Her Little Secret


James struggled to maintain control of himself as he stroked, wanting to watch more and more as his wife got fucked. Ron seemed to be enjoying as well, and the pleasant memory of his wife's hot pussy filled James' head. He should go wake her up and fuck her right now, but he was mesmerized by the hot display she was putting on. He kept stroking and opened another picture. This one featured a rather abrupt change, for instead of Annemarie spreading her legs and taking Ron's cock, Nicole was next to her, bending over while her husband moved between the two of them. James heartily approved, for Annemarie's just fucked pussy was still spread open between her lovely legs, and he got an even better view in the next shot. Nicole was taking it from behind now, Ron's cock slid into her easily, especially since it was coated with Annemarie's juices. He pounded his cock into his wife a few more times, steadying himself by grabbing onto her fine rump. James smiled when he saw that, many were the times he had dreamed of doing so as well. Annemarie wasn't about to be left out of all this either, and as she snaked her way down to where Ron was fucking Nicole, the threesome paused for a moment to straighten up a bit. This didn't stop James from caressing his hard on, and he was rewarded by the sight of Nicole spreading her legs while on her back, and Ron's cock getting sucked by Annemarie again. So, she was the fluff girl in all of this, a position James surely didn't mind.

Once Ron was satisfied that his wife was ready, he began again. Even in the still photos, James could tell he was slamming his cock into her sweet pussy hard, fucking her for all he was worth. Annemarie joined in on the action too, leaning over their two joined bodies to lick and kiss Nicole's swollen clit. She also managed to slip her tongue out onto Ron's cock as he fucked Nicole, the sight of this was nearly enough to make James cum. Ron evidently was close too, for he didn't hesitate any more during the next few shots that followed. A couple of excellent close ups finished the set beautifully, capturing Ron's cock as he came inside Nicole. So great was his control that he managed to pull out while cumming, showering Annemarie's waiting mouth with his cum as well. James came too, wishing that the sticky cum coating his hand was all over the girls instead. Ron's cum was too much for Annemarie to handle, and streaks of it adorned her pretty face despite her best efforts to lick all of it off. The rest was splattered on Nicole's pussy, or dripping out of her well fucked cunt from when he'd first shot off inside her.

The last few pictures showed Annemarie licking both Nicole and Ron clean, swallowing down as much of his cum as she could. That image would forever be burned into James' mind, and brought up every time he fucked that sexy slut of a wife he had. Perhaps she would one day confess to the activities she was doing on this site, but for now her little secret would fuel James' fantasies for months to come.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/25/17

I've stepped in this s--tory before.

It still stinks and leaves a mess on my shoes.

2 stars for this pile of shit because one wouldn't register.

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by Anonymous05/27/17

do us all a favour

stop writing. stop right now, and never start again.

thank you

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