Her Husband's Boss Pt. 01

byGeorge VI©

"Please, I'm very private about these..."

Ron just shook his head at her. "Put on a good show for us."

As Ron walked away, leaving Linda in shock yet again, it hit her. He said, "us." Who would be out there watching her have sex? The idea was so humiliating. She considered shutting the blinds and going to bed as soon as she got to her room. But as she felt Ron's cum dripping out of her pussy, she decided that she was beyond the point of no return with this, that she must endure one more humiliation to assure that her and Glenn's lives didn't crumble.

She found Glenn, drinking and talking with his co-workers James and Larry. She still naively missed the way that they ran their eyes over her body. She convinced Glenn that it was time to go back to the room.

Upon entering their room, Linda knew that she would have to work hard at seducing her tired and intoxicated husband. "Don't go to sleep yet, Honey," she said. "I want to fool around."

"I'm pretty tired," Glenn replied.

"I really, really need it!" begged Linda. She kissed him with the lips that had kissed his boss earlier tonight. Over her shoulder, she looked at the curtains, and in fact could see a sizable gap in them in the corner. She could see some slight movement in the darkness, possibly a reflection off of someone's glasses. She knew that somebody was out there watching her. But she had to put that out of her mind long enough to seduce her husband before he got too tired and she chickened out. She reached down and rubbed his crotch. His dick was limp.

"Oh, I'm really tired," Glenn moaned. He broke away from her grasp, and fell back onto the bed. The bed was on the wall opposite of Ron's balcony.

Linda knelt on the bed and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his still-limp dick, and began stroking it. "You just lay back and I'll do all the work." Linda wrapped her long fingers around her husband's dick, and as she stroked it quickly, it began to grow.

On the balcony, Ron was having a drink with Karl, his boss. Karl was sixty, with gray hair and glasses. While Ron had hatched his plan on blackmailing Linda into sex, he intertwined the plot into improving his own position in the company. Ron knew that Karl was a dirty lecherous pervert, and the two have had conversations about Linda's hot body at prior company parties. So while Ron didn't tell Karl that he had sex with Linda, he told him about Linda being in the adjoining room, about the gap in the curtains, about seeing Linda parading around in her bra and panties. It didn't take much coaxing to get Karl to stop by Ron's room for a drink. Now Ron and Karl were seated on the balcony, silently watching Linda giving her husband a hand job. Standing right behind them were James and Larry, Glenn's two co-workers.

When her husband's cock refused to get completely hard, Linda knew what she had to do. She leaned over and rapped her lips around it and began to suck it. She was tempted to turn her back to the balcony and hide her actions, but she obediently allowed whoever was on the balcony to see her lips sucking cock. Her husband not only got harder, but he reached up and grabbed her tit over her dress. Ron and Karl watched Linda's head bobbing up and down on her husband. "C'mon, sweetheart, strip," Karl whispered. "Show us those tits."

As if she could hear them, Linda stood up, facing her husband and the balcony, reached behind her, and unzipped her dress. She pulled down the top, revealing her white bra. Linda realized that she had a strange mixture of emotions. She was extremely humiliated by having to strip in front of Ron and whoever was on the balcony. But she also felt an involuntary arousal in her groin, doing a strip tease for several men, something that she had never done before.

Linda dropped the dress and stepped out. Standing in her bra, hose and panties, she tried not to look out at the balcony. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panty hose, and tugged them down. As she bent over, Ron and Karl and the others were treated to some serious cleavage spilling out of her bra, causing Larry to quietly groan.

Linda arched her back, reached behind her, and unhooked her bra. She pulled the straps down, and pulled the bra off of her chest. Linda stood straight up, trying to make her big tits look as firm as possible. Karl and the others silently admired her big tits, with just the right type of sag, white as could be, with her surprisingly large, round dark areola. Karl whispered to Ron, "You have great judgment in employees. Those are the nicest tits I've seen in a long time." Ron, enjoying the view too, was proud of himself for hatching this plot that impressed is boss.

Linda grabbed the sides of her panty waistband, and slowly tugged down on her white panties. As she leaned over to pull them off, her big tits hung down, swaying and bobbling. When she stood up, naked, Ron again enjoyed her very hairy pussy. But to his disappointment, his boss didn't. "Honey, trim that thing," whispered Karl.

Ron whispered, "I like her hairy pussy,"

"I don't," Karl replied. "She should at least trim it, or shave it completely. I like a bald pussy."

Before Linda could climb back into bed, Glenn said, "Do that thing I like with your nipple."

"Oh, honey, not tonight." Linda knew what he wanted. She had reluctantly done it on few special occasions, but found it degrading.

"C'mon, just for a minute." Linda lifted her left breast with both hands, lowered her head, stretched her neck, and put her tongue on her own nipple.

The men on the balcony really got off watching this particularly personal trick. None of them had ever seen a woman suck on her own nipple. But now they watched the conservative housewife wrap her lips on her own hard nipples and suck on one, then the other, back and forth.

Linda climbed in bed next to Glenn, and propped herself up on one elbow, facing the balcony. She stroked Glenn's cock again. She had always found Glenn's penis size satisfactory, but after taking Ron's bigger cock this evening, she was slightly embarrassed by Glenn's inferior unit. Glenn reached over and groped her tit. He clamped his mouth over one of her hard nipples. Linda feared that Glenn would be able to tell that another man had had her tonight, but Glenn was too intoxicated to notice those details.

Glenn ran his hand down to Linda's pussy, and Linda raised one knee and spread her legs for her husband. As he inserted his middle finger into her pussy, Linda again feared that he would notice Ron's sperm, but Glenn didn't say a word. Linda lay on her side, knowing that men were watching her stroke her husband as he fingered her pussy. Linda wanted to get the whole ordeal done quickly, but she was also getting aroused as she put herself on display. Glenn diddled her clit just the way he knew his wife liked it.

"C'mon, fuck her good," whispered James. The four men sat silently with erections watching the buxom housewife's sex show.

Linda pulled Glenn's pants and underwear completely off of him, climbed on top and straddled him. She lowered her pussy down onto his hard cock, and wiggled her hips to get it just right. Linda sat upright as she slowly started pumping up and down on her husband.

The men on the balcony stared intently at the wife's long thighs spread wide around her husband's body. As she humped him, her massive tits bobbled all over. "Look at those big jugs shake," chuckled Karl.

Glenn's hands roamed over his wife's bare thighs and hips, then squeezed her ass cheeks as she thrust her hips in and out. He reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging them and pulling on her nipples. Linda was panting loudly. She fucked as animatedly as she could. She was self-conscious of her movements, but didn't want to look like a lousy lover to whoever was watching her. She leaned forward and supported herself with her hands. The big tits of the tall woman hung down in her husband's face, swinging all over as she humped him.

The men on the balcony watched Linda's flesh shaking and rippling as she thrust her hips in and out. Her ass shook and jiggled, but it was her swaying, hanging tits that freely bobbled in all directions, sometimes in unison, sometimes independently of each other, that got the most attention.

As he likes to do, Glenn raised his head just slightly and grabbed one of the swinging tits, catching a nipple with his mouth. His tongue went back and forth from one tit to the other as he squeezed them together. Glenn reached down between his wife's legs, found her clit just above his cock, and diddled it. This was enough to send Linda over the edge. She gyrated her hips, squeezed her thighs around Glenn, and shook and shuddered. Her eyes were closed, her face contorted, her head thrown back. Nobody had to tell the men on the balcony that she was coming, but Larry said, "Here she comes." Linda felt her husband shoot his load up into her, causing her to gyrate even more, and crying out. The men on the balcony could hear her cries through the glass.

"Geez!" exclaimed Glenn. "That's as noisy as I've ever heard you!"

When her orgasm subsided, Linda remembered the men on the balcony. She had just gone though her most personal moment, the throes of on orgasm, while they watched. She was so ashamed. She had to climb out of bed, giving the men one last show of her naked body, including her jiggling ass, as she turned out the lights. She climbed into bed in the darkness, and peered through the curtain as at least three or four men got up and left the balcony.

End of Part I

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