Her Magnificent Toes & Mouth


Linds took my cock in her hand and kissed the head while looking up at me, "I love to feel it inside my mouth moving down my throat."

She pushed me onto the couch, " Lay down and watch what I do to you." She stood up and took off all her clothes in front of me. Her body was perfectly proportioned and it was obvious she kept herself in great shape. I could not take my eyes off her legs, as they seemed to be endlessly long in length. Immediately, my cock reacted as I was at full length. Seeing this Linds smiled and proceeded to crawl between my legs on the couch. She lifted my right leg draping it over the back of the couch and spread my other leg wide as she lowered her head into my lap. Her soft black hair fell all around my groin and lap as she traced my entire cock with her tongue getting it moist. Then she looked at me smiled and placed the head of my cock between her lips and began to jerk me with her left hand. As she sucked on the head and stroked me I cupped the sides of her face with my hands, "Oh Linds that feels so good!" She brushed the hair back from her face so I could view her face better. Her face in my hands felt so soft and small. I ran my fingers over her puckered lips, as they remained clenched around my swollen head. With her hair pushed back she moved her free hand between my legs and began to fondle my balls. Feeling this sensation caused me to shove my hips up slightly into her petite face, "Oh God Linds, it won't be long now I am going to blow hard."

Linds then slipped her lips off my cocks head with a loud smacking sound looking up at me ginning, "you like me playing with your balls huh, I love to suck cock, I'm going to swallow you whole so hold on as long as you can." With that I watched as she stretched her body out onto her stomach between my legs asking me to scoot back into an almost upright sitting position. Linds bent her long legs up and crossed them at the ankles giving me something else to look at and titillate my senses. With her face poised directly above the head of my cock she opened her mouth wide and guided my cock deep into her warm mouth. I watched, as my cock was slowly devoured inch by inch. I felt it slip across her tongue. I was amazed as I felt the head meet some resistance as her throat tightened around it. Finally, I was completely inside her mouth and down her throat. Her lips wrapped tightly around the base of my shaft.

I groaned, "My God!! I can feel your throat all around my cock, all around my shaft and head."

Linds began to pump her head up and down in tiny strokes as I felt her throat muscles contract around my cock. Linds continued to stroke me, using her throat and lips. With each stroke I could not help but thrust my cock into her face. I was literally fucking Lind's face. I could feel the end of her nose poking against the soft skin where my shaft connects to my lower abdomen. It felt great! Obviously Lind's felt my thrust becoming more powerful. I could feel my cock throbbing against the walls of her throat. Up down, Up down I watched her head bob as my cock disappeared into her beautiful face.

Suddenly I watched Lind's face bury into my groin holding still as my full length entered deep into her throat. She then reached with both hands between my legs and between each set of fingers grabbed my left and right nut. She began rolling them between her fingertips occasionally tugging on them, always fondling them. Feeling this I began to squirm and buck harder. I wrapped my legs around Lind's torso looking for anything to hold on to. Linds face remained glued to my groin area not moving at all. I felt her hot breath escaping through her nose as it blew against my lower abdomen. Amazingly, I began to feel her throat constrict and relax around the shaft of my cock. I could feel her throat muscles tighten around my swollen head. I could tell she was doing this by creating a swallowing action. It felt incredible and caused me to groan loudly, "My God Linds I am going to cum." Linds released a long Mmmmmmm sound. The vibration this caused against my cock was all I could take. As I thrust my hips up hard and tightened my legs around her body. I watched as the long muscles in her calves jostled and felt her fingertips squeeze gently but firmly into my tight nut sack. Again she moaned loudly the vibration her voice made against my cock caused me to buck hard up and down. The whole time Linds face remained still. I was solidly locked inside her warm mouth feeling the gentle tight massaging sensation of her throat muscles all around my cock. I continued to pump madly her head rising in unison. It was strange not feeling the common friction of someone stroking my cock. I only felt her soft throat muscles caressing me, the weight of her head in my lap, and her fingers fondling my nuts. This overall sensation kept me in a state of orgasmic rush as I shot my hot load deep into her massaging throat. I heard her gulp and felt her swallow each time a load of cum was forced from me. With each load of cum shooting from my throbbing member I felt the head of my cock swell and press against the back of her smooth throat. I felt it would never end. Explosion after explosion as she held me there not moving her face one iota. Her hot breath escaping through her nose and blowing against my pubic hairs. I ran my fingers through her soft black hair gently pressing her head into my lap while she swallowed all of my cum completely. My orgasms began to slowly subside and then cease all together. Still, Lind's held me deep into her throat as she gently massaged my aching balls. I felt my cock diminishing in her warm mouth until it was completely spent. Linds held my flaccid cock in her mouth as she twirled her soft tongue around it. Finally she raised her head staring at me and licking her lips, "Mmmmmmm, that's my kind of desert, you taste fantastic." She smiled.

I drew a deep breath and threw my head and arms back unwrapping my tired legs from around her. I felt her rest the side of her head in my lap her sweet face turned to my shriveled cock. She began to play with it using her fingers, flopping it from side to side, "I take it you enjoyed that?"

I moaned, "Oh God that was the best."

She giggled, "Thanks. You're just the right size for me to deep throat. The first load you shot slid all the way down the back of my throat. It felt so warm. I can still feel the warmth in my stomach. Mmmmmm."

Finally, I felt my pulse begin to return to its normal pace and my breathing became more relaxed. Linds slid up and placed her ear against my chest, "Your heart is still racing a bit. I hope you can hold out for a special I have planned for you."

I felt her rise up as I watched her make her way over to what looked to be a long brown leather table.

I sat up on the couch wondering what this fine vixen had in store for me now. She turned to me from the table and beckoned me towards her using her index finger and smiling wickedly, "Come here I have a spot for you on my massage table."

I rose from the couch and made my way over to the table. Once there I saw that there were two holes on the table. One was near the end, and one slightly larger located more to the center and further back. The table was made entirely of leather that was dark brown in color. Raised leather padding surrounded the outside of each hole. Linds instructed me to lay on the table face down placing my face in the hole at the end and my cock in the other one. I looked at her and she smiled. I laughed, "I could use a good massage."

I did as she asked. With my face in the whole I found myself staring down at the floor. I could hear Linds moving around the room. I then heard her approach and watched as she scooted a mirror underneath me she positioned it in such a manner as I was able to see my cock and balls hanging loosely through the other hole. She then turned to face me from underneath the table and looking up at me smiled, "I want you to watch and see everything I do to your cock and balls, but first I am going to give you a massage."

I pulled my face out of the hole and watched as Linds walked over to the stereo and put on a tape. The music was Opera being sung by a woman. She turned to me smiling, "Do you like it?" I listened for a while and said, "Yes it sounds very pleasing." She said, "That's me singing." It sounded wonderful! I nodded, "Your voice is amazing Linds"

She walked back over to me and picked up some bottles of oil along the way. I watched as she began rubbing some into her long legs and beautiful feet. She then instructed me to put my head back down and enjoy the massage. I placed my face back into the hole. Seeing my genitals hang loosely through the other hole was quite odd but felt comfortable. The whole design of the leather table was very comfortable it was curved in such a way, as there was no strain anywhere on my body. I found that when I lay on my stomach the muscles in my lower back begin to cramp. This was not the case as the curvature of the table alleviated the strain. Linds began to massage the back of my neck. Her fingers were strong. I felt the muscles in my neck give way to them. She made her way along my shoulders and upper back. Concentrating on each taught muscle she found. I felt myself progressively becoming more relaxed as she continued to make her way along my body. The music and sound of her voice filling the room and my head added to the soothing sensation I was feeling.

Linds said, "I can feel your muscles relaxing, if you get tired feel free to take a nap. I have actually had customers fall to sleep snoring as I massaged them." I moaned, "Oh God this feels sooooo nice. Do you always put the mirror down for your customers?"

She laughed no, "That's just for you. I only have done it a few times for boyfriends I have had."

We were silent for a while as I continued to enjoy the feel of her magic fingers breaking up my knotted muscles. She began to work my hands and arms as I started to feel myself falling to sleep. The oily feel of her fingers sliding along my arms was amazing! I told her, "If I fall to sleep please do not let me sleep to long." She laughed, "Trust me I will find a way to wake you."

That was the last thing I remember hearing her say as I fell to sleep. I awoke sometime later feeling my entire body covered with oil and a slight tugging sensation on my cock. Through the mirror I could see that Linds was sitting next to me in a tall stool, her legs underneath the table inches below my cock. One hand was tugging on my cock while the other was gently tugging on my balls. My cock was covered with oil and still mostly flaccid but I could feel not for long. I grunted as she continued to tug on my cock. She giggled, "Morning sunshine, I hope you had a relaxing nap. Its time for me to play again and for you to cum." All I could do was agree as I noticed also that sometime during my nap she had spread several white towels on the floor beneath the table. Obviously there to catch the mess I was soon to make. I watched as she moved her left hand from my nuts and gripped the shaft between the thumb and index finger. Her right hand slid down as she pinched the head between the thumb and index finger as well. She then began to stroke my shaft with the fingers of her left hand and rub my sensitive head with the fingers of her other hand. Using this technique it did not take long as I watched my cock begin to grow with each stroke and rub. As my cock grew I could see it moving closer to the tops of her legs which where directly below it. She then crossed her right leg over her left raising it just enough to touch the tip of my cock. She then began to stroke my shaft with both sets of fingers as the head of my cock rubbed against the top of her thigh just above the knee. Seeing this through the mirror and feeling my cock's head rubbing against her smooth sexy leg as her fingers pulled up and down on my shaft caused me to achieve full hardness in a matter of seconds. I began to pump my hips up and down feeling the soft padding around the hole against my pelvis area. I watched through the mirror as my cock slipped up and down into her hands as the head of my cock rubbed against the top of her crossed leg.

Linds feeling my hardness as well, "I thought that might get your full attention. Your cock is so hot smooth between my fingers." She then asked, "Do you want to feel my smooth calf around your hard cock?" I answered without hesitation, "Oh God yes!!" My breath was panted in excitement and noticing this she laughed, "So do I." I watched as she slid her crossed leg over so that her ankle rested on top of her left knee similar to how guys cross their legs. She then guided my cock with her fingers, placing it behind her knee as she slowly bent her leg closing it around my cock. Feeling and seeing her strong shapely calf close around my member was almost more than I could take in. I watched as my cock was completely engulfed by her leg. Linds coooed, "yes that is a nice fit," as she began to pump her leg up and down jerking my cock along its full length. Each time I felt the head of my cock press itself between her calf and thigh my body tightened itself. I could not take my eyes off the reflection of her pumping leg. I reacted to her leg strokes as I began to raise my hips up slightly and then back down in unison to her leg. Seeing this Linds said, "That's it fuck my calf, I want to watch you hump it harder." My body eagerly agreed to her words as I felt her calf clench even tighter. I raised my hips up higher from the padded hole and then back down into her clenching calf beneath the table. I said, "Your leg is so smooth and slick." Linds giggled, "I shaved them today just for you." Linds stopped pumping her leg but kept it in place. I was really feeling it now and continued to raise and lower my hips above the hole in the table. As I raised my hips again I felt the slender fingers of her right hand slide between my hip and the leather padding as she gripped the base of my shaft. The fingers of her other hand moved in between my legs from behind and prodded into my tight nut sack fondling my balls. As I continued to hump her leg through the hole she began to jerk the base of my shaft with her fingers and jostle my cum filled balls. Feeling this I groaned loudly, "Oh my God that feels incredible!!" I pounded into the table even harder. I stared into the mirror witnessing all of this occasionally seeing the glistening red of her fingernails. My cock drove into her long calf like a piston. My breathing becoming shallow I was sensing the urge to explode as I grunted with each thrust. Sensing this as well Linds unclasped her leg and lowered it away saying, "No not yet I want to do something else." She pulled back her glorious fingers and reached back under the table. I watched as she grabbed my cock and pressed the head against the side of her smooth calf, running her calf all along the tip of the head. I watched as my shiny sticky precum oozed out all onto her smooth leg. It was fantastic seeing this and I let out a long deep groan that caused Linds to laugh, "Hahahahahaha, you really are enjoying this aren't you?" I moaned again as she continued to rub my precum all into her leg with the head of my cock. After a while of this I felt the urge to cum subside as the tip of my cock became very sensitive against her leg.

Linds then released her grip on me and pulled away from the table. My body relaxed welcoming this brief respite from what she was doing to me. Linds ran her fingers through the hair on the back of my head, "I will be back in just a few seconds." I remained faced down collecting myself, slowing down my breathing. I stared into the mirror, the head of my cock swollen and purple dripping precum onto the towels. Through the mirror I could see Linds was positioning herself at the far end of the table. She had flipped over the cassette tape and I noticed the music was more up beat. The voice I recognized as still being hers.

The section of the table that supported my legs was much shorter and allowed her to slip in between them. I felt her spread my legs wide apart as she scooted her chair in closer to my groin. I heard the sound of Velcro releasing as she reached her hands underneath the table and pulled down two leather stirrups strategically located slightly back and on either side of my swollen member. The stirrups were approximately two inches in width and lined on the inside with a soft fur material. I watched as she slipped her feet through them resting them high up on her ankles. She then turned her feet inwards toward my cock and began to play with it running her soft toes over the head occasionally allowing the head to run along the top of her high arches. Immediately my cock began to respond by twitching and oozing more precum. I watched as it leaked all over her feet and toes. Linds responded with, "Mmmmmmm, I love the feel of your heat."

She then stopped teasing me this way and locked my shaft between the big toe and second toe of each foot and proceeded to stroke me hard. I watched as I felt her strong toes stroke my shaft its full length slowly and deliberately. Her toes gripped me so tightly that I could feel the cum being pulled along my shaft. Each downward pull of her toes forced my pelvis into the padded couch. I groaned each time she did this. I felt Linds add to my pleasure by reaching both her hands between my legs from behind grabbing my dangling balls between the fingertips of each hand. She pulled and fondled them all the while stroking my cock with her toes. She said, "Now let yourself go and cum all over my toes and feet." Her red toenails glistened with the mixture of my precum and oil. I could not take much more as I began to raise my hips up and thrust my cock between her toes. I heard Linds laugh, "That's it fuck my toes now." I attempted to raise my hips higher but was stopped short by her grip on my balls and the clenching of her toes around my shaft. I could sense and feel the power of her legs being generated through her feet ankles and toes. Her wonderfully toned calf muscles jostled as she continued to work her toes over my cock. After a while I had to stop as my balls ached between her fingers. I let her milk me with her toes and fondling fingers. Her grip was too strong and held me down. She knew what she was doing to me and giggled, "That's okay, I knew eventually you would tire out, just let me pump it out of you, try and relax and watch me work your cock with my toes." Immediately I felt the tips of her fingers probe deeper into my nut sack surrounding my tight balls. She wriggled them erratically deep in my tight sack. Her toes began to pull faster and harder up and down my shaft. Each time they ran across the sensitive area of my head my body tightened and jerked. I watched as her long strong toes curled tightly, the shaft of my cock locked between each big toe and index toe. I was oozing precum freely, watching some of it drip onto the towels on the floor. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I would cum. Her pace quickened with each passing second, building me up to a crescendo. I watched her calves jostle loosely as her powerful ankles flexed her toes up and down. Seeing her long beautiful calf muscles sway back and forth to the rhythm of her pumping toes was all it took to put me over the edge. I felt my blood pounding in my temples as I released a long powerful groan, "I'm Cumming now."

Hearing this Linds said, "Cum for me. Shoot it between my toes. I want to feel your cock throbbing between my toes." I gritted my teeth wanting to raise my hips and pound my cock but could not. I watched helplessly in the mirror as her toes gripped me tighter than ever and pulled out the first load of cum from my purple head. The white thickness of my cum spurted out against the top of her big toenail and all along the tops of her toes. Linds regripped the head of my cock with them and slid them back up and down again forcing another load from deep inside me. My body shook uncontrollably as I watched my cum shoot out between her toes and land on the towels below, her fingertips continued to fondle my nuts. Feeling me cum on and between her toes Linds coooed like a dove, "Mmmmm, your Cumming hard baby, your nuts tightened nicely around my fingertips." I felt her fingers pull out of my nuts and lock around the very base of my shaft, her thumbs pressing against the vein and pulling down on my shaft. Linds cooed, "I want to feel you're cum shooting through your cock." Her fingers combined with her toes coaxed another hard load from me. I groaned loudly again, "Aaaaarggggh!" my body shaking in excitement. I watched as it exploded across the top of her toes filling up the spaces between them. Hearing my obvious pleasure with each moan Linds laughed, "I want all of it. Give me all your juices." Finally my orgasmic rush began to slowly subside as I could see smaller amounts of cum being eeked out through the hole at the end of my cock. I could see it drip from the head of my cock onto her toes and the towels. As my cock diminished in size between her toes Linds released her finger grip on my shaft and began to massaged each of her calves. Seeing her do this from the mirror looked so sexy as I watched her toes pull on the now shrinking piece of meat between my legs. Finally it was done. My cock shriveled to its flaccid state. Linds stop stroking me and just held me there between her toes. My body felt like Jell-O. It was as if all my strength left me through the head of my cock and wound up spent on the floor and Linds toes. I watched her toes release me as she pulled her legs from the stirrups.

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