tagLoving WivesHer Niece Saved Me

Her Niece Saved Me


[A story of betrayal and outright lies. There is sex in this story, but not a lot. There are lesbians and heterosexuals in this story.]


A woman I didn't know stepped up to our table and asked, "Which of you gentlemen is Roger Peterson?"

I sized her up in less that three seconds and found her to be about five foot eight, good looking, dressed well in a Navy blue dress and heels, with shoulder length brown hair and a great smile.

I answered, "That would be me." I smiled as I said it. As an envelope came from behind her back my smile disappeared and I thought, 'Shit! I'm being served!'

She said, "You are not being served. Best you open this in private." She handed me the envelope and walked away. My three lunch companions looked at me like I had an explanation to give them for what just happened.

I had no clue.

After a few seconds I stood and said, "I'm going to go find out what this is all about." I left the hotel restaurant through the same door as the woman who gave me the envelope. When I didn't see her I found a chair in the lobby and started to sit down, so I could look inside the envelope.

A hand touched my elbow gently and her voice said, "Not here. Come with me please." She guided me to the elevators and we took one to the eighth floor. I started to speak in the elevator and she said, "Shhh!"

I waited until we were inside room 818 before I said, "Ok, what's this all about?"

She pointed at the chair and said, "Open it." She meant the envelope. I sat down and opened it. Four photographs fell out. All four were of my wife, Denise. All four showed her having sex with my brother! I said, "They are both so dead!"

I felt tears welling up and breathing became more difficult. I thought Denise loved me! We'd been married just over a year and ... now this! And, with Brian!

Her hands reached out and held my face, turning my face to look at her instead of the pictures. She said, "There's a lot you don't know. A lot you need to know before you decide what to do next. Let's talk, Ok?"

"Who are you?" I asked. Her hands were strong, warm, tender and held my face is if I might break.

"Up until now I've been a secret to you. I'll explain that, too. Let's begin with a question. Can you see any way you can forgive her for willingly fucking your brother and stay married to her?"

My mind grabbed at her words. "Was it willingly? Was she drunk? If it was willingly, how do you know it was willingly?"

"Look in the envelope. There's a memory stick in there. Listen to it."

She opened a laptop while I got the memory stick. Seconds later I heard Denise's voice, "I thought I would go nuts waiting for you!"

My brother's voice, "I couldn't drive fast enough to get here sooner. Then Pete's plane was twenty minutes late leaving! How soon will he be back?"

"He'll be back Sunday next. I'm yours."

I heard the sounds of clothes and the sounds of kissing. Denise moaned.

"Denise, There's no chance he'll forgive either of us. Ever."

"It doesn't matter. By the time he gats back, he'll be broke. You look enough like him that you'll be able to get all the money from his accounts, quit his job, transfer his 401k and we'll be living in Calgary before he gets back from that damned convention!"

"Did you ever love him?"

"No! I thought I would, but he's cold and his life is all about making money! He has money and even after we leave him broke, it won't take him long to make more. I knew he had millions before I married him. I need a lover, a man who takes care of me and who lets me take care of him. I need you, not Roger!"

"I plan to take very good care of you, from now on!" My brother said.

A pink fingernail tapped a key on the laptop and the playback stopped.

"The whole recording is hours long. I think, for now at least, you've heard enough. Want to try to save your marriage?"

"No. I've got to stop them from robbing me blind!"

"I'll help, if you'll let me." She let go of me and tapped the keys again. The screen showed a list of the things Denise had planned in order to rob me blind. The list showed what they would do each day, while I was gone, to take my money and where they would put it.

She said, "I got this list from her computer at work. She's been planning this for months! She started planning to rob you as soon as she found out you had money."

"Who are you?"

"I'm your wife's niece, Brenda. My Mom owns the real estate company where Denise works."

"I bought our home from your Mom."

"I remember. She ripped you off. They had ways of adding fees and charges to the contract so you paid them thirty-five thousand more than you should have for that house."

"Why are you telling me all this, helping me?"

"Not all women are like my aunt and my mom. When I saw what they planned to do to you, and to your brother, I decided I needed to help you."

"And to my brother?"

"Brian will find himself in Calgary Canada by himself, broke and alone when Denise is done with him. He's going to have memories of her fucking him but he will have lost his family, his job, and all the money he plans to steal from you. His job is to close the accounts and transfer the money into accounts he believes are joint accounts, but they aren't. His name is on the accounts, but only as someone who can deposit, not withdraw."

"So Denise doesn't love him either?"

"Denise doesn't like men, she uses men. She has dated men, lived with men, cheated on men with my mom and other women since she was in high school. They all believe men are stupid and run by your,,, things."

"This is too much! She can't be a lesbian! We have a great sex life!"

She slid a DVD out of her purse and into the slot on her laptop. Three clicks later I saw Denise and two other women in bed together, nude and talking. Denise said, "Men are the easiest game in town. Roger is so easy. He's convinced I have an orgasm every time he sticks that puny cock of his inside me!" The women all laughed. She continued, "He also believes a man can eat pussy! He couldn't find my clit with a flashlight and a roadmap!"

The older woman in the bed said, "Jack used to brag about what a great lover he was. He never had a clue about pleasing me. Put a little cream on my clit and my cat will bring me more pleasure than he ever did. He did however give me two kids and almost all his money!" They all laughed again.

The pink fingernail stopped the video.

"Brenda, I'm in shock. I need a little time to process all this."

"Take all the time you need, like maybe the rest of today. Tell me to start saving your life and I'll be on the case. I'll be right here in 818 or on my cell phone all week, unless you decide different. Mom and Denise think I'm in Colorado on vacation."

"Start saving my life." I said, then I added, "Let's talk again tomorrow. Come to my room at about nine and we'll have breakfast together."

"Nope. Too soon. Let's meet in the restaurant at nine and we'll start the paperwork right after breakfast."

I nodded agreement. A few minutes later the pictures, DVD's and memory stick were out of her room headed for my own room. I was in shock.

I stayed up until almost midnight, listening and watching to my marriage and perhaps my life come apart. I slept, not long enough and not well, but I did sleep.

At nine I was showered, shaved, dressed in clean clothes and sitting in the restaurant. Brenda walked in dressed in slacks and a sweater and sat down with me. We ordered breakfast and she asked, "Get any sleep?"

I nodded and said, "Not enough and no good, but I did sleep."

We talked about what could be done to save my life. Brenda had already started. She had the offshore account information for the account Denise had opened where she intended to put everything she took from me. Brenda opened a numbered account in the same bank, using the same password that Denise had used for her account. Then she went into Denise's computer and changed the account number that Denise would be using. Denise would be taking money from me and transferring it to me! It would always be my money!

After breakfast I called the FBI and had a long conversation with a special agent. He was excited to learn of their plan and wanted to assist in any way he could. At the end of the call he had volunteered to visit my boss and get him in on the plan, allowing Brian and Denise to believe they had closed my 401k, quit my job and left me high and dry.

By noon we had done what we could do that day to save my life. I attended two sessions of the conference and my colleagues asked me about the woman and the envelope. I smiled and said she was a messenger sent to deliver some papers for a business deal I was making. They bought the story. The two sessions I attended gave me three new business contacts and appointments with those contacts for the week after the first of the year.

At eight Brenda and I met in front of the hotel and went to dinner, not in the hotel. We had a good time together getting acquainted and after dinner we went to a club and danced for a while. She felt really good in my arms. I learned that she was four years younger than Brenda, had her real estate license for almost two years and a degree in accounting. I learned that she liked the music I liked, had read some of the same novels I'd read and like me used riding a bicycle as her preferred method of exercise.

We walked back to the hotel around midnight. As we walked I asked, "How can I thank you?"

"You say, "Thanks Brenda. Then you have a great life without Denise or my Mom in your life."

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Can I keep you in my life?"

"We can stay friends." She stopped walking and faced me, "But don't pay me for this good deed. I feel bad enough that it's my family trying to screw you over. Just let me help you survive, Ok?"

"Ok." I'd been thinking about holding her hand, kissing her and maybe even hitting on her. I also realized I was still emotionally crazy and she probably wasn't interested in me other than as her good deed of the year. We walked the rest of the way back to the hotel and parted at the elevators. I wanted more. Inside my room I rationalized and told myself that she had made it clear she wasn't interested in anything more than a friendship. I added that if things went as I thought they would both Denise and possibly her mom would end up going to prison.

The next day we again had breakfast and she made sure I was doing the things I needed to do. I hired a lawyer and faxed him copies of everything he needed to start a divorce.

At two that afternoon Brenda found me and said, "New development!"

"Good or bad?" I asked.

"It could have been bad." She got us outside and we walked while she told me what had happened. "Mom and Denise got the idea that they could sell the house and take another chunk of money from you. They started the paperwork to do just that. Mom believes she can unload it with a fifteen day escrow and it will be sold and gone before you know it's gone. They think it's funny that the new owners will show up to move in and surprise you."

"Can they do that? Don't they need my signatures?"

"They have your signatures! You signed lots of papers when you bought the house. They believe they can slip the new sale through and not get caught. They plan to be living well in France when the shit hits the fan."

I called my special agent at the FBI and he was already aware of what they were doing and had contacted the local district attorney. He asked when I was coming back into town. I asked when they wanted me back in town. He told me Denise's reservations to France were for Saturday morning. Brian's reservations to Calgary were for Saturday, very early in the morning.

I told the agent I was going home Friday and having Denise served divorce papers Friday afternoon. We arranged to have her arrested before she boarded the Air France flight on Saturday. Mr. FBI asked if I had anything planned, like revenge.

I said "No." He laughed and hung up the phone.

Until he asked I hadn't thought a lot about revenge. His question got me thinking about it. The idea made me warm all over but the big question was WHAT REVENGE?

At six I called Brenda's room and she said, "It's done! Everything to save your life is done. She'll get to France and be just as broke as Brian."

"She won't get to France. She's being arrested at the airport Saturday morning. She'll be served divorce papers Friday afternoon at the real estate office."

"I wish I'd be there to see that! She has no clue that you are anything other than the schmuck she's fleecing!" Brenda said.

"I'll make reservations for us to fly back Friday morning. You can be in the office when she's served. I'll bet she laughs, believing she's ripped me off for everything."

It was quiet on the phone for a few more seconds than I thought were needed when she asked, "Can we have dinner tonight?" Her voice had changed. We'd had dinner and this dinner was going to be different.

"I'd like that. Yes. What time?"

"It's six-twenty. Come to my room at seven, Ok?"

"Ok." The call ended from her end. Come to her room? We'd been meeting in the lobby, in the restaurant and outside the front doors of the hotel, not in her room or mine. Something had changed.

At seven I knocked on the door of room 818. The door opened and Brenda was standing there dressed in slacks, boots and a sweater. I asked, "Ready to go?"

She smiled and said, "Not quite. Come in for a minute."

I entered and she closed the door. She pointed at the chair and I sat. She sat on the bed.

"When I came here to help you I already knew you were a good man. For almost a week I've watched you deal with everything Denise has thrown your way. You haven't ranted, raved, yelled or even called her a bitch. You have asked why and when she gave you the answer on the video you accepted the answer and stayed a good guy. Things have changed. I don't want your money to pay me for helping you. I never did. I do want something though."

"Name it! If I can give it to you, I will."

"I want to be your girl-friend."

I was glad I was sitting down. When she said she wanted to do this good deed because all women were not like Denise and her mom, I believed her.

"Brenda, what changed?"

"I flew here thinking you were a good guy who didn't deserve what they were doing to you, but not really knowing you. What changed was that I got to know you. I found out who you are, inside, and I decided to love you. I do love you. I'll understand if you don't want me, if it's too soon, if I'm too young or you don't trust me, but I needed to tell you how I feel." Tears flowed down her cheeks and she looked for my reaction.

I stood and said, "Pack. Right now, pack!"

"What?" She looked shocked and surprised but didn't move.

"Pack. You aren't staying in this room another night. You're sharing a room with your boy-friend. That's me. It's too soon. There's too much going on with the family for us to become a couple. You're too young and now that I allow myself to really look, you're too pretty to be with me, but I don't care." The words flowed out like it was one long word. I took a breath and added, "I decided I could trust you days ago. I just decided to trust you farther."

At that moment Brenda's cell phone rang. I waved her towards it and she answered, "Brenda." I moved close and listened.

"Brenda, when are you coming home?" A woman's voice asked.

"Momma, I'm leaving for home in the morning. Why? Is something wrong?"

"Denise is leaving Roger. She's leaving him and moving out of the country for a while. Because of a real estate deal he's involved in, I need to leave as well. If you want to see us you need to get home tomorrow."

"She's leaving Roger? I thought they were happy."

"Denise is a lesbian! You know that! She loved his money, not him."

"I thought maybe she was bi. How did he take the news?"

"He doesn't know. He'll find out after he gets home this weekend. Poor bastard."

"I feel badly for him." Brenda said.

"You want him? You can have him. Denise certainly doesn't want him anymore."

"Gee, Thanks Mom. I would like to see both of you before you leave. Should I go by their house or meet you at home?"

"No, come to the office. We're close to closing a deal and she'll be here most of the afternoon."

"Ok. I'll be there in the afternoon too. See you soon, Momma." She hung up.

"She doesn't suspect a thing." We said together. I helped her pack and I carried her duffel bag to my room. I put the bag on my bed and she said, "Let me get clothes out for the trip home, everything else can stay in the bag."

She got out jeans and a sweatshirt with the logo for Northwestern University on it. She lifted a bra and panty set out of the duffel and asked, "Do I wear them, or leave them packed?"

"How about you wear them, tomorrow?" I asked, smiling. She tossed them on top of the jeans and sweatshirt, closed the duffel and partially zipped it.

"After, I'll put these clothes in there." She said.

"After?" I asked.

"After. You know. After you finally kiss me. After we have dinner. After you take these clothes off of me. After we make love. After we sleep together in this bed and after we wake up and make love again. That after."


We did all that, and more. Room service brought dinner to us and we ate while we got better acquainted. After we ate I parked the food cart in the hallways when we were done with it. We showered together, exploring bodies and getting very clean.

After Brenda pushed me down onto the bed she used her entire body to massage me. She included hundreds of kisses in the massage treatment. I tried to give some of them back. I found places on her that were much more fun to kiss than just her lips. I noted that Brenda didn't taste anything like her aunt.

After the massage ended she asked me to eat her and I did. She said Denise must have something wrong with her pussy, Brenda's responded nicely to my lips and tongue. She came more than once and I worried for a while about her pulling my hair out of my head as she held my head to her open pussy.

After, we joined and I filled her with as much cum as my body had available. We slept, holding each other in contented bliss.

By eight in the morning we were dressed and in the van taking us to the airport. The two hour flight was on time and we slept leaning on each other most of the two hours. We found our vehicles in long-term parking and Brenda took hers and headed for the office. I went home.

I saw Denise's car in the driveway next to the house. I parked nearly a block away and called her on our home number. It rang four times and went to voice mail. Since she wasn't home I drove there and parked by her BMW.

I called her cell and she picked up on the third ring.

"Hi, Roger! How's the weather?"

"Improving. It's getting better and better. How are things with you?"

"Couldn't be better!" She paused and said, "Until you get home, of course."

"I have a surprise for you."

"A big surprise or a little surprise?" She asked. I almost believed she cared.

"If I guess correctly, it's a huge surprise!"

"Well, evil minds think alike! I have a huge surprise for you, too. I can't wait for you to get it!"

"Will you be at work or at home this afternoon?"

"I'm at work, naturally."

"Then, if you'd like I can have the present delivered there. Would you like that?"

I could almost hear the gears whirring in her head, wondering what gift I had for her.

"Are you serious? You aren't bringing it with you when you come home tomorrow?"

"No. I guess I could wait and give it to you tomorrow, but you know I like giving you gifts while you're at the office... let me have it delivered there, Ok?"

"Ok! Have it delivered here."

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