tagLoving WivesHer Secret Life... Ch. 03

Her Secret Life... Ch. 03


Chris and I walked arm in arm to my car which was parked to the side of the entrance to the restaurant we had lunch with Joyce in. Neither of us had to go back to work and Chris had offered an afternoon of sexual fun when we got home. I had gotten onto the freeway that would take us home when Chris scooted over next to me and started whispering in my ear while rubbing her hand over my crotch.

"I don't know if I can wait till we get home, Georgie. I'm so horny from thinking of being with Joyce again. I hope you decide we can share her in the future. I want to watch you fuck her with your big cock while I'm licking you both. You're bigger than both Robert and Brian and I'm sure Joyce has never had one as big as yours. You like me talking about us with her don't you Georgie? You're harder than I can ever remember. If you get off at the next exit, I'll show you a place where you can stick that cock in me right now. Please Georgie; I need you to fuck me!"

I followed Chris's directions and found myself pulling into a ramshackle barn a couple of miles down a dirt road from the secondary road the exit had taken me on. Chris tried to squeeze herself between me and the steering wheel seconds after I had turned the car off.

"Chrissie, slow down! We need to get in the back seat or find some hay to lie on. This in the front seat isn't going to work."

"Let's get in the backseat! I don't want any dried up hay sticking me in the ass while you're pounding my pussy with your big dick!"

Chris was in the backseat with panties off and her legs spread in invitation before I could exit the car. She wasn't joking about being turned on either. Her whole crotch was glistening from the juices flowing out of her pussy. I unzipped my pants and pulled my fully engorged penis out into the open. I climb into the back seat with Chris and she immediately grabbed my turgid rod and pulled me toward her hot center with it. I pumped my engorged member to the hilt with one stroke inside Chris's body.

"Fuck me!...Hard and fast!...I need to cum, now! I can't get the image of you fucking Joyce with your fat cock while I'm underneath you both licking her clit and your cock out of my head! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me George!"

I was thrusting my hardened tool into her without mercy. I managed to hold back my own orgasm until Chris screamed out in her release. I shot my steamy load deep into her wet center upon hearing that scream. I stroked in and out of her a few more times until we had both begun to calm down from our peaks. That was the moment I heard someone clapping their hands behind me.

I scooted back out of the car and managed to put my flaccid penis back into my pants and zip up before turning to see who was behind me. I saw a large, age in the late 50's or early 60's, woman standing in the door to the barn. She was 6'2 or 3 inches tall with muscles that would rival a NFL linebacker. She must have been a beauty in her younger days, but the many years of working outdoors in the Texas heat and weather left her face with that leathery texture and appearance common to all men and women who spend too much time outdoors.

"I heard her get hers so you're better than the average man, but you're trespassing on private property. You should've gotten a room in a motel instead of picking my barn for your little tryst. Maybe the wife won't divorce you when she finds out you're fucking another woman in the afternoons." I felt Chris nudged me at that point so I stepped toward the back of the car to let her out of the backseat. The smile that came to the big woman's face just verified that she had been beautiful at one time in her life.

"Chrystal, I'm surprised to see you climbing out of that car! Why didn't you call and let me know you needed a secret place to fuck your boyfriend! New husband already letting you down?!"

"No Bonnie, he is the new husband and he's never let me down! George, I want you to meet Bonnie Graham, my old mentor from the company! Bonnie this is George Blackshear and the best husband a woman could want. I'm to blame for this, not him! We were headed home so he could spend the afternoon fucking my brains out, but I couldn't wait, I was so horny!"

Chris hurried across the distance between them and gave the older woman a big hug then motioned for me to come to them. I offered Bonnie my hand which she used to pull me into a near bone crushing hug. Chris started laughing hysterically when she saw the look of distress on my face.

"Ease up on him, Bonnie; he still has to take me home so we can pick up where we left off!"

Bonnie released me and grinned at me. She motioned for Chris and me to follow her and led us to one of the stalls in the barn where I saw a wooden table and four matching chairs. Bonnie sat at the head of the table and motioned for us to take seats on either side of her.

"How did a woman who had to have climbed fairly high up the corporate ladder end up on a farm mere miles away from downtown Austin?" I asked her when we were seated.

"My husband Sam owned this farm. It's been his family's for five generations. When he got diagnosed with lung cancer, he begged me to quit my job and learn to run the farm until one of our two sons was old enough to take over and I loved him so much that I did. Neither of our sons was interested in taking over the farm and went to college instead. One's a lawyer in Dallas and the other is a doctor in Denver. I guess the developers who've been after the farm will get it when I'm gone."

"It doesn't have to happen that way. Here's my card. Come down to my office sometime next week and we'll see what we can do to keep it as a working farm for as long as you decide you want it to be one after you're gone. You don't know, maybe one of your grandchildren will get the farming gene your sons didn't." I told Bonnie as I stood to leave. "It's been nice meeting you and I wish it had happened sooner. Chrissie are you ready to go?"

"You let him call you Chrissie? I thought you hated being called that. You didn't want people to think you were an airhead like that character on "Three's Company"."

"Georgie is the only one that calls me that and he does it with love and affection in his tone. I'm sorry I haven't brought him by to meet you before. Let's keep in touch and not be strangers again. Bye Bonnie."

Chris and I made our way back to my car and I had to ask the one question that had been bugging me since seeing the table and chairs in the stall of the barn.

"Chris, do you know why the table and chairs are set up like that in Bonnie's barn?"

"Yes George, I do."

"Can you tell me because I can't figure it out."

"Once a month she plays strip poker with three of her single farmhands and whenever someone losses all their clothes, she fucks and sucks all three of them. It started before Sam died and gave her permission to do it."

"WOW! She's a beautiful woman; couldn't she get laid without doing that?"

"Yes, she can and does; but I think she enjoys it too much to quit. Now, enough talk; get me home and finish what you started."

"Yes boss!" I proceeded home.

We showered together then I made love to Chris the rest of the afternoon. We went to sleep in each other's arms early in the evening. My normal sleep pattern was six hours so I was awake at 3 AM and went to my den so I wouldn't disturb Chris. I used my home computer to do some research into helping Bonnie keep her family farm together and working after she was gone. I had taken an instant liking to her from the brief time we were with her unlike my feelings toward Joyce. I read through some of the background on Joyce that Will had dug up and one item caught my eye. The randy foursome had been discovered in a university lab building engaged in sexual activity and the only two that were disciplined were Robert and Chris. That told me everything I needed to know about her character. A person doesn't let someone they profess to love take the rap for their own misdeeds in my book. I seriously doubted Chris and I would be involved with Joyce in the manner Chris was wanting.

Chris dressed in her slinky black dress with black thigh highs and spaghetti strapped sandals with three inch heels. I had chosen a solid blue suit with a lighter blue dress shirt and comfortable black shoes. Chris and I got to Ruth Chris's ten minutes before our reservation, but were seated immediately. Chris asked me if she could have a glass of white wine while we waited for Joyce. I had told her on more than one occasion that she didn't have to ask me when she wanted an alcoholic drink, but she always did any way. I said yes and reminded her that I'd let her know when I thought she'd had enough. Joyce was escorted to the table just as Chris' wine and my water were delivered and ordered one for her. Chris and I stood where I shook her hand while Chris kissed her cheek before we both sat back down. I had deliberately sat across from Chris so that Joyce was between us at the four person table. I had warned Chris that I didn't want to see her and Joyce whispering to each other during our meal. Anything that was said needed to be out in the open for all of us to hear and be able to comment on. I had gained most of my trust in Chris back, but around Joyce I was still a little wary. I waited until our meal, which we all seemed to enjoy, was over before asking Joyce the one question that had been on my mind since reading Will's report on her.

"Joyce, I need to know why when the four of you were caught having sex in a university lab Robert and Chrystal were the only two disciplined for it." Chris started to speak, but I shook my head no.

"Brian and I had been caught in a similar situation before and would have been expelled. Chrystal and Robert agreed to take the punishment so the university could show that they weren't as liberal as their reputation made them out to be. Brian and I didn't get away without consequences though. I had to have sex with the old professor who was head of the department while Brian watched then he had to fuck the old crone of a wife of the professor's while I watched. I think Brian gave her the first orgasm she'd had in years. When they tried to make us to it again, I called my father and the next thing we knew the professor was retiring and the university hired a new department head from another college. That hadn't happened in decades, they usually promoted from within. We did keep them from dragging Chris and Robert into their twisted scheme. You only saw the written account of the events and decided I wasn't a stand up person, didn't you George?"

"Yes Joyce, I did do that and had decided that Chris and I wouldn't be seeing you again after tonight. I can admit when I'm wrong and maybe I was wrong about you, but we still need to get to know each other before I can even consider letting you back into Chris's life as a lover. You do understand that I'm going to be participating also, don't you?"

"Yes George, I understand and I'm looking forward to seeing, touching, and fucking whatever you have in your pants. It must be quite a package if it pleases Chris more than I did."

"It's not just the package, Joyce. It's the man that uses it. He knows how to do more than fuck." Chris blurted out.

"Maybe in the near future, both of you will get what you want; but I think this evening needs to end. Why don't we get together for lunch one day next week so we can continue to get comfortable with each other?"

"That sounds fine to me, George. I meant what I said earlier in the week. I'll not try and push myself back into Chris's life as long as she's happy. I hope that you'll come to realize that I'm a person who stands by my words, George. Let me pick up the check."

"No Joyce, I invited you out tonight so I'll get the check. You can leave the tip if you want."

Joyce stood and after pulling her wallet from the handbag she was carrying, dropped a fifty on the table. I sat back down beside Chris after Joyce had left.

"Was that the truth, Chris? Did you know about the consequences they went through after you four were caught? Can I trust her not to try and steal you from me?"

"Yes, that was the truth; she and Brian had used that same lab to have sex in a year before we got together. They were disciplined and would've been expelled for the second time if Robert and I hadn't taken the heat for them. We were all seniors and expulsion would have been bad for them. Their families might not have let them continue to live their pampered lives. Joyce told me about the rest years later. I don't know about you trusting her George, but she has never given me any indication that she's not an honorable person."

"Chris, I still need to get comfortable with her. Don't get mad, but I need you to promise me you won't have any secret phone calls, e-mails, or meetings with Joyce. I'm still afraid she'll try and steal you from me. Can you make that promise and tell me if Joyce begins trying to persuade you into leaving me?"

"I don't know how many ways I can tell you this George, but I love you and won't let her or anyone else come between us! I promise to tell you everything we talk about good or bad if that's what you need from me. Can we go home now? I need you to use those other talents you have in giving me orgasms before you fuck the hell out of me!"

We went home and spent the rest of the evening wearing each other out in our king sized bed. Chris got the orgasm she wanted from my mouth and tongue on her pussy and I got to pound her pussy thrice before I was too tired to continue.

Chris and I began to see Joyce once a week for the next couple of months as if we were dating her. Most were lunches with a couple of dinners thrown in. Sally had let Chris know she was ready for a repeat of the evening we had shared after my victory so we took her out to dinner and then went straight home, spending most of the night fucking and sucking each other in every combination we could think of for three people to be in. The next morning Chris and I both took Sally to breakfast and home.

I was comfortable enough with Joyce to begin thinking of sharing her with Chris. I wasn't attracted to her in the beginning, but had begun feeling an attraction for her after I relaxed and stopped worrying about her trying to steal Chris from me. Joyce was smart, funny, easy to talk to, and full of life. I could see the love Chris had for her by how she smiled and acted whenever we were with Joyce. After I began observing Chris and knew what to look for, I saw the same reaction of love in Chris whenever she saw me when we had been apart, even if it had only been a couple of hours in duration. I decided to talk to Chris about my thoughts and feelings that Monday afternoon.

"Chris, I wasn't comfortable around Joyce in the beginning and didn't feel an attraction to her either. I've been able to relax and stop worrying about her trying to take you away from me and have developed an attraction to her. Do you think she would like to go to dinner and dancing at that club you took me to where we hooked up with Sally that Saturday night?"

"Yes George, I'm sure she'd love to go with us Saturday night! Oh Georgie, you've made me so happy just now! I'm finally going to get to make love to Joyce again and watch you fuck her tight pussy with your big cock! Just thinking about it is making me horny! Will you take me to bed and fuck me, Georgie? You can make love to me later, but right now I need to get fucked hard and fast!"

We retired to the bedroom and I did as Chris had asked. I lost count of her orgasms during the two intense fuck sessions we had. We went to sleep contented and happy in each other's arms. Chris talked to Joyce and set our date up for Saturday night.

I had finally begun to like and trust Joyce and Saturday would be the night Chris and I would share Joyce's body for the first time. Chris was so excited by the thought that she had worn me out in the bedroom since we had talked about sharing her on Monday afternoon. I was the one that begged off of having sex the Friday before our date with Joyce. Chris was disappointed, but understood that I needed the rest to be able to perform better Saturday. From everything Joyce had told Chris we knew she hadn't had sex with a man since leaving Brian and I wanted to give her the most pleasure a man had given her in her life so she would want to continue with Chris and I in the future.

Chris forced me to go to the mall on Saturday morning to buy a new dress for our date with Joyce. She had already decided I would wear the salmon colored shirt and green tie she had gotten me to go with a dark blue suit I had only worn once in court. She found a green dress that matched my tie then the shoes and hand bag to accessorize it. To me she was always beautiful no matter what she wore, but she would be even more beautiful in her new clothes that evening. I sat in an armchair outside the beauty shop as Chris got a trim and mani-pedi. I dozed off and she awoke me by placing warm wet kisses on my cheek. We ate a light lunch and returned home to wait for the afternoon to pass.

Chris and I picked Joyce up at her condo for our night out. Joyce had on a yellow dress that matched Chris's in style. We had dinner at an upscale seafood restaurant not far from the club we would be going to later. The conversation was easy and enjoyable between the three of us and I was the envy of all the men in the restaurant when I strolled out with Chris and Joyce on each of my arms.

Chris instructed me to ditch the coat and tie when we got to the club. Again I was one of only a handful of men in the room. Chris managed to find us a table close to the one we had with Sally. The DJ was playing a slow song so I led Chris to the dance floor and we danced close together. Joyce came up behind Chris after a few moments and we tried to dance together, but it was very difficult. I wasn't an accomplished dancer to begin with and trying to stay in step with two people instead of one was more than I could handle. When the music changed to fast and driving I retired to our table and let Chris and Joyce enjoy themselves. I went to Chris when another slow song began and saw the anger in Joyce's eyes for a brief second. I danced with Chris and felt her up at the same time. I kissed her hard when the music picked up again and led her to our table. I pulled her into my lap and continued to kiss and caress her. When the next slow song came up, I rose from my seat and extended my hand to Joyce. She hesitated before taking it and letting me lead her to the dance floor. I had to lean down and hold her close so I could talk to her as we danced. She was stiff in my arms and I could feel her discomfort.

"Joyce, Chris is my wife and I'll be the one holding her tight during the couples' songs. If you have a problem with that, let me know now and we can put an end to this evening! I can also tell you're not comfortable being this intimate with me. Chris and I will be sharing you, not me and you sharing her. If you don't want me to fuck you tonight, let me know and again we can call an end to the evening. I won't give Chris up without a fight. You told me you wouldn't come between us and I expect you to honor your word." I felt Joyce relax a little after I had said to her what I wanted her to hear.

"George, I'm sorry. This is new to me. When we were together before, Brian and Robert let us dance together and kiss and caress each other. We would make love to each other while they watched then they would fuck us. To be honest, I enjoyed what Chris and I did together more than the fucking Robert or Brian gave me. Maybe I'm more lesbian than bi. I don't want the evening to end and I'll go along with anything you want or say. I have missed her so much and was excited to be with her again. I'll keep my promise to not interfere in your marriage. If the only way I can be with her is with you involved also, I'll do it."

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