tagBDSMHer Gift to Papa Ch. 05

Her Gift to Papa Ch. 05


Day 5 - The Train Ride...His 'Whore' for the Day

Kaitlin and Andrew both woke up early the next morning to the blare of the alarm. Her Master had wanted an early start to what he had planned for the day and had set it the night before. Pulling her toward him now, he reached around her to shut it off. Lowering his mouth to hers he kissed her good morning. She sighed contentedly against him as she returned his kiss.

He forced her mouth open with his tongue and sucked on hers as he placed his hand on her mound. Pushing the lips apart, his fingers sought her clit as she moaned against him. Roughly he rubbed the little nub as she felt herself respond to his touch. She could tell from his actions and the lack of conversation between them he wanted her hard and fast this morning. It wasn't gentle lovemaking he was seeking but the desire to fuck her hard and she responded accordingly.

He lowered his head to her nipple biting down on it as she lay beneath him. Only his mouth on hers and him sucking her tongue kept her from screaming aloud as he thrust a finger inside her gauging her wetness for him. Satisfied she was wet enough to take him, he pulled her on top of him and forced her down on his hard cock, plunging into her cunt. With his hands on her hips, he set the tempo on how he wanted her to fuck him and she complied. He lay there beneath her as she began to ride his hard cock, clenching him inside her.

"Pull apart my cunt for me baby and stroke my clit", he ordered.

She did as he instructed, searching for the little bud and finding it, began to stroke it as she moved up and down his shaft with his hands on her waist. She had found out in their time together her Papa liked watching her masturbate for him, liked watching her own fingers stroking 'his' clit and pushing in and out of 'his' cunt. She did things with this man that she had never dreamed she would do before. She was unable to deny him anything, the hold he had on her was that strong.

"Harder little one. Fuck me harder", he ordered.

With his hands guiding her, she increased her movements as her cunt sheathed him. She was wet enough now for the sounds to echo through the quiet room as she moved up and down his hard shaft. Rising above him and then slamming down her cunt on him, her butt hitting his pubis. His hands grabbed her ass now as she stroked him harder. Her own body was responding to the desperate way she was being fucked this morning, the way her Papa was using his cunt for his pleasure.

She felt him go stiff as the first spurts of hot cum were felt inside her. He groaned as he filled her womb and with his hand on top of hers rubbed harder on her clit, demanding she have her own release. Pulling hard on the nipple that still bore his teeth marks, he ordered her to cum now for him. That was all the coaxing she needed and she felt her own orgasm race through her body. She fell across his chest as her body convulsed over him, his cock still buried inside her.

"Good morning baby", he said with a grin in his voice.

She rose a little from her position and leaned down to kiss him on his lips. "Good morning to you too Papa", she said laughing. Swatting her butt he told her they had no time to dawdle this morning.

Grabbing her hand he pulled her up with him as he arose from the bed. "Go take your shower my pet while I lay out your clothes and fix me some tea," he said as he bent down and kissed her forehead. "We are going to take the train downtown since that is our destination this morning. It should be crowded this time of day and I think you remember our discussion from quite some time ago what I want you to do for me."

"Yes Papa I remember, but I never dreamed you would be there watching", she said with a smile on her lips now.

He had professed a desire a while back for her to tease and flirt with a stranger on a train ride. At that point the train service in her area was barely getting started but as gas prices rose and construction continued on one of the major highways of the city, more and more commuters opted to use the train service each day. At times it could be so crowded it was standing room only on the ride to downtown and for this particular idea of Andrew's that would work perfectly.

As she showered, she wondered what her Papa would make her wear today. Not that it truly mattered because she would wear whatever he selected, but there was nothing in her wardrobe that she could think of that would entice men the way she knew her Papa wanted her to from their talks online so many months before. She soon found out however when she left the shower toweling herself dry and entered her bedroom.

On the bed was the garter belt she had worn the first night they met but the articles of clothing beside it she had never seen before and realized Andrew had purchased them for her with this 'scene' in mind. The hose were sheer black stockings and she looked forward to the feel of the silk on her legs. The black skirt beside it was just a scrap of material indicating it was extremely short, much shorter than anything she had ever owned or wore. The white silk top beside it was rather sheer she could tell from glancing at it.

She bit down on her lip and realized her Papa intended for her to be his 'slut' today and she was to be dressed accordingly. As usual, there was no bra or panties in sight and she was going to look more provocative than she had ever looked before. Without him 'making' her, she knew she would never have been able to wear those clothes before her. Color infused her cheeks as she realized what she was allowing him to make her do. There was no way she could deny him anything though so she dropped the towel and began dressing.

"I want you to wear more make up than you normally do baby. And I also want you to use the rouge makeup for your nipples that I have provided you", he ordered in a no nonsense tone.

"Dear God", she thought to herself. "I am going to look like a whore". She knew that was his intention though and she nodded her acquisition as she replied to him, "Yes Papa".

She sat down at her dressing table only clad in the garter belt and stockings as Andrew left the room to take his own shower. As she made up her face using a heavier hand than normal, she let her thoughts wander to what was soon to transpire. She wondered to herself just how she was going to be able to handle this and 'perform' for her Papa the way he desired.

Even though it had been quite some time since these particular fantasies had been discussed with Andrew, she remembered them all in full detail. She hadn't been able to do it for him before because at the time the train to downtown was relatively new and the idea just wasn't feasible, but she could now see it working just the way he had wanted back then. The difference now was that he would be right here watching and she was to entice a strange man with her Master as an audience.

She absently rubbed the rouge into her pale nipples making them darker knowing that was what Andrew wanted, for another man to be able to see her breasts and nipples through the silk blouse. Finishing her make up she stood to get dressed. She had no idea but her Papa was silently watching her as she donned the clothes he had selected for her. She pulled the lovely silk blouse on and slowly fastened the buttons. She left the top three undone knowing that was what Andrew would want.

She stood before her mirror above her dresser looking at her image before her. The nipples were very obvious in the somewhat see through blouse, much more so with the rouge than they would have been without it applied. Her nipples were rather pale in their natural state and the makeup enhanced them so they could clearly be seen. They hardened as she observed herself, her body giving away to the lust she felt doing this for her Papa. Her mind might be rebelling somewhat but her body was telling her it excited her to be 'made' to do what her Master wanted.

She reached for the skirt and pulled it up her hips. The bottom of the skirt barely covered the tops of her hose and the garter belt and she knew then when she sat down for whatever reason, they would show. Just the tops granted, but they would definitely be seen by anyone observing. Without even being told she knew how Andrew would want her hair and now bent over with her hairbrush to brush it from the underside adding volume to her long tresses. It would give her that tousled "I just rolled out of bed' look that she was sure Andrew would want for the image he was trying to project of her today.

Standing back up she was startled to see Andrew before her now. Seeing the look on his face though she could tell she met with his approval. He handed her 3-inch heels to her and she slipped them on her feet. The night she and Andrew had met for the first time she had been sexy for him but this went beyond that. This outfit screamed 'fuck me' to anyone that was to see her. The first night she was provocative but she now really did look like a slut like he had obviously intended. He wanted other men to want to fuck his baby, for them to see her as slutty as possible. He had no intention of letting anyone they might meet on the train fuck her today, this scene was strictly for her to tauntingly tease any man that saw her. He would be right there to protect her so nothing would happen to her but it was his desire for her to be a whore today. He was getting semi hard again just looking at her body clad in the clothes he had chosen for her. He had dressed himself while she was getting ready and they were now ready to leave.

He took her arm and led her out the door toward the bus stop that would take them to the train station. With only a short wait because of the time of day it was, soon a bus pulled up and they got on. He had her sit in the front seat that faced outward as he went a few rows back to sit behind her and observe.

There was a man sitting across from her and as she sat down the skirt did pull up like she had feared it would and when she crossed her legs the man got a peek at her bare pussy. That part had not dawned on Kaitlin but it had Andrew and he closely watched the man's reaction to his baby. The man's eyes traveled up and down her mentally stripping the women before him as he winked at her. Kaitlin knew how her Papa expected her to behave and she smiled back at the man casually wetting her lips with her tongue. She glanced at the man's crotch and saw he had become hard just looking at her. Even in her embarrassment at how she was dressed, it gave her a thrill to know she was responsible for that and felt her own body responding. If the man also got off at the train stop perhaps he would be the candidate for her seduction 'scene' for her Master.

She changed positions and re-crossed her legs unknowingly once again giving the man another view of her cunt. Andrew watched with amusement at the man practically salivating over his precious baby. The man was now smiling widely at Kaitlin with obvious want on his face as he asked her name. She gave him a fictitious name and asked his, openly flirting with him now. They made small talk as Andrew watched from his vantage point. Shortly the bus pulled up to the train station and the passengers alighted to catch the train. The man was now close behind her not wanting to let this creature out of his sight. Her Master followed them both never indicating that he was with her as he allowed this scene to unfold.

Sure enough, the train was crowded when they got on and it was standing room only. They moved toward the back holding on to overhead straps to keep from falling as the train took off. The motion caused Kaitlin's skirt to pull up some and her lovely legs were on display. The man was right behind he and in the crush of bodies Kaitlin moved closer to him. Her butt was now almost up against his crotch and he moved closer to her.

When she didn't back away he moved closer still and she could feel his hard cock against her bottom. When she once again didn't object, he reached out to caress her ass as the train pulled into the underground tunnel beneath the freeway of the city. Raising her skirt a little, she felt his hand on her bare ass. When she still didn't object and because of the vast amount of people on the train and he knew it was highly unlikely anyone else could see, he reached under her and stroked her shaved mound.

She could hear his breathing deepen as she allowed him to stroke her Papa's cunt with a smile on her face for the man she knew was watching her every move and would be there to take care of her if the need arose. She reached behind her and casually let her hand stroke the man's cock through his trousers. She heard his sharp intake of breath as he slipped a finger inside her damp cunt. As the train glided beneath the city the man started fucking her with his finger as she rubbed his bulging cock. Her pussy clenched his finger inside her as he moaned softly. Faster he moved his finger in and out of her and Kaitlin let her body go, somehow knowing this was what her Master wanted and desired. As the train raced through the city she came for this man but more importantly for her Papa. The man, who had told her that his name was Greg, felt her juices spurt and coat his finger as his cock ached beyond belief for this woman before him.

Presently though the train came out of the tunnel and he quickly withdrew his finger. Holding it up to his nose he inhaled her aroma. Leaning down he whispered in her ear he wanted to fuck her so much. She told him she wanted him too and he asked for her telephone number. Sticking with using a fake name, the number she gave him wasn't hers either but he wouldn't know that yet. The stop she and Andrew had agreed upon earlier was coming up and she told the man that although she hated to she had to get off now. The doors slid open and she headed to the exit as she turned back to look at the man and licking her lips. With a slight wave with her fingers, she mouthed to the man to 'call me' and stepped out onto the sidewalk. She stood there as the train took off and soon felt her Papa's arms around her waist. She turned to him and raised her face up to him the unspoken question was in her eyes.

He pulled her tightly against him and begun briskly walking down the sidewalk away from the station. Kaitlin had no idea if she had pleased him or not with her actions under his directions with the man on the train. She so desperately wanted him to answer her unspoken questions but prudently waited for him to say something, anything to let her know. She walked briskly with him to keep up with his long stride, her very high heels making it slightly difficult but knew better than to complain.

Presently they reached what appeared to be a deserted alleyway between buildings and he abruptly turned in pulling her along side him. She was quite perplexed wondering just what they were doing here but firmly kept her thoughts to herself. All of a sudden she felt him dragging her behind a close by dumpster and he twirled her roughly around pushing her face forward into it the receptacle.

He quickly lifted her skirt and smacked her bare bottom with his open palm. She flinched but didn't cry out with the unexpected torture to her ass. Kaitlin felt him spreading her cheeks apart and roughly shoving a finger into her wet cunt that was still dripping from cumming on the train ride. With his other hand he grabbed hold of her luxurious hair snapping her head back against him. If it had been anyone but her beloved Papa, she would have been petrified and as it was she was still somewhat frightened of his actions and rough handling of her.

"You're my dirty little slut aren't you baby?" Andrew growled into her ear. "You wanted that man to fuck you didn't you whore? You wanted to feel his hard cock buried deep inside MY cunt didn't you?" As if to underline his words and their meaning, he cupped her bare pussy with his large hand.

"No Papa," she stammered to him with tears building in her eyes. "I was only doing what you told me to, only following your orders."

"You're lying baby, not only to me but to yourself. You wanted him to fuck you hard. You wanted him to ram his hard cock in your dripping pussy until you came. You didn't care who was watching, that was how badly you wanted it." Andrew said with his head close to her ear.

Kaitlin was momentarily speechless not knowing what to think about what her Master was saying. But deep inside herself she knew he was right and she turned 100 shades of red realizing just how well he knew her and all her dirty little secrets. As if from a distance, she heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper being lowered and felt his engorged penis up against her bare butt.

She gasped when she realized what he meant to do to her in this public place but remained still and not struggling in his hard grasp. In one swift thrust his hard shaft was deep inside her very moist cunt. She was shaking her head side to side as if to say no she did not want this but Andrew knew better. He knew her far better than she had yet realized or accepted.

"This is what you wanted isn't it slut? To be fucked senseless from behind by that man on the train. You wanted to feel his cock thrusting in and out you like this didn't you my little whore?" he bellowed menacingly in her ear loud enough for only her to hear.

"No Papa, I swear to you I didn't. I was only doing what you asked of me. Please believe me," she begged with tears streaming down her face.

"Baby we both know you're lying. You wanted it so bad, just like I am doing to you now." Andrew said as he plunged in and out of her fuck hole.

Kaitlin felt her body's betrayal as she found herself pushing back against him as his throbbing cock moved in and out of her cunt. She felt her muscles involuntarily clutching him to her as her juices seeped out of her steaming hot pussy. For a moment neither one of them spoke as her Master fucked her hard, fucked her like the whore she was for him and her realizing just how right he had been and how much she wanted to be fucked, how much she enjoyed being his slut.

"I'm going to ask you one more time baby," he said slamming into her repeatedly. "Tell your Master the truth. Tell me how much my slut wanted this."

With her voice trembling and her cunt clenching him tighter, she managed to gasp out the words they both knew had been the truth all along. "Yes Master. Your dirty little whore wants to be fucked, needs to be fucked like the slut I am." With finally admitting that she gave herself over to this moment between them and ground her ass against him, without words showing him how much she needed what he was doing to her.

Andrew's large hands encircled her waist as he fucked her hard and fast, grunting as he repeatedly slammed in and out of her. Her right hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as she lowered it to rub her clit as he fucked her grunting along with him. Her eyes darkened with passion as she felt the climax building inside her. Her Master furiously pushed his throbbing shaft in and out of her ever-increasing wetness. One corner of her mind fleeting thought of what she was fast becoming for this man deep inside her, but she truly didn't care as he branded her body with his prick.

She had never really thought of herself as a 'whore' or a 'slut' because although she had several lovers over the years, the affairs had always been discrete. She had pretty much kept that part of her life very private reflecting her persona of how she was raised by her parents in a small town. In the short time she and Andrew had been together this week, they had done far more in sexual exploits than she would ever have dreamed possible.

Andrew's movements jerked her mind back to the now of what was transpiring between them, him fucking her like a dog in heat. Fucking her in public with her skirt pulled up around her waist and anybody that happened to turn and walk down the deserted alley towards them would have seen immediately what was happening. Her face was contorted with the animalistic nature of the act between them and she grunted in rhythm to his repeated thrusts in and out of her cunt.

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