tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Roman Lover

Her Roman Lover

byOrange Blossom©

Author's note: Historical facts may be inaccurate, and this story is fictional. Just thought I'd write this disclaimer in case readers hound me about getting my history wrong :P

After a nice warm soak in the bathtub, Hoshi sat at her desk, ready to finish up another chapter of her thesis. Her small eyes, made smaller by her frowning and intense concentration at her work, were getting heavier by the minute. Yawning, she made her way to the bathroom again. When she was done, she detoured and made her way to the living room, just to take a second look at her new purchase - the nude marble statue of a Roman man.

Hoshi Yamada, the only daughter of a Japanese father and a black American mother, was currently working on her Ph.D. in Life in Ancient Rome. As part of her research, she had gone to Rome to visit the great libraries for precious literature and the like. Shopping was also one of the must-do items on her itinerary and along the way, found this beautiful statue in an antique shop. It was costly, but there was something alluring about the figurine. When she stood beside it, it towered over her by a head. Like a siren, it seemed to call out to her and she was entranced by it. Hesitating over the price, she left the shop. After three days of inner struggling, her heart got the better of her. She gave in to her desires and returned to the shop. When she handed over the cash to the shop owner, her intuition told her that it was the best buy she ever made and that it 'rightfully' belonged to her. So eager was she to have it safely back home, she had it wrapped thrice than usual, placed in a solid box, insured for damages and sent via Overnight Mail. Her precious cargo arrived two hours after she returned.

Her slim fingers softly trailing the statue's face and down to the neck, she wondered what was the artisan thinking when he was working on the piece of stone. Such beauty at every angle: perfect angular features, the aquiline nose, the curly locks, masculine torso, cute navel, and his manhood that dared anyone to mock at it. One could not help but blush at its virility. And his sexy cleft chin - sigh - Hoshi was a sucker for men with a cleft chin. She felt sorry for the figurine; that such a 'man' would never know what it is like to kiss soft lips, or experience the pleasures it could gain from 'utilising its tool'. He was made for loving; he exuded raw maleness, and the cruel irony that such perfection could only be found in carved stone was not lost on Hoshi. Standing tall on her toes, she gently touched her lips to the statue's cold hard 'lips'. She left for her bedroom, leaving moist salty dew on his lips.

Tucked in bed with a book, Hoshi slowly drifted to sleep with the reading lamp still on. She slept a dreamless sleep, a deep restful sleep. She didn't feel the mattress sag under a new heavy weight. She couldn't see a shadow creeping towards her. A small moan from her throat, mouth slightly agape, she slept on, dead to the world. She didn't feel the blanket carefully removed from her, exposing her scanty nightgown to the warm air. She couldn't sense the hungry stare at her barely covered body. With the warm mocha skin tone and body curves inherited from her mother, and the height and Asian facial features of her father, she was truly a sight to behold. One pink nipple peeked out of her nightgown. As her full breasts heaved up and down with each breath, the nipples waved at the world, inviting one to taste and suck it.

She didn't feel warm lips applying light pressure to hers. But she felt a rough hand squeeze her breast hard and a foreign tongue stroking hers. Rudely awakened, Hoshi opened her eyes and stared into a pair of piercing green eyes looking back at her. The kiss broke, she screamed in fear and surprise, instinctively trying to back away from him. But there was not much space behind her. The stranger sat where he was, unmoved. Waiting for her to calm down. She tried to make sense of the situation - she's in her room, she had fallen asleep while reading. There's a strange handsome man in her room but the security alarm didn't go off. So how did he enter her room? What? He's naked? And is that devil staring at her breasts? "Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" she spat the words at him. Replying in Latin, the gorgeous hunk thanked her for breaking the spell.

Hoshi switched to Latin: "Who are you and what are you doing in my room? And why are you thanking me for?" "My lady, you have saved me from a terrible fate. I had lost hope for redemption, but like a goddess you appeared, and with your tears and the kiss, I'm now free to walk the earth at night. But come daylight, I am once again bound." "What crazy thing is this? I don't believe what you are saying... Stop! Stay where you are, and don't come any nearer. You'd better give me a better explanation or I'm going to call the police!" She was blushing, and could feel her face hot with embarrassment. The stranger had no sense of decency! There he was, sitting at the edge of her canopy bed, totally unaware of his nakedness. He should be ashamed of himself. In the corner of her mind though, she admired his amazing physique and beautiful face. He also looked rather familiar - curly locks, a roguish grin, an aquiline nose...a shudder ran through her as her suspicions were soon confirmed.

Reverently, he reached over and took her tiny hands in his. Her hands disappeared in his huge paws and for a second, Hoshi wondered if he would crush them. In a calm quiet voice, the stranger told her that he had been turned into a statue under a sorceress's spell. Caelestis was his name, meaning the heavenly one. A centurion serving under Julius Caesar, the army had stayed at a village one night on their home from war. As usual, the men went to the pub to get drunk and satisfy other needs. He had bedded a beautiful wench, and promised to return for her. Expectedly, he forgot about her, continuing to sow wild oats and enjoying the spoils of war. She sought him out after months of waiting and pining for him. Caelestis rejected her love, because he had set his eye on a bigger prize - a senator's daughter. The lesson he learnt: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In passionate rage and revenge, she concocted a potion for him, sweetly pleading him to drink this as a farewell gift to her. The last thing he remembered was a female voice telling him that only a woman's tears and kiss can break half the spell.

Her head was spinning from the unexpected information. She looked down; trying to make sense of this weird situation she's in. Her eyes were on the bed, and followed a straight line to his body. Caelestis was totally at ease with his nakedness. Thighs taut as cords, with a prize in between them. His cock was huge, and his balls were not lacking. His cock seemed to be bigger than when he was a statue. The navel looked better in real skin than when it was a dent in the marble. His six-pack above the cute navel created butterflies in her stomach and she was glad she was sitting down. Her knees would have given way under her! She fantasized trailing her fingers along the taut stomach muscles, and to see the gorgeous ridges flex unconsciously from her teasing touch. His chest was so broad and looked so intimidating, she wouldn't want to be crushed against him. The dark nipples on the smooth hard breast reminded her of a sweet raisin on a chocolate bun. She caught herself on that thought; "this is what happens when I skip dinner". She groaned inwardly.

Caelestis smiled smugly at her, knowing that she was gazing at him in awe. It had been a long time since a woman took her time to savour the looks of him, and to soak in his maleness. Most women just liked to be taken roughly and swiftly, and to boast about it the following morning. He also noticed that she was rather unique; he had never seen such a small creature with the colour of a barbarian, but with the looks of one so refined and dignified. Those almond-shaped eyes and small cherry lips were stunning. Her raven locks, all messy from her sleep only made her appear more enchanting and earthier. And her breasts, by the gods, he wanted to push her on her back now and suckle them hard till she begged for mercy. His groins stirred, and Hoshi's eyes widened. He watched her slowly look up to his face, and when she saw that he was observing her all this time, licked her lips unintentionally. Her pink tongue stuck out, and his cock grew larger because he remembered her taste. Caelestis had to take her now. He wanted to taste her sex, and his aching cock and painful balls screamed at him for fulfillment.

The next thing Hoshi knew was that she thrown on her back and the fabric falling from her canopy bed on both sides were used to tie her wrists. She gasped in outrage, mad at him for daring to do such a thing, and mad at herself for her slow reflexes. He had planted himself between her thighs, so her legs were also caught. Her wriggling and struggles only served to inflame him further. Secretly, Hoshi was enjoying his rough and brazen treatment. Intuition told her she would experience her first sexual encounter that night, and she could not escape it. It was her destiny. She smiled in her mind, knowing that because she was all tied up, all she had to do was sit back and relax and let him do all the work. After all, with his excellent resume, he was a master at pleasuring women. She hoped she would please him, and prove that she was woman enough for him. Like a flower ripe for the taking, she relaxed her body and let him possess her. Caelestis saw the mixed emotions in her eyes, and was amused.

He claimed her mouth with his, sending a searing sensation all the way down to her toes. Sure, she had kissed a few guys before, but no one kissed her like he was doing. His tongue lazily swirling around hers, sometimes taking, sometimes holding back to let her be the bold one. He kissed her like they had all the time in the world, enjoying her and teaching her to go slow. Hoshi's eyes were closed the moment they locked lips, and her wicked juices were stirred. She knew she was getting wetter down there, and that her clit would soon be out of hiding and glistening in her pussy juices. Caelestis gently nipped at her lower lip for the last time, and lowered himself to her breasts which were unabashedly pouting, jealous for his attention.

The first lick on her breast felt nice, but when he took her erect pink nipple in his mouth and suckled, she gasped and arched her back reflexively. This only served to push her nipple further into his mouth, and her groin ground against his. Her nightgown was in the way, so Caelestis nonchalantly ripped it off her body. She gasped, staring at him. He merely shrugged, and continued loving her breasts. Hoshi was feeling hot all over, and the constant warm suckling and licking of her sensitive breasts sent warm wanton pleasures down to her womanhood, causing her to coat her inner thighs with her pussy juices. She felt as high as if she'd drunk alcohol, but she knew she was drunk from the pleasures he was giving to her sex starved body. Knowing that this was merely the beginning, she tilted her head back and moaned, purposely rubbing her body against his. Caelestis burned with each of her touch. He loved it when a woman offered her own body to him, willing to share with him her most hidden secrets. His cock was rock hard and demanding that he took her now. But he was the master of his cock; he will control it. Only when he was sure she was ready to receive him then would he let his cock do the thinking. For now, all he wanted to do was to experience this lovely nymph before him.

His lips softly kissing her fair skin all the way down to her navel, and swirled round the sides before delving hard into it. She gasped again from the new sensual assault, and her stomach muscles contracted involuntarily. Warm lips made their way down to her womanhood, and started to kiss and suck on her pussy. Her instant reaction was to close her legs which meant trapping the poor man. She tried to escape from her soft bonds, having the deep urge to run her hands through his hair, and to touch his bronze skin. Hoshi pleaded with him to release her. Without missing a beat, he untied her, and continued to lick her clit, then the entrance of her pussy, before nipping at her pussy lips and then suckle on her clit.

Caelestis inserted a finger into her pussy, then another. He felt her thin membrane, and groaned from the knowledge that she was a virgin. His lions burned for her and his cock was dying to taste virgin pussy. He renewed his vigour, determined to give her an orgasm once before he entered her. Hoshi knew an orgasm would soon be coming. This felt better than her vibrator! The warmth and the suckling sensations made her moan constantly and her body to move restlessly. Her hands raked his hair, and she unconsciously tugged his hair when a new wicked pleasure flowed over her. Her body was pressing against his face, her legs spread wide in an attempt to give him easy access to her pussy and each new sensation led her closer to orgasm. Over and over, his lips, tongue and teeth went over her wet womanhood.

His rough tongue exciting her pussy entrance, licking up to her clit, then a teasing suck on the clit, then a long lick down again to her pussy entrance. She was overwhelmed with the range of sensations she felt with each flick of his tongue. He was now paying attention to her Venus mound, which was perfectly smooth. His tongue darted around, his teeth grazed slowly on her mound, his warm breath adding a wicked touch to it. When he took her entire clit in his mouth and started sucking and licking hard at the same time, and had a finger vigorously flicking deep in her pussy, Hoshi screamed, clutched at his hair and shuddered violently.

When she finally caught her breath, he was propped on his elbows, his body over hers. She saw the glint in his eyes and knew he was going to fully take her now. Caelestis kissed her again, and told her that he would make it enjoyable for her, and that the pain would soon pass into pleasure. Kissing her deeply, he guided his hungry cock to her waiting pussy. Pussy juice was still flowing, which would make his entry easier. He continued to arouse her with his mouth, their tongues dancing around each other, sometimes in his mouth, sometimes in hers. Slowly and steadily she felt his huge cock make its way into her pussy. Pain, pain, pain. Her body wanted to thrust him away from her, but it only made it worse. Caelestis felt her pussy muscles clamp and release his cock, and he groaned from the sensation. Her body was protesting and thrusting into him, and with her pussy so wet, his cock slid right in before he could control it. Hoshi wanted to scream from the pain, but his kisses stopped her, providing her the breath that she gasped for. His tongue now dominated her mouth the way his cock was taking control of her pussy. Hard and rough, his tongue pushed against her soft one, forcing her to submit to his whims.

He withdrew a little, and sank into her again. Such a small action, but required a huge amount of restraint. She whimpered from the pain, her legs wrapped around his. Again he withdrew and pumped into her. He hesitated for a while, wanting to let her get used to the feel of his aching cock. She was so tight and wet! The heat from her pussy inflamed his cock and her juices were going to make his own member explode soon. Hoshi wanted him to move again, so she ground her groin against his, as an encouragement for him to continue pleasuring her.

Caelestis obliged, slowly pumping into her at a constant speed. In and out, in and out, his meaty cock rubbing her pussy walls and stretching them. With each withdrawal pussy juice flowed out, and each thrust made Hoshi moan louder as she felt him fill her completely. He gradually picked up speed, thrusting harder and faster into her warm womanhood. His butt muscles clenched from the effort, his mind focused only on the pleasure his cock felt from the warmth and tightness she gave. She was lost in ecstasy, arms and legs wrapped around his hard body, groin moving rhythmically to meet his hard relentless thrusts. She loved the feeling of him thrusting in hard and strong. And with each jerking motion his balls slapped against the sensitive skin between her pussy and anal hole. Huge hands groped for her breasts and squeezed hard while he continued fucking her. When he sucked hard on the nipple, she screamed and clenched her pussy muscles hard. He couldn't control anymore, he was coming. As he pumped hard on the last few thrusts, she was close to her own orgasm. With a loud roar he spilled his hot seed into her, biting her shoulder hard as he came. Hoshi screamed, arched violently and clutched hard at his back, her fingernails digging into his skin.

Both collapsed on the bed, panting hard and perspiration glistening on their bodies. Her pussy weakly milked the last of his seed. With his cock still in her sore pussy, Caelestis lifted her off the bed with her arms and legs clinging to his body. He carried her to the bathroom and gently sat her in the tub. Hoshi turned on the taps, and both of them started to wash off the dew that their lovemaking had produced. Tenderly, Caelestis wiped down both their bodies, and carried her back to bed. They could smell their sex that was in the air, a reminder of what had passed. When they had settled down, the comforter hiding their nudity, Caelestis spooned her from behind, hugging her tightly. With a sweet goodnight kiss on her cheek, the exhausted pair drifted off to sleep.

The next morning found Hoshi alone in bed. Still groggy from sleep, she wondered if last night was a dream. She wandered down to the statue, and stared hard at it. The once nude statue was now wearing a pair of her baggy shorts! It was loose on her, but tight on the statue, showing off the size of his cock. She couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

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