tagIncest/TabooHer Sister Ch. 01

Her Sister Ch. 01


All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Chapter 1: Her Mind

This is the first of three chapters about Nikki & Katie Parson. This chapter only deals with their feelings and contains no sex.


dramatis personae

Nicole Parson (Nikki)
19 years old
Katie's older sister
shoulder length straight golden blond hair, blue eyes
thin body, B cup
introverted, intelligent

Katherine Parson (Katie)
18 years old
Nikki's younger sister
almost shoulder length light blond hair, blue eyes
petite body, A cup
curious, extroverted

Jennifer Miller (Jen)
19 years old
Nikki's classmate and best friend
straight brown hair to her shoulder blades, green eyes, glasses
athletic body, C cup
intelligent, sporty


It was Saturday evening and the girls were really just waking up. Every time Jen was sleeping over at the Parsons' house, they would stay up late into the night. They were chatting, watching TV and generally just goofing off and having fun, until Nikki's and Katie's mom came up and sent the three girls to sleep. Even after the lights were out, they would continue to chat in the darkness until sleep caught up with them.

This weekend however, the Parson parents were away for aunt Mary's wedding and wouldn't return until Monday morning. They wanted to take their daughters with them, but the girls begged their parents to not have to go. The girls knew that dad, as usual, wouldn't be able to say no to his princesses. Mom, of course, was different. She was adamant to take the kids with them. Only after the girls dragged Jen to their home and made her promise that she would look after them did mom agree for them to stay. Mom always viewed Jen as the most responsible of all their friends and she always told her kids to take an example of her.

So on Friday afternoon Jen came to their house with a small travel bag and the three girls said their goodbyes when the Parson parents were leaving. They spent the rest of the evening watching TV while eating snacks and chatting about movies, fashion and boys late into the night.


On Saturday Katherine Parson woke up in the early afternoon. Getting hungry, Katie and the other girls checked the fridge. They found that mom was nice enough to have prepared lunch for them. With the parents gone, they enjoyed eating it in the living room, while watching TV, sprawled on the sofas and carpet. They liked having the house for them, not having to listen to their parents' nagging. After a few hours of slacking off, Katie was starting to get bored and wanted the girls to get off their asses.

Sitting on the carpet in front of the TV, Katie looked over her right shoulder and said to Jen with a twinkle in her eye - "We should go to the mall and check out some cute boys" - completely ignoring Nikki slumped in the big couch behind Katie.

"You are too young to check out boys, Katie" - Nikki said, vacantly looking at the TV

"I'm old enough." - Katie turned around, barking at Nikki over her left shoulder - "You always act like I'm still a child!"

Nikki looked at Katie - "Of course, because you are! Just look at yourself!" - then looked at the TV again - "besides, I think I've had it with boys for now, thanks."

Their blue eyes met as Katie glared furiously at Nikki. She was a late bloomer and even though Nikki was the same just a few years ago, she kept pestering her about it. She wanted Nikki to regret her attack - "Just because you can't get a guy, doesn't mean none of us can!"

Nikki stared at Katie again, growing red in the face and Katie knew she hit the spot. For a moment, she thought her sister was going to explode. Nikki opened her mouth and took a breath, but after a second, she just closed it and looked away.

Katie immediately felt a sting of regret. Nikki fell in love with a guy in her class over a year ago. Two months ago, she finally decided to ask him out and they began dating. Nikki was glowing with happiness, endlessly talking about him, obsessing about the smallest details. But two weeks later, he dumped her for a classmate. Nikki had been devastated, only finding comfort in dissing boys with Jen and Katie. She didn't say anything, but Katie could see now she was still hurting underneath.


Jennifer Miller also knew the pain of being abandoned. Seeing Nikki's hurting, she remembered her first boyfriend. She lost her virginity to him and thought they had a special connection since then. A year later he went to college in another city. They wrote each other long emails, but she felt him slipping away from her. Before the first semester ended, his replies were cold and distant. She wanted to meet him again, but he always found excuses, until he finally admitted dating another girl.

For a few moments, everyone was silent, trying not to look at each other. A mix of anger, guilt and frustration was in the air.

Jen stepped in, trying to calm the situation - "Hey, we promised your mom not to bring any boys while your parents are away, remember?"

"Yeah.." - Katie nodded sheepishly. Nikki wasn't reacting at all.

"Wait, I know.." - Jen said - "Nikki, I brought those DVDs we talked about."

Nikki looked at Jen, her face expressionless.

"Yeah, I've got them in my bag-" - then realizing what she was saying - "although, they're really adult videos, you know?" - Jen continued, shifting eyes from Nikki to Katie and back. She trusted Nikki, but Katie's loose lips might rat them out. Slightly embarrassed, both girls looked at Katie, who was looking at them until she got it too.

"Yeah, let's watch that!" - Katie said enthusiastically - "I wanna see that! Come on guys!"

"Well I guess it's OK, then" - said Jen - "Is it Nikki?"

"But promise not to tell anyone OK?" - Nikki said to Katie in a strict tone

"I promise!" - Katie replied, only slightly annoyed

Jen went over to her bag in the corner and took out a bunch of DVDs. Katie jumped to her immediately and took them, looking them over.

"Oh" - she said - "looks like they're all just lesbian sex."

"Yeah" - Jen nodded, flushing again - "They're my brother's, I just took them from his secret stash. I guess he's into that stuff, 'cause that's all he's got."

"Eww, that is so gross" - Katie exclaimed, showing the other two girls the back of a DVD cover on which a girl was kissing another girl on her pussy. Jen smiled nervously and Nikki just shrugged. More than actually thinking about the sex act, Katie obviously just wanted to agree with the older girls about something regarding sex, but after seeing their reactions she probably just felt more childish.

"I guess we'll have to watch this then" - she resigned and took out the one with the prettiest cover. - "Can we watch this one?" - she said as she handed Jen the DVD - "I'll go make some popcorn."

Jen took the DVD from Katie and put it into the player. After a minute of browsing the menu, she selected to watch it from the beginning. In the meantime Katie finished the popcorn and brought three bowls, one for each girl.

"You want a drink?" - Katie asked Jen. Jen looked Katie in the eyes, 'Are we going to get drunk?', she wondered

"We've got apple juice." - Katie added

"Sounds great, thanks Katie" - Jen replied with a relief and Katie smiled.

A minute later she returned with a tray, a carton of juice and three glasses. She put it down on the coffee table in the middle of the room and poured the juice. The last glass was only two thirds full as the carton went empty. She gave one of the full glasses to Jen, who was sitting on an armchair to the right of the big sofa.

"Thank you" - Jen said when she took the glass.

Jen watched Katie as she took the other two and went to the big sofa where Nikki was sitting. After a moment's thought she handed Nikki the full glass and kept the other one for herself. Nikki saw it, but reached for the emptier one - "Thanks." - she said and took the glass.

Katie chose to lie down on her usual spot on the carpet next to the table, in front of the big sofa.

At first, everyone was a bit nervous about watching an adult movie together. After a few minutes however, they saw it was just soft porn and not a very good one. Scenes of girls kissing, touching and trying to make it look like they were having sex, without actually doing it. It also made the movie less serious and more fun. The girls would remark on the action and soon everyone was having a good time, laughing at every scene. They spent the rest of the movie saying things like "that one must spend a lot on conditioner!" or "look at that silicone valley!". And every time a poorly acted orgasm was shown, the girls shouted in unison "fake!" and laughed loudly.

The next movie was even more amateurish, with shoddy image quality and fake performances, so the girls entertained themselves by turning the volume down and imitating the actresses' voices.

The movie showed a girl ringing on the door and a woman opening and Katie started in a tiny voice - "Hi miss, I was gonna sell cookies but I guess lost them on the way here!"

The other woman lead the girl into the bedroom and started to undress her. Nikki chimed in with a deep voice - "Let's see now, maybe some of them fell into your cleavage."

Jen also wanted to take part - "Hey I'll be the camera man" - and added in a deep voice - "Good thing this is a one hand camera, just ignore me girls, fap fap fap."

And when the girls on TV continued undressing, Katie said - "Miss, did you find my cookies yet?"

"No not yet, I will have to look in your pants next" - Nikki replied and reached down under Katie's hoodie and tickled her sides.

"Eeeek!" - Katie shrieked as both of them laughed, wrestled playfully and threw popcorn at each other.

After a minute of rolling around both were too tired to go on, red in their faces and breathing deeply, clothes slightly off and popcorn all over the place. Nikki stood up and returned to her couch and Katie just turned around to continue watching the movie. Jen smiled, seeing the girls were best buddies again.


After the second movie, the girls opted for a bathroom break. Nicole used the toilet and washed her face with great relief. The fight with her sister made her sweat more than she wanted to admit. When she returned, she saw their fight left the popcorn bowls empty.

"I'm gonna make some more popcorn" - she said on her way out - "Jen, could you start the next movie?"

"I'll put on the next movie" - Jen said and went to the player

When Nikki returned with the popcorn, she found Katie sitting on the big sofa, her legs drawn under her body. She was reading a magazine laid on her legs. Nikki noticed how cute her little sister looked just then. A blanket wrapped around her whole body except her head and her short blond hair still cutely tousled from their fight. Looking at her, Nikki couldn't help but smile.

When Katie looked up and noticed Nikki's smile, she asked - "What is it?"

"Nothing, I just thought how cute you looked right now" - she replied

Katie blushed a little, looked away and smiled as well - "Well, I was a bit cold down on the floor. Freezing, actually."

"Of course you were cold, walking around in those little shorts of yours the whole day" - Nikki replied in a motherly tone while Katie grinned.

Nikki carefully put down two of the bowls on the table and went to give Jen her popcorn. Then she went to the door to adjust the thermostat - "It'll take a bit for the room to heat up" - she added. Then with a softer tone, she said to Katie - "I hope you have room for me too, it's really chilly in here" - she said while taking the two bowls from the table. Nikki was wearing just a thin t-shirt and sweatpants. Until now, she didn't even realize how cold her arms felt. It was already dark outside. She looked at the clock next to the TV and saw that it was almost half past eight.

When she took the two bowls and went to sit on the sofa, she saw Katie was still wrapped in the blanket but now stretching her body across the sofa to take up as much space as possible - "No room!" - she grinned. Nikki knew Katie just wanted to play, like she always did when in a good mood.

She put the two popcorn bowls down on the carpet, took a bit of popcorn and brought her arm up as if to throw it - "Looks like I'll have to shoot my way through!"

Katie just smiled, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, tongue outstretched. Nikki leaned over and carefully put a single popcorn puff on Katie's tongue. When Katie felt it, she withdrew her tongue and enjoyed the tasty treat - "Mmmm! OK!" - then she sat up, looked at Nikki and opened the left side of the blanket invitingly.

Nikki picked up the popcorn, put one bowl on each side of the sofa and happily snuggled next to Katie, with her legs up on the sofa, her whole body wrapped in the blanket, just like Katie.

As she enjoyed the body heat under the blanket, she remembered her friend. She looked right, over Katie's head and asked - "Jen, you cold too?"

"Nah, I'll just put on my sweater and I'm good" - Jen replied and went to her bag to take it out

After everyone settled down and started nibbling on the popcorn again, they started the movie. Again they tried to make fun of the movie at every possibility, but after a few minutes they saw this movie was different. The image quality was better and the girls in it were pretty and looked natural. They had nice hair and normal breasts, used very little make up and were not totally shaved everywhere. And they looked so young they might have been their classmates. But most importantly, they really were having sex. They took their time with the lovemaking and the camera didn't go out of its way to hide the naughty parts like in the other movies. They could clearly see the girls' fingers, tongues and toys caressing and entering their most private areas, soon glistening with natural wetness. The girls in this movie were obviously enjoying it.

"...so I guess this isn't 'soft porn' anymore is it?" - Katie asked Nikki with a devious smile

"I guess so" - Nikki looked back and smiled uncomfortably

"Oh sorry, I didn't know, I'll change it" - Jen said and started getting up

"No, it's OK, we can handle it" - Katie looked at Nikki - "Right?"

"Right. I guess. Yeah, I mean sure, it's OK." - Nikki responded looking at Katie and Jen went back to her seat saying - "OK"

"It's not like it will make us lesbian." - Katie said and bumped Nikki shoulder to shoulder still looking at her, but then, less sure of herself added - "Right?"

"No of course not" - Nikki replied and patted Katie on the head with her left hand, then returned it under the blanket - "You are either born lesbian or not, a movie won't change that."

They continued watching the movie, more silently than before, forgetting about the popcorn. It was Jen who broke the silence after a girl had a particularly strong orgasm.

"Wow, that must have felt really good" - she said looking at the TV. It sounded like she said it more to herself than to them, but the other girls couldn't help but nod in agreement.


The girls watched the movie silently, the only sounds were the lovemaking sounds and moaning coming from the TV. Somehow Katie began to feel excited from the movie. 'I'm not attracted to these girls' - she thought - 'why would I get excited about this?' But the more she thought about the pleasures the girls on screen were enjoying, the more she was aroused. Gradually her mouth went dry, she began to sweat and itch in her special places. She felt the need to touch herself, she wanted the nice feelings to grow.

'She might not even notice' - she thought - 'No, I can't possibly do that next to Nikki. Anyone but her.'

She turned her head towards Nikki, carefully looking at her face. 'She's so cute' - she thought, watching her sister bite her lower lip. Without even realizing it, she started moving her hands from her thighs towards her shorts. But Nikki's body was closer than she thought and Katie's left elbow hit the soft fullness of her sisters right breast. Katie froze and she felt they both stopped breathing in that moment. Nikki wasn't wearing a bra, the soft fabric of her shirt was all that was between her breast and Katie's hoodie so Nikki must have felt it. Then Nikki looked down at her breast, then up into Katie's eyes, just inches between their faces. She opened her mouth like she wanted to say something. Instead she jerked herself away from Katie, spilling the rest of both girls' popcorn all over the place. They looked at each other, both breathing deeply and starting to flush. Katie was so embarrassed she wanted to die.

Hearing the commotion, Jen looked away from the TV too and watched the girls silently.

"W-what?" - Nikki stammered

"S-sorry" - was all the startled Katie could say, looking into Nikki's eyes - "I didn't mean to..." - she felt tears starting to form in her eyes

Nikki looked surprised too, though not as much as Katie felt - "No, I'm sorry" - she said and quickly stood up - "I spilled all the popcorn"

She started to collect the popcorn spilled around the sofa and put it back into the bowls. After a moment of watching, Katie shook her head and got up too. She started to help her sister, feeling it would not be fair to let her do all the work - "Wait I'll help you. It was my fault."

"No, it wasn't" - Nikki said, crawling on the floor and collecting the popcorn - "It...I..." - she started, but then returned to the work.

Jen stopped the movie and helped the girls silently collect the rest of the popcorn and carry it to the kitchen.


Nikki was so startled and ashamed, she wanted to run away, hide somewhere and never come out again. Her sister caught her touching herself to that damn movie! 'What was I thinking?' - she scolded herself - 'Of course she would notice!'. When she returned to the living room, she sat back into the sofa and looked at the ground, too ashamed to look up when the other girls entered the room again.

Her sister sat back next to her on the sofa. Nikki felt her inquiring and confused look on her face and couldn't help and grow red in her face again. The shock and frustration were starting to make her angry again. She threw a few quick angry looks toward Katie, hoping she would just leave her alone. 'She wouldn't understand.' - she thought. Katie was still looking at her curiously, but slowly she was also starting to frown.


Jen felt the tension in the air and worried the girls might end up fighting again. She had to step up again.

She stood in front of the sofa the girls were sitting on and said with a smile - "Whew, that last movie was a bit too much don't you think?" - she started and the sisters looked at her silently - "I mean, I was starting to feel a little too excited watching that. A little more and I would have to run off to the bathroom to do you-know-what." - she said with a smirk. She hoped the girls would take it as a joke, although it wasn't far from the truth. Just before the girls spilled the popcorn she was getting excited too and it would not be long before she would start squirming in her sofa as well.

She didn't really get any reactions from the girls. They just sat there, silently, flushed faces and breathing deeply. Katie was still mostly looking at Nikki, who was staring at the floor. Jen thought, that maybe a little honesty would do the sisters good. 'If they don't trust each other, whom can they?' - She thought. She wanted to encourage the girls to talk more about what was troubling them. She approached the sofa and sat on the carpet in front of it.

"Hey guys, cheer up." - she said and they looked at her - "There's nothing wrong in getting excited from such a movie, or wanting to do something about it. It's normal. There's no need to be like this." - she said looking at the girls as both of the sisters looked back at her with nondescript expressions.

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