tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Inner Wolf

Her Inner Wolf


Tina just got the call she's been dreading, her grandmother passed away and she has to go back to the small town where she grew up in order to make her grandmother's funeral arrangements.

She's been dreading this day like no other. She made a promise to herself once she left twenty years ago she would never go back, but here she is on her way to grandma's house.

Tina knows her family may not want her there, but what else can she do? Grandma left her the old house she grew up in and she's sure her family will try to contest the will. But knowing her grandmother, Tina is sure the Will is air tight.

"What in the hell am I gonna do with that house?" She says to herself.

Worried she might run into old acquaintances, she made her way into town under the cover of night. The bright full moon and foggy air only serves to make the dimly lit roads more spooky than they already are. Tina locks her doors and makes sure her windows are rolled up tight, she knows what lurks in the shadows, has seen the creatures that howl in the night and knows exactly what they can do.

As Tina pulls up the drive to what is her home now, she takes a look around the outside and doesn't like what she see's. Mick is standing outside smoking a cigarette, his stance never changes as Tina looks at him. His eyes find her's even in the darkness, a chill works it's way down her back as he stands there staring at her.

After several moments, Mick throws his cigarette down and stomps it as he makes his way over to her car. Tina's first impulse is to throw the car in reverse and high tail it out of there, but she see's the smirk formed on Mick's full lips and she decided not to give him the satisfaction.

"I really didn't think you'd come back, even for the funeral." Mick tells her as he makes a motion with his hand for her to roll down her window.

"You plan on staying in the car all night?" He smirks.

That did it, just as he knew it would. Mick may not have seen her in twenty years but he could smell the fear and anger rolling off her in waves and knew she wouldn't back down now, not now. Just as she hadn't all those years ago, and what did she get for it. She had been bitten by him.

That summer so long ago seemed to come back to him in a flash, he had tried to warn her, tried to tell her to stay away from him, but she had these fantasies of what making love with a Werewolf would be like. Well he showed her, yes he did. Afterwards she left and never came back.

"I didn't expect you to be here." She said as she cautiously opened the door as if expecting him to pounce on her.

He noticed the slow, jerky way she moved and took a few steps back from the door to let her know he wasn't going to attack her...again. "I had to come, you of all people should understand that. Grandma was the only person who understood me."

Just for a second, Tina saw what she thought was hurt in his deep brown eyes. But just as fast as it appeared it was gone.

"You used to think I understood you." He didn't know why he was bringing up old shit, but he had been hurt when she had left him, he was still hurt.

Tina slammed the door, "Understood me? You knew nothing about me! You never took the time to get to know me, you took what you wanted and that was that!" She was mad as hell, her eyes burned a bright yellow, her nails grew longer and thicker as did her dark hair.

It was then Mick knew, his bite had turned her and she never told him.

"Do you see now? Is this what you wanted? Maybe you wanted a mate to have your puppies and that's why you did this to me, I don't know, but don't think you can come here and pick up where you left off.

Been there done that!" She said as she calmed down and made her way to the front door.

"Tina." He whispered under his breath, but it was enough for her to hear. "I didn't know, I was young, I had just been turned myself and I didn't know that I would control so easily with you. I never meant to hurt you, you have to believe that." He said as his hand raked through his long hair.

Tina turned to him, "Hurt me? You think I'm this mad because you hurt me?" She asked as she shook her head. "No, I'm not mad that you hurt me. I'm mad that every other man I've been with since you has never been as good as you, can never live up to my expectations, can never make me feel like you did." She told him as she shut the door.

A shocked and hopeful Mick stood there absorbing what he had just heard,could she be telling the truth? He walked back to his house and smiled. What would she think when she found out they were neighbors? He smiled at the thought.

"What the hell did do? Stupid, stupid, I can't believe I said that to him. How can he still have that kind of effect on me after all these years?"

Tina made her way around her grandmother's house, picking up little wolf statues that were scatered along every knickknack shelf and cabinet. Tina smiled as she remembered how she had told her grandmother about getting bitten and what had followed. Life that summer had been hard as she had learned to live with what she had become.

With the full moon also came the urge to shed her human skin and run. Her skin itched just thinking about the first time she had turned. She knew it was a full moon, but she'd be damned if she was gonna shed her skin and run in these woods with Mick out there somewhere.

Then she heard him, his wolf self calling to her. Tina's ears perked up at his throaty howl, her body started changing of it's own accord and there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening. There was male wolf out there and her inner wolf wanted to go to him. She gave up the fight, even though she knew what would happen the second she ran out that front door, at this point during the change she didn't care. All that mattered was getting outside and running in the night air.

She heard his high pitched howl again and gave one back as she shed her human skin. The change only took seconds now, she'd had plenty of time to get used to it. But none of that mattered now, all that mattered was getting outside and feeling the brisk air flowing through her dense fur.

After Tina was fully changed, she sniffed her surroundings and made her way to the open window. She leaped through it easily, landing on her feet she sniffed the air trying to find him. The male she so desperately wanted to to see again. Tina caught his masculine scent and lept off in his direction.

Mick heard her coming through the tree's right before she reached him,leaping high in the air and landed on him, pining him to the ground with her long canines around his throat. He lay there not moving, waiting for her next move. She surprised him by leaping to the side, glaring at him and running off towards the middle of the woods. His mind raced, "So that's how It'll be?" He thought.

Mick easily caught up to her, his front paw coming out and tripping her. Mick's much larger body came down on her's, pinning her in place as she had done to him, but he didn't try to bite her. He didn't want to scare her, just fuck her.

He felt her sudden change the moment she decided to shed her wolf skin, he followed suit and soon they were laying naked on the ground. Mick leaned down tentatively at first to kiss her. When she didn't resist him, his mouth moved over her's just as they had all those years ago.

Their hands moved over each other's bodies in a flurry of movements, not being able to touch or caress enough. His body covered her's but she could feel with her hands that he still had the body of a Greek god, even more so now. His arms and legs were even more muscular that they had been the last time she saw him. Tina was in heat like she hadn't been for some time and every pore in her body was screaming for him to fuck her.

His fingers found her wet pussy, plunging inside without warning, making her cry out. He smiled down at her, his fingers taking their time sliding in and out of her body and every so often softly rubbing her clit. Driving her mad.

"Please, fuck me already! I need you inside me, now!" She whimpered.

He could no longer hold back, his cock was as hard as it had ever been and his animal lust for her was in full swing. He took his long thick cock in his hand and guided it towards her wet opening, then stopped as he looked down at her.

"Don't stop now." She pleaded as he smiled down at her. He was going to give her exactly what she needed.

In one long slow thrust he buried his entire 10 inch cock inside her as she screamed and her body bucked under him. He didn't stop and let her get used to him, instead he grabbed her legs in his large hands and held her wide open for his sexual pleasure.

No one had ever come close to giving her the pleasure she was receiving right now, the same pleasure she remembered getting from him the very first time they were together. If anything he was even better this time than he had been when they were younger.

Tina was moaning and whimpering a his huge cock pummeled her pussy, her moans turning to screams of pure extasy as she tensed up and her first orgasm burst through her body. Mick kept pounding her pussy, filling her like no one else ever had, driving her to heights she never thought she would ever reach again until it seemed like all she could do was whimper and cum on his cock. She lost count how many times she had cum, or how long he had kept up his Herculean pace, driving his cock inside her over and over again.

Tina was at the point of near exhaustion when he yelled above her, slammed into her sore pussy a few more times and held himself there as his seed shot deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her as she lay there in a state of complete euphoria she had never experienced before.

They lay there like that for a few more moments, catching their breath until he raised his head and smiled down at her.

"I've missed you so much. You were made for me and I've waited a long time for you to come back to me." He told her.

"Uh oh." She thought.

Before she could say anything though he bent his head, kissing her. Everything but the feel of his mouth of her's was left behind in a haze. He would have taken her again, right there on the ground but he was too tired and needed time to recuperate from the first love session.

Mick stood up, while looking down at her said, "Don't say anything right now, just think about how good it was between us." Then in a flash he shed his human skin and changed back into a wolf. Tina watched as he ran towards the thick woods.

Several hours later after she had rested and made her way back to her house, she heard a faint howl in the early morning hours. She smiled knowing he was making sure she didn't forget him.

After getting some sleep, showering and changing into something pretty,Tina decided to take a walk around her new property. The morning dew still clung to the leaves, the smell of honeysuckle thick in the air. As well as another scent.....Bacon!

"Where the hell is that bacon smell coming from?" She thought. She followed the scent and it led her to a house not far from her own. She had no idea there was another house so close to her's. The last time she had been to her Grandma's house, there had been no other homes this near.

Tina crept closer to the front of the home, wanting to see if she could find out who lived there. That's when she caught his sent. "Mick!" She called out.

"Come for breakfast?" He shouted back, already knowing she had been standing right outside.

The look on her face was priceless, she wasn't expecting him to be in that house.

"When did this happen?" she asked as she fought to get her thought in order. He was living practically right next door. How had she not known this, how had she now caught his scent before now. This was not good, not good at all.

Tina lost control of her senses when he finally came to the door. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his pants were only buttoned up half way. She'd never seen any man look as dead sexy as he did right this very moment. Mick stopped and sniffed the air. He could smell her arousal even from as far away as she was standing, it was almost overpowering.

He gave her a knowing smile as he stalked over to where she was standing. His footsteps never rushed, his muscular body looking even more powerful in the sunlight than she had thought he would look. The muscles in his chest and arms bunching and flexing as he slowly made his way to her.

"Mornin sunshine." She gasped as he spoke the same words he used to, how she had missed hearing him call her that. "His Sunshine, is what he used to tell her she was to him." She thought.

Tina's whole body was on edge, her pussy pulsed as his scent overwhelmed her senses. His body so close to her's made her want to do naughty things, her hands itched to touch his bare chest. He caught the way she was looking at his chest and smiled, knowing she couldn't stop her body from betraying what she wanted.

Mick reached down and took her hand in his, his eyes watched the emotions on her face as he slowly brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of her wrist. Tina tried to stay calm, but it was no use. Her body shook from the intense feelings she was having, having his mouth licking, kissing and nibbling her fingers wasn't helping matters much.

Mick caught her up in his arms just as her legs gave out. He had bitten her wrist and licked the wound, making her body go weak from the immense pleasure/pain she felt. Tina didn't fight him as he walked with her in him arms into his house, through the living room and straight into the bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed four poster bed and started shedding his pants. He was even more impressive in the daylight than he had been in the moonlight.

Tina knew from the way his eyes glowed yellow this would be no gentle loving, but she didn't care. Mick grabbed her arm, making her stand up as he impatiently tore her clothing from her body. His eyes burned a bright yellow-ish brown now. Tina wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her and every bit as wild. In the back of his mind he was scared he would frighten her away if he let his animal lust go and took her the way he wanted to right now, but she didn't seem frightened. If anything she seemed every bit as much into as he was.

Tina leaned towards him, licking his chest and neck, then nibbled at his male nipples. She smiled when she heard him gasp as her tongue swirled around his nipple. She smiled more when she heard him whimper as her teeth closed down around the same nipple. She wanted him every bit as much on the edge as she was and she knew he was when he picked her up and tossed her on the bed, his body coming down on top of her's. He kissed her, her neck, then lower.

Mick made his way to Tina's breasts and feasted on the milky white flesh and erect nipples. She moaned as she felt his teeth on her nipples, nibbling and gently biting as she had done his.

Mick raised up on his knee's and turned her over onto her hands and knee's.

"I want to fuck you from behind like the animal you are." He told her as he caressed the small of her back.

Tina raised her ass high in the air, letting him know she was ready. He was behind her in seconds, his cock slammed into her pussy hard. He drove his entire length into her over and over again all the while she was whimpering and moaning.

"Tell me how much you love me fucking you this way." He said as he smacked her ass with his hand.

He smacked her ass again when all she did was whimper, "Tell me!" He said.

"I love you fucking me like this, making me your fuck toy. Fuck me harder Mick, harder and faster!" She yelled.

He smacked her ass again as he drove his cock into her over and over again, her tits were flopping back and forth as he body slammed into her. She was wild with lust and started fucking his cock, meeting his thrusts and slamming herself back on his cock thrust after thrust. She was so totally lost in the pleasure she didn't hear him when he said he loved her right before they both came.

Later that night they decided to move in together, they were already Mated and they knew it. Several days later Tina felt the small movements in her lower belly signifying she was having his puppies.

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