tagInterracial LoveHer First White Man

Her First White Man


It was the first night I moved into my new place and I was just finishing up when my friend Barb came over with dinner. We had been friends for over 10 years, ever since I was in college, but never dated. I knew she liked me and I sure liked her. What a body this woman had. But, Barb was black and I was white and in this southern town that was a big problem after all it was only 1965.

But lately we had been getting much closer. She had been visiting me more and we were meeting almost every morning for coffee. We had even had lunch together in the park sometimes. And then here she was wrapping on my front door. I opened it seeing her holding a platter of food. We both smiled and she said, “Dinner is severed. I’m here to see if I can help you with the moving.”

I thanked her and said she was helping by bring a home made meal to me. I haven’t had one in weeks. I unpacked the dinner wear and plates. We sat down and she warmed the dish up. We ate her chicken casserole and it was dam good. I broke out the only bottle of wine I could locate at the time and we drank it. It was strong and on a very empty stomach I felt a little lightheaded after two glasses. Barb helped with the dishes and finally I just took them and put them in the dishwasher as she told me they had to be rinsed. I didn’t care and turned on the machine and took her hand as we walked into the living room. As I did I saw the box of wine in a pile of boxes I hadn’t unpacked yet and pulled out another one. We iced it down while we talking about the new place I had moved into, and finally I gave her a tour of the place. She really liked it and was surprised to see how nice I had decorated it, even the bedroom. We stood in the room and said nothing for few minutes as we look at each other. Finally I gave her a tender hug that pushed our bodies together. I was pulling back and she pulled me closer and kissed me softly. When we broke she said: “ I bet you never imagined you would ever have a black woman in you bedroom did you Bud?”

I laughed and smiled, as I tasted her lip-gloss. She was still holding me but not tight. I said, “Well actually, to be very honest barb, I have imagined you and I together a few times.”

She smiled and said, “ What evil things have you been thinking about me Bud? But it was how I look without any clothes on and you were taking advantage of my black list.”

She was always kidding about our color. I said, “ Well not like that Barb. We were in bed and we were both naked making love.”

She changed the subject and took my hand and we walked out to the living room as she told me I was closer to her place now and I had no excuse not to come over once in awhile for dinner, or just to get together. I told her that was a deal if she could cook like she did tonight. I opened the wine and we sat looking at each other and finally she asked, “How long have we known each other Bud, 10 years?”

I said, “Yep, that’s about right Barb.”

I laughed and opened the wine. After the second bottle I opened a third and began to feel even dizzier. She asked, “Are trying to get me drunk?”

I smiled and told. “ If I could! But remember you can out drink me when it comes to wine.”

She said, “Well maybe I’ll get you drunk and put you to bed this time. Do you remember when I got shit faced at the party we had in the office and you had to take me home?”

I laughed and said. “Yea, you were really out of it. That was the first time I saw your place and your bedroom.”

She took my hand and held it as she looked into my eyes and said, “Well thank you for being such a gentleman that night.”

I said, “I don’t know about that Barb. Yea I know we didn’t do it but god I wanted too. Especially when I laid you on the bed and took you shoes off.”

She looked at me and said, “ So what’s so sex about my shoes? You’re not a foot freak are you?”

We both laughed and I said, “No I’m not one of them, but to completely honest with you I did lift your legs higher than I had to in order to get you shoes off. I also opened them and, (Bud blushed) I lifted your skirt up too.”

Barb just looked at me and said, “And what else did you do Bud?”

I said, “I took your blouse off and your bra. You are very beautiful.”

She gave me an evil look and said, “ BUD! I’m surprised. I never knew you did that. I figured I took off my shoes and top. So how long did you look at me?”

I smiled and told he, “ Long enough to know you are one beautiful woman!”

She smiled and sat straight up and asked, “ Well thank you I think. So how come you never asked me out? I knew you liked me I see you looking at my ass and body all the time.”

By now we were on our 4th bottle of wine and were sitting the floor facing the fire I had started. She was very beautiful. Small maybe 5’ 4” but her body was full. I would guess she had 34 C breasts a very thin flat stomach with full hips and a custom made ass of a black woman.

I told her, “ Well I guess we just never had the moment Barb. I am serious when I tell you I do thing you are a very beautiful black woman. I don’t really have a reason except to say in this town one of us would be beat up or worst. It’s not that I don’t want too it’s just never came up in our conversations. If I asked you to go out with me would you?”

She said, “Sure I really don’t give a shit about color Bud you should know that by now. It’s the person I look at.”

She could tell I was feeling a little out of it and embarrassed to be talking about her and me dating. She saw a book on the top of the pile of books I hadn’t done anything with yet. She picked it up and read that it was on sexual positions and had an Asian couple on the cover locked together facing each other. Both were nude. She asked me, “Have you read this? Or better yet, have you tried all the 1001 positions yet?”

I smiled and said. “I just look at the pictures. No I haven’t tried all the positions, not yet.”

She laughed and looked down at the fake white rug on the floor and she smiled as she laid down on it and said, “Do I look sexy laying here on your “white” rug Bud?”

I looked at her as she posed like one of those playboy models. God she was special. I told her, “Yes Barb! You look really great. Good enough to eat!”

She gave me a very big smile and said, “Oh yea sure I guess like one of those women in the girly magazines, huh?”

I told her, “Well now that you mentioned it, you could very easily be one of those women. You are very lovely and god Barbara, your body is fantastic. Yes, you look like one of those women in the girly magazines but fully dressed.”

She laughed and stood up flashing me a lot of her thigh as she stood . She said, “Wait right there I’ll be back.”

She went into the bathroom and a few minutes later she came back into the room with only her bra and panties on. My eyes got almost as big as my cock was getting. “Holy fuck!” I said!

She smiled and lay back on the rug posing again. This time she said, “How about now? Is this better?”

I sat there just taking in this black woman’s beauty. She was dark and as she laid on the white rug she was unbelievable. My cock was hard as hell in my pants. She said, “Oh wait!”

And at that she reached around and unhooked her bra letting her breasts fall free. I almost shot my load right there. I aid, “What are you doing?”

She said, “Waiting for you to ask me out. How do I look?”

I just licked my lips as I looked at her body. She rested her head on her arm leaning on her elbow. Her one breast was laying on the white rug and her other hung there. Both nipples were hard and long. She rubbed her hand on the rug and told me it felt nice and soft on her body. The she rolled over on her back and looked at me.

I moved to her and laid down next to her pulling her in my arms and cupped her breast as our mouths met and our tongues danced together. She reached for my cock and moaned as she squeezed it. I could feel my blood thumping all throughout my body I was on fire. It might have been the wine or her body or both but I knew I had to have her now right there on the rug. I moved my hand over her panties and she opened her legs letting my hand slip between her thighs. She was soaking wet! She moaned as I rubbed her pussy. She said, “Oh Bud I nave wanted this for so long. Make love to me here on the rug in front of the fire baby. Let me feel your cock inside me Bud. Fuck me now don’t wait, no foreplay, just fuck me with your hard cock.”

She moaned loudly as I moved over her body. Ass I took a nipple into my mouth she guided my very hard cock into her wet warm black cunt. We fucked like animals with both of us locked together humping and humping as she held her arms and legs around my body pulling me deeper and deeper into her. We both were cumming in just a few minutes. My cock felt like it was exploding not just cumming. I have never had a harder or longer climax than that first time with Barbara. The first time we were in urgent need, both wanting to fuck and cum with our new partner. It was so dam bad! I mean good! We were definitely fucking, that’s the word! But then after we had both had spectacular orgasms, we settled down to long, slow and gentle lovemaking.

We made love by the fire on that fake fur rug for what seemed like the rest of the night. Her dark body laying on it, was unbelievably sexy! We lay there fucking in different positions each time then we would rest and drink wine and then we would begin making love again. As the sun was coming up, Barb left and drove home.

We met almost every night after that and drove each other crazy with lust and filling our desires. We would fuck until we both screamed with passion. But on that first night it was something special. After the first time we fucked, I told her I wanted to go extremely slow and enjoy every minute, every second of our lovemaking. She agreed and we started by her slowly stroked my cock up and down with her dark hands. She made me lay back and watched as she worked to get me hard each time I would cum. I rubbed her breasts and cunt slit as slow as I could, making her desire and need build and build.

She loved to stroke my swollen cock telling me it was her first white cock. She loved to watch it go from semi-hard too extremely hard. Our need for one another just built and built! I would watch as I fingered her smooth dark pussy hole with two fingers as slowly as I could go. Moving them in and out and watching my fingers get wet with her juices. It took very little stimulation on my part to make Barb begin to pant with lust! I would smile when my fingers came out of her pussy all wet after only a few seconds!

We did each other like that every night for more than a month. Finally one night I asked her to move in with me but she told me no. She liked the idea of us just being together when we both wanted it. We were having a great time without any obligation or promises. She told me one day either she or I would meet someone else and that would be it. There was no way we would stay together forever. She just wanted to enjoy the time we had together.

I licked every part of her hot black body and she did me the same way. Our tongues left wet marks that made our bodies shin in the firelight! But her dark skin on that white rug shinning from my tongue licking it was fucking unbelievably sexy! I would turn her body towards the firelight so I could see all of her almost completely shaved pussy. I made it all wet by licking it! She had never had any one lick and suck her pussy before me. It drove her absolutely wild and she would fuck me wild and crazy.

My tongue left slow lines up her inner thighs and around the outside of her pussy and then back down her thighs. Around and around I licked between her legs. When I finished with her front, I rolled her over on her stomach and licked her beautiful full dark ass. My tongue licked her ass crack and when I spread her cheeks I licked her ass hole. I even licked between her holes! When I was sure she was really worked up, I told her to get into an kneeling position and then I opening her legs very wide and laid under her so I could eat her pussy this way! Her juices were dripping down on my face, I knew it was time for her to sit on my cock and fuck! And god did she ever fuck me, it was so hot and so dam sexy watching my cock disappear in side her dark body.

As I moved my body up under hers, my fingers and hands began to milk those full dark breasts hanging down. As she knelt there I sucked one breast into my mouth and squeezed the nipple on the other one. She moaned as it went into my mouth. She slowly came down on top of my cock until the big purple head was touching her open pussy lips. Her cunt was dripping juice down the shaft of my waiting cock and I knew the time I had taken to please her was now going to pay off with one incredible fuck!

As she looked at me she smiled and ever so slowly lowered her beautiful body down on my straining hard cock! I felt her pussy open like a flower and begin to engulf the hard cock head stick up between her legs. I lay there watching and enjoying the way she slowly took every inch of my big fat white cock up into her black tight pussy. As the walls of her cunt slid down on my hard shaft I heard her say two words: "Oh Yes!”

We rocked and thrust and pumped into each other and Barb would always say, “Oh god Bud this feels so good baby!”

We began slowly fucked each other. She worked very slowly as she came up on my cock shaft until just the head was left inside her pussy. She smiled down at me as she very slowly rotated her hole around the head of cock before lowering her pussy inch by wonderful inch back down on my shaft until our bodies touched again. She bent over me and dangled her breasts in front of my waiting mouth. She said, “Suck them baby! Make my nipples hard, suck them.”

I sucked them like a mad man. Over and over and over again from one tit to the other pulling and biting her nipples I loved those big black tits. Meanwhile she elevated her pussy until my cock was almost out and then slowly lowered it back down sucking in my extremely hard long cock’s shaft. I don’t ever remember any woman making me feel so hot and so worked up with desire. The passion in our sex was incredible. Her dark body and my white one seemed to make it even sexier. Seeing my white cock sliding into that black pussy was fantastic. But, seeing it come out all wet and slippery covered with her juices was even more fucking sexy! Thinking how my white cum dripping out of her dark hole was going to look was unreal but seeing it cover her dark mouth and face was so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it. I began fucking her like an animal. I’m hard as hell just thinking about it now (almost 40 years later). We continue to make love as slow as we could with each other each time we would mean. But it didn’t take much before neither of us could take it any longer. Then we would fuck like two dogs going wild on each other’s bodies. She would scream and thrust that ass up and down on me. Her hips would rotate and give my cock a feeling that would take my breath away. I would hold her beautiful full ass and help guide it around and around as she continued to lift up and down on my cock.

With every night, and every fuck, we got much better at both fucking and sucking each other. And I got the best sex of my life. Sometimes we would cum so hard and so many times that a big puddle would form under her sweet ass or run down my body. We were always wet from her cum and my own. We never fucked once. We would fuck until one of us couldn’t fuck any longer, and then I gave her oral sex over and over again until she stopped me.

She was incredible with an endless appetite for sex. The way she could climax and climax over and over again was unbelievable. There was never a night where she didn’t have at least 3 or 4 orgasms from our lovemaking. Her swollen clit was big and fat and long and super hard and she loved me to flick my tongue over it. I would lay back on the bed with her pussy over my face and I just sucked on it until she went wild on my face fucking my tongue.

Her pussy was open most of the time. That is her pussy lips were almost always parted a little and she was almost always wet. This let me enter her hole with a finger or tongue or my cock anytime anywhere we could do it even quickly w/o giving her discomfort!

Oh god!! When she rode on my cock it was so good. My favorite way was for her to face the same way I was facing so she could lay back against me. I could then watch my hands and fingers squeeze those hard full tits and pull on those long nipples while she pumped up and down on my cock with that black pussy. In that position, as she began to orgasm, I would use my fingers to rub her clit while my legs spread her thighs wider than usual and hold them open. My cock pumped into her as hard and fast as we both could make it move with our bodies.

She screamed almost every night as I satisfied her every request and wish. The sight of her body going crazy, fucking hard on my cock was so sexy I had to do everything I could think of not to cum. Finally we purchased a cock ring together and that worked great holding my cum back for much longer periods of time. Then when I did cum it was like a fucking gun firing into her which we both enjoyed.

She told me how good it felt to have my warm cum pumping into her cunt as I exploded with my orgasm. And you all know, or can imagine just how good it felt to cum in her cunt after a longtime of fucking!

Barb’s pussy was oval and formed a very nice tight grip around my cock shaft as I moved it in and out of her. She had her legs open wide and with her knees bent as I held them up with my arms under her thighs. As I held her legs up, I would move my arms up under her arms and placed my hands on her shoulder. Hold them like that gave me a greater amount of leverage to really slam my cock into her pussy! She would lift us both up off the bed with that great ass as we fucked. Her beautiful ass had such lift we would be fucking a foot off the bed at times.

And then there were her orgasm!! Oh my god did she go off. Her hips pumped and rotated like a machine as she climaxed. Again and again she would lift and hold us up and thrust her ass as her hips fucked me hard.

Her dark breasts would be rocking with the motions as we pumped into each other. Since I couldn’t cup them with my hands holding her like I was, I would bent my head down and sucked her nipples as she grabbed my head and moaned for me to suck them harder and harder. It would go on like this for at least an hour most times longer.

As she fucked me with my cock ring on I was able to off until she let me cum! Once she had her fill of orgasms, we would release the cock ring and she would hammer my body until I shot a huge load of cum deep into her hole. We would finally collapse on the bed completely drained, tired and very thirsty. After a break we would suck and suck each other’s sex until we both had one last orgasm. She licked her lips and smiled as she swallowed every dam drop of my cum.

She always washed her face and then my face cleaning the cum off. We were usually coated with it. It was the last thing we did before we fell asleep when she would stay over. Being in our own place was fantastic. We could fuck every day and then fall asleep holding each other. But, I was actually dropping weight and knew she was fucking me to death! I loved it!

But that first night was the most sexist night of my life so far. It began like I told you and here’s how we went at it.

Barb let me move over her body touching and licking anywhere and everywhere I wanted to go. The intercourse we shared moments ago had driven us both wild with the hardest orgasm I have ever known. She fucked me like I have always wanted and her body was unbelievable driving me harder and harder and faster and faster ramming into it. When we had collapsed back on the rug we just held each other making that noise that two bodies makes when they are both wet from the fuck workout given to the other person. She rolled over facing me and told me I was her first white man and she asked if she was my first black. I told her she was and that she was the most fantastic woman I had ever done it with. She softly stroked my semi-hard cock as I sucked and gently played with her body. Finally when she got her breath back she got up went into the bathroom and cleaned her up a little. When she was done I did the same. When I came out of the bathroom she had a glass of wine waiting for me and she smiled as she lay there on the white rug and said, “So are you ready for round two? Or, are you a single shot type of guy?”

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