tagInterracial LoveHer First Time Black!

Her First Time Black!


My wife and I have been married approximately 20 years, when she became bored. Our sex life had become routine, and quite unsatisfying for both of us. Personally I believe the reason we became bored was the fact that she was never willing to try anything new. Linda was, & still is an extremely beautiful woman. Linda, is five feet two inches tall.All of 125 pounds. Her measurements are 34 25 35. She has long light brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Her breasts are full and around her waist is tapered perfectly to her hips, and her ass is the most luscious piece of flesh I've ever seen on any woman, anywhere.

In the beginning of our relationship, Linda enjoyed experimenting, and fantasizing about almost all aspects of sexuality. At one point she was extremely excited about a fantasy that I told her about. It went something like this. Linda secretly always had a thing for beautiful large black men. She heard the stereotypical lines about black men having larger cocks then white men. We would lie in bed, naked at night before making love talking about what it would be like for her to be with a black man with an enormous cock, and me at the same time. Although we never did anything about the fantasy to bring it to life, it was extremely pleasing to both of us. Linda liked the idea of being slowly and lovingly taken by a black man as I watched, and participated at their invitation. In fact her fantasy was quite in-depth and detailed. She loved describing the way that his enormous black cock would slowly penetrate her dripping wet freshly Fucked pussy. She would suck the black man in her fantasy to full erection, as I ate her pussy, and then filled with my hot white semen.
Then after she'd reached her first orgasm at the end of my average white cock she would be penetrated by His blackness.
The cock of her fantasy was so enormous that it would take the man a good half an hour to fill her completely. The entire time he would slowly work the head in and out of her come filled vagina until the point where his testicles were slapping up against her ass. At this point in the fantasy things got a little wild. Her black lover would throw her legs up on his shoulders, and hammer himself into her as hard and as fast as was humanly possible until she reached the point of mind blowing explosive orgasm. The pedicle of delight in her mind, was to be doggie styled deep hard, and very fast. Whether in her fantasy her legs were wrapped around his waist, or thrown over his shoulders, or he Fucked her like a dog from behind it always brought explosive responses in our lovemaking.

As I had said previously we became bored. I'm not so sure that boredom can even begin to describe what it was like for her and I during this time. Although we were still the best of friends, it was clear that we were growing apart both physically and emotionally. Linda, had begun to refuse sexual relations with me altogether. Then when she would consent to have sex with me, it was always on her terms, as well as extremely mechanical. It was clear to both of us that we were just going through the motions. We discussed on several occasions and finally decided that something needed to be done. But what?

As we worked to recapture the fire of our youth. Linda's fantasy of being with a black man was rekindled by my actions.

After discussing it the night before, I told Linda that I had an idea that I thought might help. The next day after work I stopped in our local sex boutique, and purchased a few items to try and rekindled the fire that was lost. As I shopped the boutique enormous selection of vibrators, Dildos, lotions potions and lingerie I chose to items. The two items I chose were a soft silk black blindfold, and a rather large black silicone rubber penis. The artificial penis was supposedly molded directly from one of the sex industries most award-winning black porn stars. The Dildos approximately eight inches long, by two inches in diameter. It was a marvelous looking toy. It was so lifelike, that I half expected it to start passing as I pulled it from the box.

That night I told Linda that." I had a plan to recapture the sexual fire of our young lives together. " So I told her to go to the bedroom, and remove all her clothes. I instructed her that she was to start masturbating, and imagining that she was waiting for her new black lover. He was comming to fill all her sexual needs and desires. I handed her the blindfold, and told her to place it over her eyes securely, and I told her that I would be with her momentarily. As I walked into the room and saw her beautiful naked body lying across the bed. I was immediately aroused by the ideas that had slipped into my head all day long. I love the idea of seeing you naked with a huge black cock slamming deep up into your hot wet pussy. Just the very idea of a large black man taking my wife, and Fucking her like she's never been Fucked before gives me an extreme sense of arousal. As I slowly open the door to the bedroom peering inside I saw her beautiful body, and her face covered with the blindfold as she manipulated her fingers in and out of her pussy. I asked her in a deep husky tone. Are you ready for your black Dick baby? She didn't respond, probably because she didn't have any idea what I was about to do. The things I had in mind for her, she had never experienced before with me. To the best of my knowledge she's never experienced anything sexually with anyone but me.

I found a pair of old white cotton briefs (Buthuggrs) which I slipped the Dildos through, then I put the underwear on. It was an extremely tight fit, seeing as how they were a size to small for me. But as I look down at the large black Dildos standing fully erect in front of me, I knew Linda would enjoy the ride. Seeing this large rubber cock standing out in front of me, gave me a sense of power that I'd never felt before. This thing was at least two times the size of my little Dick, and I was almost jealous at the enormous sight of it. I position myself on the bed between her spread legs, and with my thumbs I pulled open the lips of her pussy, and slowly began to tease her clitoris with the end of my tongue. As I slowly devoured her womanly juices, they flowed from her. She began to moan. Her moaning soon intensified with the added benefit of her grabbing my hair on each side of my head, and pulling me into her waiting pussy. Her first orgasm in as long as I can remember, was indeed mind blowing. After her orgasm subsided, she slowly released my head and hair allowing me to set up. My own cock was bulging behind the cotton cloth of the briefs, as the large black Dildos jetted out from my body. I slid three figures deep into the open willingness of her vagina, and began to manipulate the upper inside wall. This brought on another orgasm almost instantly. This one subsided as well fairly quickly, and as it did I patted her on the ass and said in my best imitation black voice. Rollover baby, so I can slam Fuck your hot married white pussy like it has never been Fucked before!
I don't think I've ever seen Linda fliped over, and throw her ass in the air. With her head down on her left ear, and her breast pressed against mattress she pulled her legs up under her giving her new black lover, complete unimpeded access to the nasty wetness of her married white pussy.
I was going to see to it, that this was a fantasy that she wouldn't soon forget!
With her ass in the air, I rose to my Knees, position myself for the brutal penetration which I was about to inflict on her. With one hand I grabbed the large rubber penis, aiming it directly at her opening. With the other I grabbed the right cheek of her ass pushing it inside and pulling her back at the same time onto the head of her new toy. I was sure that her pussy was wet and slippery enough to be able to handle the punishment that I was about to dish out. So with one hard pelvic thrust forward I penetrated her completely!

She let out of squeal of passion that raised the hair on the back of my neck. The only words she spoke were. "Oh my God!"

Not trying to truly brutalize her, I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and began grinding this thick rubber cock deep into her wet pussy. At first it was not much in, and out motion, more a steady thud as I slammed the head of the rubber Dick up against the opening of her cervix. This drover her to orgasm instantly! Her body shook violently, and convulsed and she flushed blood red from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. I'd never seen her orgasm so hard in all are twenty years together. I was so excited, that I almost shot off my own load inside the cotton shorts. In the moments following her climax I slowly withdrew the Dildo from the deep wet recesses of her freshly Fucked pussy, and as I did she begged me. " Please Mark put it back in!"

Of course me try to be the good husband obliged her by guiding the Dildo back into the deep recesses of her waiting vagina. I slapped her on the right cheek of her ass hard enough to leave my red handprint, and said. "So you like my big black Dick do you?"

Even though her answer was not verbal, it was clear, and understood. She slammed back at me grinding herself down onto the Dildo with an urgency in her moan that told me she needed more. Not wishing to disappoint her, I pulled back so that I had withdrawn all the Dildo except for the head, and then slammed back into her as hard as I could. Repeatedly I pulled out, and slammed back into her. Fucking her the way she needed to be Fucked all these years. The blackness of the rubber penis became a blur as I hammered into my wife's waiting pussy. The Fuck juice was pouring out of her at an unbelievable pace, leaving a huge wet spot on the bed beneath us. I hammered into her for a good 45 minutes, through one string of orgasms after another before she finally collapsed beneath me.

When she rollover looked at me and said. " Thank you baby. I think that's just what I've been needing." " You're welcome." I said. As I pulled the cotton briefs down my legs, and over my ankles. Linda grabbed the Dildos, and briefs and began to lick it cleans. Tasting her womanly juices as they dripped down the sides of the thick rubber shaft. I was amazed at her nasty display. Never in all my life had I ever imagine my Wife licking a cock clean she'd just Fucked herself silly with . Clean it she did though, and said when she was finished. " Will you Fuck me now?" " Of course I will baby, but I thought that you would be satisfied with this." As I pointed to the Dildos.

"Don't get me wrong," she said. "It was a great ride, but I need my pussy full of thick hot Cum, and this rubber Dick isn't going to give me any!" We both laughed, as she lay on her back. She pulled her legs up to her chest and stretch them as far open as she could get them. With her left-hand she reached down and patted her freshly Fucked wet pussy, and said. "Feed my pussy that hot cum sauce!"

With that I fell in between her legs shoving my average white cock down inside of her waiting Slit. I was amazed to find, that after the Fucking I'd just given her with that huge rubber Dick three times the size of mine that she was still so tight. It was unbelievably fresh and hot considering the Fucking that she had just had moments earlier. As we made love, I began to realize that there was just something about sloppy seconds that I adored. The wheels inside of my head began to span as I contemplated the ramifications of awakening the sexual monster that lay dormant deep inside of my wife. Even though I knew before she said it, I was still surprised when she did. And one she said was this. You know Mark after that, I think that I'd like to try the real thing without the blindfold. What you think?

I model sure that my job was hanging opening as I looked at her and said. Are you serious? Do you really want to bring a black man into our bed?

I'm not sure she said. The rubber Dick was good, and all, but.

But what I said didn't you enjoy it?

Yes of course I did. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it wasn't good, it's just that I had always imagine it being bigger!

Bigger? How much bigger are we talking about?

I don't know, maybe a foot long, and maybe three inches in diameter!

Will sweetheart I saw a toy like that at the store, but it's Fucking huge! I'm not sure your tight little
white pussy can handle a black cock that Big.

"I'm not sure either, but I sure as hell would like to find out!" she said with a smile.

"Well sweetheart big black cock is what you need, then big black cock is what your getting!" "I guess I can stop at the store tomorrow on the way home from work, and find you the bigger one!"

"Well I don't know about tomorrow she said." " I'm also not sure about another toy. I was thinking more along the lines of your friend Rick."

"Rick, do you mean Rick from work?"

"Yes Williams isn't it?" " Rick Williams."

"Yes sweetheart that's his name but I had no idea, that you were hot for him, why didn't you say something sooner?"

"Well I'm not really sure that I am hot for him, but when we go to parties and things. I see the way he looks me."

She was right of course I had seen it for myself. Rick was a large black man, well not actually black but a dark milk chocolate.

He was about six six, and weighed about 285 pounds. I also knew that Rick had the equipment that Linda was talking about. Each and every day for the past ten years after work, Rick and I hit the showers at all mostly exact same time. Well needless to say that its next to impossible not to notice that the man has a horse cock hanging between his legs! " I'm not sure if I can get Rick to jump into anything like this, honey. He appears to be extremely conservative in his belief system, and the way he conducts himself." "Not to worry though, I'll find a way to bridge the topic with him tomorrow."

The next day, after washing the blood off of us, Rick and I sat down at our usual table in the cafeteria to have our lunch. Rick's never been married, but I knew for a fact that he dated many different women. Some of them white, some black, a few Orientals. I was unsure how to go about bringing it up, so I thought the best approach would be the direct approach. As I sat across the table from Rick I smiled and said.

"So Rick, when are you going to settle down, and get married?"

"Me married?" "What are you out of your Fucking head all these bitches running around this world given away that free pussy, and you want me to get married! You must be smoking crack, or something." He laughed loudly and said.

"So it's all the free pussy you like, is it?"

" And hear all this time I thought you were a conservative straight laced redneck!"

"Who you calling redneck white boy?" My neck's black, not red! And what you care if I get married anyway? "You've got that hot looking little wife at home waiting for you every night, giving you all that good sweet pussy!" I'll tell you what Mark, you give me your wife, and I'll settle down and get married to her but outside of that happening isn't no way in hell
I'm marrying anybody!"

"Okay! Okay, calm down I said." Here I'm just trying to make Smalltalk.

"Your just trying to get under my skin with THAT!"

What's that I said? If I tossed your wife, you'd wake up and find my shoes up under your bed!

Again Rick cut loose with a large guttural belly laugh, and everyone in the place was giving us the look.

Rick how long we been friends man?

I don't Mark 9 or 10 years why?

What would you say if I told you that I could set it up so that you could do my wife all weekend long?

I'd say you were nuts! Isn't anyway in hell, you're sexy little wife would have anything to do with a big ugly black Fucker like me, and you damn well know it!

Rick, I'm telling you right now that I'll bet to $10 out of next week's pay that you and I can both bed my wife all weekend long, and make her loved!

"I'll tell you what Mark make it $100, and we'll call that bet!" "Now let me get this straight, you're saying that I can come to your house this weekend, and you and me will do the nasty to your wife all weekend or you'll be giving me 100 bucks out of next week's pay, is that right?"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you Rick!" That's a bet! The day after tomorrow is Friday. After work you are with me all weekend long, and then on Monday you can write me a check for $100.
No, no Rick said. "You'll be writing me a check, and that's all that there is to it!

The rest of that day seemed to just fly by, and so did Friday.

After work Rick followed me home, and tried to give me one last chance to back out. What Rick didn't know, was that my wife was the one who brought him into this, not me. But that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to take his money. As I got to the door I swung it open and stuck my head inside, and said." Linda I'm home!" The jig was up almost instantly , when Rick heard Linda saying " Did you talk to him yet about that thing that we talked about?" Yes, yes, and yes. He's here with me now!

Rick looked at me with a look that I can only describe as lascivious, and said. "You knew that this was a sucker bet from the beginning, didn't you?" " Okay Rick, I confess!" I said as I sat down on the sofa and called to the kitchen for Linda to bring us a beer. " It was a sucker bet from the beginning, but it was her idea!" "You see man, our love life has been dried up for about a year now, and we were talking and decided that bringing someone we trusted into our bed, might rekindle the fires that we once had." And I thought to myself after talking to her, who better than you. I know you practice safe sex, and I also trust you enough to know that you will keep your mouth shut after this is all said and done. I also know that if I ask you not to, you'd never come back again.

"Damned Mark, you know me pretty well don't you?" "I suppose so."

In no time at all Linda had a beautiful dinner cooked and on the table for us to enjoy. She was wearing a beautiful light blue sundress, that set off her eyes wonderfully. The hem of her dress was four inches above the knee, she wore white fishnet stockings with garter belts, and no panties. As we sat, and talk inevitably the conversation turned to sex. Linda must have been busting, because she looked Rick right in the eyes at the dinner table and said. "Show me your big black Cock!" Rick, not wishing to disappoint his lovely hostess, rose from his chair, unzipped his fly, and whipped out the longest, thickest Cock Linda had ever imagined. She smiled broadly and said. Thank you! With that Rick sat back down and we all finished our dinner laughing,talking and drinking as we did. After dinner, Linda went to the liquor cabinet, and came back and with a 20-year-old bottle of cognac.

Each of us had a few drinks of the good stuff, and Linda started giving us a show.

Slowly she stood in front of us, pealing off her new dress. Rick could hold out no longer, he jumpped up, grabbed hold of her,& Kissed her Hard on the lip's! The site of Rick, holding holding my wife in his huge black arms reached down with left-hand, and slowly inserted a big black finger deep inside her wetness. He looked at me with that same lascivious look in his eyes, smiled and said. "Shit Mark Yu wasn't lying Yu said it was her idea!"
"With a matter Rick ain't she went enough for you?"

Rick told me later he could not believe the ease with which his two big black finger penetrated my wife's willing wetness. They danced a coronal dance of passion down the hall to the master bedroom. At which point Rick scooped Linda up in his arms carrying her into the bedroom, and depositing her into middle of the king-size bed.

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