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Her New Toys


After our fun weekend away with our friends at the caravan, Fran decided she wanted to try more things, sexually. She wasn't sure what, but after being pampered all weekend by four guys she knew she needed more varied sex. Our own sex life increased, both in amount and content. She'd started letting me do things we'd never tried before. We talked a lot and discussed many fantasies, but couldn't decide how we could match that special weekend.

About three months later, I'd had to travel to London on business for a week, so of course I had to visit all the high spots, of Soho. Boy did I get some ideas. I saw furniture, clothes and equipment I'd only ever seen in porno films or magazines. One idea though did catch my attention. Bondage and submission. When I told Fran what I'd seen, she was well up for the idea. She even suggested I get a couple of the leather restraint and chain items, for our game play.

Friday couldn't come soon enough for me. I'd bought a set of wrist to ankle cuffs, a light paddle and a bar that strapped to the ankles to keep legs spread, plus a few other goodies! When I got home Fran seemed to be on heat. She pounced on me as I walked through the front door. I not sure if it was me she was pleased to see or the bag of goodies I'd bought. After a quick meal, she told me to go and get showered, as after almost a week without sex she was gagging to try our new toys.

After showering, I walked back in to the lounge, to find Fran on her hands and knees facing away from me. She'd managed to attach her left wrist to her left ankle and the other strap to her right ankle, but obviously couldn't affix the strap to her right wrist, but what a sight. With her head down on the floor, on her knees, it left her arse and pussy up in the air on full display. I quickly knelt behind her and strapped up her other wrist, so that she was well restrained. I began caressing her arse, her soft round buttocks smooth to my touch. She was clearly desperate for action, as her pussy juices were pouring out of her and down her thighs. I don't think I'd seen her so wet before.

I picked up the paddle and tickled up and down her back, gradually getting lower, in to the crack of her arse and finally rubbing it around her swollen pussy lips and anus. By now she was begging for more. I stopped stroking her and sat back to admire the view. After a few moments she started to swivel her hips, raising it up and down to draw my attention, not that she'd lost it in any way. Suddenly with a loud crack, I brought the paddle down on her left buttock, leaving a light red mark where it had landed.

I wondered if this first strike would be the last, as spanking was not something we'd tried before, but Fran's moans were evidence enough that she wanted more, as she lay there wiggling her rear end at me. I brought the second slap down on her other cheek with similar force. We have a good relationship and Fran knows if she asked me to stop something I would, so with her arse still pointed skywards I started raining slaps down on her buttocks. With her cheeks glowing red she cried out as her first orgasm ripped through her body, leaving her panting for breath.

Fran then rolled over on to her back, but with her wrists still shackled to her ankles, she had to have her arms down by her side, forcing her legs to spread wide open. 'Fuck me now', she called out. With my dick standing out like a flag pole, I immediately obeyed, sliding inside her in one swift movement. I began pumping in and out of her saturated pussy, enjoying the power I had over my wife. I didn't last long though, as I soon felt that familiar feeling in my balls as I began to come. Firstly inside her, then I pulled out and aimed my dick at her face. She opened her mouth to try and catch some of my ejaculation, but she needn't have worried. As I also hadn't had sex for nearly a week, my balls were full. My come splattered up her chest and across her face and in to her mouth. The last few drops coming as I buried my dick in her mouth, which she lapped up greedily, while sucking my cock.

Finally, as I began to subside, Fran told me to scoop up the come on her face and chest with my dick and to feed it in to her mouth. She's a real come drinking slut lately, not that I'm complaining! As we lay there, I released the straps on her ankles and wrists and thanked her for a great time, thinking of how we could take this forward. It soon came to me, but it was going to be a surprise for Fran.

Next morning I was due to run some errands around town. So, after breakfast I suggested she come with me, but I wanted her to dress, or rather undress, for the trip. Ten minutes later she came down and what a sight. She had on a knee length white skirt and tight fitting top, clearly with nothing on underneath. Her nipples were standing erect, trying to force their way through the thin material of her blouse and the skirt was one of those sheer linen type that was almost see through, especially when she bent forward, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. At this point I showed her a couple of the other toys I'd bought, at which she eagerly bent forward and begged me to insert. I'd got one of those discreet remote control butt plugs and a pussy egg. The egg went in first, whilst Fran sucked on the butt plug to get it lubed up and then I squeezed that up her tight arse. She stood up, turned round, straightening her clothes, and said " there how do I look?". My reply was to turn on the egg and got a big smile in reply. Then I tried the butt plug and her eyes lit up. "Give me those controls and let's go" she said.

In the car on the way to town, she kept trying the controls of each of her new toys. With her feet raised part way up the dash and her legs spread, she kept encouraging me to watch between her legs as she turned the toys up and down. Once she switched them both to full and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her small frame. When we parked I insisted, as you would, that I take over the control units. The walk from the car park to town, meant passing through a park, so I encouraged Fran to walk ahead of me. Wow, what a view, with the sun shining through her clothes were almost transparent, and knowing she had her new toys inserted had me hard all the time. As she walked I would alternate between each control. I soon found that turning the butt plug was best while she was walking. The vibrations in her arse caused her to clench up tight and made her really sway her hips as she walked. Each time I did this Fran would turn round and grin at me. As we reached the far side of the park, I pulled her off the path behind some large conifers. My mouth went straight to her tits, which without a bra were easily accessible, and began to suck on her erect nipples. Fran grabbed my free hand and shoved it up her skirt, straight on to her soaking pussy. While I played with her clit she turned the egg on and I could feel her shaking with another approaching orgasm. When it hit, pussy juices poured out over my hand and down her thigh and I hand to support her from collapsing. As Fran came back down she clung to my neck for support.

Once calmed down we sneaked out of the bushes like naughty teenagers and headed to town. This wasn't as easy as it sounded for me. With an erection tenting the front of my trousers, I had to carry a bag, so as not to look too obvious. Fran meanwhile was getting plenty of attention, both from annoyed looking women as they tried to drag their men folk way and from the men trying to get better views.

Each time we queued to pay for items I would turn one or other of the vibrators on and watch her response. When Fran was served by a good looking young man, I would turn both on full and watch as she tried to keep a straight face and talk normally. Not very easy and she got quite a few strange reactions. At one point we went in to a ladies clothes shop and Fran selected a dress to try on. Off she went and duly came out to show me. She looked really good, but what really got me going was when she told me it was one of those shops with a main communal changing area. The thought of her stripping of completely naked really turned me on, as she was still wearing nothing underneath her skirt and top. Being naked with her butt plug on show must have had some effect on her as well, because before she went back in she give me one hell of a kiss, right there outside the changing room.

Obviously some of the other women in there must have told their partners when they came out, as she was getting loads of attention from the male shoppers as we finished walking round the store. We decided then to go for a drink. Over the road was a nice coffee bar. It had high glass tables and stools, the sort you have to hike yourself up on to. I sat to one side while Fran went of to get the drinks. The lad serving her only looked to be about 18, probably just a Saturday job for him. While at the counter, I switched on both vibrators and slowly turned them up to full speed. She was clearly having difficulty getting the order across, but eventually slowly walked back to our table and climbed up on to her stool. I'd deliberately left her the stool that face the counter.

A few minutes later the lad had prepared our drinks and was about to bring them over. I suggested she might like to give him a treat. What with the love egg still vibrating away inside, she was well up for it. As he walked over Fran parted her legs and with wearing a short skirt it easily rode up her thighs. He just stood staring between her legs. Through the glass top table I could see almost as much as he could. After what seemed like ages I asked if we could have our drinks, which brought him rather embarrassingly out of his trance, He put the drinks down and backed away slowly still staring down at her clean shaven cunt on full view. I don't know who had the bigger boner, me or the lad.

After he'd gone Fran said to me, she felt sorry for him and wondered if there was anything she could do to ease his problem, as he was still standing behind the counter staring at her, as she slowly opened and closed her soft thighs. Then she got up and walked over to him and asked him for some extra cream for her coffee. I heard him say he'd have to get some more from out back and off he went. Without hesitation Fran followed him through a door marked private. Nearly ten minutes later she returned with a big smile on her face. It was a few minutes after that, that the lad returned to the counter. I asked her what had gone on.

She said that as soon as she had closed the door behind them, the lad stood there frozen to the spot. She immediately dropped to her knees, undid his trousers and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. Apparently he was quite an impressive 7 inches. Fran's technique of giving head has improved no end lately, something I'm very pleased about, especially after the weekend we'd had, so she was soon swallowing his whole length. Grinding her nose in to his pubes and taking the end of his dick in to her throat. But she wanted more. She stood, bent over the staff room table and pulled her skirt up over her hips, revealing her arse, filled with the butt plug and her cute cunt. Quickly she removed the still vibrating egg from her pussy and told the lad to fuck her hard and fast. He didn't need asking twice. Surprisingly he didn't last long though. He took hold of her hips and in one swift movement rammed his cock, unceremoniously straight up her wet cunt. After about 30 seconds, she said, she felt him tense up and unload himself deep inside her womb, triggering her own orgasm. The lad then collapsed on top of her back and lay there gasping for breath. As his dick subsided, she rolled him off back and re-inserted the egg back up her fucked, wet hole. Then she left him lying across the table and returned to finish her coffee.

As she sat on the high stool she turned towards me and hooked the back of her skirt down the back of the stool, so that her bare arse and cunt were in direct contact with the leather of the seat and spread her legs for me to see her through the table top. I could clearly she hers' and the lads mixed love juices trickling out of her cunt and down on to the seat. She said "now am I a really dirty little slut for you?" How could I disagree. We finished our drinks and I called the lad over to get the bill. He said not to worry, it would be his treat, his way of saying thanks for an unforgettable experience. As we left the shop we looked back to see him wiping down the seat my deliciously slutty wife had been squirming on.

We decided to head back to the car, but as we walked through the park I again dragged her behind the trees and told it was now my turn. I turned the butt plug back on as she once again dropped to her knees and this time impaled her mouth on my dick. At one point she asked me if I liked the idea that my cock was so soon following in the 'foot steps' of another? In reply I stood her up, turned her round and told her to gab on to her ankles. With the egg still in place I plunged into her cunt. I could feel the butt plug humming away to itself in her arse and the egg, each time I rammed forward. I too soon filled her with my seed, to add to that of the lad's.

After straightening ourselves up, we got back to the car, both grinning like Cheshire cats. Fran asked me if I had any plans for the evening. "You'll just have to wait and see", I replied...

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