tagInterracial LoveHer New Neighbor Ch. 05

Her New Neighbor Ch. 05


Sara and Julie had themselves quite a night, but they weren't the only ones to be consumed by black love that day.

Shannon left her gym not that long after getting Lennox's explicit text. She couldn't concentrate on her workouts, so she figured it was best to leave and try another day. 'Missing you...' the text read with a very revealing picture of Lennox and his enormous black appendage. The message stuck with her as she drove home. Not necessarily because of the picture that went along with it, but because he had written 'Missing you...'. Shannon couldn't remember the last time Ryan had sent her anything like that. The more she thought about it, the more she felt her body shiver. It was sweet, even if it came attached with something incredibly vulgar. Though that was hardly a turn off considering her body's reaction whenever she thought about or saw Lennox's perfect body.

She wanted to see him today. And with her daughter sending her a message saying that she would be at Sara's, with a good chance of her staying over, and Ryan working late again, she would have more than enough time to meet up and 'talk' with Lennox. Shannon was sure that Lennox knew she would see him that day, he was that confident in himself. So much so that before she got into her car to leave the gym, he sent her another message saying that he would be home all day. Shannon didn't respond but continued her way home. Her mind went through all of the emotions running through her as she drove, knowing that she was on her way to see a man who wasn't her husband. Not only that, but this man was someone who she had already slept with, on more than one occasion. However, unlike that last couple of times, guilt was one feeling that wasn't so strong in her as before. She felt a little bit of shame in that, but with images flashing in her mind of her trysts with Lennox, shame started to disappear too. All she knew was that she had to see Lennox again, and she would have more than enough alone time with him.

The red headed housewife was so focused on him, that she didn't even realize that she was driving well beyond the speed limit, something she never does. Shannon was lucky not to have driven by any cops on her way home.

Her car pulled into her driveway and she hopped out, making her way towards her doorstep. She paused to look over at her new neighbor's house, who at this point isn't even new to her anymore, and she took a deep breath. She exhaled and composed herself. She entered her home and went to her room where she put her gym bag away. She walked over to her mirror, gave herself a good look. Shannon had showered at the gym and she had her still damp hair in a pony tail. Her feet in sandals, lower body in tight black leggings and plain grey tank top. She posed a little bit with her hips out, appreciating her own body in different angles. The woman didn't feel like going through the process of changing, and Lennox had already seen her in something similar and, well, with less on also. She blushed when the thought entered her mind about how she thought Lennox would view her when she went over. It was like she was going over to see her new boyfriend... who had already fucked her, of course.

That's when her husband popped into her head for a quick second. She shook it off, not wanting a distraction right now. She knew she was doing something bad, but she also felt like she needed it. Shannon then left her room and exited her house again. People were starting to come home now, so she quickly looked around and skipped towards Lennox's place. She went to knock but stopped when she realized the door was cracked open. She slowly pushed it forward and slipped into his home. She closed the door and looked around. "Um, Lennox?" she spoke out loud, trying to see if he was around. She got her response.

"In the kitchen." came the reply.

She followed his voice and walked towards the kitchen, where he was leaning back on a counter while having a glass of water. She slowly walked towards him, stopping a few feet away. Her face was burning hot when she looked at him, her heart beating like she was looking at her first crush. He had the glass to his lips, sipping the water, with his eyes looking out towards the window like he was studying the sunlight coming into the house. He had that sexy grin on his face that Shannon always noticed. His entire upper body was exposed, sweat shining on his large pectoral muscles, falling down to his abs. He had on a simple pair of basketball shorts and nothing else with just his dreads hanging long as usual.

They stood in silence for a little bit before Lennox finally spoke, eyes still looking away from her. "So you just finished working out too? Saw you pull up. Hope I wasn't interrupting your gym time."

"Uh, you... kinda did." Shannon quietly answered him.

Lennox chuckled. "My bad." he said, not really apologizing. "Was working out myself in my little gym I have set up in my basement. You should have come over, we could have just worked out together."

Shannon was sure that working out would have been the last thing on his mind if she actually did that. "Well, I have a gym membership. I might as well make use of it." she replied.

"I guess..." Lennox shrugged and turned to look at her, licking his lips a little at her appearance. "I wasn't kidding, you know." he began again.

Shannon tilted her head and looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

"When I sent you that message, saying that I was missing you. I wasn't fucking around, baby girl." Lennox put his glass down and crossed his arms, looking at her intensely.

Shannon almost mewed when she heard that. This man was being kinda... sweet to her. Of course that message had come with a vulgar image of his penis, but she got the feeling he was being genuine. It made her feel... good. Real good, actually. Her face remained red, the blush not leaving her face. "O-Oh..." Shannon was at a loss for words.

"I wasn't kidding about the shit I said before, either." Lennox continued. "I'm a nigga of my word, and I straight up mean it when I say i'm gonna claim you. That's real shit." His words hitting her hard with his tone of overwhelming confidence.

"B-But..." Shannon looked away, trying to find the words. "It's... too hard for us to engage in anything like that. I'm married..."

"And?" Lennox flatly responded. "That shit ain't stop you from bringing that ass over. You didn't have to come, you know."

"I know!" Shannon sharply replied. "It's just..."

"It's just that you want me as bad as I want you. Simple." Lennox said, finishing her thought for her. Shannon sighed, and Lennox could sense her frustration. "If i'm wrong, tell me, why you bring your ass over?"

Shannon couldn't find a proper way to respond that didn't confirm what Lennox already knew about the situation. He was right, she wanted him, and they both knew it. "I... like the attention you're giving me." She looked back up at him. "It's been a while since a man... had been so open about his affection for me. You're just so... different than what I am used to. You make me feel weird... wanted... and... sexy even. You have never left my mind ever since our first night together. I feel so ashamed to constantly be thinking about another man while I'm married, but you... you just keep invading my thoughts. It's too hard to push you away, my mind is always straying towards memories of you. I don't know what to do anymore, I just know that I wanted to see you again." Shannon admitted all of this to him, getting it off of her chest.

Lennox smirked, liking her answer and her honesty. "That's what I'm talking about. You know and I know what's good between the two of us. Why even try and fight it?"

"Because I'm married?"

"That nigga ain't showing you no type of attention and you know it. You got a man, a real man, in front of you right now saying that he thinks you a bad bitch and wants you all the time. There really ain't no reason to be conflicted here, Shannon, the choice is obvious." Lennox laid it out for her.

"I guess..." Shannon muttered.

"Okay, so you know what it is, Shannon." Lennox responded. "Ain't no reason to continue playing games. You're gonna keep seeing me, okay?" Lennox said it like a question, but Shannon was reading it more like a definitive statement. That what he chose was they way it was going to be.

"L-Lennox, that's dangerous." she meekly spoke. "I can't imagine what would happen if I were to get caught. It could ruin my life, Ryan could kick me out of the house and I don't even know what Julie would do. I don't want to tear my family apart."

The black man shook his head and grinned. "Look, your little girl will understand, she's already an adult. She knows how the world works, she'll get over it. And as far as your man goes, if he catches you, flips out and gives your ass the boot..." Lennox looked around his house for a second before responding. "This house pretty big, i'm sure it can accommodate another person."

Shannon's face flared up again at the thought of possibly living with Lennox. That seemed crazy! But also... someone who would shower her with attention 24/7. That seemed so amazing to her considering her current situation. "I don't know about that... I'm not sure it's worth the risk." Even as she said it, she seemed unsure of her words. She looked down at her feet, deep in thought about the consequences of being with Lennox.

She didn't get much time to think, however, as she felt herself pulled suddenly by Lennox who had reached over and yanked her towards him. "Ahh!" she shrieked and she stumbled over and her hands landing on his hard and still kind of sweaty chest. Her eyes wide, looking up at him. "What are you doing?!"

Lennox holds her still in his grasp with two firm hands on her hips. His dreads hang low as he looks down to match her gaze with a wide smirk in place. "Just want to hold my chick, something wrong with that?" Lennox got a kick out of how red her cheeks were painted when he spoke to her. It showed so vividly on her incredibly pale skin.

"Lennox..." she whispered, unsure of what to do next, just keeping her eyes still on his, scanning his always attractive face and cocky smirk.

The bigger black man moved her hips a little to the side so that he could see that fat ass in those tight, black gym leggings again. He loved a good fat ass on a white bitch. And already knew how good his girl's ass looked, clothed or not. "You stay looking right." Lennox commented. "Everything about you look good."

"T-Thank you." is all she was able to squeak out, liking the compliment a lot but also feeling a little embarrassed. They stared at each other for a few seconds, searching the other for something. Lennox eventually spoke.

"I need you, right now girl."

"Umm, Lennox, I..." The housewife was cut off from speaking. Lennox leaned down and placed his lips on hers. Lennox silences her with a kiss. And unlike before, Shannon, who before would have at least struggled to push him away, paused for a second before giving in and not even feigning resistance. She kissed him lightly at first, both of them planting their lips on each other for a little before Lennox took his tongue and pried open her mouth to stick his tongue in. Shannon allows him to invade her and she responds to him by taking her tongue and intertwining it with his, starting off this passionate act. They stand there, kissing deeply, eyes closed and hands on each other. Shannon reaches over to wrap her arms around his wide torso. She pulls him in tightly as they turn up the heat and look as if they are devouring one another.

Lennox pushes his face harder down on her, causing her leg to buckle a little and her knee to bend. Shannon moans into the mans mouth as the kiss carries on. The black man took one of his hands and gripped the woman's pony tail into his fist before yanking the woman's head back. "Ah!" she gasps. "What was..." Once again, Lennox's mouth keeps her from finishing a sentence as his tongue juts out and starts to playfully flick hers. Shannon quickly catches on and does the same as their wet appendages slap fight, with the exception of when Lennox would suck on her tongue and Shannon would do the same. Shannon never took part in a kiss the lust filled. It was aggressive, wet, immediate and very sloppy, which she definitely wasn't used to. All around her mouth was covered in their saliva. Were this any other situation she would stop this and clean herself off, but the kiss was too powerful and her emotions were caught up in moment they were sharing. His black masculinity absorbed her, bringing the housewife back into his world. She didn't mind it at all if she was being honest with herself. He forced her into his element again, and Shannon was quickly becoming comfortable there.

The strong black moved his mouth away for second to start attacking the woman's exposed neck flesh. He took small bites and sucked up her skin like a vacuum. "Ohh... mmmm..." Shannon lifted her hand to place it on the back of his head, feeling the texture of his dreads, petting it, loving how it feels at her touch. Lennox licks up and down her neck, repeating his actions, causing her body to quiver and her moans to intensify. He dragged his tongue down to her collarbone and underneath her chin, occasionally placing quick, sucking kisses on her. "Mmmm... oh baby..." Shannon closes her eyes, bites her lower lip and feels her body heat rise as Lennox continues to expertly work on her. "O-Oh... Lennox..." She jumped a little when she felt his other hand very roughly grab a huge chunk of her ass.

"Mmmm... this my fatty right here." Lennox growled as he held on tightly to her ample bottom. "You got that?" he asked as he started kissing her cheeks, lips and forehead all while still holding on to her hair.

"Yes... I know." Shannon confirmed to him in a breathy tone as she opened her eyes to see him look down at her like a hungry wolf after getting a taste of his meal. He looked so dangerous but so arousing and sexy. She was so taken by him and his way to take hold of their situation. Like a real man. A real black man. She could hear him breathe hard and felt him lower his head to touch foreheads. Their eyes remained focused on each other and they started trading some light kisses.

Lennox brought his hands to her shoulders now. "Your husband coming late?" Lennox could see how difficult it was for her to answer him with her husband being the subject. But he didn't care one bit about her guilt. He just wanted to know how long he was going to own her for today.

"Y-Yeah, he won't be around till late." came the guilt ridden answer.

"Good." Lennox said as the corners of his lips curved upwards. He then pushed down hard on her shoulders. Shannon knew what this meant. She fell to her knees and saw that bulge that she had already been acquainted with making it's presence known through his shorts. She looked up at him and saw as he nodded at her, basically telling her to continue. Shannon took a deep breath and did as expected. She pulled down on the waistband of his shorts and yanked them down to his feet where Lennox would kick them to the side.

Shannon eyes scanned his large, half asleep black cock, recalling it in her mind from their last couple of encounters. It was thick, long, veiny and black like she remembered it. It had given her the greatest moments of lust and love making that she ever thought possible. Lennox's massive black prick had been a deal closer. She knew looking back now that, ever since she got taken by him and his white pussy killer, she was his. He said he would claim her... and he did. And this gigantic black piece of man meat was one of the 'biggest' reasons why. She gripped him from the base and began to slowly stroke him in the middle of his kitchen. Lennox let out a low groan and watched as his girl work his growing member. Lennox noticed how she looked at his dick, her face showing clear appreciation of the build of his meat rod. Her small white hand looked and felt so good wrapped around it as she slowly moved from the base to the tip, up and down. Shannon missed the feeling of his black skin, loving how it felt at her touch.

As she jerked him, Lennox focused his eyes on Shannon. Her eyes then met his and they locked on each others. "Ughh..." Lennox moaned as her little white hand glided up and down his erection. Lennox's cock got so much harder when he saw the almost puppy dog eyes she was giving him. Her other hand then traveled down to his scrotum and began handling his two large black balls, playing with them. Lennox placed a hand on her head, petting her like a good dog. "Good girl..." Lennox spoke through a groan. Shannon smiled at him and started kissing the side of his dick. At first is started as lightly placed kisses, but then that turned to her sucking all over his shaft. She stuck her tongue out and ran her wet mouth muscle from the bottom of the cock to the wide crown at the top. She would also switch between coating his cock in saliva to working her mouth below and inhaling his two balls. They were so huge and it was difficult to get one of them on her mouth. Lennox's balls were now getting moist and it sent a shock of electricity through him. "Damn, girl... you done stepped up your game." Lennox said, complimenting her head skills. Shannon blushed and pulled back with his ball in her mouth and released it with a loud *Pop!* sound.

"You feel good... babe?" She felt a little funny calling him that pet name, something couples usually use. But then again, that cock of his made her call him 'daddy', so there was that.

Lennox nodded. "Yeah. Want to make me feel even better?" He watched as the woman submitting on her knees below him nodded her answer. He gripped her pony tail again and worked her head back to the tip of his cock. She knew what to do and opened wide to take him into her warm face hole. She felt his cock move into her mouth and his skin drag on her tongue as he stabbed her face, Lennox starting to pump in and out of her mouth as he moved his hips. *Gah! Gah! Gah!* came the gagging noises. She held onto his thick legs as a way to support herself as she was getting her face bashed in by black cock. Their eyes found each other again and he loved how close to half of his thick prick disappeared into her mouth. Her eyes were beginning to water and he could tell that air was getting hard for her to take in with such massive meat occupying space in her throat. Lennox pushed his woman a little more though, and for just a little longer, he picked up some speed and rammed her face while holding that tied up bunch of red hair of hers. "Uhhh fuck... take that dick... eat that shit..." Lennox pumped deep into her throat and he could see her eyeballs looking like they were about to pop out of their sockets. He saw some tears fall from her eyes and he felt her grip on his legs tighten. *Gah! Gah! Gah! Gah! Gah! Gah!* came the gagging sounds again, this time louder and coming out much faster than before. Shannon was still getting used to being bullied by Lennox during their sexual encounters. He took over and handled her however he pleased, and that was something that Shannon had to get accustomed to. Even Ryan at his most passionate was never this aggressive in bed.

Shannon could barely take more of her face getting bashed in. The more he drove his cock in, the more of it entered her mouth. She was now getting stabbed with more than half of his black pipe. Her body started to give from the relentless attack on her and her knees started to buckle. Lennox saw this and shoved deep one last time. He got more than 3/4 of the way down her throat. Shannon's eyes went extremely wide and she began flailing around but could not push off as Lennox had a firm grip on her hair. He saw her glassy eyes start to roll back into her head a bit and he grinned. He finally let her off and she coughed hard and tried to catch her breath like she was just saved from drowning, as she could no longer breathe while getting face fucked. She fell on her hands and tried to compose herself. "Oh... my god..." she said through coughs and deep breaths.

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