tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Son's Girlfriend

Her Son's Girlfriend


Forty-five year old Jill Dawson was, despite her age, an attractive woman. At five foot ten, she was slim, with long slender legs, firm breasts and shoulder length raven hair. Her husband, David, was Assistant Manager of the local bank and her twenty-five year old son, Brian, worked in the same branch in the small West Sussex town of Tenton.

This evening, Brian's girlfriend, twenty-three year old Betty Larkin was in the living room talking to Jill, awaiting both father and son to return from work. This was not unusual. Betty often called over and had dinner with the family. The events that occurred that night, though, would change both Jill and Betty's lives forever.

It was a wet, stormy night as David and Brian made their way home in David's car. The dark night combined with the heavy torrential rain conspired to make driving treacherous. Eventually David turned into the drive of his home and sighed with relief. As they both got out and ran for the door, they were accosted by a group of hooded men and pushed inside the house and into the living room, where the women were sitting. One of the raiders spoke. "Nobody move or do anything stupid." All four produced handguns.

"What do you want? There's no money here," said David Dawson, nervously.

"Then you'll have to get it from the bank," responded the leader.

"But the safe is under time lock."

"Then we have time to kill," laughed the leader.

Suddenly, Brian leapt at the leader, only to meet a hard punch into his waist, making him keel over in agony.

"Brian!" screamed the women in unison, as they tried to help him.

"I told you all to keep quiet. Now do as you're told or else." The leader turned to Brian. "That was stupid, boy. Do that again and you'll pay very dearly. The leader turned to the three others. "You know what to do," and they pulled Brian and David to their feet.

"Where are you taking my husband and son?"

"They're just going to make a 'withdrawal' as soon as the bank opens, and remember you guys," turning to David and Brian, "Do anything stupid and the women get it."

"Oh my God," cried Betty and Jill put a comforting arm around her son's girlfriend.

The two men were driven away into the night.

"Well ladies. It looks like we have a few hours to kill."

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Jill anxiously.

The leader seemed to be thinking, then he spoke. "That's a good question. Both of you, upstairs. Now!"

It was as if their attackers knew the house inside out because Jill was led into her and David's bedroom and Betty was led into Brian's.

Jill stood erect in the room. Her attacker surveyed her slim legs, encased in her flesh coloured tights, her knee length black skirt and her white blouse. Jill observed her attacker was already hard.

Then he spoke. "Ok. Get your clothes off and remember what I said to your husband about funny business. That goes for you and the girl. Refuse and there's dire consequences for your dear husband and son."

Jill knew she had no choice. "Please, don't do this," she begged as if a last minute plea for mercy. Her attacker flipped his phone.

"All I have to do is dial and relay to them my orders. Now what is it to be lady?"

"Ok. Ok. I'll do it."

Jill took a deep breath and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When it was fully opened, she pulled it from her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She hesitated for a second when she went to the zipper at the back of her skirt as if hoping for a reprieve but there wasn't one. She pulled the zipper down and her skirt fell to the floor, revealing her full black slip.

Although he was wearing a hooded mask. Jill could still see he was drooling as she eased her slip over her head and discarded it, exposing her white lace, low cut bra that imprisoned her firm breasts. The colour of her matching white knickers seemed to be blurred by her tights as they surrounded them. Again Jill hesitated and again there was no reprieve, so she undid and disposed of her bra, allowing her escaping breasts to bounce forth and her nipples harden upon contact with the air. She wanted to cover them but knew it would be futile. Finally, Jill eased her knickers and tights down together and stepped out of them, having slipped off her shoes seconds before.

Her attacker whistled as she stood there naked. "Ok. Lie down on the bed."

Jill did so obediently. Her attacker stripped rapidly, leaving only his hood.

Although she couldn't see his face, judging by this six footer's well toned body, Jill realised that this was a young man, well endowed with a huge cock, something she loved in men.

The young man mounted his prey with gentleness and using the hole in the mask, began to kiss and nibble Jill's naked neck; the sensation made her shudder with delight. Travelling down her shoulder, he worked his way to her firm right breast and his mouth engulfed it as if to bite the forbidden fruit. His tongue gently lashed her nipple and then he sucked with the same gentleness and after struggling to stop herself for so long, Jill Dawson finally released a soft moan of satisfaction.

Moving between her breasts with his tongue made Jill jerk with excitement and his tongue action on her left breast produced another soft, satisfied moan. As he worked his way down her slim waist, kissing, licking and sucking as he went, Jill's moans became louder and louder with each stroke.

Eventually, he made his way to Jill's neatly trimmed pussy and parting her pussy lips with his tongue, he pushed into her clit. His licking excited her clit.

"Oh my God," was all she was able to say, several times in rapid succession, breathing deeper and deeper each time.

He suddenly stopped and with great expertise, inserted his huge, hardened rod and began to pound Jill's pussy. The movement was slow at first but built gradually into a mutually satisfying rhythm for both of them. Jill's body reacted excitedly to this young hunk. His expert love making was something she had only dreamed about. She had never imagined it would ever happen to her and now she didn't want it to end. She grabbed the young man's hips as if guiding his action.

Both were now deeply lost in their respective lusts. Both uttered word of sexual encouragement and counter encouragement. Soon, Jill felt her love juices were starting to gather and was certain that this young man was close to cumming. Finally their mutual orgasm was almost volcanic in proportion as his hot cum and Jill's juices collided, making them both sigh deeply with both relief and satisfaction. For Jill Dawson, it was the most satisfying orgasm of her life.

At the same moment that Jill was about to be plunged into the throes of lust, Betty stood silently erect in her red polo neck jumper, blue jeans and brown knee high boots. Her attacker looked at her. "Well, what are you standing there for? Get naked."

"Go and fuck yourself," she responded angrily.

For a moment there was silence. Then her hooded attacker leapt at her and grabbed her long flowing red hair. It made her give a little yelp of pain.

"Now you listen to me missy. You heard my friend say to those two guys that if they didn't cooperate, both you and her ladyship inside would be in real danger. That goes for you two as well. Refuse and all I have to do is call on the phone and they've had it and if that's not enough persuasion then maybe this is," and he produced a knife and placed it at her throat, "Understood?"

Terrified , Betty nodded.

"Now get your clothes off."

Betty began to cry as she lifted her jumper over her head and dropped it to the floor, revealing her pink bra. She slipped off her boots and after an initial hesitation, unbuttoned her jeans, left them slide down her slim legs and stepped out of them, exposing her matching pink thong. Like Jill before her, Betty paused before unsnapping her bra, hoping for a reprieve that never came. When she dropped the bra to the floor, revealing her medium breasts and pink nipples, Betty could see her hooded attacker licking his lips in anticipation. As with her jeans, Betty simply let her thong slide down and stepped out of it, leaving her totally shaved pussy for her attacker to see. She was about to cover it with her hands when she was ordered to get on her back on the bed.

She did so without a word.

The hooded youth stripped and climbed on top of Betty and began to kiss her passionately, through the hole in his hood. He swiftly moved to his primary target, the pink nipples of her breasts and began to suck, lick and nibble at intervals. This sensation made Betty moan deeply. She didn't want to but she couldn't resist.

He moved to her pussy and licked it with relish. As with her breasts, the sensation of her being licked made her moan even louder. She felt his hardened dick ease into her and he began to slowly push in and out, accelerating at each stroke.

Betty began to respond positively and began to call out in encouragement, "Oh fuck, come on, come on." repeating it several times as her lust reached the point of no return. They both orgasmed together and they both released cries of mutual sexual fulfilment. They both remained on the bed for several moments gasping for breath and collecting their thoughts.

After a short while, the hooded youth got up and dressed as rapidly as he had stripped. He grabbed Betty and dragged her, still naked, into the next room. Jill was lying on her bed, also naked. She looked up at Betty. At first, Jill was tempted to hide her nakedness but gazing at her potential daughter in law's naked beauty spurred her lust and forbidden desires.

Betty was suddenly hurled onto the bed and Betty embraced her. The leader spoke.

"Well ladies. You look a loving sight." The youths laughed together. "I think you really do need to get to know each other better. I think you should make love to each other."

A horrified Betty screamed. "Nooo."

One of the youths flipped open his phone. "All I have to do is dial and the other two get it."

The other youth produced his knife. "And all I have to do is..." he trailed off.

Jill turned to Betty and begged her. "Please Betty. If we don't do what they say they'll kill David and Brian."

"But I'm not a lesbian. I don't know what to do."

"It's ok. Just relax," and with that, Jill planted a deep passionate kiss on the nervous young woman's lips. She quickly followed this by kissing and nibbling her neck.

This was a strange feeling for Betty. Brian had made love to her several times but she had never experienced the sensations she was feeling now. Was it the softness of this woman's body? Was it the smoothness of her skin or the gentleness of her touch? Betty had no answer other than the fact that she loved it. When Jill began to suck her right breast, Betty finally lost control and exhaled a deep moan and simply surrendered herself. Jill travelled gently down the young woman's slim body. Her tongue parted Betty's pussy lips and the tingling of her clit excited her.

"Oh my God, Jill. Oh my God," she said repeatedly.

"Please Jill. Let me do it too," and Jill turned round, assumed a sixty-nine position and both women, overcome by their lust, continued to lash each other's pussy in corresponding motion. Their breathing became deeper and deeper. Their excitement grew every second and they both moaned loudly.

Finally, Betty stopped and said, "Oh my God. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

"Me too," responded Jill in the same excited tone. They orgasmed together and both exhaled "Aaargh" in unison as they did so.

Jill moved up to her lover and kissed her. "You are wonderful Betty."

"So are you Jill," and hugged her like a schoolgirl hugging her mother. The exertions of their earlier sexual encounters overtook them both and they fell rapidly into a peaceful slumber, cradled in each other's arms, unaware that their audience had long since stolen away.

Jill woke up to the warmth of early morning sun and the chirping of birds. As show slowly came to her senses, she noticed Betty's head resting peacefully on her naked breast. Jill took a moment to savour this moment as she observed what seemed to be a slight smile of blissful contentment on the young woman's face. She had often fantasised about it but never believed it would ever happen, she and her possible daughter in law in bed together. As much as she wanted it to last, Jill knew she had to wake her. If David and Brian knew of this there was no telling how they would react. She gently shook her companion. "Betty, Betty wake up."

"Huh? What? "Oh my God," screamed Betty as she realised both she and Jill were naked in bed and she tried to cover up. She suddenly remembered what happened.

"Jill, did we?..."

Jill nodded with a smile.

"My God. What am I going to tell Brian?"

Jill was startled. "Betty, now listen to me. If you tell Brian, he'll certainly break off with you and I'm sure David will wasn't nothing to do with me. Please, don't say anything."

"Yes, but..."

"What the men don't know won't hurt them Betty, trust me. Now let's get dressed and help me make up the beds and get rid of the evidence."

Betty was confused but she did as Jill asked.

Just as they arrived downstairs a car pulled into the drive. It was David and Brian.

"Thank God you're both alright," said Jill as she embraced her husband Betty embraced Brian.

"Oh we're alright. I don't get it though."

"Get what, David?"

"They simply tied us up in an empty warehouse all night. They didn't rob the bank or take any valuables."

Betty was stunned. "You mean we...?" She was stopped by a gentle but discreet prod into her side.

"That's strange. That's exactly what happened to us here too. They simply tied us up. Right Betty?"

"Er, yeah. That's right. That's exactly what happened," responded an even more confused Betty.

"I suppose we should call the police."

"Well what are we going to tell them? After all, they didn't steal anything. All they did was tie us up and because they wore masks, we can't describe them," said Jill.

They decided in the end it was best to call the police although they could not describe any of the assailants. The police did investigate on the basis of false imprisonment but no one was ever charged.

A few days later, just after two, Jill had returned from shopping when the doorbell rang. When she answered it she was surprised to see Betty standing there, exquisitely dressed in her grey office uniform and short skirt and shoulder handbag. She had clearly come direct from the doctor's surgery where she worked as a receptionist.

"Oh hi Betty. You're very early. The men won't be home for hours yet."

"Yes I know. I wanted to talk to you, Jill."

"Come on in," she responded with a little apprehension.

When they were both seated comfortably Betty began to speak.

"Jill, I don't understand how I'm feeling. I love Brian. You know that, don't you?"

"Of course I do dear. So what's the problem?"

"Well... It's us. That is, well what we did together. It..." her voice trailed away.

"Come with me Betty. There's something I want to show you."

Betty got up and followed Jill down the long hall to the end room. It was another, smaller bedroom she never knew existed.

"I use it when I come off night duty at the hospital. It's cooler and almost sound proof". Jill sat on the bed and she patted it as a signal for Betty to sit there.

Betty tried to speak again. "Well, it's just that..." Jill smothered her with a passionate kiss and proceeded to her neck. With one hand , Jill began to open Betty's blouse.

"Mustn't... do... this..." she said, staggering each word with a corresponding gasp for breath.

"But... we... are..." came Jill's response in the same manner.

Suddenly, Betty's weak resolve collapsed. "Oh my God," she cried as both women lost control, stripped each other naked and plunged into an almost crazed lesbian frenzy. It was almost as if some sort of lust filled entity controlled them. Nothing escaped their attention. Their breasts, nipples, pussies, their entire bodies felt some benefit of their lust. Both their orgasms were huge. For Betty, she never experienced anything like it. It excited her. It made her sexually fulfilled.

After a few moments when both recovered and collected their thoughts, Jill spoke. "Any regrets?"

"Well. No, but..."

"I brought you down here to show you that you can still love Brian and we can share a little something extra. It'll be our secret. What do you say?"

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not, dear. Why would I?" and kissed her new lover on her forehead.

Two weeks later, Jill Dawson was lying naked on a hotel room in Brighton. She observed the young man she was about make love to with eagerness.

"How tall are you Billy?"

"Six foot two. Why?"

"I just keep wondering why a young handsome stud like you is not engaged or married."

He grinned. "Let's put it like this, I like my women to be, shall we say, experienced and well endowed."

Jill laughed. "Well, we aim to please. By the way, did you have to hit Brian quite so hard?"

"Gee, Mrs Dawson, we had to make sure that they suspected nothing."

"Oh Billy, don't make me feel like an old maid. Call me Jill."

"One thing you're not is an old maid Mrs, err, Jill."

"I hope the boys were satisfied with the payment?"

"It was more than satisfactory. How was baby sister?"

"Oh Betty is a wonderful lover, Billy. She's on a par with you. Speaking of which, I hope your bonus is satisfactory too?" and opened her legs.

Billy looked down at Jill's waiting pussy. "I think we'll both find it equally satisfying Jill," he replied and gently inserting his huge hardened cock. He began to pound her just as she liked it.

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