tagBDSMHer Journey Begins

Her Journey Begins


It was after their third date that she succumbed to her desires and let him take her to bed. He proved to be a vigorous, imaginative, and considerate lover. Their first night together they made love for hours and only stopped when the sun's first rays lit up the bedroom. After that night, they had sex every time they met, sometimes they would just meet for a quick tumble. They made love pretty much anywhere, at first it was only in the different rooms of the house. But then they started having sex in the car, the park, and even an alley on the way to a play. They combined the eagerness of teenagers with the techniques of experience lovers. Despite the frequency of their sex, their sexual practices stayed fairly normal and included both oral and vaginal sex.

But one night, in the throws of passion, he started twisting her nipples and the pain seemed to heighten her orgasm. She came in an incredibly loud explosion, her cries echoed in the house. Afterward, she lay there wondering about her response to the pain. She was a little shaken by her response, but at the same time, incredibly turned on. He recognized her feelings. He was experienced in the realm of BDSM and had seen other newcomers to that realm begin to appreciate how pain could heighten their experience.

The next night was Friday and they planned to spend the whole weekend together. They went out to an elegant restaurant and then drove to the opera, her full lips wrapped around his cock the whole way. On the way home, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. When they finally got to his house, they rushed inside and began kissing as they stripped each other's clothes off. He then took her by the hand and led her to his bed. As she lay down, he reached into a drawer and brought out some nipple clamps. At first she shied away. But then he started playing with her pussy, sliding his fingers up and down her slit before flicking her clit. As he slipped his fingers into her pussy, he held up the clamps once again and she just moaned in her arousal. Still pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand, he used the other to place the clamps on her nipples. The effect was immediate and explosive. She began to cum in waves, waves that only heightened as he slipped his cock into her warm, wet pussy.

Later, as they lay there momentarily sated, they discussed her response. She was shy about it at first, but under his gentle prodding, she admitted to being very turned on by the experience. So he suggested they take the next step and he would tie her spread out on the bed so he could play with her beautiful body.

She agreed and he reached into a drawer to bring out some Velcro cuffs. "So you have some experience in this?" "Yes, I've played around with BDSM for a while now. But don't worry; we won't move any faster than you are ready for." She pauses after he says this but trusts him and so doesn't worry.

At first she is a little nervous about being tied down. She feels so vulnerable, naked and spread out across the bed. But then he starts to play with her nipples. He flicks them with his fingers and then reaches his mouth down to suck on them; first the right one and then the left. Suddenly, he takes a nipple in his teeth and gently bites it. The pain seems to cause a rush of sensation that ends in her pussy. From there, he starts to play with her pussy, fingering it and pumping his fingers in and out. He starts with one finger, then two, finally ending up with three fingers plunging in and out of her wet, warm pussy. She begins to cum and the sensations roll over her in waves.

She feels so helpless and so turned on at the same time. It is a new sensation and one that she knows she must experience again and again. In her normal life she is so much in control of everything around her. She had always been afraid of letting someone else take control. But now that she had surrendered her control, she felt free. Freer than she had ever felt before.

He continued to play with her body for what seemed like minutes or hours. She just didn't know, her whole sense of time was lost. She came so many times that she lost track. She even passed out at least once but awoke to him playing with her body. Sometimes he would just run his fingers over her body, his fingers circling her luscious breasts and dripping pussy. Other times he would bite and suck her nipples, often pulling them away from her body with his mouth before releasing them to drop back to her heaving chest. At some point he arose from the bed and got out some vibrators that were in a drawer near the bed. He turned a big vibrator on high and played it over her clit before driving it into her pussy. He pulled it in and out of her pussy for a while before reaching for another, smaller vibrator. Without pausing in his use of the large vibrator on her, he turned on the small one. Then he withdrew the large vibrator from her pussy, leaving it to stimulate her already over stimulated clit and plunged the smaller one into her pussy. Getting it wet, he withdrew it from her pussy and slid the large one back inside her. Suddenly she became aware of a sensation at her virgin asshole. It was the small vibrator, now wet with her juices, sliding into her ass. The feeling of the two vibrators inside her was incredible! She became lost in a world of sensation before passing out for the last time.

Later, she awoke to find herself in his arms. She felt languorous, her muscles so relaxed, her pussy so sated. But she wanted to please this man that had introduced her to this new world of sensation So she slid her head down to his crotch where she found his cock, unencumbered by any clothes. She began to lick the head, savoring the flavor of the precum that beaded like dew on the tip. Her tongue swirled around the tip before she engulfed his rock hard cock in her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down, taking more and more of his cock into her. She realized that his hand was in the top of her head, pushing gently so that she took more and more of him each time her head went down until, for the first time, she took a man's cock into her throat.

After he came, they snuggled together and slept the sleep of sexually sated people in love. They woke the next morning to another bout of lovemaking. This time he just mounted her in the missionary position, his cock moving in and out of her in almost a blur before settling down to long, slow strokes that led to them both cumming together.

After they had recovered their energy again, they arose to make breakfast. They didn't bother to get dressed as they expected to return to bed shortly. "How many eggs do you want?" she asked. "Better make three for me, I think I'm going to need the energy. Giggling, she cracked the eggs into the pan. As the eggs fried, he came up behind her to hug her closely. She felt his hard cock slide up her crack and then remained nestled between her creamy globes. As the eggs cooked, she slowly wiggled her ass, getting him even more excited than he was a minute ago. Soon the eggs were cooked, the toast buttered and they began to sit at the table. He sat first and reached for her arm. Pulling her to him, he had her straddle his lap facing the table. Putting his hands on her hips, he pushed her onto his cock. So entwined, they broke their fast, pausing only to share a kiss or two. But as they finished the last of their breakfast, the sensation of his cock in her pussy made them both horny again and she began to post on his lap until they both came again.

Finally, they arose and cleaned up the kitchen. Their hands touching each others body almost unconsciously as they worked. Then he took her hand again and led her up the stairs, his cock rising as they ascended until it was pointing toward the ceiling by the last step.

As they entered the bedroom, he turned toward the dresser where he pulled a bottle of lubricant out. "I think it is time for you to lose your anal virginity."

"No, I don't think I'm ready."

Without even a pause, he grabbed her arm as he sits on the bed. Pulling her over his knee, he proceeds to spank her beautiful bottom. "You will not tell me No!" He paused in his spanking to run his finger up her slit. It is very wet. He begins to spank her again and says "You are ready to lose your anal virginity. Don't you agree?" Sobbing, she answers in a quiet voice "Yes, please just stop. Yes, I am ready."

"Good girl." With that he stops spanking her and begins playing with her pussy in earnest. As the fingers of his left hand fucked her pussy, his other hand is reaching once more for the lubricant. By now she is getting incredibly turned on, between the spanking and the finger fucking, she is in heaven.

He turned her over and wiped the tears from her eyes before kissing her deeply. "I love you. But you must learn to obey me in the bedroom. You must trust me. I won't push your limits too far, but they need to be stretched and I am the one to decide when and how to do so. Now, put some lubricant on my cock."

Sliding off his lap, she knelt on the floor in front of him. He squeezed some lube onto her hand and she proceeded to get his cock nice and slippery. "Now up on the bed on all fours."

Not wanting another spanking quite yet, she submitted to his will and got on the bed. He came up behind her and once again played with her pussy until it was dripping with her juices. Then he plunged his cock into her ass. Her anal ring was so loose from her excitement that it slid in without any resistance.

It wasn't long before they both came from the sensation. She felt it as he flooded her anal passage with his seed. It was an incredibly erotic feeling. One that she knew she wanted to experience again and again.

Later as they lay there in each other's arms, she turns to him and says "At first I was so angry with you for spanking me, but then I realized how much it turned me on. I now realize that you did it for my own good. I might never have learned how erotic anal sex is if you hadn't pushed me. Thank you." He doesn't say a word, just nuzzles her hair and then kisses her on the lips.

For the rest of the day, he doesn't push her limits any further. Rather he focuses on getting her used to the things they had explored so far. But late on Saturday night after they have had some incredible sex heightened by some more spanking, he says "I want you to wear my collar." She looks deeply into his eyes and says "If you wish." With that, he gets up and brings her collar over. "Kneel and I will place it around your neck." She does so. He lifts her hair from her neck and gently places the collar around her neck. A feeling of being loved and protected washes over her and the moment she hears the lock click, she orgasms. "Now you belong to me, forever."

The collar has a strange effect on her. She becomes very wanton and slutty when she is wearing it. Her limits seem to leave her; it is as though she is another person, his slave. She even enjoys the flogging he gives her later when she disobeys him. So much so, that she knows that she will disobey him again, just to feel the lash on her body.

The next morning they discuss the situation and decide that when she wears a collar she is giving her permission to have her limits expanded. She will be his slave to do with as he wishes. She agrees with both a little trepidation and a lot of excitement. How could agreeing to submit to this man both excite and humiliate her? But it does and she is happy. She knows that she has control over when but knows that she loses that control when the collar is placed around her neck. It is a heady feeling, and one that leaves her feeling loved and aroused.

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