tagNonHumanHer Night Out

Her Night Out


Continuing saga of love and devotion from 'Hunted'

The soft golden glow from the lights overhead always made my skin look somewhat softer, richer and warmer than it truly was. I sat at the mirror applying the last few passes of color to my eyes, readying myself for our night out. Even I had to admit that the suit he had tailored for me was perfect. It cut in all of the right places, riding tightly against my calves and thighs, scored flawlessly at the waist, tapered down the chest alluding to the texture below. He made a small sound behind me and it was then that I realized he had been standing in the doorway watching me. His head was tilted, eyes narrowed as if he were drinking it all in. A small smile began to play at the corner of his lips, growing into a half-cocked smirk as he watched. He hadn't meant to clear his throat. He hadn't meant to draw my attentions away and I knew he wanted to watch me as I continued. Truth was if we were to make our dinner reservations, I wouldn't be able to wait.

I looked down at the bottles of perfume and cologne lining the shelf along the vanity. There was a time that these hadn't been there, when his bachelor pad had been his to clutter with manly things, and I smiled as I picked one of my favorites. His eyes sparkled at me as I tilted the bottle against my fingers, bringing the exhilarating scent to all my pressure points. I secretly wondered if he was trying to guess what I was thinking about, if he could have known I was thinking about undoing all of his solitary ways. I ran my fingers first against my pulse at my wrists, rubbing them together, then to my neck, past the hollow of my throat, then finally down the valley between my breasts. I watched him intently as I did the last, wanting to see the light change in his beautiful crystal blues. How that look would change from slight amusement to utter ferocity.

The light in the room seemed to dim and the heat felt as if it jumped a hundred degrees. A flush passed across my cheeks, a natural blush rendering the powder completely unnecessary, as I reached behind myself to affix the strand of pearls. He was there then, so fast I hadn't seen him move and his long fingers caressed mine taking the strand in hand. He brushed the cool tips against me neck and I shuddered despite myself. He clasped the hook and leaned down against my neck brushing the soft sensual texture of his lips just an inch above the necklace, breathing in so deeply I felt it. When he exhaled the sweet smell, mint and jasmine, flowed down my body and wrapped around me like fleece or down... the corporeal essence of his masculinity seemed to frame me in a thousand ways.

I wanted to reach back and wrap my arms around his neck, to pull him into me and force that kiss upon my neck that my skin was begging for. I met his eyes in the mirror once more. He may have been trying to guess my thoughts earlier, but his were absolutely clear. He reached out to touch one stray tendril twirling loosely near my cheek and then relaxed against my back. His hand slipped down the length of me and grabbed mine, pulling me from the velvet chair.

"Are you ready, my love?" He whispered over me.

"Yes baby ..." I smiled, returning the words in the same sexual lilt.

No other words were necessary as we clasped hands tightly. He led us down the long winding staircase, across the magnificent tiled floor, our shoes clicking in time, down to the car. I gasped when I realized he had picked one of the limousines for tonight. It wasn't often that he preferred a driver over driving himself.

The driver stood at attention, surrounded by others on the staff, and opened the door. I slid in first and he followed behind, securing us both in a very private confined space. The interior matched the shining black façade of the exterior, black leather buffed to a high sheen. He smiled at me as he poured champagne into a long stemmed glass and handed it to me. I sipped slowly while I watched him. He was up to something, he had been up to something and I hadn't even known it.

"This is a little extravagant for dinner, don't you think?" I laughed taking another sip of the cold effervescent.

"Mmm, no, I don't think so." I could no longer see his eyes behind the silver shades he wore. We looked the part of the perfect couple. His black suit matched mine in almost every way, except for the shirts we wore. While mine was a soft white, tied at the bottom in a loose half-knot, his was a deep navy, setting off the color of his skin so intensely that I could barely keep from touching him.

"Then don't," he whispered watching the expressions cross my face. He was reading my mind again, hearing my thoughts ... and he knew how much I hated it when he did it. I couldn't help but smile though, my hand reaching across the distance that separated us to run casually up and down his thigh. The second I neared parts too intimate, the phone on the wall rang making us both jump.

We both laughed and he picked it up. He finished the conversation quickly, telling the caller he wished not to be disturbed again. I knew it had to be the driver letting him know when we'd arrive. He hung up and turned back to me.

"I have a surprise for you tonight. We'll be there in an hour. In the meantime though, we'll have to find something to keep you occupied."

His face had relaxed back into that impish grin. He pushed himself deeper into the leather, stroking his thighs with both hands. What he wanted to do was written all over every inch of him and I laughed audibly looking down with a soft flush, draining the rest of my glass.

I had two very interesting choices and I played them both over in my mind. I could go to him or have him come to me. I moved further from him, closer to one of the elongated blackened windows and looked out. I sat quietly taking in the scenery as the interstate passed by; waiting patiently for what I knew would come.

"You jade me when you won't play along Cherie," he said close behind me. Once again his breath traveled over my skin, brushing across me like an erotic touch. "I know you want me... you always want me baby girl." His confidence never unnerved me, but always made me laugh. He was so cocksure of himself; a charming and adorable trait.

His words hit me like ice to fire, a hard shock and a slow burning need. He knew what he was doing, always knew how to turn me on and work me up. I tilted my head closer to the window to try and avoid it, but his hands caressed up my back and my defenses were growing weak. I shuddered hard against him when his lips first touched me. "You want me baby girl, don't you?" I gulped hard trying to steady myself against it, the invasion of him into my mind, into my body. I was swimming drunk on him already and it had barely been a handful of minutes. "Tell me," he whispered coaxing me. "Tell me you want me." The last of it had been barely audible, but I heard it all ... heard it through my very being as his fingers crept gingerly over my flesh.

I turned to face him and pulled the shades from him, folding them and setting them on the bar. His eyes were violet, a deep shocking color that might have scared me at one time if I didn't love him the way I did. The person he was, the thing ... he was, he was a killer ... a murderer ... but it was all forgotten. That he could take a life in the blink of an eye without remorse, or seemingly so, was all forgotten by me, if I had ever truly cared. I knew him so deeply, past the ways so many had known him before and this predator ... this hunter by my side only brought me joy. Let me be his victim, I often thought; I'd gladly pay my life for these moments here with him.

His eyes begged me for an answer and so I gave him one. "Yes, I want you. You can smell it already, I know you can. How wet I am inside, sitting here against this leather, wanting ... what am I wanting? You know it without the words, don't you?"

He returned a sly smile and nodded slowly, grabbing my ass and kneading his fingers into the skin beneath the black dress pants. "Oh yes, I know," he spoke seductively, lifting me up onto his lap. I could feel the rock hard press against my abdomen. He grew hard so quickly when we were together and sometimes even hours spent lovemaking wouldn't render him satisfied. His need was as deep as my own and those blissful hours were filled with such sweet exchanges, hot and heavy, hard and slow, fast and utterly explosive. To say we couldn't get enough of one another was an understatement.

"I want to fuck you right here, right now," he said licking the side of my neck, tasting the cologne I had just applied. I laughed softly against his throat as he said it and kissed that pulse there, mouth opened so he could feel the warmth I wanted to radiate out over him like flames licking at his fair skin. "Yesssssssss," he hissed sliding deeper into the leather. I pressed my hips into his solid length, grinding slowly against him, arching toward and away while he shut his eyes letting his other senses take over. That part of him I could feel so rigid beneath me seemed to grow even more. His hands held my hips tightly as I rode against him teasingly, deliberate and yet somewhat undemanding.

I wanted him to whimper the words I longed to hear. Undoing him was one of my greatest pleasures in life. Rendering him helpless, the prey upon the predator thrilled me to the very core. He knew it and he'd hold out as long as he could, sometimes longer than I could stand, but this time I'd be vigilant.

I slid my hands down his chest, pushing the jacket over his shoulders before wrapping my hands around to pull closer to him. My mouth was on him, hard and challenging, tough and severe, pushing the pinpoints of his small teeth into his lips so the blood trickled from his mouth as I forced my tongue through. He moaned softly, the taste of his blood filling his mouth and I sucked hard against his tongue to taste it all. He repaid me in kind and bit down while I was caught up, making me cry out into his mouth as he did it. My blood mingled with his and we both hungrily consumed one another. Our hips thrust together while we suckled and drank and lapped and devoured. We were all but having sex for the clothing dividing our bodies. His hands reached up and pushed my jacket completely off... with any more force he would have ripped it from me and I was thankful he still had some restraint. The knot at the bottom of my shirt was slack; his fingers deftly undid it and slid up past my bare stomach to cup both of my breasts. His thumbs slid along the silk camisole under the shirt, raising my nipples to stiff peaks. He pinched each tenderly, making me moan once more and as I did he forced his tongue further back, fucking my mouth as he wanted to my entire being.

I pulled back then, losing our little competition. He was building the fire in me more rapidly than I was him and I had to regain my advantage. I smiled at him, licking the small droplet of whoever's blood from the corner of his lip and moved down his body with precision. I pulled the navy shirt from his pants, undid the buttons quickly and bit the ring in his right nipple, pulling against it roughly. I lapped the hard spot as I did it, pain and pleasure, and he nearly burst out of his own skin. His hands were at the back of my neck, pushing me into him, begging without words for more, more, more. My fingers traced down the trail of hair that disappeared below his waistline and once more I pulled back. Reaching forward I bit delicately, sucking up his pale flesh and biting again and again. Dear God in heaven all I wanted was to leave lovely red welts there, to do to him as he had done to me. There were times I had wanted him so much all I wanted to do was just use him up completely. I looked up into his untamed eyes and whispered, "Put out thy light ... and put out the light."

He looked down on me and cupped my face in his palms. His expression softened only momentarily and he spoke so slowly and deeply so it was almost a growl. "Sometimes I think my lover," he paused to look into my soul, "that you are even worse than I am." My hands met his, pulling his arms above him head before I kissed him once more. "Monsieur," I murmured when our lips parted. "I have no doubt."

I held his arms above him knowing full well he could break from me at any time, but the best laid plans would keep him as I wanted him. My lips trailed down his chest, down the pathway to paradise and ecstasy and my mouth hungrily worked at his zipper. He was bare beneath and I moved my tongue between the zig-zagged metal, snaking it up that stiff rod that lay below. Oh how he jumped then, arching toward me. Mercy, mercy his body cried, but I would show him none! My hand pressed firm against his bound wrists and he panted loudly as I continued my press against that famished vein. He jerked and moaned and when my lips met that engorged tip, I swear he would lose his mind. "ENOUGH!" he snarled, grabbing my arms to pick me up, throwing me full against the far seat; a long bench-like seat free from obstruction.

He was on top of me in a heartbeat, pinning me underneath his solid framework. His hands slid over me with intentions of their own, pushing between us to undo my pants, forcing them down my legs quickly, urgently as he did the same with his own. Nothing separated us and with one long drive he shoved the whole of himself inside me. His head lifted from my breast and the sound that escaped him made me quiver against him. His eyes closed, his head tilted fully, his lips parted, his neck stretched impossibly long. His hips pulled back and he mimicked the action again, ramming home as our thighs slapped together. This time it was my turn; prying the moan from deep inside me. He opened his eyes and looked down at me, suddenly aware of what he was doing. His hips pulled back slowly then pressed close, reaching the same spot, but more gently, turning fucking into lovemaking. Both were good, both had a different emotional element, but I understood the conflict inside. So hungry for the body, sometimes losing the mind, and then realizing too quickly that both needed to be sated.

He slid completely out of me, resting the head of his cock at my entrance, rolling his hips toward me slowly to push me open, to rush that silky glide against the length of him. I pressed my eyes shut as I cried out, and he consumed the sound as he kissed me, pressing hard and deep once again. The gentleness left his thrust and he hammered into me, sucking intensely at my neck, bruising me over and over until finally he abandoned his control and bit into me so slow that I could feel it; the pain radiating through me like torture. "Please," I whimpered, begging for less and pleading for more. He drew severely from that severed vein and plunged his tongue in, sealing it completely before drawing up. His bloodstained lips were only an inch from mine when he pressed down and forced my own heated crimson inside me. He fucked wildly, without inhibition, filling the car with such sweet sounds, pushing me through soul shaking climax after climax.

"Just a little bit more, baby," he said smiling and looking down at me, his long blonde hair falling gently forward and into his eyes. I reached up and brushed it back, looking into those eyes forcefully. I wanted him to see me, to see what he did to me, where he took me, how he moved me. His features softened once more and three more thrusts brought him to that point, teetering on the edge. Every muscle inside of him tensed. I knew where he was without words and he fought with his body for control, fighting to keep our gaze without letting it rip up through him and explode inside me. His grip tightened against my upper arms and I knew that if I moved even slightly I would push him over that boundary. I smiled then; my little bit of daring, pushing forward to slide him back home. He groaned first inaudibly and then deafeningly, pushing all the oxygen from his lungs. His cock nearly doubled inside me, pulsing the thick blood semen into me, heated burst for burst. I didn't stop moving below him and used my muscles to milk every last drop of it. He shuddered down hard against me, blood sweat trickling along his temples from his forehead, panting helplessly against my breast.

"Oh my God, baby," he whispered again and again, trying to regain his command. My fingers wound into his hair and stroked slowly, compassionately, as we lay tangled together on that seat. He looked up into my eyes once more, the violet gone completely gray and he kissed me leisurely. "I love you," he smiled when we broke and once again he rested against my breast.

"I love you too. Forever," I included, whispering those words into his hair. Dear God how I did ... love him. His happiness had meant the world to me, but only recently had it become... something more. The closer he brought me, the deeper it grew.

We lay together for minutes before he pushed up from me and righted his clothing, smilingly devotedly as he went. I followed suit and set about fixing mine as well, hoping he hadn't spilled blood on the white shirt. I retied the knot at my bellybutton and smiled satisfied. He'd been a good boy and the shirt was as good as the day it was bought.

We both sat on the seat nearest the doors and held hands in the quiet. There were times between us when we didn't need any words; it was just the peace and comfort of knowing we were with one another that was enough. The car slowed and soon stopped; the driver opened the doors to our destination. He slid across the seat first, putting his hands over my eyes before pulling me to stand next to him. "I hope you like your surprise baby," he sighed softy into my ear. "I had my ride, now it's time for yours."

He pulled his hand away, leaving me to take in our nighttime surroundings. An amusement park stood before us, seemingly free from the crowds that would have normally overtaken it. He had rented it out for just the two of us... to play like children under the midnight sun. I looked back at him and caught the expectant glow in his radiant eyes. He looked at me wanting desperately to know if I liked it. He always did when he bought me a gift, as if anything he could ever do would let me down or disappoint me.

I turned to him and lifted both of his hands in mine. "I love it baby. Let's go have fun." He smiled his little boy smile at me, pulling me along. I let him win our tug-of-war for the first ride, the tilt-o-whirl. I already had everything I ever wanted.

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