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Her Naked Barista


The redeye flight had gotten in, as promised at the very beginning of the next day. Despite their best intentions to get out and see the city immediately upon arrival, Bindu and Eric had decided in their bleariness that the best course of action as to beg for an early check in and catch a nap.

It was well past 11 in the morning local time when Eric stirred. In their exhaustion and happiness at the prospect of some sleep, he hadn't bothered to close the heavier curtains and their room was bathed in the glow of a bright sunny day outside.

As his eyes opened his gaze turned to Bindu still sleeping next to him. Her brown skin bathed in sunlight as she slept, her dark hair tousled around her pretty face as she slept in her underwear from the night before.

He smiled to himself as he recalled the futility of his efforts the previous evening's flight. He'd done his best sales pitch or two to see if Bindu might consider a little fun on the plane with him. She'd gamely acknowledged his enthusiasm, even giving him a little squeeze, but that was as far as it went.

"Every idiot everywhere has a phone and I'll be damned if I'm ending up on the internet giving you a handjob," she whispered tartly.

Eric really couldn't argue with that logic, and considering it, he most certainly wasn't ready to have whatever strange faces, noises or convulsions might make in the throes of passion on video either and took defeat as gracefully as he could.

However, he kept returning to the fantasy that he was going to wake up somewhere along the flight feeling her hand snaking under the blanket her fingers searching for him. The lights dimmed in the cabin and everyone else asleep as her fingers delicately unsnap the top button and slower the zipper on his jeans. Bindu would look around and then with a naughty smile reach into his pants and slowly pull him out of his underwear...

None of this was going to happen on the plane for a host of reasons. One of those reasons was that his wife was asleep. Two glasses of red wine and a pillow fort built against the side of the plane had done their job and Bindu was out somewhere behind a curtain of dark hair.

Eric however was having no such luck, eventually giving up and watching the latest Captain Redundant superhero movie on the screen in his seat to get his mind off the notion that he was going to engage in some sort of mile high club shenanigans with his wife.

Back in reality and the light of day, he studied her back as he lay next to her how, the contrast of her body against the crisp white hotel sheets, the soft rise/fall as she slept and the softness of her flesh where her hips curved back in to her body.

This consideration of his wife's near-naked form had facilitated the return of the persistent state of arousal he'd not dealt with effectively on the plane. He really wanted some attention but realized that perhaps waking Bindu up after a long flight just for cheap gratification was probably not the way to start a vacation together.

He did however get tired of feeling himself straining against his underwear, so he peeled them off quietly and tossed them by the side of the huge hotel bed. The sunlight on his body felt good and he willed himself to try and absorb as much of that energy as he could.

Eventually his eyes moved down his body to consider his erection. His hand explored down his shaft and back without much purpose other than enjoying the hardness of his cock. Moving lower he lazily cupped what he imagined were very full balls, massaging them gently as his thoughts returned to Bindu. His eyes closed as he imagined them back on the plane. He gripped the base of his penis imagining he was feeding it into her mouth in the darkened cabin.

Suddenly, movement disturbed his fantasy.

Eric froze as Bindu stirred next to him letting go a sleepy whimper as she stirred, stretched and rolled over towards him. Her eyes opened as it gradually registered that her husband was most certainly naked and sporting a very healthy erection.

"Started vacation without me?" she purred, smiling at his embarrassment.

He stammered a bit and pulled the sheets up over his midriff.

"Oh, no you don't, I want to see." She laughed tossing the sheets back down exposing him again.

"Don't stop on my account "propping herself up on an elbow for a better view.

Her tousled hair framed her sweet face, cascading down to her beautiful beasts. They had toppled over as she had rolled over to face him and he admired their size and weight as his gaze moved down her form. He ran his fingers delicately from her shoulder slowly down in to her waist and back out to the widest point of her hips.

"God you look amazing, "he offered.

"This looks pretty good too. In case, I've not said it before, I think you've got a very nice penis," she replied with a smile.

His body was the near opposite of hers. He was trim with none of her hips or curves to speak of. He was pale with sandy blond hair kept short. He wasn't a gym rat, but he kept himself in good shape with strong legs from a running habit and just enough weights to maintain a healthy upper body.

What she found herself drawn to presently was one of her favorite parts of his body and the one currently growing larger in front of her. It looked large, heavy and hard in his hand as he slowly touched himself. His thumb ran over the swollen light purple head smoothing away the clear liquid already leaking from him.

Bindu slid down for a closer look at the situation. She turned her body, resting her head on his thigh, looking up towards him. Bindu's eyes met his as he touched himself with no immediate purpose, but hard with anticipation of what might be to come.

Eric looked back watching the expression on her face move from sweet smiling amusement more to purpose. Maintaining eye contact she slid slowly across his thigh until her lips lay just close enough to tickle the soft trimmed hair of his balls.

He felt her breath hot against his skin as Bindu made him wait, looking up at him with his cock aching for her. She had always loved his perspective, the ability to see his face as he watched her while at the same time having a nice view of a cock that looked enormous from her vantage point.

"It's like standing at the very bottom of the Washington monument," she giggled.

"Bindu please..." he whispered.

Bindu used just the tip of her tongue to trace around his already tightened balls.

"God yes" he moaned as she sucked them, her tongue bathing each in her mouth as he squirmed.

Bindu moved her fingers behind each, gently pulling them away from the base of his cock. His eyes closed in pleasure as she took his balls in her mouth, sucking them further away his body.

He moaned for her opening his eyes as he felt her hand wrap around his cock, slowly and lustily pumping him up and down with her mouth full of his balls. There eyes locked as he watched her.

"Oh God, that is so hot" he whispered watching her give him such pleasure.

Bindu, released his balls with a playful popping sound as she laughed looking around the room in jest.

"Why are you whispering? Did I miss somehow that I'm sucking your cock in the library?" she asked playfully.

"Hmm, good point" Eric conceded and reached down to feed his cock to her hot mouth.

"Suck my fucking huge cock, baby!" Eric practically yelled eliciting a look of exasperation in return.

"I'm blowing an idiot," she replied returning to her work.

Bindu had shifted to lie between his legs and was kissing his cock sweetly up from the base until she took the purplish-gray head into her mouth. She let him watch her teasing him, gently biting the spongy soft head.

It was her favorite part to play with, whether feeling its softness against her cheek or playfully biting she loved the reaction it always got from Eric as well.

Her tongue swirled around the head and she could taste the salty-sweet taste of his precum. Pulling it out of her mouth, she made sure he could see her spit on it, making his hard cock slick, before plunging it back into her mouth.

Eric moaned a bit louder, watching her take him as far into her mouth as she could. He leaned down towards her, gently lifting her mouth from his cock. He held back her thick dark hair to kiss her passionately, tasting the combination of their fluids in her mouth.

Bindu eased forward, lifting each heavy breast to either size of his cock. Pushing them together, she again spit on his cock as lubricant as he began to thrust slowly between her breasts.

Eric wrapped his fingers inside of hers as they both held her breasts together as he moved his hips. Bindu's breasts while large and naturally pendulous with beautiful dark areole with small sensitive nipples he loved to gently pinch between his fingers or tease with a glancing brush.

She alternated between watching his face as he happily got lost in his thrusting, and the pale head of his cock emerging and disappearing back between them. Bindu moaned as she felt the length of him between her, the slickness of her spit and his liquid creating a slippery channel between her breasts as his balls urgently crashed at the underside of her breasts with each thrust.

"Can I be on top for a while?" he asked her again in a whisper slowing his movements to rest between her.

She gave him a naughty smile as she rolled over his leg onto her back, her breasts falling to either side as she waited for him in the middle of the bed. He held her hands up in his lacing their fingers as he swung his leg over to straddle her face.

His cock slick with their juice lay across her face, his balls grazing her chin. He felt her tongue exploring the underside of his cock.

Lifting his balls forward she began gently mouthing her way from the very base of his hard cock slowly inching her way forward, measuring his cock with her mouth. Her hands explored his chest, massaging her way down from his chest through his abdomen her fingertips exploring his muscles as she went.

Eventually she worked her way down to his cock, giving him what he wanted as she rubbed his cock all over her face enjoying the sensation of its size and weight as she spread the slick liquid across her pretty face.

"I love your big dick all over my face." She cooed knowing how it affected him.

"That's so fucking hot, Bindu" he moaned his hand running through her hair as he watched her pleasure his cock, playfully twitching it up slightly allowing it to bounce and land on her cheek once or twice.

He shifted forward, offering his balls towards her mouth. She opened her mouth for him as he gently pushed each of his balls into her mouth a low rough groan escaping as he felt her suck him in further.

She worked with greater urgency, sucking and running her flat tongue over him as he lowered himself further to her mouth. His hands ran through her hair gently cradling her head as he pulled slightly against her suction.

He ground his hips against the suction pulling at his balls until Bindu gently pushed him up and out of her mouth.

"Feed it to me," she commanded calmly, ready to suck his cock.

He raised himself up to position the tip of his penis directly above her mouth. Her hands explored behind his hips slowly, her fingers gently pressing into his ass, to pull him forward into her mouth. Balanced on is toes and his hands, he responded to her touch exploring how far he could push inside.

Bindu moved her hands down from his ass, her fingers finding the space between the muscles of each strong flexing leg as he gently fucked her mouth. She couldn't take too much of him in this position, but she enjoyed the head of his cock in her mouth and the feeling of his muscles working in her hands as he thrusted. Her tongue washed over his swollen head as he fucked her mouth. His breath was heavy, groaning lustily with each push inside her.

She could feel him getting close. The intensity of his moaning grew as his balls began to tighten back against the base of his cock in preparation.

Eric pulled his cock from her mouth, sliding down her body to kiss her passionately, cradling her face in his hands. He switched his position to straddle her mouth, his balls on her lips and is cock between he breasts.

Bindu lifted her breasts together squeezing hard against his cock as he began to thrust. She opened her mouth, sucking and licking his balls as he fucked her breasts hard.

"Oh, God I'm gonna cum," he moaned, his breathing rough.

Another thrust or two and Eric could hold back no further, pulling himself from between her breasts to watch his cum explode in thick white ribbons across the dark skin of her breasts. Bindu moaned beneath him, gently squeezing his balls in her mouth as she felt him cover her breasts with his sperm.

The intensity was incredible as he kept jerking his cock well after his orgasm had begun to subside. Taking a moment to admire his artwork he moved his cock in languid motions in the pool of sperm collecting between her breasts, enjoying the warmth and texture before he collapsed forward on top of her, his head resting on her thigh.

"That felt incredible, I think I might pass out, "he managed kissing her thigh in gratitude.

"You're going to have to get up because I think we both might need a shower now, "she offered, again gently squeezing his ass a cheek in each hand.

"Wow, not even sure what to say, but that was the best start to a vacation I can remember." Eric observed sliding off to lay beside her head to foot.

"Holy Hell, you did make a mess, didn't you? I mean, it felt like a lot from back here, but wow. Okay, we're both officially gross."

"Sure I can't interest you in a really sticky hug?" he joked as he hopped out of bed leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek as he offered her a hand out of the bed.

"Think I'll pass on that amazing offer but give me a few minutes head start in the shower and we could see if that steam shower is as nice as advertised," she suggested as she stood up.

She tossed her head back smoothing her hair with both hands perhaps unintendedly giving Eric a great view of her breasts still shiny with his load.

"I mean, that does look like a hell of a nice shower and it'd be a shame just to not take advantage, "she followed as if somehow, he'd have needed convincing.

Eric nodded his complete agreement as he watched her walk around the end of the bed and down the hall to the bath closing the door behind her.

He banished the thoughts of an impending shared shower with Bindu from his mind and set about making them both some coffee. She was a girl who liked her morning coffee without fail and he was hoping she'd appreciate him bringing gifts to the shower.

As the second cup of coffee brewed, he caught himself glancing at the clock just to be sure he'd afforded her a respectable amount of time to herself. What hadn't occurred to him until she greeted him with laughter was that he might look slightly ridiculous delivering coffee naked.

"What took you so long? Ooh coffee!" Bindu giggled, "and I like you as my naked barista."

Smoothing her hair back under the shower she watched as he pulled the glass door open stepping inside at the far end setting a coffee on the bench, as she stepped out of the shower to take her coffee.

"A girl could get used to this."

"So could a guy, you really are beautiful" he replied as he watched her take her first sip of her coffee. He marveled at how she could go from tousled hair, earthiness a few minutes before to glistening, slicked back raven-haired sophistication sipping her morning coffee.

"You know I'm a sucker for a compliment from a naked man in my shower."

"How about if that naked man washes your hair?"

She smiled and nodded an approval as she took a sip of coffee and then set her cup out of the spray. Eric watched as she soaked and then slicked her hair back for him, watching the rivulets of water running from her hair down her back over her ample ass. Bindu looked over her shoulder back at him with a quizzical look, rousing him from watching her and grabbing the shampoo.

She felt his arms around her hips, his hands meeting to pull her gently back to him as he kissed her on the top of her head. Her hands met his as she enjoyed the embrace and the feel of his body against hers.

Eric poured out a good bit of shampoo, dividing it between his hands and began working it into her lush black hair. Her head tilted back with her eyes closed as he worked up a thick perfumed lather.

The lavender perfume of the shampoo was almost as pleasant as feeling his fingers gently massaging her scalp, working the shampoo and its lather through her hair.

"Coffee Break", she said softly as she switched places, stepping out of the hot water to sip her coffee as her naked barista continued his lavender scented massage. Not at all a bad way to start a vacation she thought to herself.

Bindu sipped her coffee while he continued to massage her scalp, then piled her hair on top of her head to use both hands to massage from the base of her skull gently down to where her neck joined her shoulders.

She moaned in pleasure at his massage. The overnight flight was a slog but having her morning coffee, a hot shower and a massage at the same time was doing wonders.

His fingers moved to her shoulders as she leaned back to feel his body against hers. His chest felt good against her shoulder blades and she felt his cock against her ass, wiggling ever so slightly to get it between her ft cheeks as he kneaded her shoulders back and forth to the base of her neck.

"You've got the nicest cock of anyone who's ever brought me coffee naked."

He pulled back slightly to avoid the temptation of getting distracted from his massaging. His hands moved up again to her hair working the lather thoroughly and giving their shower a fresh breath of lavender.

"We're working on you for a while," he whispered playfully spanking her.

He took her hands and placed them on the tiled wall so she would have a brace as he worked from her shoulders down, massaging her shoulder blades, down to the small of her back. Her forearms and forehead against the tile, she moaned softly as he worked to loosen her muscles, his strong hands kneading the stress from her lower back.

Her eyes closed, she felt him brush a stray tendril of hair from her neck and then planted kisses on the back of her neck. His hands working on her lower back, he kissed across her shoulder, each kiss a lingering one.

He kissed his way down her back without any pattern, dropping to his knees behind her as he worked past her lower back. His hands found her ass and gently massaged. She pushed against his hands slightly as he worked any tension. Bindu moved her hips for him as he massaged her. He planted more kisses around her plump cheeks eventually resting his face against her ass.

"You really do have the most beautiful ass." Eric almost moaned playfully biting one of her cheeks before burying his face between them.

She turned around to face him, pulling him from his knees close to her under the spray.

"That felt fantastic, I needed it, "she said her arms around his hips lazily massaging his ass as she enjoyed the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Her fingers dug in playfully as she took a moment to squeeze him.

"You've got a pretty cute butt too, Mr. Barista."

She tilted her head under the spray to begin washing the lather from her hair. As soon as her hair was clean and freshly slicked back, she returned to her coffee, leaning her back against the wall. Eric's hands had gone back to work gently massaging her shoulders from the front.

He started gently, loosening from her shoulders down to the muscles above her breasts. She felt his fingers exploring her body for tension, alternately his fingertips and then palms working their way down to the top of her breasts.

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