Her Son's Best Friend

byThe Big Bopper©

My son's best friend turned and closed the door behind him, took two steps toward me. We were now alone in my bedroom together. He was still 8 feet away, but he was in better light and I could more closely examine his prize erection. "You certainly are big!" I complimented him, daring to smile at him as I stared admiringly at his huge erection.

"Yes, so it seems," he admitted nervously.

"Do you know how rare that is?"

"Some girls my age have told me, but I wouldn't have thought that they would have that much experience to know."

Without warning, I made the next move. My hands that had been resting on each hip pushed the top of my half-slip down. It passed smoothly over the thin waist straps of my thong, the delicate lacy garter belt, the pouch of material that was my black thong covering my pussy, the bare tops of my thighs, and then the stockinged legs. The black material pooled on the floor around my feet, still upright on high heels. All of the above was now on display for young Jeremy's probing gaze.

"Shit!" he muttered, his eyes scanning my still shapely 42-year-old body, seemingly not knowing which part he wanted to spend most time looking at. My eyes had barely left his horizontal hard-on the whole time, it definitely pulsed and twitched in reaction as I revealed more of my body. A clear drop of pre-cum formed in the eye of his penis.

"Believe me, I know," I continued with my acknowledgement of his equipment, "I've only seen one like that before. I was too naïve then to appreciate the significance of what I was looking at. I think I do now. Tell me Jeremy, have you done much with that?"

Jeremy looked hesitant to answer me, "I ... err ... I haven't really. I don't have a steady girl, and those that I have been out with, run a mile when they see it."

"That's their loss, Jeremy, I am sorry for you. You will find in life that women will need to be convinced that you mean no harm with that."

"So this big one that you did see previously? Was it like mine?"

"Yes!" I answered breathlessly.

"Did you let him ... you know, did you let him have you?"

"No I didn't, I told you I was quite naïve when I was confronted with it. Like the girls you've known, I ran a mile too. But after getting some advice from my girlfriends, I was told quite emphatically to never let the opportunity go by if it ever came again. I never expected it would." I reached my hands back behind me and unclasped my bra. I eased the material forward, the cups peeling off my ample breasts.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed again when he saw my smooth globes with two distinct prominent nipples standing out hard and strong.

"So what do you think I should do?" I asked him.

"About what?" he checked, struggling to maintain his concentration as he was confronted by his mother's best friend, rapidly shedding intimate clothing, and revealing more and more of her body.

"Silly," I admonished, "I told you my girlfriends said I should never pass up the opportunity to experience a big penis just like yours if it ever came again." Smiling, I stared at it approvingly, "I'd say my opportunity has definitely cum again." I spread my arms out invitingly and he stepped closer to me.

"Come on, Jeremy, I won't bite," I assured him as he moved into my embrace, my arms folding around his shoulders. I held his firm hard 20-year-old body tight up against me. I felt that incredible erection squashed against my tummy, it's wet tip pushing up above my navel. "Oh God, this is so wrong, but you feel so good."

I felt the smooth palms of his large hands grasping the cheeks of my arse. 'Thank God, he does know something,' I thought. "Are you going to kiss me?" I asked.

"If it's alright with you?"

"Jeremy," I admonished, "your so hard cock is almost touching my naked breasts. I would say that kissing is definitely called for."

I lifted my face up expectantly, and having given my approval, he brought his face to mine, his lips kissing me quite well, even forcing my lips apart. I felt his eager tongue slip into my mouth and I despatched mine to engage with him.

The kiss quickly exploded into a heated exchange of lips, tongues, saliva and serious passion. When we broke for air, I dragged his mouth down to my nipples and let him loose there. He was starting to make all the right moves and my juices were flowing. I was anxious how experienced he might be once he came to put that monster inside me, but he soon showed that I needn't worry about foreplay. His mouth on my nipples was magical, he made all the right moves with his lips and his tongue, even using his teeth to lightly graze the smooth skin of my globes.

My heavy breathing was now telling him just how aroused I was from his mouth devouring my breasts. Between loud gasps, I managed to tell him, "We'll be more comfortable on the bed."

We awkwardly shuffled to the bed, me backing up while he pushed forward, perhaps not wanting to have his penis lose contact with my bare skin. As I collapsed on my back on the bed, Jeremy asked, "Aren't you going to take anything more off?"

"I thought you'd want to do that for me," I urged in my most seductive voice, words I had only intended to use to my husband today.

"Yes, sure," he blurted out eagerly and his hands went for the thin straps of my thong, grasping it and hauling it down over my hips. I assisted by raising my arse up from the bed so that the flimsy garment didn't get caught under my body.

I watched as his eyes scanned the soft intimacy of my pubis, now revealed in all its glory for my about-to-be young lover. He was salivating at the sight before his eyes and I wondered how many times he had looked at a woman's pussy ... if ever. Was this new to him? I didn't want to embarrass him by asking.

"Can I kiss you there?" he asked. Imagine that, a young man asking permission to go down on a woman?

"If you want," I told him, trying to restrain my excitement that he would want to. I had to stop my hands from reaching up and grasping his ears and dragging his face down into my muff.

I watched as his head lowered, moving down between my spread, raised legs. Then, I felt the wetness of his tongue and I uttered an expressive sigh that became a moan. He was surprisingly good, he must have done this to some woman before, possibly one of those timid young women who later rejected the entry of his oversized penis.

I had wanted this all day, ever since waking up in an aroused sweat this morning. As the day went on without relief, I had reduced my range of expectations. By now, I would be happy with any part of any male making contact with my inner labia. The fact that it was Jeremy's tongue was a bonus. To me, tongues were the next best option to a penis.

He lapped me up, and I lapped up the pleasure that he bestowed on me. I could have cum ... it would have only been another two minutes at most. I don't know what got into me, but that's what I really wanted. I wanted him into me -- physically. So I took a hold of his head and I literally dragged it from between my thighs, his tongue peeling off the flowing channel of my inner labia lips.

I held his face just up above mine, looking up at him appreciatively, "Jeremy, my darling, that was so good, but what I really want is to have you put that wonderful big penis inside me. Will you do that for me now please?"

I didn't have to ask twice. In a flash, he had moved his body higher up on the bed, his face hovering above mine. I felt the first touch of that huge round head of his penis nudge at my spread pussy lips. "Unngghhh!" I muttered, feeling the extreme size of the head make one first gentle push to get inside me. My hands flew down to take a hold of him and lead him to the promised land. He was going to need some help with the geography of a woman's body.

I brought my legs up higher, my knees touching my breasts, spreading my bits so wide down there. I placed the head of his penis at my now well spread vaginal lips. "Try that Jeremy, but go slow, not too much at once," I urged. It seemed so surreal ... my son's best friend from kindergarten was in my bed and I was telling him how to fuck me.

He pushed and I felt his penis head probe inside my passage. My God, it felt so thick, but a quick adjustment of the angle of my body and I was able to take him in without a lot of difficulty.

He was thoughtful and caring, going so slowly. I opened my eyes and looked up to see that his were watching me intently, perhaps looking for some sign of pain or discomfort. It was obvious he had no past experience to call on, no idea of what my reactions would be. I guessed that from his comments about young girls rejecting him due to size, and the way this was going, that young Jeremy was a virgin about to experience his first sexual intercourse with a woman. How incredible it would be with me, the mother of his best friend.

When I felt like I normally did when my husband was fully inside me, I placed my hand around his rock-hard shaft to gauge how much was still to come. When all five fingers were able to wrap around his penis -- and I might add failed to meet up with my thumb coming around the other way -- I realised that he was only about halfway in.

"Oh my God, there is still so much more of you to come in. I don't know where I'm going to put it."

"Do you want me to stop? I will if you want."

I ran my hand affectionately over his back, ending at his arse cheek, pulling his body forward, indicating I wanted more inside me. "I know you would, you are a kind, considerate young man, Jeremy. I am guessing this is your first, so I want it to be the best it can be. You just keep pushing that big sucker into me. I am going to have to take it all."

"Are you sure?" he queried.

"I don't want to have you tell you again, just give it all to me." And he did, inch by inch, he kept pushing this massive cock until it would go no further. I felt absolutely stuffed full, it felt like the head of his penis was wedged in some inner body part that was unaccustomed to welcoming a penis. "Are you happy, Jeremy? Does it feel good inside me?"

I looked up to see his eyes rolling back in his head. He had only just got his monstrous extra long penis all inside me, yet he looked delirious from the sensations being transmitted from within my slick wet passage to the sensitive nerve endings on his penis.

"Oh Mrs. Bradley, I can't believe it, my cock ... err, I mean my ... err, my penis ... oh Mrs. Bradley, it feels so good inside you."

Young Jeremy became over eager, he pulled back on his hard erection and then quickly pushed it into me again. There was pain ... no, it wasn't really pain, it was just uncomfortable when he pushed back quick and hard inside me. I needed time to adjust to his size. "Oh Jeremy, wait ... wait just a moment ... let me get my breath ... oh my God, the size of it ... it takes some getting used to."

But I don't know if he heard ... or even if he understood what I was saying to him. He was a young man now driven by the desire, caught up in the excitement of having his massive penis at last inside a woman. Obviously, so many young girls of his own age had denied him when they had seen it. Now he was like the proverbial young kid in the candy store. His lust was unleashed by the sensations he felt from under the head of his penis as it ploughed into and out of my wet, hot vagina.

I felt his desperate need and I did really want to empathise with him, to let him have his head this first time, to let him just go right ahead and get his jollies inside me. But I had desires too, my arousal had been sitting on the edge from the minute I woke this morning. It had been stirred to a frenzy from the seductive way I dressed to go to tease my husband. And then I was completely rejected, dismissed to wait until when my husband was good and ready to attend to me ... maybe tonight, perhaps tomorrow night.

Now there was my self-interest ... I shouldn't have to wait, I was an active, live woman in heat and I needed my satisfaction now ... not later, but right now. Hadn't I taken a huge risk allowing my son's best friend to secretly take me to bed in the middle of the day and stick his almighty penis into me. That deserved some reward, I had to cum.

But the more he crazily plunged that gigantic penis into me, the more I realised that I was never going to make it, not with Jeremy. His control, his ability to make love to a mature woman was non-existent from the start. I had wrapped my parted legs up over his thighs, my arms folded around his back, hanging on to his body as his hips pushed rapidly downward, driving his 8½ inches into me.

But all too soon, I heard his breathing and I felt his thick meat surging inside my body and then the spasms of his hard thrusting penis as it delivered his creamy cum to somewhere deep inside my body, somewhere that babies are made. Part of me was thankful for my protection ... yet another part kind of wished that this virile young man was making a baby inside me now. I felt that this young man's seed could be powerfully potent this first time.

Jeremy's body slumped on mine and the only movement was the pulsing of his penis continuing to spill out the remains of his release into me. My body was screaming out in frustration and I wanted to berate him, tell him how he had deserted me, ignored my needs in his own selfish pursuit. But something held me back, maybe it was my empathy for a young man who had just lost his virginity in my bed. Oh dear, my thoughts wandered to 'what would his mother think if she could see us right now?'

"Where are you going?" I asked anxiously. I was still enjoying a type of after-glow, even though I hadn't cum. Having taken such a bold, rash step to seduce my son's best friend, I did want to lie here with him, to tell him how much I liked what he did. To find out his true feelings at losing his virginity, to relish the achievement of having just taken a thick 8½ inches up inside me. But all too suddenly, he was leaving my bed.

"I'm going to get Kurt, I'll be back in a minute."

He managed to take a couple of steps toward the door to the hallway before my words brought him to a halt. "You're what ... are you crazy? What do you mean, you're going to get Kurt? What on earth for?"

He turned to face me, his cock was down to about the size that my husband would be when erect. "It's his turn, you'll enjoy him a lot more, he's got heaps more experience than me. I won't be a minute."

"Just hold on right there, Jeremy. I don't know what you think this is, but one thing it's not is some kind of gang-bang. I just did a beautiful thing with you, I just gave you my body, gave you your first sexual experience ... does that mean anything to you?"

"Yes it did, and I loved it, Mrs. Bradley, truly I did. But it wouldn't have happened without Kurt, I owe him big time for this."

"No, you owe me big time for what just happened. You owe him nothing.'

"I do, he was the one who gave me the confidence to do that with you. He told me everything to do, and it all happened the way he said it would. He convinced me that I should walk in on you in the bedroom, that I should drop my track pants so you would see the size of my cock, and how hard it was. He said that you would not be able to resist trying one like that. He was right about everything. If Kurt hadn't given me the confidence, I would have left the room when I told you I wanted to watch you change and you said it wouldn't be right and that I should get out now. I almost left, but I could still hear Kurt's words telling me she really will want it, she'll just pretend she doesn't because she will be embarrassed to be doing it with her son's best friend. So you see, I owe Kurt for what just happened, and if you liked it too, then you owe him, so I'll just go get him."

"No!" I screamed aloud at Jeremy, "it's not right, you owe him nothing, and you certainly can't pay him back by giving him me. I am not yours to give. You and your friend can both get out of my house. Jeremy, I am so disappointed in you for thinking that you could offer me to this other boy. That is so disgusting. I wish I could tell your mother how disappointed I am in you, but obviously that's not a possibility."

"Mrs. Bradley, I didn't want to say this, but since you have mentioned my mother, Kurt said that if you didn't agree to having him too, we will tell my mum. I don't think she would understand you seducing her son."

"Why, you ungrateful little shit, how dare you. You're actually blackmailing me!"

"I don't like the word blackmail, but yes, if you don't let Kurt do it with you, we'll tell mum, and Adam too."

I froze at his mention of my beloved son's name. It was bad enough that they might tell Jeremy's mother. She had been a friend for nearly twenty years, but if it had to be, I could lose a friend and it wouldn't be the end of the world. But to tell Adam ... I couldn't bear for my son to know his mum had done this, that his mum was a slut. I hated that word, but the thought of the insolent Kurt having me too seemed to justify that word.

My head spun, it looked like they had me cornered. In desperation and in pursuit of manufacturing some time to consider my options, I said, "No Jeremy, don't bring him in, I don't want it that way, I don't want to be just lying here waiting for him to climb on. Give me a moment to get cleaned up, freshen up a bit. I will come out and get him in about 15 minutes, okay?"

He stood there thinking for a moment or two, probably wondering if I was conning him, "Alright, 15 minutes, no more, I'll go and tell him."

"Thanks," I said, watching him leave my bedroom, leaving me lying in bed, dwelling on what was about to happen. I would spend the next 10 minutes racking my brain, trying to decide if there was any alternative, then the next 5 minutes having a quick wash, wiping the splotches of drying cum from the sparse hairs of my pubis and the tops of my inner thighs.

Summoning up all my courage, I went back to the bed, put my bra and my thong back on. Why, I don't know ... they would be coming off again in no time. Then I opened my bedroom door and went back down the hall to the front room. The two young guys were back sitting in the same seats I had left them in less than an hour ago.

Mustering as much confidence as I could manage, I ignored Jeremy and walked past him to stand in front of Kurt and reluctantly stretched out my hand to him, "Do you want to come with me?"

The smart-arse bastard looked up at me, saying, "Really, so you want me after all ... do you really need some good loving? I knew you'd come looking for Kurt when you got desperate enough. I guess you must want to cum real bad by now. Well, you've come to the right guy."

How did he know? Was Jeremy stupid enough to admit that he couldn't get me off? "Don't kid yourself," I told him, "and make the most of this, it won't be happening again."

He laughed at me, then took my hand and used me to pull himself out of the chair. We both started down the hall, him trailing behind me, but he quickly moved up alongside and put his arm around my shoulder. "This is going to be good, I've got a good feeling. You're one hell of a sexy woman. I mean, that black lingerie, I can't wait to rip that off you."

His words suddenly frightened me, would he be the violent type? Should I warn him that I don't like rough sex? What good would that do? If he was hell-bent on raping me, no words from me were likely to stop him.

We squeezed through the doorway to the bedroom together. Once inside, Kurt took a firm hold of me by the shoulders and propelled me face first up against the closest wall. He moved in quickly behind me and I felt his tall firm body pushing against my back, one knee pushing my legs apart. My face was turned to one side, my cheek flattened against the wall. I felt his hands tugging on the thin strand that was the waistband of my thong, it dropped to around my ankles. Then I felt his fingers fumbling with the catch on my bra and he pulled my body away from the wall just long enough to peel the garment from my breasts. Then I was pushed back flat against the wall.

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