tagErotic HorrorHer New Home Ch. 02

Her New Home Ch. 02


*~* Author's Note *~* This story contains Absorption Vore. If you're not sure what that is let me explain in short, A merging of bodies, becoming one being. I hope you enjoy! Please rate and comment if you enjoy!


Valerie was exhausted and just wanted to get some sleep, after all that had happened in the bathroom she wasn't even sure what was real and what was a dream. Was she sleeping right now? She pinched her arm and winced. Nope, she felt the pain... and the pleasure still lingering, a dull ache... She shook her head, it had been a long night and she just wanted to sleep. She walked down the hallway away from the closed bathroom door and down the main stairs.

Her bedroom was on the first floor behind the staircase. It was actually kind of neat. The main door led right into a foyer with open halls to the left and right into the living room and dining room. Right up the stairs on the second floor was the bathroom, library, and a few others. Up more stairs took you to the third floor and the attic. If you walked through the front door you'd never even know about the bedroom, you had to actually walk to the side of the staircase, on either side, and enter a door there. It was a small hallway straight back into the master bedroom. She headed through the small hall into the bedroom.

It opened before her, a large room all done in dark wood and stone. There was a large fireplace with logs waiting to be burnt, large windows covered by thick black curtains the likes she had never seen, and straight back from the door was the bed. Bigger than she had ever seen. It was a four post bed with it's own set of thick curtains. The bedclothes looked thick and soft. Valerie shivered, the room was cold with the fire place unlit. Valerie walked to the bed and slipped under the blankets, resting her head on the large plushy pillows. She closed her eyes and tried to dose off but after a few minutes of tossing and turning, trying to keep the light out of her eyes, she sighed. She sat back up and looked around the room again. She hadn't wanted to turn the lights off with what had happened to her in the bathroom but she couldn't fall asleep with such a bright light in her eyes so she got up and walked back over to the light switch near the door.

She scanned the room once more and flicked off the lights. Taking a deep breath she slowly made her way over to the bed in complete darkness. The room was silent which comforted her. She found the bed and slipped back under the blankets and relaxed. Closing her eyes Valerie snuggled into the warm heavy blankets. Her mind wondered. First to her old home, then to her friend. When did she work next? Her paid vacation ended in five days. She needed sleep...

Their bodies pressed together, arms wrapped around each other. She kissed the being deeply, the smell of rain and cherry blossoms making her head light and foggy. Their hands and fingers wondered over their exposed skin, up their backs, down their arms, around their waist. Fingers danced over each others vulvae, teasing. She slowly plunged her finger into it's waiting sex. She gasped and trembled against herself. As she worked her finger deep into her lover, it began to moan and match her movements, impaling itself on her fingers.

Her lover was still holding her close and Valerie felt something odd. Her lover's skin seemed to be softer and more pliant than before, changing ever so slowly. The arms around her seemed to squeeze her tightly in its throws of passion and Valerie felt warmth spreading slowly over her skin where ever their bodies touched. It felt as if she was being pulled into her lover, as if her fingers were being pulled deeper and deeper into her lover with every thrust. Her hand seemed to merge with her lover's body as if now a part of her. She couldn't pull her hand out as far as she would like for thrusts so she did her best to wiggle and massage to keep up its pleasure. Her chest felt so warm and tingly, like hundreds of tiny mouths were kissing her skin ever so softly.

She went to look down, to see what was making her feel so wonderful but her lover kissed her deeply and passionately. Still pumping her fingers into her lover Valerie was engulfed in ecstasy. Moaning into the kiss between quick breaths. She could no longer keep up her thrusts and didn't try, letting her hand rest still inside her lovers sex. Valerie closed her eyes and focused on the sensations being elicited by her strange lovers touch. More and more of their skin came in contact and she felt their mounds touch and without thinking began grinding against her. They both moaned deeply and couldn't contain themselves. Lost in a sea of lust they brought each other close to the edge of climax.

Valerie felt as if her pussy was being engulfed by her lover's womanhood and realized they way they held each other was just not possible, eyes closed it felt as if they were becoming one. Melding together. Valerie opened her eyes just as they crested that peak, cumming uncontrollably screaming their pleasure. Valerie looked down in her ecstasy and saw that she was being pulled into her lover. with every contraction, every wave of pleasure they merged. The thought terrified her but she was too weak to move much. The more she was pulled into her lover the better she felt, waves and waves of pleasure still crashing upon her. Valerie kissed her lover deeply and wondered what it would be like to be one. Their kiss continued as Valerie's body was completely engulfed by her lover. She took one last deep breath and wondered how she still felt so sexually charged. As if just being inside this woman was sexual. She hoped it would last forever, consumed by her sexual energy. cumming and cumming forever.

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