tagLoving WivesHer Melancholy Was Defeated

Her Melancholy Was Defeated


Chris was walking back from taking her young son to school, she was feeling melancholy, and it was something she often felt? Her husband hadn't made love to her for more than 5 days now, and she was feeling a bit down.

She was the kind of woman who loved, even craved at times, love and attention, she had always needed lots of it, but hubby was not really the demonstrative sort of person that she was? Chris is a touchy feely person, loves contact and being close to friends and family.

If her son wasn't in her life to keep her busy, she often wondered what it would be like. She would be, and feel lonely, that's what she would be like!

But she quickened her pace because the washing machine man was calling this morning, it had gone faulty so she had called someone from yellow pages, they said someone would be at her home by 9:00am.

She had got up 30 minutes earlier than usual to make sure the house was tidy; she showered and made her self look good, which was easy for her, when you look as good as she does, looking good is an essential part of her being.

Her soft auburn to dark hair was long and soft, it was in great condition, and today it went just right, even with a soft flick of her lovely head, it fell back into place.

At 28 she was a woman, a real woman, utterly beautiful in a soft lovely way, full of confidence, a confidence she didn't always feel, just as today she never.

At a little under 5ft tall, she cut quite a figure, her body was in total symmetry with her size, her tits were proportionate, her waist and hips were and her legs were perfectly formed to support her in the way a beautiful woman is.

But it was her face that set her aside, she had a flawless creamy complexion, and when men looked at her, they would want to pick her up and run off with her.

They had an innate need to kind of protect her, defend her; look after her just like a doting father would a beloved child. Her cute beauty was a magnet to them

Her eyes were under perfect brows, not bushy, but defined and thick, the eyes wide and big, huge brown plates of desire. She had high cheek bones that defy description. Her pert nose with flared nostrils, luscious lips that could and did entice a man from afar!

She was sexual woman, she loved it, and when they made love her husband knew that to take the longest time, to produce the best results for her. Except those times when she was feeling so randy, a hot quick hard fuck did the job!

She would make him plate her forever, suck on her super sensitive nipples, lick her belly button, kiss her neck, bite her ears softly, then when she was ready he would climb over her and fuck her with as much ferocity and loving as he could. That would get her rocks off!

Other times she would tease him repeatedly until he was just about begging her to let him cum, she did, but only after extracting several promises from, promises that cost him dearly!

Chris was wearing a light summer dress, a free flowing number, flowery, and close, but not tight fitting; and a short jacket. Wearing her high heels and stockings, she loved soft sexy lacy things, and always always wore them, today was no different.

She was always envied by other mothers who all wished they could look like her. Chris was always friendly and nice to everyone, the one thing she never did was fall out with anyone, she daren't do it, it would scare her if people even looked at her in a funny way!

There were always fathers at school with their children, and some of them would stop and try to chat her up, one or two had been close, but she had always resisted it, she did want to accept offers sometimes, especially if she was feeling a bit down like today.

So she walked home with a friend, said goodbye at her gate, when she entered her home, she checked again that it was neat and tidy, it was a woman's home, he wasn't all that interested, but he did what he was told, and bought what he was told to buy, so now she had it just the way she wanted it. And she loved it, it was light, bright and airy, and very feminine.

She took off her jacket, she checked herself in the hall mirror, she looked good enough to eat! What was wrong with him? She thought forlornly. Her cleavage was on show, her tight firm tits were on duty, her nipples proud, and it made the top of the dress hug her.

'It would serve him right if I went with another man one day, that would make him sit up and take some notice of me!' She said aloud. Chris had been faithful since the day she met her husband, although temptations were often put her way She wasn't to know that the day she was thinking about, was here!

The door bell rang; it made her jump, the washer man, she thought, and went to answer the door. He told her who he was, and produced a laminated badge for her to inspect, she did. His name was Jefferson Wakes, he told her people called him Jeff for short. She looked at him, he wasn't bad looking, he was no Brad Pitt, but he was okay, light brown hair, that was a bit unruly, a good 6ft, but all in all, he was handsome enough.

'Oh okay then, pleased to meet you Jeff, please come in?' she asked him.

He followed her in with his tool box in one hand. He couldn't help but see what a fabulous beautiful sexy woman she was; she choreographed her way in front of him to the kitchen. Her movements were economical and graceful. He immediately hated her husband!

'At least I'll have someone to talk to today,' she thought gladly. She explained the problem, she was chatty and nice, but he could see a sort of cloud behind her big lovely eyes. He sensed a sadness there, he had no idea it was because she needed to be loved, someone to show her some real TLC!

Chris made coffee as he worked and they chatted about this and that, they told each other a little about themselves, he was a divorcee, 'but no children thank goodness,' he said. Chris liked him, she sensed he heard what she was saying, and not just chatting, he was a rare man indeed.

He, for his part was intensely listening, and observing this beauty that was probably, but unknowingly opening her heart to him, he asked gentle but pertinent questions. Chris answered them, and filled in one or two gaps. Jeff was enamoured to say the least, and he was guessing that hubby wasn't doing the job!

Would a lovely door open for him this day? He asked himself. He set about enchanting her if he could, could he get her to connect with him, he told he had been sad when his marriage broke up, Chris sympathised, she told him that there was always someone out there to love someone?

'Yes Chris, you are right,' but then he looked at her with the biggest sad doe eyes he could do!

She was moved by it, 'how sad he is, I wish I could put a smile on his handsome face, handsome?' She thought, 'yes he is, he is handsome, and cute!'

She smiled a sad smile of her own, her body was tightening its grip on her, she knew the signs, she needed to be loved, yes, she knew the signs okay, but today she couldn't read them.

But he was, he was deciding how, if, and when to make a move without rocking the boat and causing himself a problem he didn't need.

'You look sad Chris, what is it, what's wrong, if you don't mind me asking such a personal question?' His voice was soft and melodic.

'How perceptive he is, and how kind?' she told herself.

'Oh,' she said quietly, 'I'm just feeling a bit down today?'

Then he did the one thing he didn't know that would breech her defences, if she had any?

He put out his hand and stroked her cheek with his palm, in, a don't be sad baby kind of way Jeff's here for you? His hand slid between her cheek and hair, the softness of it gave him a hard on for her.

Chris responded without realising what she was doing by moving her lovely head and rubbed his palm with her soft cheek, her lips brushing him, her skin seemed to burn him!

He quickly slid his chair across the 2 feet that separated them, and took her face now in both hands. He looked into her eyes, eyes he almost fell into, and huge tears filled them. His face was now right in front of hers, she smiled sadly, and said, 'I'm sorry, I'm just feeling a little sad,' then she looked from his eyes to his mouth, and she gently licked her pouty lips. Was she telling him to kiss her, by looking at his lips, and licking her own?

'Shall I kiss her, now?' he asked of himself. He wasn't really sure what to do? But then he did just that, he leaned forward, it was just a gentle soft kiss without any urgency or pressure to it. Chris responded that way too, then she pulled away from him, stared at him intently enough to burn his eyes, but then came back, they joined in a full kiss, one that made him gasp, he was kissing this beautiful sexy, but sad lady. 'Well,' he thought, 'she won't be sad much longer, not if I get my way!'

He moved right into her space then, lips locked, and arms went to each other, holding tight. They lengthened and deepened it, tongues began a slow probing, Chris was getting worked up, love and tenderness was being given and shown, and she liked it, she liked it a lot.

She stood up to get closer to him; her arms went right around his neck tight. He pulled her body to his, being so small she fitted right into him. Standing between his legs and facing him, she felt his erection; it hit her like a bolt of electricity! It was right in the entrance of her salivating pussy, the shaved one that only her husband ever got to use!

She murmured and mumbled into his mouth, he was sure now, but still took his time; he didn't want to scare her away. She would have to decide which way they this went? He hoped it was to her bedroom!

It was just what Chris wanted, it was all she ever wanted was her man to take her to where she wanted to go, and slowly too. And, for him to take his time with her.

'If he does that,' she thought, 'he can and will, have all of me today?'

They began to fondle at each other, his first port of call was her tits, he smoothly caressed them, he didn't grab and maul at her, her nipples came under soft attack, she moaned loudly into his mouth, he was home free, he knew it now.

There was no way he wasn't going to fuck this beauty, 'what a lucky lucky lad!' he said to himself as he deepened her seduction, but to be honest, she was seducing him easily too, a lot easier than he was doing with her!

They were all over each other now, kissing hard, him in her neck, nibbling, oh how she loved that! She held her supple lithe body tight to him, she was letting him know she wanted him, really wanted him.

He said one word. 'Where?' He looked past her shoulder and hoped she would say, 'this way.' She did.

Chris took his hand and he followed her, she led the way across the hall, made sure the door was locked, and then turned into what was her bedroom, it was downstairs.

As soon as she reached the bed, she turned and held out her arms, he went willingly, he towered above her. The kiss was rejoined and he guided her backwards, and lifted her onto her bed. He had rightly guessed that if he was slow and easy, but passionate, all of her would be his!

He forced himself to be slow, he took time building her up, her nipples were getting rolled, tweaked and twisted, slowly and gently, but with just the right amount of tense power. Chris had a hold of his granite hard prick through his trousers, and she was moaning and kissing him.

'Jeff, lets not wait any longer,,' she mumbled, 'I need you in me, make love to me, and I need you in me right now, please don't make me wait.'

He didn't, he had his and her clothes of in seconds, then he was over her and banging his thick prick into her sopping shaven pussy, and hard, very hard. She had told him she wanted him hadn't she? And not to keep her waiting.

Chris gasped and moaned, mewled and grunted. Jeff went at her like there was no tomorrow, he thought of everything but his prick buried so deeply in her pussy, he made himself refuse to cum. He wanted her to have hers, and have it so good. He would get his later; he wanted to make sure that she would give it to him, whenever he said so.

Chris had wrapped herself as tight as she could around him he was secured in her arms and legs, and Jeff was in heaven, the heaven that she was giving him. He fucked her long, good and hard, and Chris loved it, it had been a long long time since her husband had fucked her like this; if, she thought briefly, he ever had? This was just what the doctor ordered! Jeff's prescription was the magic potion!

She came in a squeal of shuddering, she felt her insides collapse inwards, her pussy tried to break free such was the intensity of it. She painfully bit his shoulder, but he held it in, he wanted whatever it was she wanted and needed.

She cried huge tears, they fell down her face, and she kissed him and loved him.

'Oh Jeff, Jeff, what are you, who are you?' she whimpered. 'I've never been made love to like that before, that was the best ever, Oh Jeff I loved it, I really did.' Her kiss was the best; he knew he had been kissed by a real buoyant sexy woman, a woman who could give him everything.

She rolled him on his side, her legs still waist high around him, her arms locking him in, from there she took the dominant position, not above him, but her face and mouth was, and she kissed him into near senselessness. There was something about her that, despite her size, that she could control, and yet be so submissive to him, he wondered what it was?

It wasn't anything, she had done this, like it was the most natural thing in the world for a woman who, from a woman who had just been fucked the way Jeff had fucked her, it was something she had never done, and didn't even know she was doing it right now. But Jeff did, he knew it, and soon Chris would know it too!

They lay there like that for a long time, Jeff was wallowing in her love, her kisses, her moans of passion and love, he had never met a woman like this. 'Her husband must be some kind of idiot to let her get like this, if she were mine, I'd make sure she always got what she needed in her life?'

Chris wept silently as she kissed Jeff; he saw the tears and pulled away. 'What's wrong Chris, what is it?' He knew he hadn't hurt her, he knew she had had a massive orgasm, and he knew that she had loved it, and hopefully would want more?

'I, I, I've never, never been unfaithful before Jeff, never.' she wept into his neck.

'Ah, I see,' he answered, 'and now you feel guilty, is that it Chris?'

'No its not that, I don't feel guilty at all, and that's why I'm crying, I'm glad I've met you, and I'm so so happy you have loved me like I have never been loved, but I should feel guilty about it though shouldn't?'

'Not if you have got, or been given something you need babe, there's no place for guilt as far as I'm can see?' he told her. 'Did I give you what you need Chris, did I? I really hope so.'

'Oh Jeff yes you did, and you have,' she said, 'and I am so happy and relieved, I was beginning to believe I didn't have what it takes anymore?'

'Ah, so you don't need me now, is that it, now that I've proved to you how desirable, sexy and beautiful you still are?'

'No Jeff no, please don't ever think it's that. You have given me my confidence back, but inside, I know I will need you for me to keep it?'

It was like music to his ears, just what he wanted to hear.

'So I can see you again, after today?'

'You try not seeing me again Jeff Wakes, and we'll have a real fall out, that's a promise mate!' Her kiss ended that particular discussion.

Chris went to her bathroom and came back with a damp towel; she rubbed him down, and fondling his cock while she did. When she finished, she looked him in the eye, 'now it's your turn Jeff?' she told him.

Chris pushed him onto his back, and dived onto his cock, her mouth was hot and very wet, and she sucked him the way he loves the most, hard and heavy, she was practically sucking his now re erected prick of his body, it was fantastic. He had his hands in her hair, holding her head, he knew he wouldn't last very long because he hadn't cum yet.

She hoovered away at him; his balls were being rubbed, caressed, and tickled, her nails dancing around them. He grunted, jumped and powered his cum right down her waiting throat; she had laid her lovely head on his stomach for the finale, with his prick right up inside her pulverising mouth. He shot glob after glob and Chris took it all, she wanted to pleasure him as he had her, and she did, Jeff was spent!

She made her way up his body, and they both lay more than contented in each others arms.

'Jeff,' she eventually said, 'I really haven't been with another man, do you believe me?' she asked him, it was a matter of great concern to her that he did.

'If you say that Chris, then I believe you completely,' he told her.

She moved right into him, then, and said, 'that makes me very happy Jeff, darling,' she added.

'But you must get propositioned and chased quite a bit Chris?' he asked.

'Yes I do, and I've been tempted a couple of times, but until you, I had never ever intended to go that way?'

'Well you have now babe, so where does that leave us?'

'It leaves us right where we are, I will come to you whenever you ask me to, you can come here, or I can come to you, how does that sound?' she said as she squeezed his prick lovingly.

'It sounds like a plan to me honey.' He laughed.

'Honey, am I your honey Jeff? Will I always be your honey?'

'Yes Chris, you are now my one and only, official honey!'

'Oh Jeff, that makes me so glad, I don't know where all this will end, if it ever does. But I know falling in love with you, is going to be so very easy, and so very difficult not to?'

'Now that's what I am wanting to hear baby, but lets see how things go, hey?' He hadn't expected this, and he hadn't planned for it, but she was more than special, he knew that for sure. Her husband was obviously a blind stupid twat!

'Yes Jeff, whatever you say, I won't rock the boat, although I intend to rock you darling! You can take that to the bank!'

He sucked a nipple into his mouth, and then bit it, Chris squealed in pain, 'Ooooh Oh Jeff, please? Why did you do that?' she bleated softly.

'Because you want me to, you need to feel a little pain to remind you of me babe, okay?' he said and kissed her.

She looked at him dubiously, 'is that what you are going to do, make me submit to you?' she said.

'Not a chance Chris, if we go that way, it will because you want to, not me, though I will give it to you if you find you need it?'

Chris suddenly understood what he was saying, he was kind of offering a new dimension to her life, she liked it! She was falling under a spell, a spell that she felt was good for her.

She took the bull by the horns, by saying.

'I've never been spanked Jeff, never?'

'You haven't?' he played the part and looked at her incredulously.

Chris's insides turned to silk. 'No Jeff, and I have always wondered what it would be like, to be punished like a naughty girl?'

'Spanked by her daddy?' Jeff playfully asked, smiling at her as he did.

He was turning her on again, the churning in the pit of her stomach was activating. 'My er my my erm my daddy?' Her pussy was beginning to heat up; he was stirring her emotions, like a ladle in the soup.

'Your daddy might get cross with his little girl, and have to spank her naughty little bottom?' he growled.

Chris fell into the part; she became a little girl again.

'Oh daddy, I know I've been naughty, what are you going to to with me?' Her voice was small now.

'Over my knee you bad girl, you are for it now, get over me right now!' Jeff ordered. He was loving this, he was going to spank his new lover, and she was role playing it for him.

Chris laid over him, and begged him, 'Please don't hurt me too much daddy, I'll be good, I promise?'

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