tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Hotel Room

Her Hotel Room


I'm all by myself. I'm in a hotel room that has a wide balcony overlooking the city. It's late one night, and I'm horny. It's a warm night, so I've left the balcony door open, to feel the light evening breeze.

Leaving a lamp on, I strip off my clothes, and lay on top of the bed. I start to masturbate, imagining a hot sexy man using me and taking me. I pull on my nipples, twisting them hard, crying out with pleasure and pain. One hand slides down to my pussy, and I spread my legs wide, opening my self up. I use one finger, then two, stuffing them hard into my aching sex, and imagining they're a cock. I'm soaking wet with need, and my cunt makes a juice filled sound each time my fingers plunge in. I don't realize that I've been moaning so loud that my next door neighbor has become intrigued by the sounds. He manages to climb from his balcony to mine, and watches through the sliding balcony door as I continue to pleasure myself.

He becomes hard, seeing how I'm using my body. I'm moaning and twisting, and it becomes clear to him that my two fingers aren't enough. He sees that I've closed my eyes, and my body is straining to reach an orgasm. He sees this as an opportunity and comes through the open door.

He walks into the room and sees me completely enthralled in my own satisfaction. Standing there smiling down, he walks closer to watch my naked body fucking my fingers. My nipples are hard and swollen from the attack on my body. He sees the wetness covering my hands as I moan so loud and writhe so erotically on the bed in front of him. With my lips gasping for air, he wonders how nice it would feel to take my hair in his fist and force his hard cock down my throat. With my hips rotating up against the fingers, I try to force more of my wet hand down into my hot cunt. My ass has lifted off the bed and he watches me clench my ass tight each time it rises to be fucked harder.

"I see you have started without me, Whore," he says softly to me as my eyes open wide and my over heated body remains motionless with the shock of discovery. I am about to speak and withdraw the wet hand as his hand reaches over and grabs my wrist, forcing the hand to stay in that humiliating position for this unknown stranger.

"Don't stop yet, Slut, until I say you can," he commands as he moves my hand slowly over my wide open cunt. The voice has a tone of total authority and I am immediately afraid and aroused by it.

"Tell me you understand me," the man demands as his hand forces me to continue the self stimulation.

"Please, Sir, Please let me up," I meekly respond, but I do not attempt to do anything but stroke my flesh.

"NO," his voice raises, "tell me you understand me, NOW!"

With my eyes now looking into his, he sees my visible change from fear to submissive need.

From somewhere inside myself, a voice says, "Yes, Sir, I understand."

It must be my voice but I have no control over what it utters. His hand releases my wrist as I again begin to finger my cunt while he watches me. With my eyes drifting down to the hard cock behind his pants zipper, he smiles down at me.

"You are a dirty Whore. You want my hard cock don't you? Take it out and show me how much you want it."

Taking a deep shuddering breath, I move my hands to the intruder's body. My fingers are soaked and sticky with my pussy juice. They tremble when they reach for the zipper of his trousers. After slowly pulling the zipper down, my eyes glance up to his face before focusing back onto his crotch, I reach inside while involuntarily licking my lips and revealing his cock to my eager gaze. I moan softly because it's already so hard that I can't help but imagine it plunging deep inside my cunt. I shift my position, so I can better see it better. Staring at it with lascivious eyes, I start to stroke it while glancing up at his face again. I am nervously hoping that this is what he wants from me. My eyes search his face for affirmation.

I'm drawn to this thick throbbing shaft before me with the single eye at the tip oozing a clear drop of liquid. Unable to help myself, I lean in and lick the fluid off. I close my eyes as I savor the taste of him. He is so masculine and delicious. I start to lick the fat cock head, bathing it with my tongue, my tiny hand working up and down the shaft, guiding it closer and closer to my mouth.

With a soft cry of total surrender, I close my lips around his cock head with my green eyes fixed on his face. My head slides slowly lower over the hard length. My warm pink tongue wriggles over the shaft, caressing it as my constant moans vibrate over his cock. Pushing my head down and fighting the urge to gag, I need to have him completely in my mouth. My hand reaches to caress his heavy balls. I am gently fondling them as I begin to suck. I pull my head back and my cheeks hollow. My lips pull back to the tip of his shaft again. I kiss the tip with soft butterfly kisses while catching my breath; I move forward and envelop his cock in my mouth again. Soft wet heat surrounds the shaft as I again lower my head submissively; worshipping his cock. My head begins to bob up and down in a steady rhythm with my tongue working the shaft each time I pull back. Saliva trickles from the corners of my mouth.

My free hand begins to inch down my body. My hot cunt aches so much to be filled. But before I touch myself, I stop my hand. My eyes lift to watch his. I am wondering if I'm allowed to touch myself while servicing him. He sees the question in my submissive eyes.

"Ask me, Whore, ask for what you want," he says smiling down at me. My hand is stroking his hard cock as my mouth reluctantly leaves the shaft.

"Please let me finger myself as I suck you, Sir," I beg as his eyes cast downward into mine.

"Yes, Slut, finger your cunt for me. But you cannot cum until I allow it. Do you understand?"

"Thank you, Sir, I understand," I say as he watches my mouth drop again and take his cock deep into my hungry mouth. My moaning has turned into a constant whine as my hand slides down between my legs. My fingers enter my wet cunt with a loud smacking sound as I attack my own body.

From his position above me, I can see him watch me work my mouth on him as I lean forward to allow my fingers to drive deeper. My eyes are still turned up looking into his with a lust and frenzy that borders on sexual delirium.

His eyes leave mine and he sees my round ass jutting out as I suck his cock. Deliberately, I see him raise a hand slowly so I know what is coming. That hand begins to drop and my eyes roll back in their sockets in anticipation of the first slap. Then with a loud crack it lands full force on my exposed ass. He quickly follows with another and then another hard strike. The pain is strong but my arousal is increased as he speaks to me.

"Do you want more? Ask me."

"Oh, yes, please spank your Whore. I need it so much. Please spank me hard." Again he delivers a loud hit but this time he leaves his hand my inflamed ass. I feel it searching for my tight ass ring.

Whimpering around his cock, I tense for a few seconds. He can see the trepidation in my eyes but also a deep hunger and my need to be used. He stares into my eyes; a silent battle of wills. Then he smiles when he feels me sigh around his cock as I relax.

I feel his fingers inch toward my ass crack and slide between them. He is feeling the wetness that has dripped down to coat my tight brown star. He is teasing me and rubbing the sensitive nerve endings of the unused orifice until I'm sucking and moaning even harder on his cock. My body is rocking back and forth, involuntarily moving to meet his touch. When he judges me ready, he slowly pushes an index finger into my ass. I cry out, the squeal muffled by his thick cock. With his free hand, he again slaps my ass; a reminder for me not to resist. My soft moans vibrate around his cock as the finger goes deeper in its exploration. My other hand is driving wildly at my cunt.

I feel the narrow passage stretch to accommodate his finger. It burns at first, but I slowly become accustomed to it. To my surprise and humiliation, it slowly turns into pleasure. His finger begins to slide in and out more easily. My ever increasing wetness has continued to coat the probing digit. Then he adds another finger; stretching me wider. When I tense tense, he growls down at me.

"Relax, Slut!"

I struggle to obey him. My eyelashes flutter as I try to deal with the bitter sweet pain. All too soon, my helpless, needy body feels the pain transform into pleasure.

"Don't forget to keep sucking, Whore," he admonishes.

Trying to pull my thoughts together, and dazed from the experiences he's putting me through, I focus on his shaft. I am licking and sucking it deeper into my mouth; then taking it into my throat. I can't forget where his fingers are, as I feel this erotic touch resonating throughout my entire body. I wonder what he will demand next.

He can see the need and desire building in me as his pulsing cock is almost ready to explode and drown me in cum. But I know he wants more from me. He needs his whore in so many ways and he knows that there is no request I will deny him. My body and my will are his and I know he needs to have my wet, tight cunt on his hard fat cock. Reaching down, he takes a fistful of hair and pulls my mouth away from his cock. An erotic mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum drips off my lips. I can't help but want him to cover my face with hot ropes of his cum.

"Do you want me in your cunt? Do you need me to fuck you, Slut?"

"Yes please, I want you inside me, Sir," I gasp up at him.

"Say it the way I want to hear it. Say it like a Cumslut asks for cock," he demands. I cannot fight this further humiliation.

"Fuck my cunt," I scream at him, "please fuck my cunt."

Taking my hair he drags me around so I am facing away from him. I am up on my hands and knees. His cock feels hard as a piece of steel as he places the head at my wet opening. He rubs it up and down over my slick inflamed pussy lips. He rubs it over my extended clit and I have a sharp intake of air as I am trembling under him. Then with one hard push he drives deep into my welcoming cunt. He forces his cock through the liquid tightness and my hot juice surrounds about half of his shaft. He then pulls almost all the way out before forcing his cock back into my cunt.

"Oh, God," I gasp as my head drops onto my arms. I grasp the sheets in my fists as he fucks me hard and deep. His hands are griping my hips to leverage his brutal assault and drives fully into me. My ass is held high to allow his deep penetration and I am whining continually from this amazing feeling.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck me."

We are both sweating from the hard exertion and he looks down at the beautiful brown star waiting just above his cock. Again he aims a finger at the tight opening and then pushes it into me. I am moaning non-stop as the combination of his cock and finger drive me closer to a shattering climax.

I'm dizzy with lust as my body strains; feeling myself so close to the point of orgasm. My cunt feels so good with him slamming in and out of me. My ass throbs with each probe of his finger. I want to cum so badly. But involuntarily, I turn my head to whisper and plead.

"Please, please Sir," I groan up at him.

"Please what, Slut?" he fiercely responds accompanying his words with particularly rough thrusts into my cunt and ass.

"P..please Sir..m-may I cum?" I squeal and shudder, barely able to think. Again, I manage a begging stammer.

"P..please Sir..m-may I cum on your cock?"

"What, Slut? I didn't hear you," he snarls down at me.

"Please...please...oh God PLEASE...let me cum!" I repeat.

He leans in, laughing softly, with his body still driving hard into mine, and hisses one word.


I need to cum so badly, my body is hurting from the desire and my cunt is burning up. I start to scream.

"Please, Sir, let your cumslut cum. Please, let your whore cum. Your fucktoy needs to cum. Oh please...PLEASE LET ME CUM, SIR!"

The need in my voice and the lewdness of my words resonate through our bodies.

"CUM FOR ME NOW SLUT," he roars as his own climax breaks over him. His body drives into mine with his cock pounding deep within my contracting cunt. My cunt pulsates in response with my body shuddering uncontrollably. My wild screams fill the air as my ass and cunt squeeze his expanding cock. I cum with a force and sensation I never thought possible. I feel his hot jets of cum filling me. His powerful cock is throbbing inside me as his balls empty his white hot jism into my greedy cunt.

The pleasure is too intense and overwhelming, I feel faint, and close my eyes, slowly collapsing onto the bed. The sheets are soaked with sweat and cum. Our unique liquid sex concoction drips down my thighs. To my surprise and pleasure, he pulls my trembling body close to him; holding me tight. His gentle caresses fluttering over my body. I lean against him and revel in his strength; glowing with the feeling of being taken so completely and satisfied so fully. His hands are wrapped around my body and gently hold my full breasts. Pushing my ass tight against his still firm wet cock and just before I drift off to sleep, a thought crosses my mind.

"My name is Kate?"

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