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Her Master


For some time, Lucy had been curious about what it would be like to be completely dominated by a man. She had read many stories about BDSM but she had never experienced it herself. She had never even thought about it until she met Andrew. They met in a chat room and seemed to click immediately. At first, they did not discuss anything about her sexual curiosities. When they started to discuss sexual topics was when they discovered Lucy's desire to experience pure male domination. They also discovered Andrew loved the idea of being the dominant male.

At first, they just talked online but then they began talking over the telephone . They would talk almost every night. It almost became an addiction. Lucy could not wait to get home and call Andrew .Whether they talked about sex or just how their days had gone, Lucy loved talking to him.

About six months into their talking, Andrew made the suggestion that they meet in person. Lucy knew she should have been hesitant but as soon as he suggested it she was jumping at the chance. Since neither of them lived alone, they decided to meet at a hotel that you pay for in three hour increments.

When the day arrived that they planned to meet, Lucy was excited yet she was also a bit nervous. She always wanted to experiment with different sexual experiences but had never thought she would find someone willing to go on that journey with her. Now as she packed up her stuff and headed off to meet Andrew she realized she may have finally met her equal at least when it came to her sex drive and that thrilled her in a major way yet it also thrilled her in a big way.

When she pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, Lucy grabbed the little suitcase Andrew had instructed her to pack and headed towards the room number he had texted her earlier in the day. Before she could even knock on the door, Andrew yanked her inside. He must have been watching through the window right next to the door. "Get that sexy ass in here right now." He slammed the door behind her and pushed her up against it. "Damn, you are even hotter in person. Those pictures you sent me definitely do not do you justice."

"Thank you Andrew," Lucy said. She could not help herself she smiled from ear to ear. It had been a long time since someone paid her a compliment she had forgotten how good it felt.

"Those tits of yours are fabulous. I can tell even through your shirt that I am going to have tons of fun with them. Put your suitcase on the bed over there and get your tush back here ASAP."

Lucy practically sprinted over to the bed. On the way back she tripped over the edge of the area rug in the middle of the room. She almost fell on her face.

"Don't go hurting yourself before we even get to have any fun," Andrew said.

"No spending our evening getting stitches in my head is not my idea of fun either," Lucy remarked as she scurried the rest of the back to Andrew.

"Now where were we? Oh yes I was about to tell you the rules of our little game. First of all, you will no longer call me Andrew. You will address me as Master or Sir. Is that understood?"

"Yes master," Lucy said.

"Good. Second rule is that you will do whatever I command immediately or you will be punished."

"Yes master."

"Now let's get started. Lose that ridiculous sweater . It is blocking my view of my property." Lucy pulled the sweater of her head and threw it to the side. "Much better. Now I can see your flat stomach. Turn around and bend over."

"Master, please don't make me do that we are right in front of a window and my skirt is really short if I bend over anyone passing by will see my little panties."

"Do I look like I care if the people outside see your little panties? Now this is your final warning one more act of disobedience and you will suffer the consequences. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal sir," Lucy hurried to do as he commanded so she would not suffer his wrath.

"That's much better my pet," he said as he came up behind her. He placed his hand on the small of her back. " This skirt is blocking the view of your gorgeous ass." As he said that he flipped her shirt up revealing a pair of little pink panties. "These are what you did not want everyone to see. I wonder why. There must be something wrong with maybe a hole. Let me see if I can find it." With that he slid his finger across the thin material covering her crotch. "Now I see why you wanted to hide these . You are already soaking wet my naughty girl." He proceeded to stroke his hand along the wet spot.

This caused Lucy to whimper and squirm. She could not believe she was actually being turned on by this humiliation. Yet as he stroked his hands along her panties she could feel her lips getting wetter and wetter.

"You are liking this aren't you? You like the thought of someone being able to see how wet your panties are. I bet you would really like it if I stripped those little panties off of your and then made you press it up against the window so that everyone could see." He suddenly ripped off her panties.

Lucy wanted grab her now bare pussy but she did not dare. She knew that would only make her master angry. She definitely did not want to do that.

" Now I want you to kneel on the ledge of the window and press that pretty little butt of yours against it. I want it to make a nice impression."

Lucy climbed up on the the ledge and pressed her ass up against the window. God, this is so freaking humiliating she thought to herself. How could she have gotten herself into this? Yet part of her so turned on it was crazy.

After she stood there a few moments, Andrew climbed up behind her. She could feel him pressed up against her. Then she heard him unzipping his fly. "Turn around slowly and take my hard dick in that sweet little mouth of yours."

"But master," Lucy stammered.

Suddenly Andrew's hand came down on her bare ass hard. " You will not disobey me. Do you understand?"

"Now turn around like a good girl and suck your master's dick." Lucy obeyed slowly turning around and taking his semi-erect dick into her mouth. "That's my girl." He began thrusting his dick down her throat. Lisa gagged. "Take it you little slut. You know you like the feel of it in your throat. He pulled it out for a second and then slammed it back down again.

Each time he would shove it down it became easier for Lucy to take. She learned breath around his ever expanding member .Then she started eagerly sucking.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?" He took it out so that she could answer him.

"Yes master."

"You will really like it when I shoot my hot cum right down your throat." He slammed it back in. Now when I cum I want you to swallow every last drop. I better not see a single drop leak out of your lips because if it does you will be cleaning it off of whatever it lands on." He pumped down her throat a few more times before squirting his load deep into her throat.

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