tagHumor & SatireHer Ladyship

Her Ladyship

byPriapus II©

Lady Hampton-Lessing returns home early from the Hunt Ball. Climbing the staircase to her bedroom, she notices Grice, her Butler, on the landing. She enters her bedroom and shouts a summons to Grice to come to her immediately.

"Grice", she says "I want you to take off my gown". The Butler, deftly removes her ladyships gown.

"Grice, now I want you to remove my corset" Once again, the head manservant does as he his bid.

"Now, the brassiere, my good man" Off comes the most expensive of brassieres.

"You can now remove my stockings, Grice" The garment is removed, as instructed.

"Finally, you may take down my panties" The final item of clothing is removed by the Butler.

"Oh and Grice, don't let me ever catch you wearing them again!"


Grice's face was a picture, beetroot red, it looked like the proverbial smacked arse. He had first started to borrow her ladyship's clothing some eighteenth months back; now he wondered if his little perversion would see him dismissed from 22 years of loyal family service.

"Begging your pardon, my Lady, I promise you won't ever see me dressed like that again. May I go carry out my duties?" He blurted.

"Yes of course, but do borrow some of Charles's trousers before you leave, I would hate the rest of the household seeing you in this state" She answered curtly.

Striding over to the wardrobe, with a little more pace than befits my status, she thought, the good lady scrummaged around and found a pair of her husbands cavalry twill trousers. She was disturbed that her breathing was shallow. A keen gardener and accomplished horsewoman, surely she she was physically fit? Surely she shouldn't be panting to this extent over the incident? Surely?

Grice too, was having problems of self control. His eyes had been on his employers derriere as she strode away; firm buttocks rotating under the fine fabric of a Thai silk gown had brought a stir to his manhood. Oh Christ, he thought, looking down at his tumescent penis, I'm in deep shit now. His member was half gorged with blood, the foreskin beginning to unfold slowly from the helmet.

Lady Hampton-Lessing turned around with the trousers in one hand and a pair of boxers in the other. She felt her throat go dry and her heart leap as she beheld the sight of her Butler's swollen genitals. My god, she thought, the bastards turned me on. A 41 year old commoner, with a gut that's seen it's fair share of beer, has actually aroused my blue blooded pussy!

"Sorry, ever so Sorry, Ma'am" stammered Grice, who now was surely facing the sack. No, it's her who's facing your sack, said the demon in his head, and your balls and your cock!

"Oh don't be such a lettuce, Grice" Her ladyship scolded. "Under the circumstances, it is entirely natural for one to become, er, excited, is it not?"

That was too much for Grice, he rushed over to his employer and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and pressing his lips against hers. His penis was now fully erect and even more excited, as it brushed against the silken texture of her gown. His hands grasped her buttocks and crushed them, before rolling them up and down and around and around. Gasps and sobs were the only sound the aristocratic lady in his embrace made, as he lowered his head. He kissed her heaving breasts through the luxurious material that cocooned them, before deftly undoing buttons and watching them spill free.

Then, she too was naked and pliant and moist. Her pussy lips were clearly visible through the sparse triangle of her welcome mat. But he daren't engage in further foreplay, because it had been a long while and he was afraid of ejaculating prematurely. Taking deep breaths, he mounted her, at first just letting the head of his tormented tool rest against the gates of heaven. She couldn't wait; her hands grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled him further and deeper inside her hot wetness.

Grice's balls slapped against the milk white skin of Lady Hampton-Lessing's buttocks. Soft, liquid sounds emanated from her vagina, has he pounded his throbbing organ into her pink love chamber. Her back arched, her hips pumped back in response, and the head of his penis seemed to explode. Convulsions swept through the entire lower half of her ladyship, gripping the length of the Butler's organ. They both cried profanities together, flopped helpless and lay still.

"Grice?" Her ladyship murmured.

"Yes, my lady?" He softly responded.

"Do all the common people do this?"

"Why, yes of course"

"Oh, what a pity, it's far too good for them!"

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