tagBDSMHer Gift to Papa Ch. 06

Her Gift to Papa Ch. 06


Day 6 - Picture perfect day

The previous day for Kaitlin and Andrew had been different but still very wonderful in its own way. Although neither one had yet shared with each other their innermost thoughts and feelings during the short time they had been together this past week, in some ways in felt like to both of them they had at last found their soul mate, With nothing that she was aware of preplanned for the day, she still lay sleeping cuddled up against her Papa, her butt up against his groin. Yesterday evening unlike the other nights they had spent together, her Master had not set the alarm prior to them going to bed.

Andrew slowly woke up feeling her closeness even while he was sleeping and with a smile on his face he gazed down upon his baby as she softly breathed in her deep slumber. Yesterday had been both mentally and physically exhausting for her and he was reluctant to wake her as he lay there deep in thought. Never before had he known anyone quite like his Kaitlin and that was definitely how he thought about her now although he had yet to voice those thoughts aloud. He quietly slipped from the bed and although she stirred slightly, she did not awaken as he made his way into the living area of her apartment and soundlessly closed her bedroom door behind him.

He picked up the phone and after consulting briefly in his small address book, he dialed the first number on his list to finalize the plans that he had started several months before prior to their first meeting. The time he had spent getting to know her both online and on the phone had him hoping that Kaitlin was everything he sensed that she was but he had known that it was too much of a gamble and risk to get his hopes up before they had actually met face to face and spent time in each other's company.

Yes, he had indeed dreamed and hoped, there was no denying that, but he was realistic enough to know that there were so very many people that portrayed themselves different in the realm of their computer and the privacy of their own home. While he had never actually thought Kaitlin had lied to him in any way, the only resolution to it all was to meet face to face. Now in the few short days he had been with her in every sense of the word, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was meant to be his and he was ready to set the plans in motion to make that happen.

He continued quietly with his calls as Kaitlin still slept oblivious in the next room but he also knew deep in his heart and soul that the plans he was making for the both of them would meet with her approval. She had never come right out and voiced those thoughts aloud the past few days but knowing her the way he did; he had known the questions she could barely restrain herself from asking.

He was quite pleased actually that she hadn't asked and expected to follow his lead wherever that journey took them. One of the many reasons that he knew he was making the right choice he thought as he quietly replaced the receiver on the telephone. He slipped softly back into the bedroom and as he lay back down on her bed, she moved slightly and slowly woke. As he gazed down on her lovely face her eyes opened and a gentle smile lit up her face.

"Good morning little one", Andrew said as she scooted closer to him as the covers fell around her revealing her naked form.

Reaching out to tweak the nipple of one of her luscious breasts cupping it in his large hand, he heard her sigh of longing and knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her this morning; to once again ravish her body. However with nothing on the agenda today other than being together he planned to make this a day she wouldn't soon forget. He had every intention of making her wait as long as possible and begging him for her release before he finally gave in to her desires.

She moaned softly now as he continued palming her breast and stroking the hardened pebble of her aroused nipple. With the other hand he parted the apex to her womanhood and slipped a finger between the soft folds. Oh how he loved her smooth mound as he thought back to how he had shaved it for her when they were at the hotel. He had already decided he liked his baby smooth and planned on checking in to waxing for her to keep her that way at all times.

"Oh God Papa that feels wonderful", she exclaimed as she gulped in air as sensations rippled through her body.

His exploring finger could feel the moisture easing out of her indicating her arousal. He eased the finger out from deeply inside her and massaged her clit as her moans deepened. And just as quickly as he had started playing with her, he abruptly pulled his hand away and swatted her on the rear.

"Time for you to get up sleepy head and fix my breakfast", he said smiling down out her surprised face. "Get moving while I have my shower".

She could tell he was serious as she squelched the thoughts running through her brain. She wanted to groan in frustration but didn't want to get the look he was so capable of bestowing on her if she displeased him in any way. It was ironically funny that all it took was thinking about it to keep her from giving in to her innate longings and desires. She had quickly learned that the look hurt far more than anything he could do touching her body and tried valiantly to keep that from happening.

Holding in the sigh that she felt like letting loose she hurriedly rose from the bed to do just as he instructed. She was lost in thought as she left the bedroom and headed toward her small kitchen. She heard Andrew rise and head to the bathroom and cut on the shower so she knew she better hurry to do his bidding.

As she pulled everything she needed from the refrigerator her thoughts turned back to the day before. She knew deep in her heart the more time they spent with one another, the more they realized how much they desired to be together. However, neither one of them had spoken of their inner most thoughts to each other as of yet she thought to herself unknowingly mirroring the same thoughts that Andrew had just minutes before she woke.

Kaitlin quite simply held her tongue because she was scared to let herself believe she had at last found what she had been searching for her entire adult life. She felt safe with Andrew, something she had never felt before. She had never thought it would be possible for her to literally do willingly everything that this man asked of her. She now knew though that she had and would continue to do anything and everything he wanted her to do; her trust in him was that deep.

Still lost deep in her mind's wanderings, she gathered all the ingredients she would need to make him an omelet and then set the tea brewing that she knew he preferred over morning coffee. Quickly she worked knowing that Andrew wasn't one to dawdle in the shower and she knew she didn't have much time. She soon had it all ready attractively arranged on the table in her dining alcove of the small apartment.

She just finished putting everything except for their tea on the table when she heard her bedroom door open and her Papa appeared just clad in one of her over large bath towels. Her eyes gazed longingly toward the man before her. Although he wasn't what she supposed would be considered 'Hollywood' handsome, to her he was a very good looking man but even more so than that was his presence. The way he carried himself spoke volumes about the kind of man he was and always would be and it was sight she thought she would never tire of seeing no matter how much time passed or how long they were meant to be together. Oh how she wished he would tell her one way or another what his plans were concerning her and their lives. Her body was still tingling from the teasing he had done to her earlier in her bedroom and she wanted him so much right now.

With one last longing glance at him she turned back toward the kitchen to retrieve their tea. Not realizing Andrew was right behind her until she turned to leave the small space and almost scalded his barely covered body with the hot beverage, she gasped out loud when she saw how close he was and what he was doing.

As she watched mesmerized, he dropped the towel to the floor that had been around his waist. With his body still damp from the shower, he stood before her in manly splendor. Her own nudity she had not given much thought because that was how her Papa wanted her to be at all times when they were at home alone. She recalled in her mind just how he had phrased it to her only yesterday.

"My sub in every way will belong to me and when we are at home, she will have no clothes on at all times to cover herself from me. There will be no barriers for her to service me anytime, anywhere that I deem I want it." His words came back to her now as she watched him, her eyes never faltering as she looked up at him. She waited quietly for him to tell her what he wanted from her at this precise moment. She knew him well enough now to know that he had something planned. She smiled inwardly to herself while her outward face remained calm and focused.

"I want you to suck my cock my precious slut", he ordered her. "Get down on your knees right now".

"Yes Master", she said as she hurriedly set down the teacups to do, as he was demanding of her as quickly as possible.

Dropping to her knees on the hard tile floor she gently and reverently took his semi-hard cock in her hand. Just from the slight touch of her soft hand, he quickly swelled as she began to lovingly take care of her Papa with no thought of her own fulfillment because she knew when the time came, when he decided it was appropriate, she would be allowed to cum over and over again until she quite literally couldn't take any more.

Pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind her tongue darted out between her moist lips and flickered gently on his rock hard erection. His head rolled to the side as he laid his hands on her head, the fingers entwining the auburn tresses as he pulled her closer to him. Her scalp tingled from his pulling but she loved every minute of it and felt her responding wetness to the act they were engaged in slowly oozing out of her cunt.

This man never failed to excite her no matter what they did and her body betrayed her every time with the corresponding slickness of her pussy with whatever act he did. She had never really thought of herself as very sexual before Andrew but now realized it had taken the right man to bring out the woman inside. Her hands reached around grasping his ass as she pulled him deeper down her throat.

"Yes my little whore, God yes", he said with his head tilting backwards and moaning aloud with her flickering tongue all over his cock. "That's it baby, fuck me with your mouth." He tugged harder on her hair pushing his throbbing prick deeper down her throat.

In a short space of time Kaitlin was learning rather quickly how to control her gag reflex with this man she adored. She wasn't very experienced in giving head but was learning swiftly thanks to all they had done together the past few days. She had always enjoyed giving blow jobs but now even more so because the man in question was her beloved Papa and she knew how much he loved it with her hot warm mouth sucking his pulsating member until she brought him to climax and swallowed every precious drop of the nectar that spewed forth down her throat coating it thickly with it's salty sweetness.

She felt her body responded to the act they were engaged in as her cunt throbbed it's own readiness. She knew however that it was doubtful that anything would come of it within the near future. She liked to think she was beginning to know her Papa rather well and she suspected this morning was to be one to be remembered as he toyed with her before giving in to her own desires and needs.

She felt his balls tighten up and his grip on her hair was harsh as his body escalated toward the eminent release at hand. His groans became louder as he plunged in and out of the willing receptacle of her mouth. She opened her jaw as wide as possibly to give him even deeper access and increased the speed of her movements.

"Yes Kaitlin, oh God yes. I'm cumming little one", he gasped to her as the thick hot spurts erupted from his rock hard cock.

She leaned her head back just enough for the liquid to spew down her throat as she sucked and licked all the sweet nectar from her Master's pulsating shaft. Despite her best efforts though, a little oozed out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Her Papa didn't seem too disappointed in her as his now flaccid cock slowly slid out of her mouth.

Andrew leaned down as he helped her to her feet. She swayed slightly as she stood but his arms were now wrapped around her holding her close to his chest. She could hear the beating of his heart as his breathing gradually returned to normal. She smiled up at him and without being told she knew from the look in his eyes she had pleased him. But he understood her so well and knew that she needed to hear the words from him.

"That was wonderful baby but I think our breakfast is getting cold", he remarked to her laughing at the panicked look on her face. "It's okay little one. It wasn't your fault that I detained you", he said tweaking her nose as she smiled up at him in relief.

"Do you want me to re-cook everything Master or will it be sufficient to heat it up in the microwave sir?" she asked with some trepidation still evident in her voice.

"Reheating is fine Kaitlin", he said as he headed to her table picking his towel up off the floor and wrapping it around his waist once again.

She headed to the table behind him to retrieve their dishes to warm up in the microwave. As she leaned across the table she felt his hand on her ass rubbing her bare bottom. With the other hand he reached toward her exposed breast and tugged slightly on the protruding nipple. She softly moaned from his exquisite touch. Kaitlin with the insight of knowing Andrew rather well now realized that he had every intention of teasing her unmercifully today and dragging it out as long as possible before finally letting her have an orgasm of her own that would mirror his release from just mere minutes before. In all actuality she loved the way he did this for her. She supposed some might think of him doing this 'to' her but she knew as he did it was for her and himself as well. Never before in her life had she been as sated and as fulfilled as she had been since his arrival just a few short days ago.

She had also been mulling through her mind and her feelings that this went way beyond sexual attraction and greedy lust for one another. Each day that had passed had deepened her feelings and something she had only suspected was now staring her right in the face. With startling clarity it was so obvious to her now as she felt his smooth large palm caressing her bottom. She was deeply in love with Andrew, her Master and only hoped and prayed in time he would have some of those same feelings for her.

She slid gently away from his touch to reheat their breakfast with her head lowered not wanting him to see what she knew was there in her eyes. She needed the time to deal with these feelings partially in hope that they would be indeed returned by he beloved Papa. She knew that he adored her; she felt that in her heart but was uncertain if his feelings went deeper. Oh how she hoped and prayed that they did and he wanted her as his sub and wanted her to be a permanent part of his life but she knew that his love would mean even more.

The microwave dinged bringing her abruptly back to reality and she hurried to place the food on the table. Mindful of the hot plates not wanting to burn her bare tummy, she placed them quickly on the table smiling at Andrew and reasonably sure her heart and soul was no longer mirrored in her eyes as she met his gaze. She realized she thoroughly enjoyed waiting on him in this manner and hoped deep in her soul that she would indeed be getting that opportunity after this week was over and this had not been just a vacation fling for him. She so very much wanted to be a fixture in his life, to share their lives together but was petrified of him knowing these feelings.

She must not have masked her emotions as well as she had thought she had because Andrew reached for her small hand and grasped it in his much larger one and quizzically gazed at her before asking "What's going on baby?"

His question startled her and she didn't know quite what to say to him. She stumbled over her words and couldn't bring herself to meet his piercing look. "Nothing Papa", she said softly with her head now downcast. "Just enjoying the morning with you is all."

He used his forefinger to lift her chin up forcing her to look into his eyes. "Are you sure that is all it is my pet?" he inquired softly never breaking eye contact with her. "Is there something bothering you?"

"Just a little tired Papa," she said trying to break eye contact with him before the luminous depth of them gave her away. "I'll be okay after we eat", she insisted.

While Andrew didn't quite believe her, he decided to let it go for now and continue with their day he had planned. He had a gut feeling he knew what was on her mind but he also knew the telephone calls he had made earlier and the plans for tomorrow would put all her fears to rest. He briefly thought about telling her now to alleviate what was so obvious to him that she was feeling since he now knew her so well but decided instead to keep the surprise to himself a little while longer. The feelings he had for her now were emotions he had not felt for years with anyone, never having allowed himself to get that close to any woman for a very long time. He hadn't really dwelt on it deeply as of yet but his heart was telling him that their relationship even as short as it had been thus far was deeper than anything he had ever experienced before.

With each of them lost deep in thought they silently consumed the breakfast she had prepared for them earlier. The only sounds audible in the small apartment was silverware clinking against the stoneware of the plates as they quietly ate their meal reflecting in each of their minds the past week they had shared. For both of them it had been every thing they had dreamed it would be but so much more than either one had anticipated. Andrew knew now beyond a shadow of a doubt that the plans he had in place would further cement the bond between them. He wanted her in his life, by his side and he knew even though she had not said a word, it was what she wanted too.

Kaitlin's thoughts in a way mirrored his own except for the fact she had no idea the extent of what he had planned for their future. Sure she had her hopes, her dreams, her longings; but she hadn't a clue that they were all going to come true. Tomorrow she would know everything but for now she was in the dark.

He hadn't as of yet said what their plans for today were going to be she silently thought to herself and it was like he was reading her mind when he began speaking just as they were finishing the remains of their breakfast. It was uncanny to her how he knew her so well and it pleased her that he was so in tune with her emotions. She lifted her head up to listen quietly to what he was now saying.

"To answer what I am sure is your unasked question", he said with a smile, "We are staying in today and I have plans for us right here. She looked up at him expectantly but for now that was all he said.

As she waited for him to continue he told her to take their dishes into the kitchen and tidy up the while he prepared things in her bedroom but she was to wait in the living room until he called her to join him.

Not quite sure what he was up to but definitely not going to question his authority, Kaitlin picked up their dishes and went to the kitchen as Andrew slipped off to her bedroom quietly shutting the door behind him. While she cleaned the kitchen she mused to herself wondering just what he had in mind for today. Finally she gave up trying to figure it out and finished with the kitchen. She sat down on a chair in her living room and waited patiently for him to call her.

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