tagBDSMHer Master's Favorite

Her Master's Favorite


The story continues...


I slowly push inside of her savoring how tight and hot her sweet ass was as it gripped my dick. I could hear little whimpers of pain from my lovely slave as she buried her face in her pillow. She knew better than to protest my invasion of her, so she lay there; willing and open to me and to my pleasure.

It always gave me an incredible feeling of power, the power that always filled me when one of my lovely slaves lay before me, servicing me.

With one final thrust I slid deep inside her, my balls resting against her slick wet pussy; she cried out at their touch.

I had not let her have sex in her pussy for a very long time and the feeling of my balls slapping against her pussy lips was making her crazy... and very wet.

I started little hard thrusts drawing back slightly and probing deep; my balls slapping against her, punishing her; making her sob with desire.

God I love to feel slick wet pussy against my balls while I'm fucking a tight asshole! I slipped my hand beneath her to finger her stiff little clit. Her whimpers of pain soon turned to cries of pleasure.

I pulled my dick completely out and plunged hard into her again... and again, over and over; little spasms of pleasure from her pussy gripping my dick as my finger flipped across her clit punishing it, pulling it; stroking it, till she was sobbing, begging me...

"Fuck me harder master... please, I need to cum, it's been so long, please I'll do whatever you want me to."

I felt her hand on mine pressing it hard against her clit; her fingers sneaked back to stroke my balls as well; pulling and tugging them, one of her fingers slid back further to teased my ass, back and forth, sending little jerks of pleasure down my ass encased dick.

When I felt her nails begin to scratch my ball sack as well... Well that was more than even I could take. I felt myself dissolving into one massive stroking orgasm,

"Oh god I'm going to cum... my sweetheart...beautiful slave" I groaned and to my delight I felt her asshole started quivering and gripping me servicing me...

"Cum for me, my beautiful master, "she whispered. "Give me your gift"

And I came in her then... my dick deep in her most secret place, my fingers covered with her juices, I felt my knees go weak and I collapsed on top of her and we lay there joined together, exhausted from our play; her sweet asshole jerking with twinges of her pleasure, wanting release. Her fingers slid between her legs and stroked the last drops of cum from my balls into her.

I rolled off her dizzy and wrung out, dozing, and thought I felt her get up. Mildly annoyed I thought, "Where is she going?" but I must have dozed off a second because I woke up to feel something very hot laid over my groin.

I half sat up dazed from my exertions, to see my lovely slave kneeling between my legs, cleaning my dick with a hot towel.

I lay back to watch her; the sight of her skin, her eyes, the curve of her breasts, and the little red marks on them made by my teeth made my balls ache for her again.

Her skilled hands on my dick started an ache there too, and I was definitely, loving the way she left little kisses on the areas she had just cleaned. Oh man, her hot mouth on me, her hands on me, I felt desire for her burn again in my belly.

This slave was definitely my favorite.

She continued, kissing my balls, the skin on my inner thigh, licking me, good lord she was all over me, touching me everywhere, her mouth everywhere, and I felt my self slip away into the world of her mouth, her hands...


My lovely master lay there almost asleep as I brought back a wet towel to clean him. I slid into bed between his legs, and quietly lay the hot towel across him gripping it around his balls and circling it around his dick.

I began to clean him with the towel and dry him with my lips. He sat up and I tingled hearing the quick intake of his breath when he felt my hands gripping him in the hot towel.

I grew wet for him again when I saw his eyes narrow and his head drop back with pleasure from my mouth and the attentions I was giving to the little secret places where I knew men loved to be touched.

I had been well trained for pleasure and I was not through with my lovely master. I knew how to get him to service me again, oh yes... I knew very well what it would take.

I finished cleaning off every trace of our previous encounter, returning to the bathroom to refresh the towel and wipe the sweat and oil from his body, touching him, kissing him, licking all his secret places.

I loved the way his eyes closed at the touch of my lips on his semi firm dick; the way his lips parted; his breath puffed in little gasps as I slid his balls one at a time into my mouth... sucking... licking causing his dick to swell again as my hands stroked him.

I took his arms and drew them up over his head so I could stroke the tender skin of his inner arms and arm pits; kissing my way down from his wrists, to his forearms, then the skin under his arms and beside his nipples; teasing them with my tongue; kissing my way across his flat stomach, to his inner thighs.

Oh, my sweet Master, how I love your legs... hard and muscular under my hands.

He sighed and groaned when he felt my hot mouth against his balls again, sucking them, teasing them with little licks, little bites, little kisses.

I sucked the head of his dick against my lips, and stuck my tongue into the hole, stretching it with my tongue, probing, till I heard him moan and saw his head turning back and forth on the pillow; his chest heaving, hands clutching the sheets with anticipation; I lick slowly up the shaft of his dick, and blow softly where I licked.

I felt his dick jerk hard at the coolness, signaling me and I sucked the head quickly into the hotness of my mouth licking around the head while it was in my mouth teasing the hole, using my hands to massage his balls and tease his ass hole at the same time.

He had grown hard again in my hands, and he shivered when he felt my mouth slide all the way down his hardness pressing him hard against the back of my throat.

When he felt the tip of one finger slip into the rim of his asshole as I sucked hard and pulled back up his shaft, his cry of delight sent quivers down to my pussy.

I felt myself wet against my calves where I knelt cross-legged, and I wanted him then, hard inside my pussy as I rubbed myself against my heel.

I played with his lovely bottom, sliding one, then two of my fingers inside him, as I continued to suck him I started to rub him on the inside; he was breathing little ragged breaths, his hands gripping the railing of the bed above him, little moans leaking out of his throat, and I loved the way he arched his dick against my lips demanding reinsertion when I pulled him out of my mouth.

I had to have him inside me; I would take my punishment later.

Sitting up I quickly straddled him, squatting with one foot on either side of his sexy hips. I rubbed the head of his swollen dick against the hot dripping opening of my pussy.

My breathing was ragged now... My pussy ached for him. But I knew better, not yet... I rubbed my clit up and down the length of his dick, pressing his hardness against my clit.

Oh, yes... that felt so good... and my little involuntary moan caused him to catch and hold his breath when the head came near the opening of my pussy.

That was a good sign... so I reached up with one hand to his face and slid my fingertips softly, slowly down; stroked his skin while I continued to rub his dick against the opening to my aching pussy.

My fingers left feathery touches starting from just under his ear and continuing down his neck, across his shoulders, under his arms; pinching a nipple on the way down his hard stomach, to slip behind us and grip his balls; stroking them with my hands and rubbing my wet pussy on them as well. I felt the urge to try to stick them inside of me...

I wanted him. It was all I could think of.

Suddenly I felt his thumb on my swollen clit, stroking me as I stroked him. I broke sobbing out and begged him to fuck me; pleaded that it had been so long, so very long....

I nearly screamed with frustration as pushed me back off of him, until he flipped me face down on the bed and slid my legs over the side spreading them roughly; my feet spread wide apart, I was open to him; for his pleasure.

My stomach clinched with anticipation, Oh please, master, fuck my pussy, I pleaded with him in my mind knowing if I said it out loud he would take me in the ass again as punishment for being forward.

Oh,... please... he pulled my hips up to his pulsing dick, rubbing the swollen head of it against.... Oh yes, against the opening to my pussy! Oh thank you master.

I was almost in tears from wanting him... then suddenly I screamed with pleasure as I felt him stabbing hard and deep into my aching pussy; in one stroke impaling me, swelling and stretching me; delighting me.

Stroking; probing deep, deadly, driving me over the brink... then; oh yes... his fingers pulling on my clit while he dove even deeper inside me; rubbing hard against the very bottom of my pussy.

I felt his other hand at my breast, pinching the nipple hard, rolling it between his fingers while he pounded himself in me, I was lost...

"Oh master... oh God...yes, fuck me, use me..."

I screamed my pleasure as I was carried away, senseless to everything else except to the waves of pleasure that shot out of my crotch, the elegant pain from my nipple, the excruciating pleasure from my clit...

Oh may God help me, I was drowning in this man, a slave to him and the pleasure he could made me feel.

We collapsed on the bed, his arms wrapped tightly around me as his dick pulsed out his gift one more time deep inside me.

I belonged to this man; worshipped this man. I was here for only for his pleasure... and mine.

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