tagLetters & TranscriptsHer Perfect Saturday

Her Perfect Saturday


6 AM: Wakes to find warm hands rubbing her shoulders, back and buttocks. Rolls over to breathe in the scent of her lover's skin. Reaches for his hairy chest, draws him close and kisses him as delicately as a goldfinch lighting on a thistle. Falls back asleep.

7 AM: Wakes to find herself dreamily aroused by a hand tracing the contours of her body. Takes her lovers hand and places it gently at the juncture of her thighs, suggesting a little digital loving would be appreciated. He responds, expertly stroking her near, but not to release before she:

7:15: Jumps in the shower, heads off to yoga in sweatshirt and tights.

8:30: Finishes class with a fine bead of perspiration all over her. Wishes her lover was there to gently towel her off and taste her salty skin. She knows by now what an olfactory junkie he is, and delights in finding new ways to arouse him.

8:45: Into the shower at the "Y", and ready for:

9 AM: Total, 90 minute body massage that begins with her ears and neck and ends with 15 minutes of thumping from a highly specialized hand-held device that leaves every kink unwound, every knot undone. She staggers groggily to her car and drives to the Residence Inn, where:

10:45 AM: She plops her gym bag on the floor and heads back to the bedroom to change. As usual, her lover is up, showered and at her side in an instant. He enfolds her oil-scented body in an embrace that welcomes and owns her. His kiss starts slow, waiting her response, which builds into a duel of tongues and lips and ends with all her clothes strewn about the floor.

11:30 AM: After six trips to the edge and no relief, she is feeling just a little needy. Grabbing his ears, she warms him against further teasing and tells him to make love to her at once. He responds by tying her to the headboard with bathrobe ties and proceeds to lick every toe, finger, nipple, thigh, labia and clitoris until her demanding mood passes. Never does he let her reach satisfaction.

12:15 PM: Panting with desire, she struggles with her bonds, begging to place her arms around him and love him back. He sits astride her, his manhood pressing into her soft, curvy belly as he lowers his mouth to her chest, licking and teasing her breasts, nipples and armpits with light, deft touches. She's really frustrated and begins to whine and whimper for release. He leaves her gasping, again.

12:45 PM: He returns from the kitchen with a glass of ice water, a bowl of chocolate strawberries and a ripe peach. He allows her a sip of water and a nibble of the strawberry. Then he cuts a slice from the peach, all warm and slippery, and moves between her legs. Teasing her labia with gentle kisses, he pulls back her hood and glides the peach over and across her button, which aches for release. Continuing the same action, his tongue competes to touch and lick her while his other hand moves one finger inside her and presses firmly and lovingly against the little bundle of nerves at the front of her quim, moving gently in a circle and driving her wild. God, how he teases her, sensing her needed and pulling back every time she tries to climax.

1:30 PM: Sensing how tired she is, how completely frenzied, he stops and loosens her bonds, while moving up to kiss her. She attacks him with her mouth, newly energized by her freedom and pushes him backwards. Without warning or clue, she squats over his manhood, positions him and drives herself onto him with a cry of pure delight. As he steadies her, she begins to slam herself onto him, every stroke provoking a gasp, every motion building a howl that starts in her chest and explodes in a shattering shriek of need, desire and pent-up demand for his love. Again and again she peaks, each one building to a better, stronger climax that makes her dizzy with satisfaction, but still drives her on to greater heights of pleasure until she drops to his chest. Spent, soaking wet with her own juices, and lightheaded with love, she feels him move inside her while he sucks her tongue into his mouth in a gentle but insistent way. In a matter of moments, she feels him groan, press tight against her, and explode inside her. She climaxes again, happy that he is satisfied.

2:30 PM: After 45 minutes of recovery, he showers with her and they set out for the Ferragamo Shoe Outlet with credit cards bristling. She decides she may want to have some fun with those bathrobe ties after she makes him a gourmet, candlelight supper. He hopes to find a few dozen fresh oysters for lunch.

3-6 PM: Shopping, shopping, shopping!

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