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Her New Fuck Toy


I have been working some strange hours at the hospital. That has meant that my husband hasn't been around when I am home. I got home one morning, I must have been tired. I walked into the bathroom where I saw my son Seth taking a leak. He was holding his long cock in one hand. We both looked at each other and I excuse myself.

I walked into my bedroom and I stripped out of my clothes. I was damn horny. No sex from my husband in weeks and now I saw my son's prick. I got onto the bed and I began fingering my pussy. It wasn't but a few minutes and the door opened. There stood Seth naked. We didn't say anything to one another. Seth joined me on the bed. He pulled my thighs apart and lowered his face to my gash.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out.

Seth was lapping up and down my slit. I didn't tell him to stop. Far from it. I begged him to continue.

"Don't stop baby, push your tongue into me."

Seth did that and more. He used his thumb to press on my clit. Between that and his tongue, I thought I was going to have this huge orgasm. Seth got me worked up that morning. He moved from my clit to my aching pussy. He slid two of his fingers inside my tunnel. I let out this scream. Seth was pushing all my buttons. That was for sure. A few minutes into all this Seth stopped.

He got up to his knees. I could see he was hard now. His fat cock was pointing right at my opening. I knew this was so wrong but I couldn't bring myself to make him stop. My twenty year old son brought the tip of his cock to my lips and he sunk into me. It took my breath away. Seth got all the way inside my pussy and he held his shaft in place. I used my muscles to squeeze his love muscle.

Seth did start to pump his dick into me. I wrapped my legs around him and we got into a fuck motion. I pushed back against him every time he thrust into me. I could never say this but he felt so much bigger and better than my husband. Seth's cock was stretching out my pussy. I held on as my son gave me the fucking I craved for. He drove into me right up to the hilt. My muscles were going into contortions.

I had missed this kind of lovemaking. I would make sure I had Seth again in my bed. We must have gone close to an hour. My pussy was actually getting sore. Seth grunted a few times and then he gave me his love load. I felt his hot cream spraying into my body. I squeezed his thick seed out as he shot deep into my tunnel. I love feeling a man's cum inside my pussy. Seth had a large amount to give me that first time.

It must have taken him fifteen minutes to fill my tummy completely. I could feel his seed running out of me and down my crack. Seth did pull out of me and we had a kiss together. I did go to the bathroom and empty out his love offering. When I returned Seth worked on me some more. He kissed my hard nipples and pleasured my tits with his mouth.

"Can you go again?" I asked him.

He said he wasn't sure. I used my mouth to get his cock hard once more. I could still taste our love juices on his prick. Seth did get hard from me sucking him. I mounted him and lowered my cum coated pussy onto his staff. Seth took me hard once again. I felt like whore who couldn't get enough cock. I slid up and down his pole while Seth pushed deep into my belly. I never wanted a man as much as I wanted my son that day.

I was surprised when Seth gave me more cum for my pussy. I was greedy for it.

"Fill me with your hot seed!" I begged him.

Where all the cum came from I had no idea. He blasted me with jets of white cum. After he finished me off I collapsed onto his chest.

"Hold me Seth," I told him.

He held my body close to his. He said he would need to have me again very soon. That's how our lovemaking ended up happening. Those mornings I would get back from the hospital, Seth would have me in his bed. He would get my nipples erect with his mouth. After I was excited, Seth filled me with his hard prick. He had to be over eight inches in length when hard. Sometimes he would tease me and make me beg for his cock.

I would plead with him to shove his bone into my belly. He would push in completely so that our pubic mounds touched. That would send shock waves throughout my body. The best would always be when Seth would give me his man seed. He would often tell me it was his baby cum he was giving me. I knew what he was trying to tell me.

During this time I wasn't having much sex with my husband. I would tell him I was tired when he wanted a quickie. I really was tired. Seth had me all fucked out from his rock hard dick. I know this situation can't go on this way for much longer. I will need to choose my son over my husband. I just hope Seth will want his mother as his long term lover.

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