tagBDSMHer Master's Talk: A Spanking

Her Master's Talk: A Spanking


We stood at the front of the classroom, Master and I. Master had been asked to give a talk on our lifestyle... the bdsm lifestyle. I was nervous, because obviously I was there as his demonstration. It's not that I'd find it hard, but as yet I wasn't used to being used and shown off in front of strangers.


The talk was going well. Master held the audience in the palm of his hand. His voice was quiet - but loud enough to hear, firm and in control... as ever!! *shudder

I sat quietly by a chair, naked apart from my collar. Sometimes he'd ask me to sit in position... showing the various positions that Masters' favoured. As yet I hadn't been asked to do anything too scary!

It was just over half way through the talk when Master finally snapped. There'd been a girl in the front row who had talked to her friend the whole way through. Occasionally she'd giggle.

I'd wondered myself why she was here. Was it just something funny to her?

'Young lady, come here!!!' my Master demanded of her.

She looked at him, open mouthed, but sat still.

'I said... come here' he said more quietly, but dangerously.

Of course she obeyed. I didn't blame her.. so would I!!!

She walked slowly to stand in front of him, waiting to see what he would do.

I could feel her nervousness, but also her excitement.

He chastised her for her lack of respect, before demanding she pull up her skirt and remove her panties.

She did it!!! Without hesitation, without a hint of doubt.

When she had obeyed, Master sat in the chair and pulled her forward, over his knee. I heard the gasp from the audience, before Master told them he would show them how to deliver a punishment.. a spanking.

She started to struggle slightly then, but Master held one hand on the back of her neck, holding her prisoner.

The first slap echoed through the room, followed swiftly by another gasp from the audience.

Once again they fell silent... some moving forward on their chairs to witness the specticle better.

She struggled again, begging him to stop, but Master didn't listen. He spanked her again, each stroke becoming harder and harder until her rounded bottom was turning pink.

He beckoned me forward, to be nearer, so that I could watch closer. I sat close to her arse, watching the colour turn... listening to the sound of hand to cheek.

I struggled myself then. Wanting to be the only one Master punished, but knowing I had to accept what he was doing. I struggled against the jealousy I felt towards her, almost hatred. But I also struggled against a desire welling up inside me.

The sound of the slap was beautiful... reminded me of so many I'd had myself. I could almost feel her pain. The view of her reddening arse was also exciting to me.... I wanted to touch her, to feel it.

I'd never watched a punishment before. But I found I liked it. It excited me to see her struggle. Did I like the idea of her pain or her pleasure? I wasn't sure. But my cunt was tingling, becoming wetter as I watched. The view of her bottom was so pretty from here. I wanted to reach forward and use my fingers.. to explore her.

From the corner of my eye I could see people moving forward still further on their chairs, some wriggling, pressing down on the seat. But I had to block it all out. I had to concentrate on my building desire.. I couldn't come, would never be allowed to come as I watched this erotic sight.


Her legs were pressed hard together, but Master had other plans. I watched as he parted her legs; heard the sensual kiss as her juicy cunt lips were pulled apart. I shivered then... knew she was excited... could see the glistening juices in her cunt. I wondered if the audience could see it.. or where they too far away?

Master's slapping continued... getting further and further down between her legs... his fingers surely slapping at her cunt. She wriggled more now, parting her legs further. Her moans were pure ecstasy. Her stomach pressed down into Master's lap as her bum arched in the air. I envied her that feeling in her stomach; knew my Master's cock would be pressing hard into her now.

I watched as he ceased the spanking and started to use his fingers on her. One finger pressing firmly inside her, stoking her inner being. Two fingers, then three. Stretching her. Moving her so the audience could see it all. I groaned aloud then.

Master looked at me and grinned.

'Come here my slut' he demanded.

I crept to them on all fours, he offered her to me then. Told me to see and feel and taste. I held my hands inches above her bright red bottom and I swear I could fee the heat. My hands fell on her and the heat spread through me. She groaned and wriggled... was I hurting or soothing? It didn't matter.

I kneeded her buttocks... wanting her to feel the tingle again and again... the pain and the pleasure. Then I fell forward. My mouth finding her wet cunt.

I sucked at her as she arched up to me. I wanted to taste the wet cunt of someone freshly spanked. I could feel the warmth from her arse cheeks on my face cheeks. She was so soundly spanked!!! It felt good to suck her, just inches from my Master's face, while she lay over is knee. Knowing that he'd punished her... my excitement grew.

I could vaguely hear my Master addressing the audience. Something about a willing slut and a wanton slut. Which was which? He showed that the novice had wanted the spanking.. had welcomed it. Look how much it excited her.

He showed how his slut would watch him spank another, would become excited by the sight, would lick her at his command.


She started to come in my mouth... the audience whispered to each other... excitement grasping at them. They watched as she writhed and moaned, how I writhed and moaned, trying hard to get inside her with my tongue from this awkward position. My face pressing into her as I felt her pulsing.

He pulled me away. I think perhaps we both groaned our disappointment.

He pushed her slightly so he could get up. Pulled her towards a table and threw her face down, over it. Her arse was still in the air, wanton, but she struggled again. A hard slap to her arse stilled her.

I crawled to a better position, desperate to see what my Master had in store for her. His cock! Oh god no, not that! But he did. He took out his hard cock and slipped it into her. The only sound was the squelching as his cock pressed against the flowing juice.

The audience was groaning in appreciation now, some leaving their seats and moving closer. His cock slammed in and out of her, her red arse being pounded hard. She groaned and arched... wanting more and more. He gave it to her.

I watched as his cock became coated in her juices, glistening; almost winking at me as it moved out of her. My mouth went dry. I wanted so much to crawl to him, lick his cock and balls, but he was moving too fast. I couldn't get to him from here.

Finally he came inside her. Everyone was silent. The spell broken. No-one was sure what to do next. He whispered to her, my Master. Told her I suppose, that she had pleased him, had done a good job. To go and clean herself.

She staggered off the stage.

Master sat in his chair, called me to clean him. That would be my gift from him. To clean his cock after watching him take another. I purred as I worked.. happy.

Master continued his talk with the audience.

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