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Her Mouth on the Internet



NOTE: This is a work of fiction, and I have no vested interest in any website names listed, they were used because they work as described in the story.

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While browsing the internet, I found a term new to me. Camcumming. I kind of had an idea of what it was just based on the name but I searched anyway, and found what could be a way for me to finally bring one of my wife's fantasies to life.

Finding that most of my searching through the steamier sections of the web was full of viruses and spyware, it was a relief that my Linux laptop and her Mac laptop were essentially immune to those threats. Just before I was ready to give up on sites that would let us chat together over our webcams, I finally found a site free of required sign-ups or credit card payments.

My first plan got one step closer to fruition when my job approved my request for taking Friday off of work. Of course, I didn't tell Karen until that morning.

"Hey sleepy-head" she called, shaking me awake, "aren't you supposed to be at work right now?"

"Nope, I took a random day off just to spend time with you. Hope you don't mind!"

"You ass, you should have told me!"

She acted like she was upset about the lack of warning, but I caught a smile as she got out of bed to get the kids ready for school.

When I finally rolled out of bed, there was just enough time for me to hug the kids before they left for the bus stop. Still in my PJs, I went into the kitchen to see Karen adjust her robe as she grabbed a cup of coffee and settled down in front of her laptop to catch up on the news before getting ready for the day.

She glanced up at me as I walked in. "Hey lazy, so tell me again why you took today off."

"I dunno" I mumbled, "just felt like it was a nice day to randomly take off and steal some time with my lovely wife. Do I really need a better reason?"

Karen smiled at me as I got my coffee and walked over to her. "Aw hon, that's sweet. Thank you. But I know you better than that. You are devious, what else did you have in mind?"

Standing next to her, I paused for a moment to look down at her.

"Well, I may have an ulterior motive, but let's just take this one step at a time, shall we?"

Bending down I kissed her gently on the lips, my hand softly touching her cheek. My tongue probed between her lips, and I could feel her breath catch as my hand slid down her neck, then under the neck of her bathrobe, not stopping until her breast was cupped firmly in my hand.

Massaging her breast, I pulled my lips apart from her. "Well first of all babe, you are way over-dressed. Do me a favor and go get rid of those pesky clothes under your robe. Oh, and take your phone with you."

Without waiting for a reply, I pulled my hand back and left the room. A soft "Damn tease" from her followed me out of the room, making me smile. This was starting out just perfectly. Standing just out of her view in the living room, I could hear the soft noises of her getting up to walk to the bedroom. Peeking around the corner, I waited until the bedroom door closed behind her and I snuck out and put her laptop right next to the door.

Back in the living room, I opened my phone and texted her:

"When you have only your robe on, open the door and bring your laptop in then close the door. Sit on the bed with it."

Laughing to myself, I could imagine the gears in her mind grinding over what she was thinking of me now. She was probably cursing my 'devious mind' once again.

A minute later she replied:

"Yes sir, all done. Now what?"

Sitting on the couch I put my laptop in front of me on the coffee table, and as soon as I was online I sent her an IM.

"You are dressed properly?"

"Yes, and I'm on the bed too. Now what? This is silly - sending texts and IMs when we are just a room away."

While she was typing, I had opened tinychat.com and got a private chat room set up. My only reply was to send her a link to it.

A moment later, my screen changed, showing that she was now connected. The small squares showed us facing each other, me with a smirk and her with a questioning look on her face.

"OK smart guy, we are looking at each other over the internet instead of in person when we are 20 feet away. What gives?"

Kind of expecting this response, I gave my prepared response.

"It's just different, and they block this site at work so I had to do this here. Just pretend we aren't this close. Besides, I always wondered what you would look like on my computer screen."

"OK, fine, I can pretend. So now what?"

"Even though we aren't face-to-face, we can still talk. But first, just listen. Close your eyes and let your mind wander."

Karen's eyes closed and her mouth formed a small smile.

Last night I had worked up a few ideas, but now the things that had been in mind for me to say seemed silly, and I went blank. Before she lost interest, I started with a new plan that I made up as we went.

"Allright babe. Now think of my hand down your robe a few minutes ago. Let your mind wander to the dirty side a while. Keep your eyes closed, but feel free to let your hands wander as far as your mind is."

She smiled slightly as her imagination took over for a while. Karen knew exactly what I meant and was clearly interested in playing this game. It only took a few minutes before her greatest sexual organ, her brain, was going full speed. Her cheeks started to flush as her breathing grew faster.

Her position shifted slightly as she started stroking her thighs. Karen's head tilted back a little as her mouth opened in pleasure, lost in her thoughts. Just imagining where she was in her mind got my blood flowing too, and the look on her face made my cock start growing.

Hoping I didn't derail her fantasy, I spoke softly to her. "You are getting me turned on here, sexy. Tell me what is on your mind, and what you want me to do. Show me and tell me baby."

The hand on her thigh moved to the gap between her legs, stroking softly through the slit in her robe. Karen's face did not change as she opened her eyes and stared into my eyes through the screen. Her other hand moved from the bed next to her, sliding up her side to stop at her breast. With a firm squeeze I see from here, she spoke with desire in her voice.

"I can feel your hands on me, Mark. Touching me just the way I like it. You're such a tease, you know. Just never going far enough up my legs, touching my breasts but not touching my nipples. You are driving me fucking CRAZY right now."

My heart rate sped up watching her hands. Without realizing it, I started stroking the growing bulge in my pajamas. I was staring so intently at her, I caught her eyes move to follow my hand. She bit her lip softly as she watched me stroke myself.

"Take it out, I wanna see you" she commanded.

That's just what I was waiting for, so out he came. Scooting forward to the edge of the couch, I moved the laptop lid down a bit, the camera now showing me from the shoulders to knees, my cock featured in the center of the video feed. Adjusting my hand so only my fingertips were stroking gave her the best view, and my hand moved slow as to not blur the image.

"Your turn babe, show me some skin. I want to jack off to your tits while you play with your pussy."

Her blush deepened, either from the erotic feelings of doing this online, or the minor embarrassment from her nudity on the internet. Regardless, she continued by untying the sash of her robe and letting it drape open slightly. The inner sides of her breasts were exposed as she traced her fingers up and down her torso, tracing the contours of her full breasts.

With a soft moan, I could see her eyes roll back just for a moment before her eyes closed and her head tilted up to face the ceiling. As Karen's mouth opened wide, breathing deeply, her soft moans of pleasure were barely audible through my computer.

Her hand shot further up between her legs without my prompting as she attacked her pussy. It was lost in a blur of motion, followed shortly by her hips thrusting slightly into her massaging fingers.

This was better than any porn I could find on the internet, but as much as possible I resisted the urge to wrap my fist around my cock and quickly make myself cum. I needed to last as long as she did, ignoring my raging desire to shoot my cum across the image of her on the screen.

Suddenly Karen stopped moving and stared at her webcam, her eyes boring into mine across the reaches of the web. Her shoulders were heaving with her labored breathing. She got up on her knees and tore off her robe, tossing it to the side. My eyes were distracted as her fully nude form was displayed to me for the first time this morning, her bouncing breasts teasing me even further.

"This is just fucking cruel, Mark. I need more than my own hands on me. I need to cum so bad it's not even funny. Get your ass in here now and take me!"

Catching myself as I almost stood up to run to her, I shook my head and smiled my best evil smile back at her.

"Your battery-powered boyfriend is in the drawer to your left. I want to see how well you can use it. Go get it and show me how you fuck yourself with it when I'm not around."

Her glare only lasted a second, her desire was stronger than her impatience. In a flash she was off the bed, and her body never stopped moving as she retrieved the purple motorized cock. Leaving the drawer open she jumped back on the bed and got in position again. Up on her knees, but legs spread wide, she leaned back on one arm to show me her whole package.

Flicking on the power button I could hear the buzzing of her toy as she placed it across her pussy lips, sliding it back and forth dousing it in her juices.

"This what you wanted you pervert? Huh? You wanna see me fuck myself on the internet for your pleasure? Am I your porn princess of the morning or something?"

Completely getting in to the act now, she leaned forward to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples, all while staring directly at me through the camera.

"Damn right you're my porn princess. Keep playing with yourself too, you're putting on an awesome show. Ya, just like that.... Wait, I want to see you lick your nipple too. Ya, there you go. I know how that turns you on when I do it. Now bury that purple cock inside your hot pussy. I need to watch your face when you cum for me."

Karen's smile disappeared into a lip-biting show of pleasure as she angled her hand to slowly sink the vibrator into her waiting pussy. She left it buried for a moment as her fingers found the speed controls and turned it to the max.

Her knees moved further apart to put her wet pussy closer to the bed, then she removed her hand from the toy. It sank down to rest on the bed, leaving both her hands open to switch between rubbing her clit, teasing her nipples, and squeezing her boobs. Her hips rocked back and forth and up and down, fucking the cock against the firmness of the bed.

"Dammit Mark, I'm so close, I'm so fucking close, don't leave me hanging. Cum for me now and send me over the edge! I want to see you cum on yourself. Dammit, now, baby, DO IT!"

I couldn't reply if I wanted, all I could focus on was her hot body on display for me! Her motions and sounds always got me going, and now was no exception. Fully grabbing my cock inside my fist, my screen image blurred as I beat my meat at her command.

Having come so close to this feeling several already times this morning, and excited to finally be here, I could feel my moment rapidly approaching. My eyes closed but my mind still seeing her in near-orgasmic bliss, I leaned back quickly losing control as my cock surged with the intensity of my release.

Almost painfully, my balls throbbed as they shot missile after missile of cum into the air. Feeling spots of heat hit my chest and shoulders as the drops fell across me, I knew she was seeing what I couldn't. My hips still thrusting after I had no more to give, I fell back listlessly on the couch, staring at my lovely wife on my screen.

Our timing was perfect. As soon as our eyes met, her orgasm wracked her body and she screamed in pleasure. I could hear it from my speakers and through the walls between us. Her body shaking with the intensity of her mind-numbing orgasm, she weakly fell over on her side. Her knees curled up to her breasts, all I could see was the end of the battery-powered dick poking out of her pussy.

Karen's shaking hand appeared between her thighs as she searched for the toy. Quickly pulling it out, she it dropped by her ass and the buzzing noise could still be slightly heard by the microphone. Her pussy closed up with the intruder removed, and even from here I could see her muscles still twitching in post-orgasmic waves.

Sufficiently recovered enough to walk, I left my computer where it was and stumbled down the hall to our bedroom. Walking straight to the bed I closed her laptop's lid and lay down next to my exhausted and satisfied wife. We said nothing for about 10 minutes, just holding each other, silently enjoying the after-glow of one of the most intense orgasms we ever shared.

Finally feeling recovered, we rolled apart and lay side-by-side. She laughed softly and hit me across the stomach with her arm.

"You are a dirty, dirty man, you are. I never would have thought of doing that. And now I can't believe we really did all that over the internet."

Laughing softly with her, I replied "Well it's not exactly the first time people have done this, it's just a first for us. But you're right, I can't believe we did it either. Sure was intense as hell though!"

After another minute of silence, I said "Well babe, I'm starting to get a bit chilly. I think a nice hot shower is in order. I'm afraid I made a bit of a mess on myself."

Karen giggled at that. "Ya you did, but I guess it was kind of my fault. Does that mean I need to help clean it up then?"

"Damn right you do!"

Just sitting straight up was an effort, but up I got. Walking slowly, I went into our bathroom and started the shower and got in. Just standing with my head under the hot stream for a few minutes, it didn't even register that Karen got in behind me. We cleaned each other off, and while it was nice, neither one of us took it any further. For the moment we were fully satisfied.


As new and as exciting the experience was, it was also a bit awkward discussing what we had done, so minus a few aborted attempts we actually didn't discuss it until later that evening. The rest of the day was nice, just lounging together and enjoying the quiet. After the kids went to bed, we split a bottle of wine while watching a movie.

Karen opened a second bottle and poured us each a glass. With no lead-up, she asked "So was this morning as incredible for you as it was for me?"

"Umm, uhh, ya?" I stuttered, taken completely off-guard.

"Just 'uh ya', huh?"

"No, not just that. Sorry, you rattled me. Hell ya it was incredible for me, and it looked like it was just as good for you. And yes, it exceeded all the expectations I had in mind. Why do you ask? Did you want to try it all over again?"

Smiling at the memory, she surprised me by saying "No, I don't know if the next time would be as incredible as the first. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it would be good, but it has the strong chance of getting monotonous after a while."

"Not quite the answer I had expected, I have to admit. However, I'm sure it would be great while I'm out of town on business trips though. Did you have something else in mind?"

"Well, ya I kind of did. But I don't really know how to say it..."

Karen stared off into the distance, appearing to try to convert her thoughts into words, but not having much luck. I had an idea, but I wanted her to say her thoughts so it would be her idea. If for no other reason, it could be said that it was her turn.

"There is something, but I don't really know how to say it. Sorry this is kind of a new thing for me. You and I on either side of the camera was great, and it was hot watching you getting off by watching me. But I really wanted you with me."

We sat in silence for a minute as we waited for her to say what we both knew was on her mind. It must have been the way that wine can loosen the tongue, but she still had to look away as she said it.

"Um... I dunno, but I was kind of wondering what you would think about maybe being together on camera? Both of us together at the same time. And, ummm, some other people doing the same thing on their side."

I looked at her a little sideways, as if considering what she had worked so hard to say. That was basically what I had in mind, I just wanted her to say it. I started to speak, but she talked louder and over-ran me.

"Sorry Mark, I know it came out weird, but it is something I was thinking about all day, and wondering where else it may go. You know I've told you once or twice it was kind of a fantasy of mine to have an audience watching me suck your cock, and.... I don't know, thought this was a way to do that, as well as have some other fun too. What do you think?"

"Sounds a bit odd, and absolutely different, but I guess I'm up for it. Why not, right? Did you have any more of a plan than that, or just the idea that we could try?"

With a bit of a blush, Karen replied "Well I may have looked online a little while, but I couldn't find much that seemed legit, and I didn't want to pay for an account anywhere. And the dating sites are just too creepy."

Then she looked at me funny. "Hey wait a second! You were the one that came up with this thing to start with! You HAD to have researched this to find that site we were on. Maybe I should be the one asking you about how to do this. You dirty ol' pervert."

Laughing a little, I hung my head.

"Yup, guilty as charged babe. You got me. But to answer your question, yes I do have an idea. It was actually the second choice to the site I used. And I did look at some online want-ad-type sites, and the problem with those is that they are local people posting. Maybe I'm just being weird, but I really don't want to do that with people I may run into at the grocery store. Awkward!"

"OK, fine then, Mr Perv, what site is this?" Karen asked as she got her laptop from the table in front of us.

"I think this is a little better than the dating sites or classifieds since it's so totally random. People looking for a chance to record the video feed aren't likely to do so since there are so many feeds they won't want, and we can afford to be a bit picky, and there are thousands online at any one time."

Karen's jaw dropped in shock at the number, and I just nodded.

"Ya, the two times I checked there were around 30,000 people connected from all over the world. I didn't stay online long, so don't get jealous or mad about it, OK? I really was just checking to see if it would work for us. So I think chatroulette.com would work fine for us. But for the most part I think you would like it more than I do. You'll see why."

No sooner had I said the name of the site, Karen had typed it in and it opened. We walked through the settings to make sure we were in the 18+ crowd only, and started the video feed. Her eyes got progressively wider in shock as we cycled through the feeds. It seemed like 80% of them were only shots of a guy stroking his cock.

There were all ranges of of races, sizes, groups of people, and looks. Some people were hiding their faces, either out of camera range or with masks. After seeing a ton of guys, a few girls, and a few couples, she stopped the feed and shook her head at me.

"Nope, sorry, this just ain't doing it for me. It's got potential, but this is actually kind of boring right now. Do you have another option?"

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