tagBDSMHer Gift to Papa Ch. 02

Her Gift to Papa Ch. 02


Day 2 - The Dungeon and More...

The next morning found Kaitlin waking up with a smile on her face and Andrew's protective arms still wrapped around her. They had both fallen asleep that way and had remained in each other's arms throughout their slumber. The bed covers were all askew because although it had serviced their sexual needs very well last night, it was too small for people of their heights.

She was becoming quite chilled now, even in the warmth of his embrace. All she had on was a t-shirt of Andrew's he had slipped over her body last night. He had made it abundantly clear when they talked of so many things until the wee hours of the morning, unless it was his choosing, she was no longer to wear panties of any kind. His cunt must be at his disposal at all times and any barriers like underwear would not be permitted. She was to be available at all time to service his needs whenever he wanted and wherever he desired her.

They had discussed a wide variety of things after their 'scene'' was over and she had a lot on her mind now to think about, but nothing he had said had altered her perception of how she saw their relationship being defined by her Master. The things he had told her and described for her only made her want him more and their lifestyle together. Although, the more she got to know him and the more she was learning of herself, the term 'lifestyle' was beginning to sound like a phrase made up by people that couldn't and wouldn't understand their relationship together.

Smiling softly to herself, she basked in the glow of a woman well and truly fucked like she had been last night. Even though she was a tad sore, her body was more relaxed than she could ever remember having been before. She had reached new heights with Andrew that she had never dreamed possible. Not only was he an expert lover attuned to her body's needs and desires, it was if he had seen into her soul and was able to at last recognize the yearnings she had never even had a name for prior to meeting him.

Before now she had always felt like something was missing, even to go so far to think something was wrong with HER. Although some of the sex had been very satisfying with previous lovers, none of the relationships had ever lasted. Most of the time she had ended them herself because even though she wasn't unhappy per se, she wasn't fulfilled either. So she had kept searching for that perfect man, but never finding him.

It was actually rather amusing how she had discovered this side to herself and finally realized what was missing. Not wanting to be actually promiscuous, especially in this day and age, she had turned to her computer for comfort seeking out the cyber sex she had heard about. So she went searching in chat rooms for the sex she craved.

At first all she did was watch all the other people flirting back and forth. Eventually she found herself participating in the banter. The cyber sex had consequently led to phone sex and it was during one of these encounters that a man had wanted to spank her and tie her up. Laughing to herself she remembered her reaction at the time. Instead of being outraged and turned off when Tom had suggested it, she was intrigued instead. And extremely horny as she recalled. It may have been her own fingers that achieved that explosive orgasm that night, her own hand that had spanked her ass and pussy, but it was the call with Tom that got her started on researching the whole topic and what eventually led her to find Andrew.

Lost in her thoughts, she turned over in the bed and found the man she was thinking of wide awake and smiling down at her. Smiling back, she reached out with her hand to stroke his very masculine cheek. Just touching his face made her want him all over again and she could feel her body responding to this man that in such a short time had brought her ecstasy she had only dreamed of before.

"Good morning my precious pet. Did you sleep well?" inquired Andrew, capturing her hand and bringing it to his lips for a gentle kiss.

"Yes Papa, I did, very well actually" replied Kaitlin with a twinkle in her eyes and a grin on her luscious lips.

"I hope you are well rested baby because I have a lot of plans for us today" stated Andrew. "But I need to feed you first to keep up your energy", he said chuckling.

Kaitlin laughed with him but turned somber as the reflection in his eyes changed. She waited patiently for him to say what was so obviously on his mind.

"I have been awake for awhile now but let you continue sleeping because I know what is in store for you later", he began. He continued in the same somber voice, "You are not to know details just yet. While you are showering, I will select the clothes you will be wearing today".

Kaitlin listened intently to her Master now as he made clear to her that he was now in charge and as long as they were together, always would be in that capacity.

"There are a couple of things I require you to do to prepare yourself for later this morning" he calmly stated further. "Before your shower, you will need to give yourself an enema to cleanse yourself out. You will find one in the bathroom cabinet that I placed there yesterday. Beside it you will also find a butt plug and some lubrication. You need to insert it as far as you can and leave it in place for me."

Even though Andrew was not telling her his actual plans, his instructions were giving her an idea of what was probably going to take place. It definitely looked like she was going to being experiencing anal sex for the first time for real today, she thought quietly to herself. Although she and Andrew had played around with it online and on the telephone, it had been her vibrator that was used. A man's cock had never been inside her ass.

She was a little apprehensive but she didn't question his instructions, she knew she would obey them to the letter as he did. She had already proven to him that she would do his bidding in whatever he asked many times over and now they both were to enjoy the fruits of all of his laborious training and instructions in sculpting her into his sub, his baby. It never even occurred to her to deny him anything, her trust in him was that complete.

Just thinking about what could transpire today was arousing her. You would think after the night she had shared with her Papa that the mere idea of more sex would not be able to affect her, but on the contrary it could and was. She could feel her nipples hardening with the ideas floating through her head and because of her position in Andrew's arms he felt it as well. He laughed the deep laugh she was now associating with him but she also knew he wasn't laughing at her and knew he was pleased she was so responsive to his instructions and desires.

"Ah my poor baby is getting horny again, isn't she?, he teasingly asked her.

"Yes Papa", she said somewhat demurely but the mischievous light in her eyes let him know how much she enjoyed doing whatever he requested of her.

He was seeing for himself now what he had already hoped and guessed in the time they were getting to know one another long distance that his precious pet was a rare jewel that he had discovered. He sensed in her fiery emotions that were kept at bay and although she would always it seemed do whatever whim he desired, she was no doormat and had a mind of her own as well, a very keen mind at that.

Time spent with her would forever be an adventure, for both of them and he was looking forward to peeling back the layers of her personality and seeing her in ways no other man before him had been allowed. He was well aware there had been other men before him but that didn't matter to him, especially since he knew without a doubt he was the first to ever be allowed to see so many sides to her.

His large hand swatted her butt and he told her to get her ass moving so they could get their day going. Andrew had made plans to be here for a week and it appeared to her he had put careful thought into all their time to be spent together. She wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out all seven days had been planned in advanced both for enjoyment for them and tests for her as his 'new' sub. Even though they had known each other for months now, it was different being together in person.

Kaitlin arose from the bed stretching and the t-shirt pulled up over her hips exposing her still glistening mound. She had cum so many times the night before that she was sticky from their combined secretions. She and the room both were heavily permutated with the unmistakable aroma of sex. She was looking forward to the shower as she moved towards the bathroom door to carry out Andrew's instructions.

He smiled as he watched her walk away from him, her hips swaying underneath his shirt. Their first night together had been everything he had imagined it would be and his baby had not disappointed him. She was everything he had dreamed she would be and more. He had felt he knew her very well before meeting her yesterday and in a lot of ways he had, but he was also finding out they had barely scratched the surface with one another and was eagerly anticipating the next week with her and learning even more.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman that seemed so perfect for him and the lifestyle he had embraced so many years before. She was not his first sub and quite possibly would not be his last but he intended to enjoy every moment of whatever time they were to be together, whether it be weeks, months or whatever, for now she was indeed 'his' as she so eloquently had proven yesterday.

Kaitlin entered the bathroom at that moment and started to close the door when his voice stopped her. "No baby, remember what I told you last night. You are mine in every way and you are never to shut me out with any doors between us", he admonished her. "After I lay out your clothing for you, I am going to take a shower myself in the other bathroom and that should give you any privacy you feel you might need for the enema but remember...no closed doors".

"Yes Papa, I understand", she replied and entered the bathroom to seek out the paraphernalia she needed.

With that Andrew rose from the bed himself and walked toward their suitcases, his magnificent nude body on display. Even in a flaccid state, he was remarkable to look at and Kaitlin got a glimpse of him in the bathroom mirror as he opened his suitcase. She sighed to herself in utter contentment that this man had chosen HER to be his baby and would enjoy it for every precious moment it lasted.

She was not young and naive enough to believe yet it could be 'forever' and learned a long time ago to take each day as it came. Although they had spoken a little on the subject about seeing if their relationship would take them to the possibility of her living with him in his home, they were just tentative plans at best and no promises had been made on either side. For now she decided she was just going to enjoy this week with him and let the future take care of itself as it was meant to be.

She turned toward the bathroom cabinet that he had indicated the things were that she needed and he moved from her line of vision. While she busied herself preparing her body per her Master's instructions, Andrew found all he was seeking and laid it out on the bed with a smile on his face.

The thigh high hose and high heeled sandals he had placed there had come from Kaitlin's suitcase but the dress he laid out had come from his. She has no idea that his luggage contained several items for her and not just his clothing. As her Master, it would be him telling her what she could and couldn't wear at all times. She would be dressed for him and his wants, desires and whims. He had a good eye for what was appealing and this dress showed that, but he planned on making it very clear from the start that he was in control of everything in their lives for as long as they were together.

The dress was quite lovely but once again perhaps a bit more provocative than Kaitlin was use to wearing but that would change now that she would be dressed to please him. It was a snow white gauzy cotton affair that would compliment her coloring and figure just like he had intended. It was gauzy to the point in direct sunlight it was somewhat see through which was what his intention had been when it was purchased.

This time she would have on a bra, but it was a demi bra, one that was meant to push her breasts up and almost overflowing the small cups. He could see in his mind's eye her nipples would be poking over the top and would be seen through the dress like he had planned.

The neckline was low cut as well and would show her cleavage. Although her breasts were not overly large, they were ample enough to fill the dress out very well. The thought caused him to become semi hard and he smiled to himself the effect his baby was having on him. He laid out his own clothes and moved toward the other bathroom to shower himself.

He finished in record time, he had never been one to dawdle on his personal hygiene. When he emerged from his bathroom, he noticed Kaitlin was not back in the suite and moved toward hers to check on her progress. He could see that she had done the enema as he had requested and she was damp from her shower and nude but she was struggling to insert the butt plug as he had asked.

Her lack of experience was obvious and perhaps he should have realized that, but he could remedy that now. She was bent over trying to place it in and without warning he lifted her in his arms and carried her to their bed. She had been so intent on her task at hand she had not heard him approach and gasped aloud from the shock of finding herself lifted and carried. He laid her on her stomach and proceeded to show her the proper way to insert one and had it inside her before she even knew it. It happened so quickly she didn't have time to register any of the pain and although it felt strange inside her it didn't actually hurt per se.

"We need to hurry baby for the appointment I have for us later this morning and we do need to eat first. Please get dressed and ready as fast as you can for me", he said.

Kaitlin as she was thinking to herself was finding out first hand that although Andrew 'issued orders' and definitely considered her his property for now, in no way was he sadistic or cruel and in fact the way he treated her was 'lovingly' for lack of a better term. There was no mistake in the way he said and did things that she must obey him and she knew in her heart if she didn't she would be punished, but the way he handled everything outside of their bed MADE her want to do whatever he wished.

To someone not familiar with the lifestyle (and she herself was still in a learning stage) a lot of people ASSUME that the whole relationship is based on nothing but demand and orders from the part of the Dom and never grasped the fact that the relationship was like any other and quite possibly loving.

Yes, Kaitlin in giving herself to him, gave him the gift to do whatever he wanted to her. But it was also FOR her as well and he would be her protector as well as her Master. So simple really, but other people not understanding made it complex and assumed that it was all sexual. Kaitlin still had so much to learn but as these thoughts flitted through her head, she felt in her gut she was right.

She was also dressed and ready in mere minutes, applying only light makeup knowing Andrew did not like a heavy overdone look and she had never been one to wear much anyway. The dress and bra surprised her a little but she didn't question it at all and just put on the clothes he had laid out for her. She was actually enjoying this, having someone else pick out her clothes to wear.

His taste was impeccable although not quite the same as her own and it sure made it easy not having to labor over any decision herself she thought laughing silently. "I could get use to this real quick" and almost said the thought aloud but caught herself before it passed her lips. For such a tall man Andrew moved quietly and he was behind her before she realized it and was rubbing her ass through the dress.

"It looks good on you baby. Do you like it"? he asked as he looked approving down out her, smiling as he did.

"Yes Papa, very much. Thank you for getting it for me", she answered beaming up at him as she turned around.

The way the morning light was streaming through the window since Andrew had opened the heavy drapes earlier, it was clearly obvious she had no panties on underneath and her dark pubic hair was outlined through the fabric. Andrew let his gaze rest upon her for a moment and decided not to share that tidbit of information with her.

For him right now it would be enough to know other men would be able to see his baby. He thoroughly enjoyed putting her on display for others to ogle and had many more plans in his mind to show her off. Just walking around would not show her nudity beneath the dress but if she were in direct sunlight it would he thought as he smiled to himself.

Kaitlin was learning to enjoy her nudity beneath her clothing. Knowing as she thought of it now, 'Andrew's cunt' would be free and open at all times. It was amazing how such a little change in dress was so erotic, that the lack of some skimpy piece of fabric could cause her to become so aroused. Even though they hadn't done a thing, just donning the clothes was causing her body to react.

He took her arm and led her toward the door. They were just going to eat in the hotel dining room. This morning meal was strictly for nourishment to replenish their bodies for later plans of the day beginning with the appointment this morning.

Unbeknownst to Kaitlin, Andrew had discovered a 'dungeon' in the area and had made plans for them to be there this morning and have another 'scene'. He planned on making the most of their short time together this week and had arranged the outing from his own home. Kaitlin was unaware that the 'limo driver' from the night before was actually connected with the dungeon, another member, and had agreed to be part of all of Andrew's plans for this morning. The two of them had actually met a few months earlier when Andrew checked out the dungeon and became a member of the establishment. The driver's name was Gary although Andrew had given no indication last night to Kaitlin that he knew this or the man.

Gary was a sub himself and was quite willing to participate in the scene Andrew had planned. He was meeting them there at 11:00 this morning and that was why he was pushing to dine rather quickly and get there. This was to be a surprise for Kaitlin but as well as he was beginning to know his baby, he knew there wouldn't be any objections on her part at all and would enjoy it every bit as much as he was planning on.

Andrew and Kaitlin made their selections from the buffet the hotel had provided and sat down at a table close by. Quietly they ate both lost in their own thoughts, but the occasional glances at one another and the 'secret smiles' they exchanged made it obvious even to the casual onlooker they were lovers.

The heat in their glances was unmistakable and the raw sexual energy surrounding them could be felt and seen. The passion was evident in their body language and at times Kaitlin felt herself lowering her eyes unable to keep the contact between them as she blushed furiously. Her uninhibited wanton behavior in Andrew's presence was both exhilarating and frightening.

This man in one searing look, one word could make her do things and want to do even more that before she had only dreamed about. Her eyes locked with his as they both were thinking about all that happened between them so far since they had met yesterday for the first time at the airport. Nervously Kaitlin ran her tongue across her succulent lips and then lowered her gaze as Andrew seemed to devour her with his eyes.

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