tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Husband's Boss Pt. 02

Her Husband's Boss Pt. 02

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, non-consensual sex of any kind is illegal and immoral, and not condoned by the author. All characters are 18.


1. Blackmail
2. The Banquet
3. The Janitor's Closet
4. The Gap in the Curtain

5. The Bikini
6. Shaving Creem
7. The Cocktail Party

8. The Gang's All Here
9. Linda and the Hooker
10. The Finishing Touches
11. Back at the office


Linda got little sleep that night. In the morning, Glenn had to go to a seminar. Feeling safe that Ron was going to the same seminar, Linda slept late, and then took a long shower. She made sure that she closed the curtains tightly before she did.

As she showered, Ron used his pass card to get into the door. Fortunately, Linda hadn't locked the inside lock after Glenn had left. When Linda emerged from the bathroom with a towel in her hand, she saw Ron. She gasped and held the towel in front of her body.

"You can drop the towel, I've seen you naked," Ron chuckled.

"How... What... why aren't you at the seminar?" Linda stammered.

"It was a mandatory meeting for Glenn, but not for me. Glenn will be tied up for several hours." Ron was holding a plastic bag. "I brought you a gift." Linda stood holding the towel in front of her as Ron placed the bag on the dresser, and pulled something out of it. He held up what looked like tiny white bikini bottoms. "I got you a new bathing suit. I liked the one you wore yesterday, but I think this one will look even better. Put it on," he ordered.

Down in the pool area, James and Larry, Glenn's two co-workers, were sitting in the Jacuzzi with several of their employees. Also present were the three young men that reported to Glenn: Will, Brett, and Mick.

"Where's Ron?" asked James. "He said he was going to meet us here."

"He said he was bringing a guest," answered Larry. While they waited, they couldn't help but brag about watching Glenn and his wife fucking the night before. Glenn's three subordinates had all had the hots for the older Linda since they met her, and eagerly pushed for details of her body and sexual techniques.

Ron entered the pool area with Linda. Ron quickly stripped off his shirt and joined them in the Jacuzzi. All eyes were on Linda again, as she pulled off her shorts. Under the shorts she wore white thong bikini bottoms. Ron chuckled at the sight of his employees' eyes popping out of their heads. Not only did Ron enjoy showing off his prize to other men, from a business standpoint he liked to keep up the morale of his employees. James, Larry, and the others were certainly on their way up.

Linda had her back to the men. Her completely bare white ass was shining at them. She still had some tan lines from the previous summer, and her two cheeks were pale and contrasted with her tan legs. She bent over at the waist to remove her shorts, revealing the thin piece of cloth between her legs covering her pussy.

Linda kept her back to the group as she shyly and carefully pulled her tee shirt off. When she reluctantly turned toward the Jacuzzi, the men couldn't believe what they saw. Linda was wearing the tiniest string bikini top imaginable. The two little pieces of white triangles were made for A cup titties, not Linda's massive globes. The strings stretched them tight over what little bit of her tits that they covered. Her tits were hanging out everywhere; the sides, the top, even under the triangles. Linda was a mature mother and housewife, not a nineteen-year-old silicone-enhanced model, and she was insecure of what she thought of as flaws in her figure. But the horny men saw the slightly sloping breasts as magnificent, and the less-than- washboard-hard tummy didn't bother them in the least. Somehow her imperfections made her exposure even more erotic.

When Linda walked closer to the Jacuzzi to join Ron, she saw her husband's co-workers staring at her. The tight little bottom was pulled up into her pussy lips, and covered little else. Ron made her climb into the hot tub between him and Larry. Ron whispered to Linda to get her bathing suit top wet. Linda did as she was told, ducking into the water to get her whole suit wet, then sitting on the bench waist-deep in water. Her suit was one that Ron had purchased from a specialty store. When dry, it looked like a normal bathing suit. But when wet, it became sheer, even more than a normal t-shirt. When Linda emerged from the water, the top had virtually disappeared.

Linda looked at all of the men leering at her chest. Her large, dark areolas were clearly visible through the transparent material, almost as if she were topless. The top barely covered her areolas, and her hard nipples poked through the material. Outside of the material, the men stared down her cleavage. There was a wide gap between the two pieces of triangle. The way Linda was leaning forward, her two large breasts were pressed together. With every move, her jugs jiggled and bobbled for the men.

Linda looked down in horror at her transparent top, and saw the way her husband's boss, co-workers, and the three young men that reported to her husband, were staring at her chest. She was mortified being seen by them in this manner. It was like a nightmare, being naked in a crowd, trying to pretend nothing's wrong.

Just moments before, the younger men were skeptical when James said that Linda's areolas were larger than some women's whole tits, but now they could see close-up that this was true. Linda continually adjusted her top and tried to keep at least her areolas covered, but they occasionally peeked out the edges of her suit. Realizing that the top was transparent anyway, she gave up.

All conversations were directed at Linda, and most of it was sexually charged with double meanings. Linda tried to act like nothing was wrong, and spoke little, shyly emitting one-word replies. She looked at the leering men and wondered which ones had watched her have sex with her husband last night.

Ron put his hand on her thigh under the water. Through the sporadic bubbles, Larry and James could see Ron move his hand over her pussy. Linda felt Ron's hand slide into the tiny bottom and rub her hairy pussy, even inserting a finger. Linda forced a smile and tried not to squirm.

Ron asked Linda to join him in the pool. Linda stood up with Ron. Ron put his arm around her and made her stand before the men for a few moments. Her bottom was also totally transparent. Linda looked down and saw her thick patch of pubic hair exposed like she wasn't wearing anything over it. As Ron held her arm and continued conversing with his employees, Linda saw every one of them staring at her exposed bush. Some of her pubic hairs even stuck out of the sides of the tiny bikini triangle.

As Linda walked away from the men, they watched her bare ass cheeks rise and fall, jiggling and shaking as they did. "I'm sure they're enjoying your ass cheeks," Ron commented. Linda could only blush and keep walking.

Ron and Linda got into the empty pool. He considered fucking Linda, but there was a family on the other side of the pool deck. Ron settled for groping Linda's ass, pussy and tits under the water. When the family finally left, he sat on the edge of the pool in three and a half feet of water. Ron made Linda stand between his legs. The men in the Jacuzzi got a side view of Ron subtly lifting Linda's top up over her bare tits. "Wrap them around my cock," he ordered. Linda reluctantly arched her back, and held her tits on either side of Ron's hard cock. Linda slid her chest up and down, letting Ron fuck her tits. The men in the Jacuzzi couldn't believe it. They couldn't see much of Linda's tits or Ron's cock, but it was pretty clear what they were doing. Linda tried not to splash too much. She looked down as the dick head disappeared and reappeared from her pushed-together tits, inches from her face.

To Linda's relief, Ron told her to stop and cover up her tits. But then he said, "Suck it." Linda lowered her head between his legs, and wrapped her lips over his large, chlorine-scented dick head. The men in the pool were moaning as they watched Linda's head bobbing between Ron's legs. Linda sucked it slow at first, as Ron looked over at the Jacuzzi, smirking. It seemed to Linda like she sucked for hours as Ron quietly encouraged her. Linda gave the best blowjob she could, hoping that Ron would complete it soon. She went down on the shaft as deep as she could, sliding her lips quickly over the saliva-covered cock. She moved faster and faster, risking being more obvious. She wanted to finish before anybody else came into the pool area and saw her.

"Here it comes," grunted Ron, and Linda caught the load in the back of her throat. She managed not to choke, and swallowed the load rather than spitting it out in the pool. Ron told her to clean the cock off good, and she licked it clean.


After her pool session, Linda returned to her room, showered again, hid the bikini, and changed, before Glenn returned from his seminar. They were free until a cocktail party in a hospitality room downstairs at 8:00 PM. When Glenn returned, he and Linda left the hotel and had dinner together. Neither had much to say.

Linda just kept thinking that she had to get through the next few hours, until their plane trip home tomorrow morning, and her nightmare would be over. She was comforted that Glenn would be accompanying her to the party tonight.

But when they returned to their hotel room, there was a message for Glenn from Ron. Glenn returned the call. When he hung up, he told Linda, "A couple of new clients want to go out on the town, and Ron wants me to take them."

Linda's heart sank. "But what about me? Do I get to go, too?"

"No. Ron said that you're still invited to the cocktail party. He said that he'd look after you."

Glenn left a few minutes later. Linda sat on the bed in her robe. She decided that she wasn't going to go to the party. To hell with Ron! It had been the two most humiliating days of her life, he's had sex with her twice, and he should be satisfied with that. But she feared that it was no coincidence that Ron got rid of Glenn for the evening.

Linda heard the door unlock. She hoped that it was Glenn returning, but it was Ron that walked through the door. She was so disappointed that she didn't even notice the paper bag in his hand.

"You looked so sexy in that bikini!" were Ron's first words. The tired, depressed Linda just grunted.

"And you were so hot last night with Glenn!"

But there's one thing about the way you look that I want to change." Ron reached in the bag, and pulled out a disposable hand razor and a can of shaving cream. He held them up in the air, smiling. "Let's go back to the bathroom. Time for a little trim down there!"

"Oh, no, please," pleaded Linda. But when Ron walked into the bathroom, she followed him. Ron started the water running in the bathtub. He gently dropped her robe and pulled her panties off, leaving her naked again. And then he stripped off his own clothes, revealing a hard cock. He climbed into the tub, and placed a towel on the edge of the tub. He motioned for Linda to sit on the edge of the tub, with her feet in the water. Ron sat between her spread-out legs, took a washcloth, and got Linda's pussy soaking wet. He shook the can of shaving cream, squirted a good handful of the cream into his hands, and rubbed it over her wet pubic hair.

"Relax, I'm very good with a razor," Ron said as he put the blade between her legs. Despite Ron's assurances, Linda was nervous having a razor so close to her sensitive areas. Not to mention the humiliation of having this naked man in the tub with her. Linda spread her legs wide, hung her crotch over the edge of the tub, and held perfectly still as Ron began shaving her pussy hair.

"What will Glenn say when he sees this?" Linda asked.

"Tell him you did it to surprise him. Hasn't he ever asked you to do this before?"

"The subject has never come up."

Ron started on the outside, but to Linda's shock, didn't stop at making a "bikini cut." He shaved the whole patch off. He slowly and gently shaved over and over, making sure he got every stubble.

"Who was on the balcony last night?" asked Linda.

"Oh, just me, Karl, James, and Larry."

Linda got goose bumps thinking of her husband's boss's boss and two co-workers watching them have sex. "Oh, God," she moaned.

Ron made her squat in the tub to wash her whole bottom clean. He made her sit on the edge again for one last inspection.

"Ah, that's beautiful. I'm going t have to christen it," Ron said has he rubbed his hand over her bald pussy mound. He lowered his face between Linda's legs, and began to lick her hairless pussy. Linda held onto the edge of the tub as Ron ate her. As small as Linda was feeling, the sensation was too much for her, and she began to breathe heavily.

But Ron wasn't satisfied just eating her. He had her sit in the tub with him. He made her sit with her back to him, his legs wrapped around her. He picked up a bar of soap and began soaping her back. His soapy hands ran around to her front, sliding his slippery hands over her big soapy tits. The lubricated feel of the massive mammaries was wonderful, Ron thought.

"Yea, everybody loved seeing your big tits", he said as he groped them. "Your HUGE dark areolas were a nice surprise. And your nipples get so hard and long!" He tugged on her soapy nipples.

He had her kneel in the tub, and soaped her ass and pussy, his slippery hands gliding over her flesh. "The way your ass shook as you fucked Glenn. Your long fingers stroking his cock. Your head bobbing up and down on his pud."

Ron made Linda get on all fours. He pressed his hard cock into her bald pussy from behind. He thrust it into the wet, lubricated tunnel, and began fucking her doggie style.

"I loved your hairy pussy, but Karl likes them shaved," Ron grunted as he rubbed his crotch against her hairless puss, his crotch saddled between her butt cheeks.

The tub floor had a rough slip-proof surface that scraped his knees, but he got good traction from it. Her tits hung down and swayed and dangled. He spoke louder, over the splashing water echoing around the bathroom.

"Your big tits looked so good shaking and jiggling all over. And the way you thrust your hips so hard with your long legs spread wide! You have terrific thighs!"

He reached around and felt her hanging, still-soapy jugs. He watched her ass cheeks ripple and shake as he banged into them from behind. Tiny sprays of water splashed up from between his crotch and her ass when he slammed into her. "Your ass cheeks rose and fell as you walked to the light switch. The way he diddled your clit to make you cum!" Ron reached under her, found her clit just above his cock shaft, and toyed with the swollen, lubricated button.

Linda listened to every word he said, with mixed feelings of deep humiliation and eroticism. No one had ever talked to her like that. "Oh, oh," she moaned as he thrust hard into her. Her voice echoed around the tile room, over the sound of the sloshing water and the squishy pussy. Linda was getting close to on orgasm. "Don't stop!"

Ron pumped faster and faster, and shot his load in her pussy, as Linda gyrated all over, splashing and squealing, and had her own orgasm.


Ron and Linda arrived at the party at a little after 8:30. The room was just a large suite, with a few chairs, a couch, and a wet bar, and a separate bedroom with a single queen-sized bed.

Linda turned to see who was there. It was all of the people who were at the pool earlier, plus Karl, a few of her husband's clients that she had met before, and others that she didn't know. She was the only woman. And most of the men seemed to be looking at her.

Back in her hotel room, Ron had watched her dress for the evening. She pulled a pair of black panties up over her bald pussy. But when she picked up her bra, Ron grabbed it and said, "The black panties are OK. But you don't need a bra tonight."

At the party, Linda got a look at herself in a mirror above the dresser. Even with a bra, her white scooping sweater-blouse was tighter and thinner than the conservative dressing wife is normally comfortable with. She had planned on wearing it under a blazer, but Ron made her leave the blazer in her room. It was very obvious that the woman in the mirror was going braless. Her black denim pants looked tight, too. A blazer would have covered them better also.

Ron excused himself to go network with clients, leaving Linda to deal with the horny men that approached her. She talked to some of the men that had seen her virtually naked in the pool today, as well as the ones that spied on her having sex last night. Several of her husband's clients re-introduced themselves to her, and mostly stared at her tits as they talked.

Ron then found her again and led her past a number of smiling men standing around the bar, to the middle of the suite, where Karl was standing. Ron whispered, "You know Karl is my boss. Nothing makes me happier then when he's happy."

"Karl," Ron said, "You remember Glenn's wife Linda?"

Karl leered at her. "How could I forget? Hello, Linda!"

"We spoke briefly at the banquet last night," said Linda.

Karl, not aware that Linda knew of his voyeurism event, joked, "Yeah, I saw you last night. I saw quite a lot of you last night." Karl sidled up next to Linda and began making small talk. He put his right arm around her waist, holding his drink in his other hand. He held her tight while he made veiled flirtatious comments.

Karl moved his hand up under her armpit, and reached around enough for his fingers to touch the sides of her breasts. He reached under them slightly and jiggled her braless tit. Linda just endured the grope, aware of what Ron had said about keeping Karl happy. "Just a few more hours of this," thought Linda. Karl moved his hand down her back, and gently patted her butt over her slacks.

"Can I have everyone's attention please?" Ron loudly yelled. When everyone quieted down, he continued. He took a chair from the desk against the wall, and turned it around. "Karl, can you come over here please?" Karl walked over to Ron, and Ron motioned him to sit in the chair. "I don't know how many of you are aware of it, but this is Karl's twenty-fifth year with the company."

Everyone gave a quick round of polite applause before Ron spoke again. "We wanted to give you a nice gift, but since we're on a tight budget this year, we're not giving you anything." After polite laughter, Ron said, "But I know how much you enjoy the arts, so Glenn's wife Linda has agreed to do a little dance for you."

Linda looked at Ron with surprise as everyone else hollered and whistled. Ron turned on a cheap CD player. Ron was thinking he shouldn't have trusted one of James' young subordinates with bringing the music when a medium-tempo rap song began playing. But he whispered in Linda's ear, "Do a little dance in front of him. He'll love it."

Linda was on the spot. How humiliating! To dance in front of a dirty old man while other men watched! But Linda had too much to lose, and had already lost enough dignity, to justifying publicly refusing Ron now. Ron led her by the hand to the square coffee table in the middle of the room. She slipped off her shoes and climbed onto the low table. Standing over Karl's chair, surrounded by others sitting in the couch and chairs, she began to dance to the plodding hip-hop track. The crowd whistled as Linda began to move her feet and hips. She looked around the room, and down at Karl. Everyone was watching her dance.

Linda was a pretty average suburban white woman as far as dancing. But as self-conscious as she felt, she knew Ron expected her to put effort into it. She knew she was supposed to look sexy, too. She wracked her brain to think of any dance move she knew, even from long-ago aerobics classes. She raised her arms in the air, and shook. She could see herself in the mirror on the wall in front of her. Her big breasts bounced wildly in her braless shirt. This is what Ron wanted to see.

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