tagIncest/TabooHer Secret Desire for Daddy

Her Secret Desire for Daddy



This story is autobiographical and is a continuation of the, His First Time with Mom series. Jumping ahead nearly 30 years in his life, DJ has long since given up the idea of family loving. Mostly because his family has either passed away, moved away, or is no longer talking to each other. That is until Beth and her daughters come into the picture. What follows is their story, a tail of a Father and his oldest Step Daughter as she seduces DJ to be her first.


Where did it all begin? A young girl's curiosity I guess, but if you would ask her, Katie would say she had always felt an attraction towards her Step father for as far back as she could remember. Katie and her sisters were the product of a broken home. They were only 7, 6, and 5, when their biological father was sent to prison. They didn't find out until later the reason why. All they knew was mommy got a divorce from him because of it, and were all on their own. They were almost a year alone without a father, when their mother met me.

I was still recovering from the sudden loss of my second wife to cancer, a woman who I loved more than life itself. A friend of my wife introduced their mother Beth to me. Maybe it was the year alone for both of us, but we seemed clicked right away. Spending all of our free time together and enjoying each others company, even Beth's 3 daughters seemed to like being around me.

After only a couple of months we decided to move in together. The combined household made life easier financially for Beth and I. Beth had also noticed that the girls were more well behaved with a man in their life again, making the decision so much easier. Almost immediately Katie took a liking to me, and always wanted to cuddle with me on the sofa whenever we watched TV together. Beth thought it was cute actually and let it continue, feeling she had found a person that she could trust her precious girls with.

As I mentioned earlier their Father had gone to prison, but they didn't know why until later in life. Beth had come home early from work, but so had her husband. She opened the door to their apartment and caught him fucking their teenage babysitter, under a blanket on the sofa. While the girls were watching TV on the floor in front of them. Needless to say she exploded! Not wanting to take the chance the pervert might touch his own daughters Beth called the cops. He went to prison, and she got an emergency divorce with full sole custody of the girls and that was the end of him.

We were together almost 2 years, and Katie was only 9 when our home was hit by a tornado. As we ran for the basement she ran into my arms crying and trembling, locking onto me with a death grip around my neck. Once there, Beth and I laid on top of the girls to protect them. Katie was the most upset so I cuddled her tightly to me, telling her that I wouldn't let anything happen to her. Telling her that I had been through a couple of these before, and to just close her eyes and it would be over soon. After it was over, we all held on to each other until we had all calmed down.

After the tornado, she became even more clingy toward me. Beth and I just attributed this to me having held her, protected her, and comforted her during and after the tornado. Her attachment to me continued to grow over the years. Willingly calling me daddy, unlike her sisters which took longer for them. Beth and I decided to let them figure out what they wanted to call me all on their own. Katie was the first. So daddy it was. I was the happiest I had been since losing my wife, and willingly accepted them as my own. Loving and caring for them as if they were my own flesh and blood offspring.

Fast forward a several years, she was now becoming a rather beautiful young lady. At first it was all innocent, longer than normal hugs, cuddling tighter to me when we were lounging around watching TV, and then came the kiss.

Beth had gone to bed early with a Migraine headache. After the late news I was on my way to join her in bed, but as I walked past Katie's room I saw her light was still on. I stopped to tell her it was late and to turn her light off, and go to sleep. I peeked in and she appeared to have fallen asleep, reading a book. On entering her room she raised her head. "Hi Daddy."

I told her it was time for bed. She held her hands out to me and asked for a hug, and a kiss goodnight. As walked to her bed, she got up on her knees in a long pink Hello Kitty nightshirt. Wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight. I turned to kiss her on the cheek, and she quickly turned her head and kissed me full on the lips. I pulled back, and told her, "I don't know what's gotten into you young lady, but it's bedtime."

"I'm sorry Daddy, I slipped."

"Sure you did. It's bedtime, now sweet dreams."

"Okay Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too honey. Goodnight."

Years later I would find out that she had been trying to kiss me. Just like the boy and girl in the teen love story that she had been reading. In hindsight this must have been the moment her attraction to me became sexual.

Fast forward another year, and feeling successful in disarming the situation with Katie, which I never told Beth about, knowing she would freak out if she knew. Besides I had the situation under control, or so I thought.

The girls were now young women, Katie being the oldest she was about to start her Senior year. We decided to have a family garage sale, and get rid of a bunch of their childhood toys and clothes that we had packed away that they no longer used. Katie found her Hello Kitty nightshirt in the pile of clothes that Beth was going through. Katie snatched it from her Mom's hands saying, "No Mom, we're not getting rid of this!!"

Her mom was like, "I don't know why? It's old. You haven't wore it in over a year, and you've had it since you were 14, and it's getting too small for you."

"I know Mom, but I want to keep it. Please!!"

"Okay, but i don't want to see you running around in that little thing. Now put it away in your hope chest that we got you for Christmas."

"I will Mom. Thanks for letting me keep it."

Beth said, "Sure, whatever you want."

Fast forward a few more months and Katie's 18th birthday came and went. We had a big party for her and a few of her closest friends. I should have known something funny was going on. They all kept looking at me and giggling among themselves. Later I would find out why... The two girls doing the most giggling, had already slept with their fathers after their 18th birthday parties, and were daring Katie to follow them and have me take her virginity.

Fast forward a few weeks, and one day Beth had gone with grandma shopping for the day. Her sisters went along with Beth and Grandma, Katie had stayed home saying she didn't feel good.

Well that was all out the window as soon as they left. She had apparently hatched her a little plan to try and seduce me once and for all. She came out of her room wearing the worn thin Hello Kitty shirt, and asked if I could fix her something to eat that her tummy was feeling a little better.

I told her, "Young lady you need to put on something bigger than that, it's not even covering your panties!! Your Mom told you about not wearing that thing!"

Katie huffed and went to her room and put on a pair of shorts. "Is this better Dad??" with a pouting face.

"Yes it is, but I still wish you would put that thing away." referring to the old Hello Kitty nightshirt. The damn thing was skin tight, making her young breasts stick out even more pronounced, and barely covered her tummy.

I went to the kitchen and began cooking her some pancakes, they were and still are her favorite. She came up behind me hugging me from the back, smashing her young breasts into my bare back. I wasn't wearing a shirt, it was summer so all I had on was a pair of jean shorts.

"Thank you for being my Daddy." she said. Standing on her tip toes, she put her chin on my shoulder and her hand carressed my tummy as she watched what I was doing.

I hugged her arm around me as I made her breakfast, and told her, "Your welcome sweetheart. It's been a joy watching you and your sisters grow up into fine young ladies." I could tell she liked what she was doing, her little nipples kept getting harder by the second. I could feel them pressing into my back through the thin material of her shirt.

To be quite honest I kind of liked the feeling, that of having a young womans breasts pressed tightly to me like this. Unlike most men of my age, 46, I hadn't succumb to the urges of a midlife crisis. Even though Beth and I hadn't been having as much activity in the bedroom, ever since she had given birth to our son 7 years ago.

Thankfully the microwave timer went off, telling me her sausage links were done. The beep, beep, beep sound, breaking into my thoughts I was starting to have. My mind screamed at me, My god Dan NO, she is your fucking daughter!! In order to defuse the situation before things got out of hand. I pushed her back with my butt telling her, " Now scoot and go sit down at the table. I don't want you to get burned." Dear god, honestly it was so I didn't get burned, that was starting to feel a little too good.

I quickly dished up her the steaming plate of pancakes and sausage. Then gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead, leaving her to eat in the kitchen. I excused myself, and headed straight to the bathroom.

I needed a break to think, of how I was going to deal with her new behavior. God I thought she was over this crush she had on me. She had already had two boyfriends in school, I thought this nonsense was over...

Thank god I had been wearing jeans shorts, my cock was rock hard from the feeling of her hard nipples digging into my back. For the first time, I found myself fishing my hard cock out of my pants and jerking off, while thinking about Katie. The thought of her hugging me from behind, her hard barely covered nipples rubbing against my bare back.

I imagined her hand sliding down over my belly, like she had just been carressing it. Then popping the button, and unzipping my shorts. Then reaching inside and finding my hard manhood. I swear I heard her softly cooing by my ear, "Oh Daddy, it's so much bigger than I ever imagined." I look down and imagined it was her hand having fished my cock out of my shorts, and jerking me off. The image was too much, my cock looked so huge in her hand as she fumbled with it, stroking it up and down. Soon my balls were shooting a huge load of spunk into the sink.

Catching my breath I composed myself, feeling dirty for having used an image of my own daughter to get myself off. How sick I was to even think this. After I finished recovering and cleaning up my mess, I went straight outside and started mowing the yard.

Try as I might I couldn't get the image out of my head, or the feeling of her warm body and hard nipples pressed tightly to me. What the hell was I going to do? What the fuck was I even thinking? Yeah she might not have been my blood related daughter, but I had raised her as if she was. This wasn't right, and neither were the thoughts and feelings I was having.

As I continued mowing, images came flooding back to me of when I was her age. The 9 year relationship I had with my mother. The things we had done. The things she had taught me. The deep feelings that we had for each other. I was so withdrawn after her death I had sworn to myself, even as enjoyable as it had been for us if I ever had daughters they would be off limits to such thoughts. Unless they came to me, and for sure not until they were over the age of 18, I figured that was mature enough to handle all the feelings, that come with this type of relationship.

I somehow managed to avoid close physical contact with Katie for a few weeks. Always finding something to keep me tied up, other than the usual hugs or watching TV when her mother was around. Somehow I managed to keep my distance from Katie, not really wanting a repeat of the other day. Hoping it would just blow over, and that I was reading more into her touches then were actually there.

Finally one night I couldn't sleep and got out of bed, so as not to wake Beth. She had gone to bed with another one of her migraines again. As often as she was having them I just figured it was her way of avoiding sex, since she knew that was the fastest way to put my urges on hold. This was really starting to put a strain on our relationship, but I did still loved her and just gave her space. It didn't mean my urges went away, they just continued to simmer.

I went down to our family room in the basement, figuring I could catch some old movie or show to watch TV. Finally finding an old boring movie, I dozed off sitting up on the big sofa we had. I started dreaming about what had happened a few weeks ago. When in my dream it started feeling a little too real.

Half asleep and without opening my eyes, I thought my wife had joined me. After finding I was no longer in bed and trying to console me for having denied my advances yet again.

I was so close to cumming I said, "MMmm honey don't stop. Baby that feels so good."

To my surprise the voice that answered, wasn't Beth, it was Katie!! "Really Daddy!! Am I doing it right?" I was so close to cumming in my dream that when I opened my eyes, seeing her laying on the sofa beside me. Her hand wrapped around my cock that was still trapped inside my boxers.

I started cumming instantly as I set up, frozen with what was happening I couldn't bring myself to push her hand away. Finally I shoved her hand off of me saying, "NO KATIE!! We can't be doing this. It's not right!!"

"But Daddy."

"No buts Katie, now stop it!!"

She started to cry, and was standing to run to her room. I've never been able to see her crying, and still can't to this day. I pulled her back down beside me. Then I hugged her and told her I was sorry for yelling at her, and reassured her everything would be okay, but this couldn't go on any farther.

Katie looked at me with her big tear filled eyes and said, "Are you going to tell Mom?"

I told her, "No, why should I? As long as this ends here, It will be our little secret." This seemed to calm her down. So I told her to go on back to bed, and that her and I would have a talk later when we were both thinking more clearly. She made a pouty face and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and went back to her bed.

The next few weeks were busy ones for all of us. Katie spent most of her time with girlfriends preparing for graduation, and I took on a few extra shifts at work for the extra money we were eating up for her graduation. All of this activity made it hard to find the alone time for our talk.

I couldn't get her out of my mind. The sight of her hand wrapped around my covered cock as it shot it's cum inside my boxers. The thoughts and images dragging me down a rabbit hole, one that I didn't know if I could pull myself out of, or did I even want to pull my way out. It reminded me so much of the first thing my mother had done with me on our sofa, so many years ago. Only now the roles were reversed.

Flashing back, I jerked myself off at work several times just thinking about it. Then afterward, scolding myself for even thinking of it. I would tell myself, My god she's your daughter! How dirty a father would I be if I let this happen. Dear god, how did Mom deal with these thoughts and desires. I know she had conflicting thoughts before we did anything. How had she justified it in her mind?

Just as I was about to finally find some alone time for our conversation, my world got turned upside down again. Beth was cooking dinner, Katie's sisters and brother were playing outside with the neighbor kids. I was headed to the bathroom and as I walked past Katie's door, I froze at the sounds I heard coming from her room. On the other side of her closed door I heard her softly moaning, and soft squishing noises. I knew right away from experience that she was masturbating.

Unable to pry myself away I continued listening, even though I knew that I shouldn't because this was her private time. The longer I listened, my cock began to stir and the longer I stood there the harder it got. Subconsciously my hand reached down in my shorts. Oh My god I was rubbing myself as I listened to her and couldn't stop. My hand seemed to be matching the squishing noise coming through the door.

Then just as I was about to walk away into the bathroom, I heard her whispering, "Oh god yes Daddy, fuck me harder please. Oh god you're going to make me cum Daddy!!" I heard her bed bouncing as she squealed and moaned deeply into her hand. I almost came instantly in my pants, with the mental image of her tight pussy pulsing around my cock. My god, how am I supposed to talk to her with this image in my mind??? Almost another 2 weeks went by, before I had worked things through enough in my mind. I Still wasn't entirely sure of what to say, but knew I had to say something.

I finally found our time alone to talk when she asked if I could teach her how to drive. Katie hadn't bugged us like most kids at 16, content to let us drive her around, or catch a ride with one of her girlfriends. But now that she would be leaving for college in a few months she wanted to be able to drive herself. I told her she needed to get a learners permit first.

Beth wasn't feeling good, she was having another one of her damn headaches. So I took Katie to the library, so we could pick up a state driver instruction manual for her to study. So she could pass the written test and get the permit she would need. On our way there she kept looking at me with her big brown eyes. Finally I asked, "Is everything okay? You're awful quiet."

"Well Dad I thought we were supposed to have a talk, it's been 4 weeks. Are you still upset with me?"

"No I'm not mad Katie. I just don't know what to say, but we do need to have our talk about what happened." We got to the library and I told her, "Now you run in and grab a manual from the control desk, they always keep them there. And when you come back out we'll go out to the lake and talk." She hugged my neck tightly, then jumped out of my old truck to ran inside. I was still scared, and didn't quite know what I was going to say at this point, but I knew I had to say something.

She came running back out with the book bounced into the truck, and we took off. She was jabbering about a friend of hers she had seen inside. I was only half listening, deep in thought of what to say. After driving around the lake a bit, I found a quiet spot for us to talk and watch the sailboats on the lake.

"Now sweetheart Dad isn't going to scold you about what happened. I understand what it's like to be a teenager. I even understand the curiosity, and infatuation with a parent of the opposite sex." I still hadn't told her about the relationship that my Mother and I had. "But what possessed you to think, that I would be okay with you doing that?"

A tear started to run down her cheek and I reached out and softly wiped it away. "You don't need to cry Katie, I just don't know what you're thinking. Please tell me so we can work things out. I love you and always will, no matter what you say you will always be my daughter." I put my arm around her and pulled her to my side, hugging her.

"Daddy, I've been thinking about you that way for years."

The thought crossed my mind as she spoke. My god she had been acting funny around me for quite a long time, I just hadn't seen it till the last few months.

"You have protected, and cared for me. Showing me how a real daddy should love and care for his little girl. But Dad I'm grown up now."

I cut in and I said, "Your only 18, and still have growing to do to really be an adult."

"I know Daddy, but I just wanted to show you how much I loved you, not just as your daughter but as a young woman."

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