tagLoving WivesHer First Time

Her First Time


We had never really talked about sharing her with another man.

My wife and I met in university, in our last year. She was a pretty brown-haired English lady in her early twenties, smart, sociable, with a gorgeous figure and long brown hair, very attractive but reserved. We had a meeting of the minds, and a month after we started dating it developed into a meeting of groins. Two weeks after that we were engaged. Everything was just - right, somehow. Two years later we were settled, she at grad school while my fledgeling high-tech career paid the bills. I'd introduced her to sexy movies and magazines, life in and out of bed was getting more interesting as time went by, and we had lots of fun experimenting with new sexual thrills. Nothing all that unusual, you understand - having sex in every room of the house, christening new pieces of furniture by fucking atop them, making out in the car on quiet country roads late at night. She even went without underwear from time to time when we went out, so that I could finger her under her skirt as we drove through town. But we never talked about sharing her.

We had a friend named Mark who was about to get married. I'd known Mark through university, and Christine had met him in our final term, at the same time she met me. He's a teddy-bear, and we both liked him a lot. Two weeks before the big day we threw a party for him and his fiance, with several of our friends attending. He got a lot of teasing about "losing his freedom", and Christine spent a lot of time with him that evening. I cooked dinner as usual, and afterwards she cleaned up. Mark helped her while I mingled, and when the two of them emerged from the kitchen again they were chatting merrily, and sat down next to each other on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulders - not unusual in our group of friends, we're all quite fond of each other - and we all kept talking. His fiance, who we'd also known for a long time, was obviously amused by their semi-cuddling and didn't mind at all.

After everyone had gone home, as we were getting into bed, Christine was quiet and a bit distracted, obviously trying to figure out how to broach some subject. I was naked as usual at bedtime, and she was wearing a nightshirt.

"Tonight was fun" she said.

I agreed, and joked that I hoped she had enjoyed a last cuddle with Mark as a single guy.

"Hmm," she said, "in fact he was talking about that. He was kind of hinting. I asked him how all the wedding planning was going, and he said everything was sorted out except for one thing. His last fling."


Please understand something about me. I'm not the jealous type, and I'm also not one of those masochists who needs to be humiliated in order to get off. I flatter myself that I'm not too bad in bed, though I'm no athlete. I love my wife, in every sense and as often as possible. I was also very fond of Mark - mind you, I'm completely straight - he was a charming and faithful friend. And suddenly the idea of Christine giving him his last fling filled me with lust. My cock started to stir.

"Um. Would you like to?" I heard myself ask, pretty sure I knew where this was leading.

She immediately started breathing heavily. I started to run my hand up her thigh, up her tummy to cup her breast. I found I could smell her wetness.

She said in a very quiet, trembling voice "would you mind?"

I answered that I loved the idea. We had amazing sex, and near the end, as I was thrusting into her, I asked if she wanted Mark to do the same. She could only moan in answer.

The next weekend, one week before the wedding, we went to another friend's cottage, isolated in the back country bordering the Great Lakes. There were eight of us, including Mark, his fiance and four single friends. Saturday during the day most of us were sitting on the dock in front of the cottage, which is on a small island (100 yards deep and 50 across, looking at the front of the cottage). There's a small island behind which is joined to the larger one only when water levels are low, which they were.

At one point in mid-afternoon, I noticed that Mark and Christine were absent, and went looking for them. They were sitting under a tree together on the back island, in a little hollow. They were sitting side-by-side and chatting amiably, playing with strands of grass and laughing once in a while. As I watched, they stood up and started walking back to the cottage, so I left. They joined us on the dock a few minutes later.

That night we had a great dinner, several bottles of wine were drunk, and afterwards we shared a room with Mark and his fiance. It was completely pitch dark, without even a moon to light up the woods outside the window. While Christine and I shared a twin-size bed on one side of the room, Mark and A. were doing the same ten feet away. The others were lying around the cottage on sofa beds and in sleeping bags, also just a few feet away and separated from us by a curtain. So I had to whisper very quietly to ask Christine if she'd enjoyed the day. She had.

So I asked "Was Mark still hinting?"

She shuddered and snuggled closer to me.

"Mmm hmmm."

I ran my hand up under her nightshirt and started fondling a perfect breast.

"Would you still like to grant his wish?" She shuddered again and rolled onto her back, so I, lying on my side, could cuddle her and we could talk.

She whispered "Are you sure you wouldn't mind?"

I lifted her knee of the side that was pressing against me, and reached to fondle her sex. She was wet. Ever so gently touching her clit with my fingers, I whispered back, "I want you to fuck him."

We kissed, slow and deep and long, and while we did my fingers continued their dance, and Christine reached down to grab me. I was hard. She lifted her leg further to grant me access, and I silently shifted up and slowly slid my cock into her. She was struggling to keep her breathing quiet. With no chance for really stroking without giving everything away, I kept up with what I had started with my fingers, stroking her clit as she milked me. And I kept talking.

"I want you to take him down to the back island tomorrow. I want you to seduce him. To get naked for him. I want you to suck him, and let him eat you. And I want him to fuck you."

The talk made her even hotter, and by the time we both came she was not the least bit reluctant to go through with it.

The next day, after breakfast, we headed to the dock for another spell of swimming. Christine stopped by briefly to tell me that she was going for a walk with Mark, and gave me a kiss and left.

After about twenty minutes I excused myself from the gang on the dock, and made my way toward the back island, where I could see if anything was going to happen. I hid in the bushes where I could see the two of them, sitting on the pine-needle covered ground and leaning with their backs against the same tree. This time they were holding hands. They'd removed sandals, and were wriggling their toes in the sand and pine needles on which they lay. I could just make out some of what they were saying.

After a couple of minutes Christine leaned over to Mark and kissed him on the lips. He looked stunned for a few seconds, then held her head to return the kiss. It turned out to be a sizzler, with a lot of tongue. She broke the kiss to whisper something to him, then resumed. They were still sitting on the ground, side by side, with his arm around her, and his other hand started to wander around her breasts. She took it in one of hers, without breaking the kiss, and pulled it down between her legs, and up under the short skirt of her sun dress. As she pulled it toward her crotch, the skirt was pulled up and I was amazed and very turned on to see that she had not worn panties.

Mark was surprised too. He broke the kiss to ask a question I didn't hear, she whispered back, and he started to stroke her pussy with his fingers as they resumed the kiss. Another minute passed, and Mark couldn't be contained any more. He got down between her legs, and started to lick her. Christine was in nirvana, but she regained her composure for a few seconds, checked the horizon, saw no one, and pulled her sun dress off over her head. She lay back flat on the ground.

I made a similar check of my horizon, made sure I was obscured from all directions by the bushes, and lowered my own shorts. I could hear the other guests, including Mark's fiance, laughing and swimming off the dock a short distance away. When I looked back at the couple on the back island, Christine was cumming, trying not to be too loud and failing. Mark was fondling her breasts as she moaned and clenched her thighs around his head. I started to stroke myself.

As she came down from her orgasm, Mark, still fully clothed except for the footwear discarded earlier, kissed his way up her belly, stopping for a moment or two at her breasts, and finally lay up against her whole body, kissing her deeply on the mouth. Christine started to unbutton his shirt, but had to push him off to to reach the lower buttons. He sat back on his knees and started on his shirt while Christine unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts.

In a minute, he too was naked, and I watched from behind his back as Christine knelt, then as her head descended to his crotch, running her hands along his sides, until her head reached its goal in his lap. I saw his back tense as she got there, and from my angle slightly above them I could see the curve of her perfect ass sticking out as she bobbed her mouth up and down on him. After a minute or two of this, she sat up again, and lay back down flat on her back, legs spread, arms inviting.

I was on fire, stroking my cock as I saw him kneel again between my wife's outstretched legs. He started low, kissing his way up her belly and breasts, until he reached her mouth. They kissed frantically, mouths wide open. His cock was large and straight, and it was aimed at her opening. I saw her hand reach down, encircle it. I saw her aim it and tug it toward her. Then, with a long agonizingly slow heave, it slid into her cunt, first just the head, then inch by inch the rest of the shaft.

He stopped half way as if to tease, but she was having none of that: her hands reached back and grabbed his tight ass and slowly pulled him the rest of the way into her. The kiss never broke.

They lay still, interlocked, for half a minute, frantically exploring each others' mouths, until the urge to do more overtook Mark. He started to thrust. Out, until his cockhead was lodged just inside her. In, a long slow heave as his asscheeks clenched. Out again. In again. Christine' thighs heaved to meet each stroke, to get him deeper and deeper inside her. Still, their kiss continued, his hands supported his weight on the forest floor, hers fondled his back and ass, urging him deeper and faster. She broke the kiss to moan something I couldn't understand. In. He started to lick and bite her collarbone.


She spread her legs still wider, moved her ankles up and crossed them behind his ass.





For more than ten minutes they fucked, with a beautiful, slow, sensuous rhythm, naked on the forest floor while I watched. Five other people played loudly and unknowing less than a hundred yards away.

Finally, his strokes became shorter, and faster, and then stopped; I could see his ass clench repeatedly. I knew that he was filling my wife with his cum. That drove me over the edge, and as he came deep inside her I sprayed the bushes with my own load. They kissed again, and cuddled for several minutes, with his cock still encased in my wife's cunt.

I considered how best to extricate myself and rejoin the group. But he wasn't done yet, and neither was Christine. She started to fondle his ass again, and nibbled at his ear, and in five minutes he was ready to go again. She stopped him, he got off and lay on his back and this time she mounted him. I had an even better view of his cock disappearing into her as she started to rock and bounce slowly on him. I looked up and was shocked to see a canoe with a man and a woman in it, a couple of hundred yards away. Mark and by wife were in plain view, too distracted to notice anything but their own lust, her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him.

But the canoeists didn't see.

After ten minutes of this Mark again came inside my wife. This time she came too, moaning loudly as he again squirted his cum deep inside her. They stopped and snuggled in the shade of the trees, and I snuck away.

Half an hour later Mark and Christine returned after "an enjoyable walk" exploring the island and talking, as they explained to the rest of our group. It was only later that night, back in our own bed at home, that Christine and I shared stories of what she had done, and what I had seen.

That was several years ago now. We've been happily married for seventeen years. She's still very attractive, he's still a teddy bear. She'd like to repeat the experience with Mark, and I'd love to watch and perhaps join in. The last time we saw him, at a reunion of our old college friends, she told me he was hinting again.

Well, you never know.

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