tagBDSMHer Secret's Out Ch. 01

Her Secret's Out Ch. 01


Tracey had worked for Bennett Associates for the past 4 years, since completing her degree in Human Resources. The company is one of the larger ones in the region, and they have a very successful placement rate, with a high satisfaction rating from both employers and employees. Tracey has always thought it a wonderful place to work, with good conditions, promotional opportunities, excellent remuneration, and it is very strong as an "Equal Opportunities" Employer. For her this was very attractive in the current economic climate, when many employers are shying away from employing women of childbearing age.

However, two years ago, she had an issue with one colleague, Steve. He continuously made sexist jokes, inappropriate sexual remarks, and when she approached her senior manager, Dan Crowther, he took the issue on board. He spoke with Steve, and advised him that Tracey was most put out by his comments. Steve apologised and Dan thought that might be the end of the matter. Tracey did not, and saw no reason why he should be allowed to stay with the company.

She approached Dan once again, and asked why Steve had not been fired. Dan explained that Steve had a great report with many of the biggest clients, and had been with the company a long time, and that the nature of his comments were not so offensive. Tracey was not happy, explaining that commenting on her change of hair styles, or suggesting that I looked sexy and how much weight she had lost were personal remarks and he should not make them. Dan said that Steve's comments had been to another guy in the corridor, and they had not realised that Tracey was within earshot. Tracey stood her ground, and hinted that she might spread the word with some of their clients that sexual harassment was tolerated in this firm. Finally Dan capitulated, and Steve was let go, with a good reference and an additional bonus, which was not Tracey's choice, but at least it got rid of a strong contender for promotion.

Given all of the above, it may be surprising that Tracey likes BDSM. Of course, no one knew about that! Tracey watched movies on her pc at home, occasionally going to clubs. Right now though Tracey had a problem. Her pc was currently in the shop for the past five days while they upgraded the hard drive and memory. Needing her fix, so to speak, Tracey checked out the office after work. With no-one around, she logged on to her work pc, seemingly secure in the knowledge that everyone was gone for the evening. She started with her favourite spanking site. As the scene was played out in front of her she got a small vibrator from her handbag, and began to masturbate as she watched the woman on screen getting her ass thoroughly worked over. She shook off her panties onto the floor and lifted her legs onto the desk, wide spread out either side of the pc. Toying with herself and glued to the action, she was just on the cusp of her orgasm when she was shocked from her revelry by a male voice.

"Well, well, well Ms Smith! What is the meaning of this?" Unfortunately for Tracey it was too late, and her orgasm exploded through her, as she swivelled round in her chair, facing none other than Mr. Crowther, her senior manager.

Dan normally enjoyed his job, but the one manager, Tracey, was just a little hard to figure. Her insistence on getting rid of a very good manager over some stupid remarks he made to a colleague about her which she overheard was a little too ruthless. He began to realise she was working her way up and the chap had been in the way. The mentions of letting others know were tantamount to an early warning, he knew that now, and Dan had been left feeling the need to know more about Tracey. As he pictured her, he realised she was probably a good looking lady but hid it well, playing down her features, wearing clothes designed not to flatter or give any hint of her real self. No-one knew anything much about her, until recently.

Tonight he had gone back to the office, unusually having forgotten something. Strangely there were lights on in his section, so he approached it quietly in case there were burglars about. He could see the door to Tracey's office was ajar and there were some noises coming from within. He stopped out of sight and watched in amazement through the door. Tracey was spellbound by the hot, spanking action on the screen. She had stripped off her panties, hiked her legs up on the desk and was playing with her pussy. The hum of a vibrator could be heard just above the shrieks of the girl on her screen.

Whilst this was amazing, hot and giving him a huge erection, Dan realised it was too good a chance to miss. Thinking quickly, he used the iPhone camera to take several photos, making sure there was no flash to warn Tracey. His mind whirring he realised this could be used to his advantage and the pictures would protect him and the company. Just at the point she was about to blow Dan opened the door and spoke. The effect was perfect, Tracey swivelled around even as she came, and Dan was treated to a great view of her wide open pussy, speared by a small vibrator as she convulsed on the chair. The camera caught the moment, the website clearly visible on the pc in the background, as she struggled to cover herself up.

"So, another side to you" he said, and her face was a picture of embarrassment and worry.

"Using the company PC for this is a dismissible offence, and you the perfect equal opportunities employee? What do you think I should do with this information. Can you give me any reason as why I should not have you drummed out, never to work in this line of business again?"

Tracey was shocked, lost for words, head hung down a little, legs and pussy now firmly closed. Tracey was humiliated at being caught, quite literally, with her knickers down! Her first thoughts were, "Oh god! I'm going to be fired, and my name totally blackened!", closely followed by, "I just want to die! I want to kill the display on the pc, but don't want to draw further attention to it by reaching toward it!"

Dan continued, enjoying her embarrassment, the squirming on the chair as the last of her convulsions calmed down. "Well, I can see you have unusual tastes, and they certainly turn you on. So, perhaps we can think of a way to please you and I without troubling the company's lawyers?"

Tracey looked up, a little unsure but it sparked interest. Dan was thinking fast, wondering how far he might go, but he held all the cards (and the photos!), so he went on, pushing for something he would never have dreamed about only hours earlier.

"I have often wondered what you are really like, now you have a chance to show me. If you agree to do everything I ask for the next 6 weeks, these images will be destroyed and you can continue your career with my marvellous references. I will be asking some very challenging things of that nice body of yours, do you think you can take it? You have an interest in this I can see... so.. I will not humiliate or punish you in front of colleagues, that's guaranteed. But in all other respects and all other ways you are mine, and you will do as I ask, at all times."

Dan watched as Tracey thought this through. She tried to work out if she could get him for harassment, but she realised quite quickly that being caught with her knickers down, masturbating wildly in front of a spanking site was probably not going to make her case very strong, and everyone would believe Dan's version of events. The spark, the fight was there though, and she looked Dan in the eyes before saying,

"OK, I was wrong. How can I be guaranteed this is time limited, that you won't keep on punishing me after 6 weeks?"

"You have my word, and, if you consider this carefully, at the end of six weeks of you as my toy I am in it as much as you. Its mutual exposure and, I think, mutual pleasure. Now, enough talk. Signal your agreement by taking off your skirt and knickers, bending over that chair and presenting me your ass for the first of what will be many punishments."

Tracey listened sceptically to Dan's proposal. A flurry of emotions cross her face as he spoke, but in the end she was eager to grasp any straw which will leave her with a way out. Finally, slowly, and following Dan's assurances, she decide there was one option and one only for her, and accordingly, she pulled up her tight skirt, dropped her skimpy knickers, leaving her tight ass bare above her stockings. She turned and bent over the chair and awaited her punishment.

Dan stood, unsmiling and watched the varying emotions pass across Tracey's face before she slumped slightly, turned and pulled up her skirt. He smiled at the perfect picture presented to him, already planning the ways in which this could be of use and enjoyment to them both. He knew he could not let Tracey in on this train of thought, and as she dropped her silky knickers to the floor and bent forward over her chair, Dan hoped the irony was not lost. She was facing the porn, the spanking website, continuing to play out the clip she had been watching even as she presented her ripe buttocks to receive a similar punishment.

Dan stepped to Tracey's left side, and lightly stroked the perfect flesh in front of him, still amazed at this turn of events.

"This will be the first of many, and you will be polite and thank me at the end of your punishment. You will not stand up until I say you can, until I have described how life will be for you over the next few weeks," and before Tracey could properly absorb this information he brought his hand sharply down onto her upturned left cheek. Tracey gasped at the impact, heat spreading from the hot red hand print, but went quiet and still at Dan's sharp admonishment and warning not to move or make any protest.

Dan began again, and spanked Tracey's round cheeks alternately with his right hand. Each blow left a read mark on her pale flesh, and as he rained the blows down he could feel the warmth of her flesh as it turned a delightful shade of pink, then red. As Dan's hand made contact with her ass, Tracey drew breath but made little sound and just eased her legs apart to make her stance a little easier. Dan increased his force, each spank resounding around the room, alternating cheeks and moving up and down to ensure the whole of her ass was covered. Tracey was groaning now, breathing hard with each blow, squirming slightly and trying to spread her thighs further and further apart. Dan's hand rained down again and again, tattooing a pattern on Tracey's ass, getting her bright red from the swell of her ass to the tops of her thighs. Almost unconsciously, copying the girl on the screen, Tracey counted the smacks as they landed and thanked him for spanking her. Tracey was humiliated, being smacked like a naughty child, but much as she hated to admit it, she was hugely turned on.

Dan slipped his hand between her thighs and found her pussy lips, soaked, dripping with her slick honey. The spanking was clearly being enjoyed, her pain reflecting that of the willing participants on the screen in front of her. As Dan's finger slid easily up and down her slick pussy lips, Tracey moaned. Her embarrassment complete as her body gave her away, her pussy running with arousal. She began to wriggle her ass, and though her pride would not allow it, she now really wanted to ask Dan to fuck her, to fuck her wet cunt, and her hot ass, even ask if she could to suck him off. Tracey's arousal was running high, and her juices leaked and ran down her thighs, her stocking tops soaked.

Dan's cock was as hard as iron in his chinos, but he decided he was not going to take her yet. His mind worked overtime, deciding to save that pleasure for later in their encounters. After all, she was his to do with as he wanted, plenty of time for savouring the sweet pussy.

"Mmm, I see this is not as much of a punishment as I thought it might be... your pussy is giving you away, you love this don't you?" Tracey looked around and nodded, head hung slightly in acceptance her secrets had been discovered.

"Good", Dan continued, "we will do more of this, but I will clarify how this will work. The rules of your submission, your agreement with me if you like to call it that! You will do as I ask, when I ask. You will submit to me whenever and wherever I ask, as long as I do not ask you to humiliate yourself in front of your colleagues and friends. You will take any punishment I give. You will give me pleasure whenever I ask, and you will ask me before you cum yourself."

With each sentence, each phrase, Tracey burned in embarrassment, hoping Dan wouldn't check out her pussy again, as it would give away just how hot his words were, how wet they were making her. This was what she craved and had never thought she would get at work.

"In return, you will be allowed to cum, you will be taken as you seem to fantasise you want to be and this will end after our fixed period of six weeks.... unless you choose to remain submissive to me. In work in front of your colleagues we will remain normal. However, you will change your persona ever so slowly. Starting with your attire, your appearance, each week for the next six your hemline will rise by an inch from its current low level. Your heel height will rise until its a minimum of 4 inches."

Tracey was nodding as she heard Dan's instructions, trying hard to stop her hips from working, to ease the pressure she was feeling on her wet, exposed pussy lips, sore but satisfied ass still high in the air.

"You will start each week by arriving at my office to check you are at the correct standard for the week, and you will give me the knickers you are wearing at that point. I will return them at the end of the day if I am satisfied. This is the start, you have a choice to leave your job now. If you stay, you have the opportunity to explore your deepest desires".

Tracey played through the events of the past hour or so, of watching the site, getting caught, and now being forced to submit to her boss. Ironic that she was turned on, where she should have been indignant. She was hot, where she should be cold and was desperately horny instead of outraged. She listened to his list of demands, and found that she was secretly aroused by the thoughts of making herself available whenever, wherever, and however Dan wanted her.

Tracey had secretly fancied Dan from afar, but because of her position and reputation she would never have acted upon the attraction. Hearing his words now, she thought that this situation would allow her to experience all her fantasies, while remaining publicly aloof, and not putting anything on the line. She smiled, wondering what was in store next and realised she would accede to his demand. She noticed his hard cock, which has tented his chinos, and inside was thrilled that she had this effect on him.

Dan waited to see how Tracey would react to the rules, and was pleased when she remained submissive, bent over and red cheeks still perfectly available. Good, he thought, she is into this after all. Dan had often wondered what the body and mind was like, hidden by her low-key appearance. Inwardly Dan smiled, he was going to enjoy finding out and pushing her boundaries. The wiggle of her hips and ass, the slick feel of her pussy suggested she wanted relief, wanted Dan to take her. Dan knew that she would have to learn that from now on he would choose when she is satisfied, at least in his presence.

To reinforce this Dan instructed her to turn around and kneel, open her blouse and get her breasts out of her bra, but leave the bra in place. Tracey barely hesitated, turning around to kneel in front of him, her face in line with the bulge apparent in his trousers. Quickly she exposed her breasts, and Dan struggled to hold his breath at sight of the firm, full nature of her fleshy orbs. Her nipples were like bullets, the position she was in clearly having aroused her.

"Suck my cock until I am ready to cum, but do not take my cum in your mouth - that pleasure is later. When I am ready I will control where I cum", Dan instructed Tracey.

Tracey was so surprised by Dan's actions, and even more so by her bodies reaction to him. She knew her pussy was wet after he had spanked her. As she wriggled her ass, she braced herself for the anticipated penetration of Dan's cock, and was surprised when instead she is instructed to turn and kneel and get her breasts out. Inside she resented a little that she was ordered to suck Dan's cock when he had the chance to fuck her and passed on it. Slowly it dawned on Tracey what she had got herself into, but when she was ordered to suck Dan's cock, and not to make him cum, she was confused again. Being a good sub, as she had become, she did as he had asked her.

Tracey reached forward and released Dan's solid cock, staring almost hungrily at its length. Quickly she took it into her mouth, enclosing the hot, hard member inside her warm mouth

"Mmm, that feels fantastic, you are good with your mouth, I am going to enjoy making use of you...", Dan groaned.

Tracey started to work on Dan's cock. She lapped at its tip, and tongued the slit at the end, paying special attention to the head, and the sensitive underside, until she felt him throbbing. She sucked as much into her mouth as she could, and then slid her tongue around it. Dan was soon ready to explode, struggling to hold on against the fantastic onslaught of Tracey's talented mouth. It didn't seem long before he eased out of her mouth and pointed his cock at her fantastic tits. Silently he exploded, stream after stream of his hot, white seed landed on her firm flesh, covering her nipples and the cleavage in between the firm orbs and reaching her neck and face. As Dan finished, he reached forward and moved his cum around her tits, coating them. Her eyes glazed at the silky touch, but not for long. Dan pulled her tits back inside her bra, and left them to soak as a reminder of their deal.

"Thank you, your mouth is very talented and it will be put to great use over the next few weeks. Now, tidy up, close down the PC and leave before me. I will retain your panties as a reminder. You will not take your bra off and clean up until you are home, my cum reminding you on your drive home that you have been caught and you are paying for it. Tomorrow, we will begin, I will call for your first check as soon as I can," and Dan turned to go, leaving a frustrated, horny Tracey just wondering what would happen next.

Tracey now felt totally used! It was not that she had previously wanted to swallow Dan's cum, but somehow being denied it she was suddenly put out that she didn't get it! As instructed, she switched off her pc and headed home, horribly frustrated. She already knew that as soon as she got home, her vibrator would get a serious workout.

Tracey arrived home still soaked in Dan's cum, her tits slick inside her bra. Strangely she chose not to shower it off, even though she knew she ought to want that. She lay on her bed, and worked her dark red, ribbed vibe into her soaking wet slit and pumped it furiously. Her other hand played with her cum soaked nipples, and between these sensations Tracey worked herself to four fast orgasms. Finally, spent, she dropped the vibe to the floor, still somehow unfulfilled, without the satisfaction she had anticipated.

Tracey headed into the shower and washed thoroughly, before finally sinking into bed. The next morning she followed the instructions Dan had given her. Remembering his words, she selected a skirt that was slightly shorter than those she generally wore, and shoes with small heel. Finally she applied her make-up, fixed her hair, and headed into work.

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