the process, slurping up her juices. She buried both hands in your hair, holding you tight, and arched her back, pushing her luscious pussy firmly down against your mouth.

You responded by straightening your tongue and driving it deep into her hole, causing her to cry out loud as you touched whole new nerve centers. As your tongue probed all of her intimate folds, bringing her nearer and nearer to orgasm, she started to lightly rock back and forth. Then, slowly, she began to pick up speed, until she was effectively humping your face. Each thrust was accompanied by a small cry of pleasure as your tongue drove in and out of her slick hole and your nose rubbed her sensitive clit.

A couple moments later, she let out a small scream and her body clenched and shook as you brought her to orgasm, her pussy flooding your face with its juices. You slurped it up hungrily, and in the process sent her into another orgasm and then a third as your eager tongue danced over her skin, cleaning up every bit of her sex.

Finally, she released your hair and collapsed backwards, thoroughly drained. She remained like that for a bit - face up on top of you, trying to regain her breath - while you just laid calmly beneath her waiting for whatever was next. I took the moment to admire her long slender body and pert little tits that were pointing straight up to the ceiling, and thought how I wouldn’t have minded being the one tucked beneath her, licking that delicious-looking pussy.

Of course, I had thoroughly enjoyed watching you eat your first pussy, and I thought about how hot and wet your pussy must be right now after that. I suddenly couldn’t wait until she rolled off of you, so I could take her place and lick her cream from your face as I fucked your brains out. I wondered if she would stick around to watch.

As I was thinking this, she got back to her knees and started to climb off from you. I started to get up myself, my hand already going towards my crouch to undo my pants, when suddenly I was stopped cold. She hadn’t climbed off from you at all; instead, she had just pivoted around 180 degrees and was now posed above you in the classic ‘69’ position.

You caught on immediately and moaned your approval, “Oh yessss!” A second later, you had lifted you head up to her tight little ass and delved in, licking anew at her obviously tasty pussy.

At the opposite end, she had lowered her face and was now sniffing the soaked crotch of your panties. She rubbed her nose across the damp fabric, and a moment later, her tongue darted out for a quick taste. Obviously finding it to her liking, she began to lick and suck at your panty-clad pussy, eliciting your moans of approval. She continued with this for a little, drawing your cunt juice through the thin silk and into her mouth, while you pushed your face firmly into her ass-crack and probed the depths of her pussy once again.

I could see your nose hovering right above her tiny puckered asshole and wondered how her lovely little ass smelled, if her scent was driving you to even higher levels of lust or if you even noticed. Which led me to briefly ponder what was going on in your mind. Were you wondering who this was straddling your body, allowing you access to her pussy and ass while simultaneously eating you out, or were you so lost in your first lesbian encounter that you didn’t even care? What would you think if you knew who it really was?

And what about her? What was going on in her mind? It had been nearly impossible, taking all of my considerable skills, to just talk her into letting you taste her pussy blindfolded and unaware. There had been absolutely no mention of any of this that had followed, but she was obviously enjoying herself. I was shocked. I’d thought that she’d come in, lower her pussy onto your face for a few seconds, and then be out of here while I finished up. Not that I was complaining, not at all! Watching the two of you 69ing on my bed right there in front of me had to be the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Unable to stop myself, I reached down and pulled my cock free from the restraints of my jeans. It felt like a piece of steel it was so hard, and I knew I could cum within seconds. Instead, I gripped it hard and began to stroke it very, very slowly wanting to delay my orgasm for as long as possible as I watched the amazing scene before me.

She slipped her fingers inside the waistband of your panties, and you eagerly lifted your ass up so that she could slide them down off your hips. She let out a small gasp as your pussy was finally exposed to her view, your clean-shaven shiny lips capped by a trimmed triangle of golden-brown fur, and ran her delicate fingers through the soft hair of your muff. I saw the look of desire upon her face, and she hurriedly dove down between your thighs, her bright pink tongue trailing over your moist lips. She quickly covered your entire crotch, kissing and licking, sucking up every bit of fluid that had seeped from your aroused cunt, before going to the well itself. Her nimble fingers parted your puffy lips, she pressed her greedy mouth firmly against your open pussy, and drove her tongue deep into your aching hole.

You screamed in pleasure as the sudden intrusion sent an orgasm coursing through you, causing your fluids to spill forth onto her waiting tongue. She sucked it up hungrily, the slurping sounds audible amongst your moans, and I could tell right then that this wasn’t going to be her last time eating pussy. Her nose and chin were covered with your juice, and she continued on, unable to get enough.

She started wiggling her ass in your face, begging for more of your tongue. Which you quickly gave to her! You licked up and down the length of her slit a couple times and then drove your tongue as deep into her slick hole as it could go, mashing your face tight against her ass-cheeks. She let out a muffled cry, her head still between your thighs, and began to grind her butt back against you. You swirled your tongue around her sopping hole, probing every corner and crevice, tasting every bit of her you could reach.

I was entranced. This was better than I’d ever dared to dream for. In fact, this was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. It was so sexy, yet at the same time so naughty.

I was still slowly stroking my cock, and I could feel an orgasm beginning to build deep inside of me. My whole body was tingling and throbbing with pleasure from the show I was watching, and I knew that this orgasm was going to be special. I slowed off even more, gripping myself tightly, holding it back. I wanted this to last; I wanted to cum together with the two of you.

You suddenly hissed, and I knew that she had found your clit. “Yes! Yessss, ooohh. . .” you cried, trailing off into unintelligible gasps and moans, as your body began to buck wildly beneath her. Feveredly, you sought out her own little button, and clamped you mouth firmly around it, determined to give as good as you got. A primal moan escaped her lips, as you sucked her clit in between your lips and began lashing it with your tongue.

She continued to grind her pussy against your face, your nose now being placed perfectly to spear in and out of her dripping hole. Indeed, you pushed forward to meet each thrust, driving your nose into her slit like a miniature cock, fucking her with it while never once letting her clit slip from your mouth. Each time you pulled back, I could see her juices glistening wetly across the whole lower half of your face and actually dripping from your chin down your neck. Meanwhile, she was still sucking your clit as well, and had started driving two fingers in and out of your flowing cunt.

The room was awash with the sounds of your lovemaking. Your beautiful bare bodies were glistening with sweat and pussy juice. I could tell from your heightened cries and frantic movements that it wasn’t going to be long before you both came.

My own orgasm was building powerfully inside of me, and I knew that there was no holding it back this time. Indeed, moments later I popped off one of the biggest orgasms of my life, as you both let out almost simultaneous screams and spilt forth your milky white cum onto each other’s face. I watched, covered in my own cum, as spasm after spasm rocked through your bodies; triggered one after another by your nimble tongues as they hurried to lick up the wet treat spewing from between each other’s legs. It went on and on, seemingly lasting for minutes, until you both finally collapsed against each other, quivering from head to toe, completely drained.

“Oh Katie Jo, that was incredible,” she murmured, running her tongue lightly down your pussy lips, not realizing what she had just done.

You did though, and you froze immediately as you recognized your friend’s voice. “Ashley?”


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